15 Best Weekend Getaways from NYC (New York City)

It’s simple to stay within the city limits, or even the nearby neighborhood and never leave New York City, as it has so many things to experience — including world-renowned restaurants, swanky bars, and tons of culture. You can live here either for work or for complete boredom. Sometimes you need to kick out the city’s exemplary hustle and bustle, as these best weekend getaways from NYC  are ideal for a little fun, relaxation, and the opportunity to try something new.

The following locations are rather easy to reach if you’re fortunate enough to own a car. Weekend trips, on the other hand, are a breeze thanks to subways, trains, and ferries. These destinations, all less than 5 hours from the city, offer everything from art to lakeside relaxation to the dose of history. Spend a few days in a quaint inn, taking in natural beauty, antique shopping, or relaxing on the beach. A weeklong trip to the countryside New York, Boston, or Rhode Island can take you to a different metaverse.

Explore the Best Weekend Getaways From New York City

Don’t have time for a lengthy trip? Check out some of the best weekend getaways from NYC instead. Or, if you’re looking for some romantic or adventurous getaway, our list has got you covered. 

1. Bear Mountain, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Bear Mountain

Wondering which would be the best weekend getaway near me! If you want to get away from the city and see some wildlife during your vacation, a day excursion to Bear Mountain from New York is ideal. The Indian Summers are well-known in New York. So, take advantage of the pleasant weather and autumn foliage in this lovely setting. If you’re in Manhattan in the fall, the shifting scenery is a sight to behold. Book this day excursion and sit back and relax as the boat brings you to Bear Mountain along the Hudson River. You’ll have three hours to explore, walk, and take in the sights after you arrive.

  • Things to Do in Bear Mountain – Here you can soak yourself into nature by enjoying the fall foliage, paddling through the Hessian Lake, walking across the Bear Mountain Bridge, covering the trek trail, and visiting the Trailside Museum and Zoo.
  • What to Eat – From casual dining to cafes to boutique resort experiences that you can try here
    1. Restaurant 1915 and Blue Roof Tapas Bar – 4-star Michelin rating
    2. Table 9 – 4-star Michelin rating
    3. Barnstormer Barbeque – 4-star Michelin rating
    4. Kathleen’s Tea Room – 4.5-star Michelin rating
    5. Bear Mountain Pizza and Cafe – 4-star Michelin rating
  • Where to Stay in Bear Mountain – Usually it’s a one-day trip, but if you want to take a night stay in Bear Mountain Inn and Overlook Lodge (140 USD a night), Holiday Inn Express & Suites West Point – Fort Montgomery (120 USD a night). 

With budgeted stay and easy-on-pocket eateries out there, this could be the most affordable weekend getaways from NYC.

2. Washington DC

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Washington DC

Washington DC is the size of Belgium! It is not possible to see all of its whims and fancies in one day, but a day trip can be rewarding, fun, and even romantic. This could be your long weekend getaway from NYC. To say the least, the most popular attractions in Washington DC are less crowded in the morning. Kick as early to make the most out of your day and avoid wasting time waiting in queues. Be aware of the fact that traffic in Washington DC can be extremely congested, making it difficult for residents to get into the city on a weekday and even more difficult for tourists who are unfamiliar with the area.

  • Things to Do in Washington DC – On this one-day weekend getaway NYC tour, take in the sights and sounds of the nation’s capital. Visit some of the famous attractions here such as the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, North Cascades National Park, the Capitol Hill, and the White House among other historic and notable monuments. Learn about the memorials of prominent American leaders that shaped the country, such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Never miss a seasonal Potomac River cruise.
  • What to Eat in Washington DC – People visit DC not only for its history but also for its diverse culinary scene. The sheer amount of eateries to sample can be staggering. However, getting off the Mall is your best bet. A range of dining options may be found if you travel north on 12th Street towards Pennsylvania Avenue. In the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building, there are a variety of dining options. Central Michel Richard on Pennsylvania Avenue is a more expensive choice, although it is run by one of Washington’s most well-known chefs. Subway and Quiznos are both inexpensive options and you can find them anywhere. 
  • Where to Stay in Washington DC – Staying near the Van Ness, or Dunn-Loring, Branch Ave Metro station might help you get a stay on budget. To accomplish your ‘cheap weekend getaway from NYC’ goal you can go to Airbnb for less than 30 USD a night. The finest alternatives to major tourist destinations in downtown DC are Alexandria and Arlington. If you want to be close to the attractions, the hotels in Washington DC can be quite expensive.

3. Lancaster, PA

Lancaster PA

Lancaster, located in South Central Pennsylvania, is one of the country’s oldest inland communities, having a well-preserved history of not just the region but also the origin of the United States. Expect to be absorbed in the historic splendor of the little city, which was once the nation’s capital, the moment you step out of its Federal-style train station. And, your soul-searching for the best NYC weekend getaways is over now!

Lancaster, a roughly 7-square-mile parcel of land nestled in the rolling hills and farmland of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, is home to a vibrant arts scene, rich history, and bustling downtown area.

The area became a center for different manufacturing and agricultural enterprises after the War of 1812. However, it is now a tourism hotspot in Pennsylvania, with Lancaster County getting nearly 8 million visitors each year.

