27 Things To Do in Old Orchard Beach with Family and Friends

27 Things To Do in Old Orchard Beach with Family and Friends

Maine vacationers love to visit Old Orchard Beach. It is the ideal fusion of vintage and new. This town is a favorite among tourists due to its attractive sandy coastlines. Families frequent it the most in this region. When the sun starts to drop, there are plenty of other things to do in Old Orchard Beach, besides simply enjoying the shoreline. It offers the greatest fair cuisine and a magnificent pier. Moreover, it is one of Maine’s few intact coastal amusement parks. Long drives are very well suited to the town’s surroundings. Lastly, it is a year-round vacation paradise because of the coastal climate.

Top Things To Do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

bicycling at Old Orchard Beach

Several wonderful beach resort towns in Maine are enjoyable to explore. Old Orchard Beach is a well-liked tourist destination along the southern coast with many fun activities.

As the top beach resort community in Maine, it provides a variety of activities, such as mini golf, bicycling, amusement parks, shopping, and water sports. This makes it the ideal location for a memorable day trip or future vacation.

Make Sure to Spend Some Time at Ocean Park Temple

Spend Some Time at Ocean Park Temple

This historical site lies amid Temple Square in Old Orchard Beach. It is the ideal destination for history lovers. The square is home to the Temple, Porter Hall, Jordan Hall, and Bell Tower. 

  • Even though they were constructed in the late 19th century, all structures are intact.
  • This well-known temple is octagonal. 
  • It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was constructed in 1881. 
  • This temple is a multifunctional structure.
  • It is known to host various religious and cultural events. 
  • Many tourists come here to have a peaceful time.

Make Sure You Have a Meal at Jumpin’ Jake’s

Jumpin' Jake's

The ideal location to visit after a day at the beach is Jumpin’ Jake’s. The freshest seafood and pizza are available there. You can discover all the traditional New England treats here. Visitors are often encouraged to try this restaurant’s fresh meals, based on local cuisine. recommendations

This restaurant’s most popular dishes include clam chowder, fried haddock, and lobster rolls. Fresh oysters are also available every day on their menu. Take advantage of the clam cakes, poutine fries, or onion rings as a side dish. Finish off your meal with a refreshing beverage of your choice.

Bike Along the Eastern Trail

Eastern Trail

Anywhere you travel, getting on a bike and exploring trails is a terrific way to appreciate the outdoors. Over 8 miles of flat, easy paths connect Scarborough, Old Orchard Beach, and Saco on this off-road stretch of the Eastern Trail. 

  • This is particularly true in southern Maine, where bikers may travel the Eastern Trail.
  • The Scarbrough Marsh on the north side offers beautiful scenery and attractions on Old Orchard Beach.
  • It is regarded as an easy track to ride because of the relatively constant elevation. 
  • Additionally, it is dog-friendly, allowing the entire family to go on an adventure.

Visit the Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center For Unique Landscapes

Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center

The biggest salt marsh in the state is the 3,100-acre Scarborough Marsh estuary. It consists of uplands, freshwater marshes, salt streams, and tidal marshes. The marsh serves as a crucial feeding, nesting, and resting area for wildlife.

  • The largest salt marsh in the state may be explored on foot. 
  • Even kayaking and canoeing options are available. 
  • The center offers several guided and self-guided tours.
  • You may go on a nature walk or see the natural history exhibitions.
  • In the end, stop by the nature shop in the center.

Order Some Comforting Soup at Joseph’s By The Sea 

Joseph's By The Sea

Interestingly, the family-run restaurant Joseph’s By The Sea is in its second generation. Since 1968, it has been a popular destination in Old Orchard. 

  • The family installed a rooftop deck for outdoor eating in 2018.  
  • Then you might just arrange a romantic evening date to see the sunset.
  • On the covered terrace, you may have a delicious dinner made with locally sourced ingredients. 
  • They also offer an outdoor terrace where you can take in the stunning views of the Maine coastline. 
  • When you go during the cooler months, the indoor dining area provides a cozy, homely setting.

An Exotic Afternoon By the Dunegrass Golf Club

Dunegrass Golf Club

The Dunegrass Golf Club offers a unique opportunity to play golf in Maine. Their top-notch New England golf course combines difficulty with gorgeous surroundings. It has swiftly established a reputation as a top public golf course since it was created by Dan Maples. 

