Top 16 Things to do in North Conway NH in 2023

Things to do in North Conway

North Conway is a village (2nd largest) in the city of Conway in the New Hampshire State of USA

The total population of North Conway village is around 2,116 according to the latest census in the year of 2020.

North Conway considers as the best ski town in the United State of America, is really a hub for winter adventure but also a home to cool museums, tax free shopping and great restaurants.

North Conway also offers the outdoor activities such as hiking, river tubing, alpine sliding and many more. These are the best things to do in North Conway.

What to do in North Conway NH

1.     Fun Skiing adventure in Cranmore Mountain

Cranmore Mountain is situated in the Mount Washington Valley. It is the one of the best ski mountains out of the six ski mountains in the North Conway.

Here, you can find the Cranmore Mountain Resort located in the distance of the five minutes from the North Conway.

Cranmore Mountain also offers the Tubing Park and Adventure Center along with skiing. 

Visitors are welcomed here because it is the best place for fun things to do in North Conway such as Skiing, Tubing and Adventure with your family and Friends.

2.     Explore the History of New England Museum

New England Museum

The New England Museum showcase the exhibitions of Tuckerman Ravine, the 10th Mountain Division, Regional Ski Pioneers as well as many local legends and new England Olympians

You should visit this place to check out the display of classics keys and other skiing artifacts on display here.

This museum is one of the best North Conway attractions that everyone should visit here to get a touch of the history displayed here and get into the details which are written in the New England Museum.

3.     Check out the Swimming skills at Diana’s Bath

Diana’s Bath

Diana’s Bath is located near the village of North Conway in the White Mountains, in the town of Bartlett of New Hampshire State.

It is a series of small waterfalls and also a great place for the swimmer to enjoy the life on the inside of the water.

You can have a trip to experience the great adventure with

the skills of the swimming and get a touch of the cold water floating every time.

You can check your swimming skills and give a kick to your life as well.

This place is also good for short hiking. These are free things to do in North Conway NH.

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4.     Great Indoor fun in Living Shores Aquarium

Living Shores Aquarium

Home to the Heritage New Hampshire, Living Shore Aquarium provides the educational experience to the family and the followers.  

This indoor Living Shores Aquarium adventure offers visitors so many hands-on experiences with the North Conway attractions.

It includes the Tropical Birds in the walk to a Viera, close to ocean life at one of the touch tanks from stingrays and sharks to sea urchins and snails.

Fun things to do in North Conway NH is to watch the otter life and for kids to dig the digital sandbox.

5.     Hike up the Black Cap Mountain Trail

Black Cap Mountain Trail

Black cap mountain is an enjoyable hike along the White Washington valley in the New Hampshire.

It provides a two-mile round-trip hike which is suitable for all with general fitness.

This hiking trail trip of two and half hours makes this an understandable perennial favorite.   

Black Cap Mountain is very popular for the easy hike and incredible view.

If you like to do some hiking then it is a good place for hiking things to do in North Conway Nh this weekend with your friends and capture the view in the cameras.

6.     Having Brunch at The Sunrise Shack Restaurant

Sunrise Shack Restaurant

The Sunrise Shack is a local residence favorite brunch restaurant to have the comfort food and is welcomed by the nice staff.

This restaurant is well known for the well-cooked breakfast and also for the lunch food.

The lunch menu has the creative burgers, sandwiches and salads and the Sunrise special breakfast Poppin burger did not disappoint.

If you want some delicious food to calm your hunger then visit this awesome restaurant and don’t think what to do in north Conway because a tasty meal is about to be served.   

7.     Enjoy the Celebrations at Schouler Park

Schouler Park

Schouler Park is the home to Schouler Field is situated in the North Conway in the state of New Hampshire.

Visitors can step in here to witness the celebrations, festivals and other more activities and best things to do in North Conway.

It hosts the fourth of July celebration, New Year’s Eve Celebration, Ice Hiking Rink, Yoga in Park and other special events are the top North Conway attractions.

If you are still worrying about what to do in North Conway NH Schouler Park just have a trip and enjoy the celebration to the top of the world.    

8.     Learn with plays in MWV Children’s Museum

MWV Children’s Museum

MWV Children’s Museum is founded near to the North Conway village in the New Hampshire State.

It is a best place for kids up to 12 years of age and also a great place to host birthday parties’ special events and more.

The vision of this museum is to inspire the children to experience all that is in the world as an opportunity to learn with the special play area for children.