  • Things to doin Lancaster PA – Start your getaway by visiting the North Museum of Nature and Science. This museum features everything from dinosaurs to arthropods, so there’s plenty to learn. Plus, a visit to their planetarium, which the museum claims are the largest in South Central Pennsylvania, will take you off-planet. In addition, 
    1. If ghosts are your thing, you can resort to the Ghost Tour of Lancaster which has been offering paranormally themed candlelight walking tours of the city since 1995. Their tales of curses, vigils and other supernatural occurrences span 300 years of history. 
    2. Strasburg’s Choo Choo Barn is hard to top for locomotive-obsessed kids. This historic location, which has been open since 1961, has a 1,700-square-foot model railway track with more than 150 animated figurines and 22 locomotives. 
    3. If your kids are eager for a real train trip, take them to Strasburg Rail Road, where they may arrange an authentic Amish steam train journey through the countryside. The Amish Village, a 12-acre site with an actual farmhouse established in 1840, offers a closer look at Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
  • What to Eat in Lancaster PA – Exchange Lancaster, a rooftop lounge with panoramic views of downtown and exceptional meals is a great place to start exploring the local food scene. Luca serves a farmhouse menu of wood-fired Neapolitan pies and handmade pasta. The Callaloo serves Trinidadian cuisine. The Horse Inn serves pub meals and drinks. The Conway Social Club serves signature cocktails and a satisfying dinner menu. The Lancaster Brewing Company is a local brewery that offers craft beer options. 
  • Where to Stayin Lancaster PA – The Red Caboose Motel. This site just outside of the city limits is one of the most intriguing spots to stay in Lancaster – especially if you’re a railfan. There are 38 vintage train cabooses here that have been adapted to a bedroom for 2 to 6 guests.  In addition, there’s a movie night in the train yard, an animal farm inside a property, and even a farm-to-kitchen restaurant to visit while you’re there. (Price: 65-75 USD a night).
    1. Lancaster Arts Hotel – This is the place to stay for visiting bohemians, intellectuals, romantics, and fashionistas.  The property, which is now a premium boutique hotel, was adapted from a 19th-century tobacco warehouse. The property houses a 300,000 USD worth art collection from 36 artists distributed across 63 rooms, each with craft furnishings and concept art. (Price: 120-150 USD a night).
    2. Cartoon Network Hotel – Set next to Dutch Wonderland, imagine staying in a property that offers themed rooms from Dexter’s Laboratories, Steven Universe, and The Powerpuff Girls. Not just that, they have a Cartoon Kitchen that serves the show-inspired menus. Some of them include Popeye’s Spinach, Jake the Dog’s bacon pancake, and Mojo Jojo’s banana joe bread. Aint, it is going to be your best weekend getaway from NYC!.

4. Hudson, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park Hudson

Hudson, which was formerly an ordinary township that had even become derelict, has been totally renovated and has become a popular tourist attraction. Many New York City residents consider Hudson to be a fashionable destination and is an easy weekend getaway from NYC. It’s a center for antique collectors, with stunning heritage-old architecture, sumptuous art galleries, coffee shops, and boutique cafes. 

  • Things to doin Hudson NY – In Hudson, New York, Warren Street is the primary attraction. It is the town’s major thoroughfare, containing the bulk of shops, art galleries, vintage stores, eateries, and nightclubs. There are over 60 shops with a wide variety of souvenirs, one-of-a-kind finds, and antique keepsakes to choose from. As the majority of Hudson’s antique retailers are located on Warren Street. All you have to do is take a stroll around town to find them. The others include:
    1. Henry Hudson Riverfront Park – The park remembers Henry Hudson as the voyager and founding father of the network. There’s a statue at the park as well. Henry Hudson Riverfront Park is a lovely green arcade in Hudson, New York. One of the nicest things to do here is to go for a walk here. You will enjoy taking a stroll along the Hudson River’s banks to take in the scenery. These could be the best places for a weekend getaway from NYC. 
    2. Hudson Athens Lighthouse – The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse in the middle of the river can be seen if you peel off into the distance. This lighthouse, which was built in 1874, aids in the navigation of ships to this date. It is one of the Hudson River’s seven remaining lighthouses.
  • What to Eat in Hudson NY – Trying all of Hudson’s eateries is one of the best things to do. You’ll have a hard time picking what to eat because there’s so much wonderful cuisine. There are also plenty of other excellent vegan-friendly restaurants to visit. These include –
    1. Baba Louie’s – Hudons’s best pizzeria that serves woodfired sourdough pizzas. 4.5-star Michelin rating
    2. Wunderbar Bistro – Comfort food restaurant with vegan options on the menu. 4-star Michelin rating. 
    3. Issan Thai Star – Best Thai restaurant in Hudson where most options are gluten-free and vegan. 
  • Where to Stay in Hudson NY – There are several amazing places to stay in Hudson, New York, ranging from high-end hotels to small boutique hotels. Many visitors like to stay in historic homes that have the old vintage feel they seek when paintballing in town. Some of them include –
    1. St. Charles Hotel – Located inside a chic-vintage building, that coms=es with great amenities, downtown location, and cheap price. (Price: 50-65 USD a night.)
    2. Inn at 34 – This hotel is warm and antique, and all stays come with breakfast. (Price: 75-90 USD a night). 
    3. The Wick Hudon, a Tribute Portfolio hotel – The boutique hotel with a fantastic location would be a luxurious experience under a budget. The guest rooms are spacious and clean, with a TV, refrigerator, Jacuzzi, and complimentary Wi-Fi. (Price: 95-130 USD a night)

5. Harriman State Park

Harriman State Park Weekend Getaways from NYC

Did you know that the city’s second-largest park is only 30 miles away from New York, and this could be your short weekend getaway from NYC? Hikers, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts will welcome Harriman State Park. It has 200+ miles of hiking routes along waterfalls, meadows, and breathtaking panoramas of the Hudson Valley. The park has 31 lakes spread across 47,000 acres. 