  • While on vacation, have fun exploring this beautiful coastal town. 
  • Enjoy the beautiful, rolling greens and a peaceful getaway into the natural charm of this amazing place. 
  • They also provide a variety of eating alternatives in their clubhouse. 
  • Both gourmet dining and informal food are available. 
  • Brace yourself for a pleasant afternoon on this well-maintained course.

Modern-Day Adventure Includes Parasailing

You should know that the greatest activity in this seaside town is definitely parasailing. Your flying journey will start in the waters off Old Orchard Beach. You will be able to enjoy the stunning views of Old Orchard Beach from your elevated viewpoint. 

The best part of parasailing will be the unmatched view of the coastline. The beautiful islands and old lighthouses are visible from all parasailing flights. Visitors frequently get close-up views of seals and dolphins. 

Between Saco and Pine Point, visitors get to go along the stunning beaches. Make sure to allow one hour for your planned time.

Sample the Unique Range of Ice Creams at Ocean Park Soda Fountain 

Ocean Park Soda Fountain

The Ocean Park Soda Fountain seems to be the ideal location when you are hungry. You may come here to escape the sun. It offers all of its favorite foods, like burgers, breakfast sandwiches, fries, and several flavors of ice cream.  

  • Although this place has developed a reputation for having the greatest ice cream in the neighborhood. 
  • Children always like exploring such locations. 
  • You may sample some of the unique flavors, such as Graham Central Station and Dinosaur Crunch. 
  • So you may come here to relax after exploring other areas of town.

Picnic Followed by Paddle Boarding in the Afternoon

Paddle Boarding

Renting paddle boards at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, is a fantastic way to get some exercise and breathe in the clean sea air. All ages can benefit from this water sport. 

  • In the ocean, you may sail all day long. 
  • Beachside sports gear rentals are easy to come by. 
  • To enjoy this delightful Old Orchard activity with your family, plan a little picnic along the shore.

Shop Some Unique Piece From Cottage Decor

Unique Piece From Cottage Decor

They provide old painted furniture which is appropriate for New England cottages. Even their selection of pottery and linens are meant for cottages. Additionally, there are weather charts, candles, tidal clocks, and decorative pillows among other aesthetic items.

  • Offering distinctive vintage furniture has been Cottage Decor’s goal. 
  • To create your cottage design, it is simple to get the perfect lamps and vintage furniture. 
  • They are committed to honoring the heritage of the town. 
  • The restored antique framed photos tell much about the past.
  • Hence, they have a reputation for providing essential items for any summer home.

Plan an Entire Day by Old Orchard Beach Pier

Old Orchard Beach Pier

Old Orchard Beach Pier is a terrific place to start while you are searching for an incredible experience to go on with your family and friends. The pier debuted in July 1898. 

It has continuously offered immensely enjoyable local events. It includes gaming, dancing, talks, and concerts. Today, in addition to entertainment, the neighborhood offers several luxury restaurants and stores.

You may relax by the calm water, swim about with friends, and eat nearby at a reasonable price. In other words, you can arrange a whole day around this place without becoming bored.

The Beach and Spicy Menu of Taqueria 207 is the Best

In this small coastal town, Taqueria 207 is a family-run eatery providing true Mexican food. Your vacation will be made memorable by the excellent Mexican meals served here.

  • Everything on the menu is handcrafted in small batches at this restaurant. 
  • Fresh ingredients from Maine were skillfully combined with traditional recipes. 
  • Order something straightforward like a burrito or taco. 
  • You can get something like carne asada, tacos al pastor, or carnitas, for lunch. 
  • Taqueria 207 is the perfect location to refuel after riding around the town on a sunny day.

Spend Your Day Trying All the Rides at Palace Playland

Palace Playland

It is interesting that in Old Orchard Beach, there is a seasonally operated amusement park called Palace Playland. Since 1902, it’s been running at the same location. 

Palace Playland was a little amusement park in the early 1900s. The roller skating arena and nearby merry-go-round served as its main elements. Simple summertime sips like saltwater taffy and lemonade were available.

But, now it promotes itself as the “Only Beachfront Amusement Park in New England.” Most tourists, whether solo or with families, are drawn to this exciting location.