MWV Children’s Museum has 16 exhibits which feature fun interactive learning created by the local artists.

Children come to this place to enjoy the little stage of life with the fun things to do in north Conway.  

9.     Enjoy Tax-Free shopping at Settlers Green

Settlers Green

A destination of tax-free shopping at more than 60 outlet brands, Settlers Green is situated in the North Conway, NH.

You can come here to explore your style more than just shopping in the Settlers Green.  

Visitors can enjoy the experience of family events, shopping getaway events during the holidays.

Free things to do in North Conway NH is to visit for a day and relax with free Wi-Fi at cafes while taking in the view of surrounding mountains and green settlers.

10.  Hikers Favorite Echo Lake State Park

Echo Lake State Park

Great Hiking Trails famous place Echo Lake State Park including one trail that goes around the lake situated in the park.

Echo Lake State Park is the popular place for summer amongst the visitors for the hiking adventure.

It gives you the amazing views of The Saco River Valley which looks pretty in the winter time too.

Hikers are welcomed here to experience the adventure with the listed things to do in north Conway NH.

11.  Don’t miss shopping at Zeb’s General Store

Zeb’s General Store

Zeb’s General Store is Jam packed with Specialty foods clothing and gifts and much more other things availability.

The 70 feet candy counter is the most viewed Zeb’s General Store North Conway attraction with penny candy too.

You can do shopping of unique specialty foods, toys, clothing and everyone will find something that they want to find.

This General Store won the numerous retailing awards and was selected as Boston Magazine’s best country store two times in a row in New Hampshire.     

12.  Go long and High with Saco River

Saco River

The Saco River flows in the Big White Mountain in the state of New Hampshire runs long miles.

It is also considered as the longest river attractions in North Conway with the most popular Saco River Tubing. It is like fulfill of the dreams of the life.

Saco River is deep down of 3 feet with small rapids sections making the journey more adventurous.

Pure and Clean Water attracts the swimmer and the trackers to plan a visit and enjoy the Swimming and the river rafting and other best things to do in North Conway NH.

13.  Climb the Rock at White Horse Ledge

White Horse Ledge

The White Horse Ledge is the rock-climbing mountain that attracts the hikers and the mountaineer to adventure on the most viewed rock.

It is an 800 feet high rock and eight pitch longest trail found in the White Mountain in North Conway.

White House Ledge is made of granite with various types of climbing attractions in North Conway for the hiking traveler.

You can have a trip to enjoy the hiking is one of the free things to do in North Conway NH.

14.  Kids Favorite Kahuna Laguna Water Park

Kahuna Laguna Water Park

Kahuna Laguna is an Indoor Water Park in the Red Jacket Mountain for the enjoyment of the kids.

It has a total of 4 different types of double and single water slides.

In the Rainy days, this Water Park is considered as the one of the best water parks of North Conway attractions.

It has a basket ball court, Hot Tub, pool area, Water cannons tower play area, Bridge of Rope and bucket of water for the fun of the children.  

Children with their parents visit this place every weekend for fun and joy with the water slides, basketball court and pool area. These are the fun things to do in north Conway NH this weekend.  

15.  Well Designed outlets in North Conway Model Railroad Club

North Conway Model Railroad Club

North Conway Model Railroad Club showcases the different types of rail model in the yard area situated in the Conway Scenic Railroad.

People who like to watch the model of the rail then it is the best place to have a visit to know more about the rail models.

Members of the team of this place explain in detail about the work through the well-designed outlets of the trains.

Train Lovers should watch the amazing view of how the train is running on the mountains and coming in and out in the tunnels. These are the amazing things to do around north Conway NH.

16.  A Beautiful Drive on Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway is such a famous highway for a beautiful drive, the best things to do in North Conway NH.

This Highway is also famous with the name of 112 because it starts from Route 16, covers the interstate 93 and ends at the Route 3.

Every person can experience a beautiful drive because there is no any requirement of the permit to have a long drive on the Kancamagus Highway.  

Facility of buying the daily pass is also there for the visitors who cross this highway every day.


In the North Conway, New Hampshire, There is so much to do such as hiking, shopping, fun, joy, and tracking.

Everyone should visit this place once in their life time and experience the famous area and the top activities found here with the life time memory which are difficult to forget.

People like the North Conway for the North Conway attractions such as Schouler Park, Museums, Settlers Green etc.

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