  • Things to do in Harriman State Park – Rent a bicycle to prepare for a Seven Lakes drive. Shortly after entering the park from Sloatsburg, there is a lovely route that passes seven lakes. The winding path, which runs between Bear Mountain and Harriman state parks, provides stunning vistas of wildlife, landscapes, and the little lakes that adorn Harriman. This route is well-known and well-loved by cyclists, with various places to stop for a rest, lunch, or even a trek!
    1. Reaves Meadow Trail – Located 1.5 miles from Sloatsburg is this popular trek in Harriman Park.  It can be overwhelming and treacherous, but following the red blazes on this trail will lead you to approximately 2.2 miles. You can gaze at the spectacular view of the Hudson River, and Bear Mountain. Most people rest here for a while before heading down the mountain. 
    2. Racoon Brook Hills Trek – This trail begins at Sloatsburg and is a most difficult hike to look out for. The seven-mile circuit takes about four hours to complete and provides spectacular views of New York City, Torne Valley, and Hill burn.
Racoon Brook Hills Trek Weekend Getaways from NYC
  • What to Eat in Harriman State Park – Either you were out there for a small trek or a 22-mile bike ride, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. Check out some of the best eateries and cafes before returning to the city.
    1. Seven Lakes Station is the first stop, a craft beer tavern with a charming backyard that serves sandwiches, German pretzels, burgers, and some gluten-free offerings. 
    2. Torne Valley Vineyard, which has a tasting room in a Victorian chateau with views of Torne Mountain, is a must-visit for wine lovers. It serves a limited menu and hosts live music on a regular basis, making it an ideal place to relax. This is the most visited listing among the travelers Enroute weekend getaway NYC trip. 
    3. Mt. Fuji – A mountainside Japanese restaurant with cooks manning tableside hibachi grills, is a must-visit for a supper of epic proportions. It’s grand both inside and out, and the views from its summit location are breathtaking. 
  • Where to Stay in Harriman State Park – Harriman State Park has some of the great Airbnbs to offer. (Price 25 USD – 100 USD a night). Within a range of 50-60 USD, you can eat, lodge, and experience this place and it is counted as a cheap weekend getaway from NYC.

6. Catskills, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Woodstock-Catskills

The Catskills have earned a worldwide reputation as a serious culinary destination thanks to a thriving farm-to-table and craft beverage sector. You look from anywhere you feel like whether you’re looking out the window of a boutique inn or the passenger-side glass, the vista at Catskills is always captivating, thanks to its fairytale farms, enormous forest preserves, and gorgeous waterfalls. When you combine significant historical landmarks, colorful tiny villages, county highways, and a bustling arts culture, you have a retreat that appeals to all types of travelers. That’s why it is counted as a great weekend getaways from NYC.

  • Things to doin the Catskills – There are certain experiences that you can’t afford to miss in the Catskills. Such as –
    1. Woodstock – Woodstock pays homage to the arts, music, and politics that marked the 1960s, while the iconic event took place in nearby Bethel. On Tinker Street, the intellectual locals enthusiastically share and promote their abilities, from local theatrical and street plays to fine arts studios. Woodstock, nestled among picturesque mountains and farmland, is also an ideal starting point for the region’s many outdoor activities.
    2. Spectacular views – There are peaks here with views of five adjacent states, but you don’t have to climb a mountain to enjoy them. Turning a highway curve to see a panorama of layered waterfalls or coming onto a lovely lake while trekking in the woods is both sure to impress. Every bend offers a chance to catch a glimpse of the region’s famously elegant, and unvarnished beauty. Your nature weekend getaway from NYC is worth the ride of just 135 miles! 
  • What to Eat in the Catskills – The Farm-to-table cuisines – Although the term “farm-to-table” is hackneyed, it is apt for characterizing the culinary revolution that has redefined the Catskills. Many fashionable restaurants can brag about their connections to local farms and suppliers, but only a handful can boast about having them right outside the door. Visit The Tavern at The Arnold House in Livingston which is worth the hype.
  • Where to Stay in the Catskills – Graham & Cobunkhouse lodgings are available from 99 USD/night in Phoenicia. The Eastwind outdoor cabins and Scandinavian lodges are available from 279 USD a night in Windham. The Hotel Dylan in Woodstock starts at 159 USD/night. The Callicoon Hills (from 129 USD/night) and Getaway (two-person cabins start at 200 USD/night) in Catskill are just a few of the hip and affordable hotels to stay in.

7. Hunter NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Hunter Mountain

Taking a 40-minutes ride from Catskill, you get to beautiful and scenic countryside, and famous for its adrenaline rush activities. For nearly a century, the Hunter has been associated with sports, and adventure activities.  In the late 1800s, New York City residents began to travel here to escape the scorching city heat and enjoy the pure rural air, expansive fields, and stunning landscape making it the perfect NYC weekend getaways. 

  • Things to Do in Hunter NY – Hunter and its neighboring surroundings provide plenty of activities, whether you’re skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.
    1. Hunter Mountain – Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply want to soak in the beauty, the Hunter Mountain has a lot to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s skiing in the winter, catching fish in the spring, or surfing a 4×4 in the summer. You can cover all the activities within a day trip from NYC.
    2. Mountain Skyride – The scenic Skyride is an excellent choice for things to do in Hunter NY if you want to take in some breathtaking scenery from a great height. The picturesque Skyride has a capacity of 6 passengers and is an excellent way to see the surrounding beauty. 
    3. Snow Tubing – If all of the ski paths and hiking trails aren’t enough to make your heart race, the snow tubing park will! The tubing tracks are over 1000 feet long, and adults and children can participate in two-hour sessions. 

With all the snow activities year-round, this is counted as the best weekend getaways near NYC. 