Make sure to experience its well-known rides, such as

  • Cliffhanger 
  • Adrenaline 
  • Wipeout 
  • Orient Express 
  • Sea Viper
  • Maritime Matterhorn
  • Power Surge

You Can Catch Up With Your Favorite Match at The Brunswick

The Brunswick

The Brunswick is also known fondly as the Swick. This goes above and beyond your standard coastal eatery. In Old Orchard Beach, this restaurant has the largest seafront patio lounge. It has a top-notch restaurant as well as a sports venue. 

Brunswick has it all, whether you want to sip on your favorite beverage while watching the most current game or enjoy live music while dining on a great meal. 

The menu has a wide range of items, such as fresh burgers, seafood baskets, fun drinks, and light appetizers. As a result, it effectively meets everyone’s needs in this place.

Rent a Bike to Explore the Beaches 

There are beaches every 7 miles in the well-liked town. You may thus rent a bike and ride to all the beaches in the town. You may thus stretch out, lounge, play, and splash around as much as you like.

  • The beaches in this area have frequently won awards for being the greatest in Maine. 
  • An ideal beach in Maine for families and children is Old Orchard Beach. 
  • If you enjoy being on the sea, you may go kayaking, participate in water activities, or other attractions at Old Orchard Beach
  • You may stroll down the shore to enjoy the scenic coastline.

Book a Seat at Seaside Pavilion

Seaside Pavilion

The Seaside Pavilion, encircled by majestic white pine trees, organizes a number of activities all year long. You can enjoy a concert that is complemented by the gentle seaside breeze. 

In the heart of the wilderness, it has a unique setting where you can fully experience the art. Over the years, it has hosted a lot of speakers and performers. Enjoy a live concert by Old Orchard Beach local performers, as they will impress you with their talent.

Tip: Make your reservation prior to the event to get the best seat.

Ride Your RV to Camp By the Beach

A campground called Ne’re Beach is close to Old Orchard Beach. A total of 58 RV-compatible campsites with partial or full hookups are offered. They are largely accessible via pull-through. The park features a trash station, free WiFi, and pet-friendly policies.

A pool, a camp shop, picnic areas, fire pits, and grills are among the additional campground facilities. It also has standard conveniences like laundry, restrooms, and hot showers. 

Additionally, visitors may engage in pursuits like bicycling, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and paddling. So, when you want to go camping by the beach for a while, you won’t need to worry.

Hog on Some Pier French Fries By the Sea

Pier French Fries By the Sea

Pier French Fries rose to fame in 1932. The famous fries were then enhanced and turned into some of Maine’s best-tasting fries. You may choose from their range of delicious and flavorful fries. 

Serving options include cups, pints, and boxes. Chili, poutine, and nacho cheese are all excellent taste options. When you wanted to taste some other treats, you could also have hotdogs. 

Mozzarella sticks and fried dough, in addition to the standard crinkle-cut fries, are great options here. Therefore, this location deserves to be on your itinerary.

Grab a Quick Lunch and Head to Beachology

You may enjoy a considerate gift-buying experience at Beachology. There are well-chosen accessories, home decor, and a diverse mix of things. It is situated right in the middle of Old Orchard Beach. 

  • Beachology is pleased to assist regional artists in showcasing their talented craftspeople.
  • It is one of the top gift shops in the entire resort town. 
  • You can discover high-quality, unique presents. 
  • Additionally, their staff is quite kind. 
  • Just strolling about and taking in all the creative pieces of art is enjoyable. 
  • So, after a quick brunch, visit the store and browse their lovely collection.

Head Down to Funtown Splashtown USA

Funtown Splashtown USA

Located just 8 minutes from Old Orchard Beach, Funtown Splashtown USA is the largest water and entertainment park in Maine. It draws visitors from all around the area. 

The Dragon’s Descent Turbo Drop and Excalibur wooden roller coasters are located in the park. In northern New England, these rides are the biggest and tallest. 

This park also has the Tornado, Mammoth, Mount Olympus, Thunder Falls Log Flume, and others. These are the largest and tallest water attractions in this area. You will make lifelong memories on over 50 slides, rides, and pools. You are therefore certain to have a good time here.

