11 Best Things to do in Portland, Maine in 2023

Things to do in Portland

The Portland is a beautiful city found in the state of Maine in the United States of America Country.

It is described as the largest city in the Maine State and also known as the hub for the area of Metropolitan Statistical.

This city has its own rich history related to the fishing, industry etc. and the center of the tourism, growth and economy.

There are many best things to do in Portland Maine with family, kids and friends such as Playland, tours, weekend activities, bar & restaurants and many more.

Family and Fun things to do in Portland Maine

1. A Day with family at Palace Playland

The Palace Playland is an amusement park, best known for its fun and crazy theme rides to enjoy the beautiful day with family and kids both.

Many rides such as Frog Hopper and Tea Cups is the top most listed rides that everyone must grab to enjoy the day.

Palace Playland in Portland

This place also features the many classic attractions at one place from all around the world to experience the best day while enjoying the family things to do in Portland Maine with kids.

A total of 28 rides featured in the Playland like, Carousel, Convoy, Crop Duster, Dizzy Dragon, kiddie Cars, Euro Slide etc. which are highly recommended by the visitors to have an amazing time.

Opening Hours: Friday – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday – 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Thursday – Off

Ticket Price: $1.65 / Single Ride

Total Rides: 28 Rides

Top Rides: Frog Hopper, Tea Cups, Convoy, Kiddie Cars, Euro Slides

Address: 1 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064, United States

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2. Children Museum and Theatre

The Children Museum and Theatre is the Great Educational Place for the young kids found in the City of Portland, Maine.

Children Museum and Theatre in Portland

It is the only children’s museum and theater found in the State of Maine which is dedicated to provide the educational programs and interactive exhibits to inspire the children to learn.

The Children Museum has the huge collections of different exhibits including the Art Spaces, Science Labs, Water Table, Building Blocks which helps the children to learn from these fun things to do in Portland Maine during their play with them.  

Young Children from their birth to the age of 12 are welcomed here to learn from playing with the different fun activities along with their family members.

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday & Tuesday – Off

Famous for: Kids Educational Programs with Learning

Age Limitation: 0 to 12 Age

Special Exhibits: Art Spaces, Science Labs, Water Table, Building Blocks

Location: 250, Thompsons Points Rd, Portland MR 04102, United States

Weekend and Unique things to do in Portland Maine

1. The Real Portland Tour

The Real Portland Tour is a very famous public city tour among the tourists and the local residents to explore every corner of the city.

The Real Portland Tour

It is the only sightseeing full city tour in the Portland Maine during the time of weekend which includes the famous trip to 3 of the lighthouses.

You can start your journey from the bustling downtown area that includes eclectic shops to the art districts along with the world class restaurants and bars.

You are taken to the famous Casco Bay to see the islands and the forts situated to the way of the long journey being the part of amazing things to do in Portland Maine this weekend.

All the real information about the city would be given to you like facts and everything knowable information about the city.

Best Time to Join the Tour: On Weekends

Specialty: Public city tour with all knowledge and information

Tour Attractions: 3 Lighthouses, Island, Forts

Timing: Sunday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tour Ticket Prices: $47 – Children (0 to 12 Age), $55 – Adults (13 to 64 Age) , $53 – Seniors (Ages 65+)

Private Tour Prices: $669 up to 13 People

2. Beautiful Light Houses

When you plan to go on the Real Portland Tour, you need to check out the famous and beautiful light houses.

Beautiful Light Houses in Portland

The light house is situated at the bank of the Casco Bay and this rugged Maine Coastline is known for its beautiful light houses.

The Land Headlight is the most famous Lighthouse situated at the Casco Bay and it is also the most photographed light house in the entire Country of the United States of America.

The Spring Point Ledge lighthouse is another famous lighthouse to visit for the unique things to do in Portland Maine on the weekends.

Only on the weekends, you can also walk on around there and jump in the different rocks to get a great way to view the lighthouse.