  • What to Eat in Hunter NY – Here are the top restaurant near the Hunter Mountain –
    1. Millrock – Windham – This airy dining area serves seasonal Italian food and is located only across Route 23 from Windham Mountain Resort. Seafood, such as Frutti di mare, Sea Cucumber, and other fish, dominate the menu, with salmon taking center stage.  (4.3-star Michelin rating)
    2. Van Winkles – There’s everything from burgers to pasta to pan-roasted duck breast with brie and apple chicken. Many vegan and gluten-free options are available. (3.8 star Michelin rating)
    3. Hunter Mountain Brewery – Don’t be fooled by this newcomer’s name: every beer on tap at this Hunter location is brewed in-house. However, with large servings and moderate costs, the huge draught beer selection, drinks, and no-frills variations on burgers, meatloaf, and mac & cheese are just what snowboarders like at the end of the day. (4.0-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stay in Hunter NY – Regardless of where you choose to base yourself, the Catskills Hunter region is sure to provide a revitalizing experience.
    1. Scribner’s Catskill Lodge – The 3-star resort has an outdoor pool, a culinary garden, and gourmet food trucks that come and go. Special events, such as bonfires, the harvest food festival, guided meadow walks, and yoga classes, are among the highlights of a visit to Scribner’s. (Price: 174-210 USD a night). 
    2. Melour Resort, Tannersville – An indoor swimming pool, two outdoor swimming pools with sundeck areas, a Jacuzzi, outdoor fire pit, tennis court, spa, and fitness center, parking, and complimentary breakfast are among the resort’s amenities. (Price: 49-60 USD a night).

8. The Poconos, PA

Weekend Getaways from NYC in The Poconos

For years, visitors have been drawn to this magnificent mountain range in northeastern Pennsylvania (approximately 110 miles for this one of the best weekend getaways from NYC). The Poconos are ideal for both friends and couples, with activities ranging from whitewater rafting to insightful museums and well-kept golf courses. If you have kids with you, take them to a water park to burn off some energy. In the meanwhile, adrenaline seekers will love one of the region’s adventure parks, which include aerial zip lines and an all-season rafting hill, while nature lovers will like the multiple hiking and horseback riding activities. The Poconos have also established themselves as a renowned honeymoon destination for lovebirds, with various romantic cafes and resorts.

  • Things to do in the Poconos – Explore Pennsylvania’s mountain area in a variety of ways. There are numerous ways to visit Pennsylvania, from scenic roads to nature reserves. Here are five of our favorite NYC weekend getaways places to vouch for –
    1. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area – The Delaware Water Gap is one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful places. The Delaware River runs between two Appalachian Mountain ranges here. It’s a fantastic spot for hiking, sightseeing, and watersports.
    2. Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm – Did you realize that Pennsylvania has a lot of German heritage? It is a great place to learn about 19th–century German heritage! 114 acres of rural enjoyment await you at the living history museum! 
    3. Grey Towers National Historic Site – Located in Milford, PA is a five-star attraction and the historic site was the home to Gifford Pinchot, the founder of the United States Forest Service and two-term governor of Pennsylvania. Tours of the mansion and grounds are available here. 
    4. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area – What good is a mountain region if it doesn’t offer skiing? Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is the premier ski resort in the Poconos! Enjoy the snow at Shawnee Mountain in the Poconos. 
    5. Bushkill Falls – Bushkill Falls, popularly known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” is home to some of the state’s most spectacular waterfalls! As the falls cascade down 100 feet of naturally cut rock, marvel at their beauty. It’s one of the best Poconos waterfalls.
  • What to Eatin the Poconos – The dining scene in the Poconos offers a diverse range of cuisines. From farm-to-table eateries to charming diners to delectable fine dining all are available in the neighborhood. Some of them include –
    1. Lake Naomi Clubhouse – This offers lakefront dining. With the weekly seafood and pasta buffet, you may choose between sophisticated dining and a more casual setting. (4-star Michelin rating). 
    2. Timber Trails Grill – Timber Trails Grill is open during the summer months. From juicy burgers to rich lobster mac & cheese, they deliver a delectable menu. Make sure you order a refreshing beer or drink of wine from the bar to accompany your meal. The Timber Trails Grill is a private club and requires an advanced reservation. (5-star Michelin rating). 
    3. Andrew Moore Stone Bar Inn – One of the greatest restaurants in Long Pond, PA, offers a pleasant ambiance and sophisticated American gastronomy. The Stone Bar Inn boasts a cozy, lounge-style eatery that’s ideal for romantic dates, and offers a small portion menu and a cozy dining area. (4.5-star Michelin rating).
    4. Rustic Kitchen Bistro & Bar – This includes four different dining rooms of differing sizes. The layout is flexible enough to accommodate large gatherings or intimate dinners for two. (3-star Michelin rating).
  • Where to Stayin the Poconos – Some of the stays at Poconos include –
    1. The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley – One of the top resorts in the valley, the 4-star property. A world-class spa, sophisticated and relaxed cuisine, as well as swimming pools and lounge areas, are among the amenities. Stay here would be none less than a best luxury weekend getaways from NYC.  (Price: 149 USD a night)
    2. Hotel Fauchere – This historic boutique hotel is a 4-star property where guests have access to concierge services, golf, horseback riding, fishing, and archery. (Price: 350 USD a night)
    3. Silver Birches Resort, Hawley – This 3-star resort is ideal for families looking for a genuine lakeside vacation. (Price: 85 USD a night)
    4. Skytop Lodge, Skytop – This appealing 3-star resort, built-in 1928, is located against a stunning setting of 5,500 acres of untouched natural beauty and immaculately green grass and fields.

9. Beacon, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC Beacon NY

The Hudson Valley in New York is dotted with historic riverfront communities that have played significant roles in molding the state’s history. Many of these communities, such as Beacon, New York, had an industrial heritage but have gone out of favor over the years. However, in the last two decades, a Renaissance has transformed these Hudson Valley villages, particularly Beacon, into havens for creatives and artists fleeing New York City’s hectic, tiring energy.

Beacon, once the Hudson Valley’s best-kept secret, is now one of its most captivating destinations and a key lure for great weekend getaways near NYC, due to its direct train service.