Summertime Hiking at Cascade Falls Trails 

Cascade Falls Trails

The Cascade Falls Trails are just five minutes from Old Orchard Beach. It is located at Cascade Falls Park and has been around since the 1800s. This path is well-known for fun things to do near Old Orchard Beach

  • The route is covered with stone dust and has a gentle slope. 
  • As a result, it is convenient for both youngsters and the elderly.
  • For people who appreciate the outdoors, this walk has a variety of mosses, ferns, and wildflowers. 
  • So, summertime hiking is fantastic in this park. 
  • Lastly, the breathtaking views of Cascade Falls await you at the end of the trail. 

Jungle Adventure 3D Mini Golf

Jungle Adventure 3D Mini Golf

Family-friendly activities at Old Orchard Beach include the Jungle Adventure 3D Mini Golf course. The experience of playing mini-golf has been enhanced in this entertaining location. 

  • You will spend more time indoors than outside. 
  • They often hold indoor blacklight events, complete with dazzling neon lights and unique obstacles. 
  • This mini-golf course has a great vibe that children will like.
  • To take part in their enjoyable activities, be sure to check their schedule.

Ask Your Friends to Join You For Lobster Dip

On January 1st, Old Orchard Beach hosts its yearly Lobster Dip. It has been a custom to support the Special Olympics of Maine for more than 20 years. More than 300 people dive into the chilly ocean water. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may either participate or observe from the shore. The greatest way to enjoy this thrilling event is with friends. Drive down to the beach with your friends to begin the new year with this exciting adventure.

Explore the exotic Flavors of Bua Thai

Bua Thai

Bua Thai is a restaurant you must not miss if you’re craving some flavorful and fresh Thai food. The greatest Thai food in Southern Maine, including Old Orchard Beach, can be found at this authentic, family-run eatery.

At Bua Thai, you may discover both classic and unique recipes. They still make their classic chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Among their delightful meals are

  • Pla choo chee
  • Tamarind duck
  • Sweet sticky rice paired with Thai custard.

Tip: Don’t forget to get a refreshing beverage to go along with your meal, such as Thai iced tea.

Enjoy some Mediterranean Flavors at Good Thyme Cafe & Catering

Good Thyme Cafe & Catering

One of the best places in town for breakfast and lunch is Good Thyme Cafe & Catering. Exceptional breakfast classics with a Mediterranean twist can be found here. 

The Mediterranean omelet is one of the restaurant’s most well-known meals. Veggies, olives, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar are all generously included in this special omelet.

Additionally, you may have Maine blueberry waffles, Monte Cristo sandwiches, or scrambled eggs with lobster. The ideal combination of Mediterranean and traditional American food can be found at Good Thyme Cafe. Here, you can genuinely savor the coastal food culture.

Len Libby Candies

Old Orchard Beach is about ten minutes away from Len Libby Candies. It is home to the chocolate moose, Lenny. This moose was made in 1997 by artist Zdeno Mayercak. 

  • From near and far, children of all ages love to visit this candy shop. 
  • Lenny is accompanied by two 80-pound cubs and a 380-pound mother chocolate bear.
  • The candy store’s delicious varieties have expanded over time. 
  • The original recipes have hardly altered since they were created 100 years ago. 
  • A variety of delicious chocolates are available to try. 
  • Moreover, they have a range of assorted gift boxes.

Spend Your Weekend by Pine Point Beach

Spend Your Weekend by Pine Point Beach

A fantastic choice for families with children is Pine Point Beach. Located in the city of Scarborough, it has many things to do near Old Orchard Beach on weekends. This beautiful beach’s length is around 4 miles. 

Plenty of space is available for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying beach activities. There are several restaurants with wonderful menus along this shore. After sunbathing, visit one of these shacks to have some fresh seafood.

Best Places to Stay in Old Orchard Beach

Sea Cliff House

You may select from a variety of wonderful hotels when staying at Old Orchard Beach. For easy access and stunning views, a lot of hotels are located directly on the beach. A few such inexpensive alternatives are 

  • The Edgewater 
  • Alouette Beach Resort
  • Sea Cliff House

Sometimes people take their pets on vacation. It can be tough to find the best accommodations for pets. However, there are a few nice alternatives, such as the Oceanic Inn and The Inn at Soho Square.

In Conclusion,
This town in southern Maine is the ideal location when you wish to spend your summer vacation at a lively beach. The majority of the fascinating things to do in Old Orchard Beach, Maine are great for both families and young individuals.

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