Best time to Visit: On Weekends

Top Attractions Lighthouses: The Land Headlight and The Spring Point Ledge

Famous for: Photography and Videography  

Situated at: Casco Bay

Some Romantic Things to do in Portland Maine for couples at Night

1. Merrill Auditorium

The Merrill Auditorium is the home of the many musical live performances in the whole year with the greatest artists.

It has a total seating capacity of the more than the 1908 audience to watch the live performance.

Merrill Auditorium in Portland

It is also known with the name of Portland’s Vaudeville House in the part history and described as the Oldest Venue for the live show in the region.

You can visit with your partner and close one to witness the live musical performances which are the best Romantic things to do in Portland Maine for Couples to enjoy with each other at night.

It has the Rehearsal Hall of 320 performers capacity to practice and the corporate meeting room along with the Reception Room before starting of performances.

Famous for: Live Musical Performances

Also Known as: Portland’s Vaudeville House

Total Audience Capacity: 1098

Top Attractions: Performance Stage, Rehearsal Hall, Reception Room, Corporate Meeting Room

Best to Visit for: Couples at night

Address: 20 Myrtle St, Portland, ME 04101M United States

2. Duckfat Food Truck

The Duckfat Food Truck is a very famous Portland’s original artisanal food truck found inside the brick and mortar restaurant in the Downtown Portland.

Duckfat Food Truck in Portland maine

It serves the best foods such as hot dogs, famous duck fat fries made with duck fat from nearby Farmigo Farms.

A night visit to this place with the special one and enjoy the meal together is one of the Romantic things to do in Portland Maine at night once in your life.

It is originally a small sandwich shop and restaurant which also serves the different types of meals and foods to their customers according to their needs.

You will never regret after coming to this place which is very famous in this city and has owned the other restaurant called Hugo’s.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Monday – 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Famous for: Hot Dogs. Duck Fat Fries etc.

Originally Designed as: Small Sandwich Shop

Best to Visit for: Couples at night

Address: 43 Middle St, Portland, MR 04101, United States

Cool and Free things to do in Portland Maine

1. Crescent Beach State Park

Famous place for the hiking trails, Crescent Beach State Park presents the gorgeous beach and a marina with boat ships.

Crescent Beach State Park in Portland Maine

It also provides the Miles of the hiking trails to the visitors for the free things to do in Portland Maine to walk and enjoy the day exploring the trails.

If we talk about the Non-Crabbing Season in the Maine State, you can find many people fishing off at the Shoreline of Crescent Beach State Park.

Many different activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, water skiing and long hiking can be done at this place with family, friends and kids.

In the Off Season, the park gets closed for the parking of the vehicle but the walker and visitors are welcomed to enjoy the hiking trails on the beach.

Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Famous for: Hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, Swimming etc.

Best time to Hiking: Off Season

Location: 109 Bowery Beach Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107, United States

2. Peak Island

The Peak Island situated at the Portland includes the many historical sites along with the famous Shaker Village.

It is popular with the best hiking trails found in the southern Maine with the best coastal views and the crystal clear bright blue water.

It is the best destination for the friends to Chill at the beach with the better cool things to do in Portland Maine including the long hiking trails.

You can also take the bikes on the rent and ride it on your own. You can also rent the golf cart tour to enjoy the best of yourself.

It is easy to take a complete round of the whole Peak Island because of the 4 miles long site of Peak Island and recommend the other friends to plan a visit for Peak Island once in their lifetime.

Best time to Visit: Any time

Famous for: Hiking, bike riding, Golf Tour

Total Area: 4 Miles

Formed at: Costal Area

Location: Casco Bay, Maine

Awesome things to do in Portland Maine in Different Seasons

1. Ski and Snowboard Terrain Park

The Terrain Park is a large and amazing snow park for the outdoor activities for the skiers and the show borders.

It allows them to enjoy the time doing the skiing and skate boarding with amazing and heart taken tricks.

Terrain Park in Portland, Maine

In the Winter Season, everyday many people visit this place to practice ice skiing the whole day along with the many crazy things to do in Portland Maine Winter.

It is one of the best Terrain Parks out of the 3 Terrain Parks in the Whole United State of America for the winter season.

You are welcomed here with your family, kids and friends to enjoy the best time of the winter together and create some amazing memories.