  • Things to do in Beacon NY –  If you’re ready to wander the Hudson Valley, the Beacon is the ideal place to kickstart. With this list of the greatest things to do in Beacon, NY, you can learn about the best locations to go to.
    1. Visit the Art Galleries – In the Hudson Valley, Beacon is noted for its contemporary art. Since its opening in 2003, Dia: Beacon, one of the country’s major contemporary art galleries, has established itself as a hotspot for art and artists, attracting artists and designers from New York City and beyond. Dia: Beacon is undoubtedly the most famous. Then, there is Hudson Beach Glass which has been an institution in itself for over three decades. 
    2. Walk past Main Street – You’ll want to hit the streets of Beacon, particularly Main Street, to get a true sense of the town’s spirit. Major Street is, as you might assume, the town’s main thoroughfare. Main Street, which runs parallel to the Hudson River and is lined by the majority of Beacon’s stores, restaurants, and boutiques, is the city’s lifeline. This is where you found the boutique restaurant and notable art galleries. 
    3. The Bannerman Castle – The ruins of Bannerman Castle, which was built by the Scottish Bannerman family in the early twentieth century to seem much like a Scottish castle is the main attraction of the Pollepel Island. Tours of the castle and island are available with a guide. Guests are also welcome to bring their own kayaks or canoes to the island for self-guided sightseeing tours. On the grounds of the castle, the island even holds outdoor movie nights.
  • What to Eatin Beacon NY – Beacon, New York, is quickly gaining a well-deserved reputation for excellence in culinary and start-of-art cuisines. Diners have a wide selection of cuisines and price points to pick from, pleasing even the most discerning palates. Some of them include –
    1. The Hop – At The Hop, craft beer steals the show, with 16 or more local kinds available on tap at all times. Given the excellent quality and flavor of the broad selection of microbrew choices, sampling a beer flight could be the best way to get started. (4-star Michelin rating). 
    2. Dogwood – Dogwood is a popular night restaurant thanks to its affordable food, huge range of craft beer, and unique Brooklyn North ambiance. Live music, as well as a range of other live entertainment, is featured on a number of nights each week. (3.5-star Michelin rating).
    3. Ziatun – It serves easy-go-priced Palestinian, Arabic, and Middle Eastern dishes. The menu has a variety of kebab and shawarma options. The gourmet platter, as well as rose petal lemonade and Moroccan mint tea, are all recommended. With minimal additional seating accessible on the sidewalk, the ambiance is cozy and real. (3.0-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin Beacon NY – There are numerous lodging alternatives available, ranging from homey bed-and-breakfasts to quirky accommodations. Here are some of the recommendations that are miles and a half away from the base of Mount Beacon –
    1. Swann Inn of Beacon – The charming bed and breakfast is a stone’s throw away from the Main Street market, and offers standard amenities with complimentary breakfast. Booking a stay here is synonymous with inexpensive weekend getaways from NYC. (Price: 32-43 USD a night)
    2. The Dutchess Inn – The stay focuses on classic comforts with its chandelier-hung rooms, old-school beds, and antique-feel vibes. (Price: 100-120 USD a night).
    3. Malouf’s Mountain Campground – On the banks of the Hudson river you would be surrounded by the plush, as this hike-in hike-out resort is easy on the pocket. Campfire meals are complimentary.  (Price: 68-96 USD a night).

10. New Paltz, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in New Paltz NY

New Paltz is a picturesque community in New York’s Hudson Valley, surrounded by the Shawangunk Mountains of Ulster County. It has long been a haven for intellectual minds and creative spirits looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The town of New Paltz, home to the State University of New York, is buzzing with youthful energy, bringing with it a slew of new restaurants, galleries, artisanal shops, and musical gatherings. Consider New Paltz as your cool weekend getaways from NYC. 

Fed by the Wallkill River, it is close to the beautiful natural surroundings. Trekkers, bikers, equestrians, and adventurers can have the fun at the 8,000 acres of Mohonk Preserve.

  • Things to doin New Paltz NY – If you’re ready to explore this part of the Hudson Valley, here are the top things to do in New Paltz.
    1. Meander Main Street – The epicenter of the New Paltz is the city’s main street and the artery. This bohemian college town is packed with cozy coffee shops, local art galleries, and plenty of restaurants. 
    2. Explore the Wilderness at Mohonk – The Shawangunk Mountains’ Mohonk Preserve includes more than 8,000 acres, providing numerous prospects for outdoor exploration throughout the year.  Hiking, biking, climbing, horseback riding, and running are all alternatives inside the preserve area that also include hiking trails, rugged cliffs, and wilderness paths. 
    3. Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife – This wildlife sanctuary is worth a visit if you’re strolling down Huguenot Street. Beautiful river and mountain views, as well as a diversity of species, await visitors to the 56-acre park. Birdwatchers go to the pond-lined trails with binoculars in hand, hoping to glimpse over 100 species of birds.  Screech owls, bluebirds, orioles, and sedge wrens, among many other species, can be found. 
  • What to Eatin New Paltz NY – The Main Street Bistro is worth the appetite and this was voted as the Best Bistro for the year 2021. (4.5-star Michelin rating). The others include –
    1. The Gilded Otter – This family-friendly restaurant and brewery on the Main Street serves American-style cuisine and crafty brews and is surrounded by a view of the Wallkill River, making it an ideal stop on your journey to or from Mohonk Preserve. Dine-in here is worth the money on your NYC weekend getaway tour (4.1-star Michelin rating)
    2. Bacchus – The Brewery at Bacchus delivers great food and in-house brewed beer in a lively, hip restaurant. Live music, billiards, and local art are all available. (4.3-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin New Paltz NY – Spend a night in the Mohonk Mountain House, a 152-year-old all-inclusive resort and spa for couples, families, and well as children. Tennis, golf, yoga, a spa, an indoor pool, lake boating, and 85 miles of hiking trails are all available on the 1,325-acre cliff-perched resort, which is easily accessible via a complimentary shuttle from New Paltz’s bus station. (Price 300-450 USD a night) The other stays include –
    1. America’s Best Value Inn – A tidy, comfortable motel with a fitness center and complimentary continental breakfast, strategically located near New Paltz attractions. (Price 28-37 USD a night).
    2. The Inn at Orchard Heights – A delightful Victorian home built in 1888 with large bedrooms, individual closets, a sun porch, and a lovely patio area for relaxing and dining. (Price 56-72 USD a night).
    3. Moondance Ridge – This Hudson Valley Airbnb offers spotlessly clean, roomy rooms for a relaxing visit. Enjoy a full three-course handmade breakfast, dine on the patio, and stroll through the lovely garden grounds. (Price 150-195 USD a night).

11. Lake Placid, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Lake Placid

Winter has become synonymous with Lake Placid, a hamlet in upstate New York. It could be because it was hosting the avenue of the two Winter Olympics and also because it is surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains’ snowy peaks. Regardless of the reason, Lake Placid is truly a frozen wonderland and is recognized as the most visited and one of the best weekend getaways from New York City. 

Lake Placid is located on Mirror Lake. Whether it’s jet-skiing in the summer or rink skating in the winter, this is where the action happens all year. Lake Placid, NY, however, is the starting point for hundreds of miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, ski slopes, and historic monuments. 

  • Things to doin Lake PlacidNY – To know this upstate side of New York, here are the things to do in the Lake Placid –
    1. Visit the Olympic sites – When it hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980, Lake Placid established itself as America’s winter sports hub. When people come to Lake Placid today, they can take a trip down memory lane. Since then, the destination has worked to preserve the sports sites and keep them open to tourists in order to continue the heritage of the great winter sports capital.
    2. Whiteface mountain – One of New York’s tallest peaks and most well-known ski destinations, towers over Lake Placid. There are 90 slopes on the mountain, totaling more than 22 miles of snowboarding. The Wilmington Trail, which is just over two miles long, is the longest run. The mountain becomes a hotspot for steep mountain biking and trekking in the summer. If you’re only interested in the views, take a ride on the Cloudsplitter Gondola, which offers a stunning perspective of the mountain’s peak.
    3. High Falls – At the foot of Whiteface, is the 22-acre privately owned nature area with pathways that overlook four waterfalls. The best part of the park is that it is beautiful in any season, so there is never a poor time to go.
    4. Mirror Lake – The 124-acre lake serves as the community’s focal point in Lake Placid. You’ll be able to witness panoramic vistas of the Adirondack high peaks from the shore of the lake.
  • What to Eatin Lake PlacidNY – The Big Slide Brewery is famous for its Olympic ski jumps and great craft beer. Wood-fired pizzas, salads created with home-grown vegetables, and 10 beers on tap are all part of the brewery’s farm-to-table menu. (4.5-star Michelin rating). The others include –
    1. Smoke Signals – Head for the southern-style barbeque dinner located on Main Street. In the summer, dine on the restaurant’s deck, which offers views of Mirror Lake, and Whiteface Mountain in the distance. In the winter, the warm atmosphere is ideal for both families and couples.(4.4-star Michelin rating).
    2. Top of the Park – This tiny eatery offers small dishes and handmade beverages, making it a great location to stop and refuel before continuing your excursions. (4.0-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin Lake PlacidNY – Check in at High Peak Resort on the Main Street where you book a stay on the water, in a resort, or in a lake house designed for romantic getaways. Stay on the water, in a resort, or in a Lake House designed for romantic getaways. This pet-friendly resort is perfect for anyone who can’t afford to leave their pets at home. (Price: 250 USD a night).
    1. Mirror Lake Inn – Located just down the street, provides a sophisticated take on lakeside hospitality. Within walking distance of downtown, enjoy a family-style room with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a sitting space. (Price: 125 USD a night).

12. Long Island, NY

Weekend Getaways from NYC Long Island NY

The 10th largest island in the US, bounded on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by the Long Island, features plenty of wide-open areas, unspoiled coastlines, and ancient mansions. You’ll never run out of things to do here – from the golden beaches of the south shore to the quaint riverside villages of the north shore – this serene destination can be a trip to remember, and your tropical weekend getaways from NYC

  • Things to doin Long Island – Here are some of the attractions and top things to do on Long Island –
    1. Jones Beach – The 6.5-mile-long seafront, with white sand and gentle waves, is one of the most gorgeous beaches in town. After a dip, take a stroll or play basketball or miniature golf, or simply relax on your beach mattress.
    2. Long Island Aquarium – The Atlantis-themed exhibit is one of the largest living coral exhibits in the Western Hemisphere. This Riverhead aquarium contains a gigantic shark tank, as well as a multitude of interior and outdoor exhibits featuring marine and island fauna, in addition to the 20,000-gallon display tank.
    3. Long Beach Boardwalk – For a fun putting with the surf and Princeton white sand, head to this 2.2-mile boardwalk. New Yorkers can catch a 50-minute train ride to get here. 
  • What to Eat in Long Island – The recently renovated Boardwalk Cafe, located next to the Central Mall Concession, serves great tacos, burgers, and rice bowls. Arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds, or stay late in the evening to enjoy the view of Jones Beach. (3.9-star Michelin rating)
    1. Five Ocean Bar and Grill – You can grab an on-the-go bite. They serve some delicious Tutti-Frutti yogurts. (3.9-star Michelin rating)
    2. Sandbar – A completely renovated space in the heart of Cold Spring harbor offers a delectable farm-to-table menu and plenty of seafood varieties. (4.8-star Michelin rating)
    3. All American Hamburger Drive-In – For less than 5 dollars you can order a few cheeseburgers, a square knish, and a chocolate milkshake. (4.1-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin Long Island – Hotels range from high-end resorts in the Hamptons and on the North Shore to more budget-friendly chain hotels that are scattered across the counties. Some of them include –
    1. The Mill House Inn – Located in East Hampton is a beautiful bed-and-breakfast with ten individually decorated rooms, perfect for a romantic weekend. Private patios, jacuzzi, flat-screen HDTVs, mini bar, fireplaces, and complimentary breakfast are some of the amenities to look out for. (Price 169-189 USD a night).
    2. Oheka Castle Hotel – It boasts some of the most exquisite rooms on the North Shore. These 32 beautifully designed rooms on the castle’s upper floors will make you feel like royalty. This is the perfect offering if you’re planning a long weekend getaway from NYC. (Price 320-355 USD a night).
    3. Red Roof Plus Long Island – This newly renovated property is pet-friendly and offers a stay on a shoestring budget, and offers complimentary hot breakfast and parking. (Price 42-55 USD a night).