Famous for: Skiing and Stake Boarding

Another Name: Payson Hill Terrain Park, Snow Park, Payson Park

Total Terrain Parks in USA: 3 Terrain Parks

Best time to Visit: In Winter Season

2. Ferry Ride Tour

The Ferry Ride is the best water tour provided by the Peak Island to the visitors to enjoy the summer days in a cool way.

It is also popular with the name of Ferry Mail Run among the visitors of the Portland City, Maine State, USA.

Ferry Ride in Portland

It is a huge boat that takes a postal service and all the main out to all the island in the United States of America.

Along with this, it offers you the ticket to become a passenger and takes you to the different islands for a visit while providing postal service.

It is the best way to see the large Casco Bay and enjoy amazing things to do in Portland Maine in Summer season offered by the Ferry Tour.

Best time to Take the Tour: In Summer Season

Another name: Ferry Mail Run

Destinations: Different Islands

Location: Casco Bay, Portland

3. Falls Festivals and Apple Picking

In the fall season, many festivals happen in the large quantities everywhere you go in the Portland City, Marine.

You will find the Pumpkin Patches festival, Halloween Festivals and many others which attract you to join and enjoy.

Falls Festivals and Apple Picking in Portland

Apple picking is also the awesome things to do in Portland Maine in the fall season for the children and the family members with lots of fun and craziness.

Many family members take their kids outside to picking the apples every year to pull from the tree and throw on each other for fun to enjoy the fall season time.

Activities in Fall Season: Pumpkin Patches Festival, Halloween Festival, Apple Picking

Adult Activities: Fall Festival

Children Activities: Apple Picking

Best time to Enjoy: In the Fall Season

How to Plan a Trip to Portland City

If you are very excited to go on the trip to Portland City, you need to mark the places you want to go and the list of best things to do in Portland Maine then choose the smooth and comfortable way to reach the destination.

How to Reach Portland


Car is the best the most popular way of transportation, you can visit the entire Portland City just by taking the Car on rent from the Portland Airport and explore the whole Portland City.


The Metro Bus services in the Portland City provides the safe and easy service to the tourists and residents to reach every corner of the Portland. It provides the best 10 routes to reach here and there in the Portland city.


The Taxi service provided by the local taxi stand at the Airport to the Tourists to reach at the particular destination while exploring the Portland City. Some Taxi Services are Uber and Lyft, each taxi provides a great comfort to the tourists to Look at the city.

Best time to Visit Portland

June to August are the best months to Visit Portland City in the Maine State. These 3 months are the peak months for the tourist to visit Portland and June is the high summer in the Portland City with the large Visitors.



The Portland City is situated in the State of the Maine established in the Country of the United States of America and the Maine State touches its boundary with the Only State New Hampshire.


The Portland City has the different weather such as Winter and Summer. The Winter Season in the month of January maintains the temperature of -1oC Lowest and the Summer Season in the month of July maintains the Temperature of 27oC Highest.


The Portland City is situated in the total area of 69.44 Sq. Mi. In which, the total land area is 21.31 Sq. Mi and the total water area is 48.13 Sq. Mi. The city is established on the peninsula at Casco Bay (on the Gulf of Maine) and the Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting Facts

1.  Portland City has the world’s smallest park of 61 cm (21 In).

2.  Portland City name decided by a toss of coin.

3.  “Keep Portland Weird” is the Slogan of Portland City.

4.  Portland has the largest forest park inside its city.

5.  Portland has the largest owned book store Independently.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotel NameAddress
Holiday Inn Portland by the Bay88 Spring St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
Portland Regency Hotel   20 Milk St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
The Westin Portland Harborview157 High St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
Hyatt Place Portland – Old Port433 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
The Press Hotel119 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
Portland Harbor Hotel 468 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101, United States


The Portland City is the best place to visit with your family, friends and kids to enjoy the best time by exploring the fun, crazy and season wise activities such as Falls Festivals, Peak Island, Restaurants, light house and Children Museum.

You must plan a long tour to experience the best time of your life in the City of Portland, Maine, The United States of America.

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