13. Hamptons, NH

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Coopers Beach Hamptons

The Hamptons are a collection of towns, villages, and hamlets located on the east of Long Island. The location is most noted for being a popular weekend retreat for Newyorkers. The peaceful landscape and amenities of the Hamptons are well-known. The highly regarded Cooper’s Beach, the LongHouse Reserve, and the Wine Tasting experience are some of the best things here to name a few that attract visitors from all over the country and even the world. Hamptons is your best luxury weekend getaways from NYC.

  • Things to doin the HamptonsNH – Take a look at some of the best things to do in the Hamptons on your next adventure –
    1. Coopers Beach – It is a short drive from Southampton and is perhaps one of the region’s prettiest beaches. Its sandy shores always draw a crowd, no matter what season you visit, especially on a beautiful sunny day. Take a picnic, relax and soak up the warmth, or maybe try your hand at surfing. Planning a relaxing weekend getaway from NYC? This search ends here. 
    2. LongHouse Reserve – Some of the state’s best sculptures may be found in this stunning 16-acre reserve. The gardens are a beautiful spot to walk, especially on a hot summer day, and undoubtedly one of the greatest things to do in the Hamptons when the weather is shining.
    3. Wine Tasting – It’s simple to see why the Wölffer Estate is one of the most popular wineries in the Hamptons. Wölffer, located halfway between Southampton and Easthampton, offers a vast assortment of award-winning types to quench your thirst. You can have at your disposal a beautiful wine tasting experience that you may pair with some delectable cheeses.
  • What to Eatin the HamptonsNH – Apart from the beaches, one of the best things about The Hamptons is the food. There are many gorgeous and excellent places to eat in this tiny neighborhood. Gourmet restaurants, delectable dessert shops, and some coastal diners are simply too good to pass up. These delicacies and restaurants are not to miss on your Weekend Getaways from NYC.
    1. 1770 House Restaurant – When your meal arrives, you’ll understand why this 18th-century restaurant has earned so many awards. They have some of the tastiest steaks in the neighborhood, with tons of winter truffle risotto and local kale to accompany them. (4.9-star Michelin rating)
    2. 18 Bay – 18 Bay is a delicious, organic, Italian-inspired restaurant that serves dishes grown locally. Try some of their freshly made spaghetti and delightful hibiscus cocktails. (4.1-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin the HamptonsNH – There are many of the greatest hotels in the Hamptons that are conveniently located near all of the amazing things to do.
    1. Hampton Maid – Hampton Maid faces the Shinnecock Bay, is nestled on its own 5-acre grounds, which are guarded by a charming windmill. It’s about 5 miles from Cooper’s Beach and is the ideal area to rest, unwind, and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. (Price: 350 – 362 USD a night)
    2. Aqualina Inn – The Aqualina Inn, located just a short walk from the beach, is a lovely hotel that captures the essence of the Hamptons. It’s also one of the greatest hotels in the Hamptons, and it’s rather cozy. (Price: 450 – 488 USD a night)
    3. Shelter Island House – This ancient hotel, built in the 19th century, provides a cozy and comfortable stay for everyone who visits. The boutique accommodations are lovely, and the in-house restaurant serves a delectable selection of seasonal delights. (Price: 79-94 USD a night)
    4. The East End Budget Host Inn – It is located in Riverhead, NY, just a few miles between West and Southampton could be your night above within hundred bucks. (Price: 82-91 USD a night)

14. Asbury Park NJ

Weekend Getaways from NYC in Asbury Park NJ

One of the nicest beaches in the state may be found in this historic seaside town. You’ll find a revamped promenade that’s better than ever, along with an infinite beach, fantastic surf, and endless fun. The renovated Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall is the main drag of the town, with unique boutiques, and eccentric restaurants with stunning vistas could be an unforgettable experience. This one tops the NYC weekend getaways list. 

  • Things to doin Asbury ParkNJ – With vistas of the ocean as far as the eye can see and bright beach umbrellas dotting the sand, Asbury Park Beach is a picture postcard of summer living. There are sand volleyball courts and playgrounds, with an option of fishing and surfing. Beach passes are necessary to access the beach. This is the main attraction here for your weekend getaways from NYC plans. In addition –
    1. Asbury Park Bazaar – The Asbury Park Bazaar, located inside the historic  Convention Hall, is a must-see attraction. It began as a way to assist local small businesses and artists but has since evolved into a popular beach attraction. Live bands perform at the seasonal market, which also has merchants offering local art, farm produce, vintage goods, and handcrafted gifts. 
    2. The Boardwalk – The Boardwalk is surrounded by restaurants and bars. Keep a lookout for Robinson’s Ale House, which is located in a historic Howard Johnson restaurant, whether you choose to park or simply stroll along the boardwalk. 
  • What to Eatin Asbury ParkNJ – When it comes to cuisine, Asbury Park is a rather forward-thinking city. The sheer variety is mind-boggling. Vegetarians and vegans should take note: Asbury Park is a vegetarian and vegan haven. Almost every restaurant has a variety of options for meat-free and gluten-free diets. (4.8-star Michelin rating) The following are the establishments that are must-visits –
    1. Talula’s – Pizza, sandwiches, bowls, and salads, as well as in-house bakery, locally sourced vegan delicacies chili sauce, are some of the delicious to mention. Shakshuka brunch pizza pie is a must-try. (5.0-star Michelin rating)
    2. Mogo 632 – If you’re a taco person, Mogo belongs to you. Some prominent delicacies include tofu taco, the baki cheesesteak, and the pork bowl with Caesar’s salad. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Asbury Park boardwalk. (3.9-star Michelin rating)
    3. Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten – The roof-top cafe and bar serve authentic European draught beers and delicacies like pretzels and bratwurst. (4.9-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin Asbury ParkNJ – The Asbury Hotel – Located two blocks from the Asbury beach and boardwalk, making it the ideal staycation spot. The hotel got you covered whether you’re looking to get tanned by the pool, live music, do morning yoga, or catch an outdoor movie at the rooftop lounge. (Price 210-224 USD a night)
    1. Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel – Expect panoramic views of the ocean from your mini-vacation retreat, which is just a short walk from the Asbury Park beachfront.  A cocktail lounge and private cabanas are also available at the hotel to help you relax completely.(Price 42-73 USD a night)

New York to Asbury is 60 miles and your quick weekend getaways from NYC.

15. The Berkshires, MA

Weekend Getaways from NYC in The Berkshires

Luxury abounds in western Massachusetts’ mountainous terrain, but it’s served in a relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of outdoor activities, too, thanks to the breathtaking rural setting. Outdoor activities such as hiking and water sports, as well as cultural events, are something that draws millions of tourists each year and is adorned as the best weekend getaways from NYC. The Berkshires, which is home to the various performance centers such as Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow, host a variety of shows and events throughout the year. 

  • Things to Doin The Berkshires – Here are some of the captivating things to do while you’re at Berkshire –
    1. Tanglewood – It has been described as a “music lover’s heaven,” with attractive surroundings that keep visitors coming back year after year. Attendees praised the well-kept grounds and world-class concerts, but it’s best to bring your own lawn chairs, food, and drinks to avoid paying exorbitant costs at concession trucks, restaurants, and shops on the grounds. 
    2. Jacob’s Pillow – A 225-acre national historic landmark can be reached by following the sounds of dancing feet. It is home to one of the country’s most prestigious dance training institutes as well as the world’s longest-running international dance festival. This could be your remarkable getaway from NYC. 
    3. Mount Greylock – The 3491-feet summit offers seasonal activities like hiking, camping, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, and educational excursions organized by the local park rangers. 
    4. Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary – This 1,211-acre wildlife sanctuary near Lenox, has 7 miles of trails, a huge pond, and stunning views of woodland, pastures, swamps, and wildlife. There are numerous well-marked hiking trails to choose from, with varying lengths and levels of difficulty. The All Persons Trail, and the Trail of the Ledges, are a few of the elevations that offer the stunning vistas of Mount Greylock, Taconic Range, and the Catskills mountains.
  • What to Eatin The Berkshires – There are so many cafés, diners, pubs, and bistros in the Berkshires that selecting the perfect spot can be difficult. With so many choices, here are the best of the lots that won’t let you down.
    1. Six Depot Roastery & Cafe – 6 Depot, is located in the picturesque downtown of West Stockbridge and serves locally produced farm-fresh breakfast and lunch. You’ll be in fresh Berkshire culinary nirvana if you pair the delicacies with their own small-batch and home-roasted coffee. (3.6-star Michelin rating)
    2. Baba Louie’s Pizzeria – This renowned eatery offers gluten-free and spelled crusts for patrons with food sensitivities. A daily spaghetti special and overflowing salad plates are available for guests searching for an alternative to pizza. (4.3-star Michelin rating)
    3. Alta Restaurant & Wine Bar – This Mediterranean kitchen ranked the number 1 on Tripadvisor is famous for its lunch menu that offers stews, omelets, panini, and salads. (5.0-star Michelin rating)
  • Where to Stayin The Berkshires – There are numerous resorts to select from, each with its own distinct ambiance, ranging from spa retreats to luxurious estates that have been converted into high-end hotels. The Berkshires’ rolling hills are home to historic inns, small resorts, and even well-known brand-name businesses.
    1. Miraval Berkshire Resort and Spa – The all inclusive weekend getaways from NYC includes unlimited meals and access to the spa. At Miraval, each visitor may design their own health and spa program, which includes everything from Ayurveda to skincare to nutrition classes, yoga, and more. (Price 452-521 USD a night)
    2. The Williams Inn – From the double queen room to the king junior suite, from a king room to queen room, there are 64 accommodations to choose from. The King Suites are the most spacious, having a separate bedroom and living room, as well as views of the city. The rooms are furnished in an elegant farmhouse style. (Price 149-165 USD a night)
    3. Vacation Village in the Berkshires -Vacation Village in the Berkshires offers a more home experience Living rooms, dining rooms, and furnished patios or balconies are available in the all-suite resort. There’s an indoor and outdoor heated pool, alongside basketball and volleyball courts. (Price 800-825 USD a night)


In fact, weekend getaways from NYC countryside may be a better option for many people. It is easier to rent houses and have access to more amenities than in the city itself. Another benefit is that many of these breathtaking locations are located within close driving distance from major cities like NYC, Boston, and Washington DC, making it easy to visit old favorites on the weekends.

Hopefully, these NYC weekend getaways have inspired you to take some time to explore. The beauty of the world is out there—all you need to do is go see it. And where better to start than with a weekend trip from home?

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