Things to do in Grand Canyon – Top Activities

Things to do in Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is recognized as one of the spectacular Natural Wonders in the world, situated in the North Arizona of the United States of America.

The Grand Canyon is covered in a total area of 277 miles long and 18 miles wide which was made millions of years ago by the Colorado River.

It has 4 parts which includes the North Rim, South Rim, East Rim and the West Rim within a total distance of 10 miles each and walking is the only option to go from one rim to another rim.

You can find the great best things to do in Grand Canyon National Park like hiking, biking, riding, Mule Ride, Helicopter Ride, River rafting and many more.

Explore the North and South Rim of Grand Canyon

1. Visit to Grand Canyon Village

This village is the most popular tourist’s destination located at the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Village

This village is divided into the 3 zones which are The Visitor Center, Mather Point and the parking place where the most of the visitors watch the amazing view of the great Grand Canyon.

It is the top most visited place if you are planning for the Grand Canyon in Arizona with family and friends.

The Havasupai Tribal people have lived in this historical village for many years and meeting with them is also the unique things to do in Grand Canyon South Rim.

Best Time to Visit: Anytime

Total Zone: 3, The Visitor Center, Mather Point, Parking Place

Living Place of: The Havasupai Tribal People  

2. Start a hiking in the North Rim to West Rim

 Visitors, who like hiking adventures at the different places then coming to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is the best choice to hike to the West Rim with lots of Adventure.

hiking at grand canyon

The North Rim is the best point to start hiking but the South Rim also has a hiking trail to explore the place in the West Rim too.

You need at least 2 days to hike down yourself to the Colorado river and then some time to get relaxed yourself for energy.

You just need to sure to start the hiking in the early time of day to fully enjoy your time with these Cool things to do in Grand Canyon West Rim with a starting from North Rim.

Famous for: Hiking Adventure

Days Required to Hike: At least 2 Days

Hiking Trail: North Rim to West Rim
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Biking on the Hermit Road and Yaki Point Road

1. The Hermit Road

The Hermit Road is a most top listed Road for the biking adventure situated at the South Rim in this Park.

Visitors, who want the up and down adventure then Hermit Road is the best option to get ready for the biking with family along with young kids.

Hermit Road is a 7 miles bike riding long road which makes it the most scenic route in the world.

Between March and November is the best time to visit the Hermit Road for the bike riding things to do in Grand Canyon with kids along with family members.

Best Time to Visit: March to November Month

Total Route Length: 7 miles

Famous for: Biking Adventure with Kids and Family

Situated at: South Rim of the Park

2.The Yaki Point Road

The Yaki Point Road is the other bike riding road famous among the tourists who likes the biking adventures.

Biking on the Yaki Point Road

It is a much more longer bike riding road with 42 miles long length to spend an awesome day with this.

You can also take a lodge near the Yaki Point, where you can have the amazing view.

You can also stay and take some rest and start your journey to explore this park again which are the cheap things to do in Grand Canyon Arizona.

Best Time to Visit: Any time in Early Morning

Total Length: 42 Miles

Special Offering: Lodge on the Yaki Point

Yaki Point Famous for: Biking Adventure

Take A Helicopter Tour and Mule Ride

1. A Romantic Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour is the best option to get an aerial view of the Grand Canyon from the top height where you want to view from.

This type of tour is usually taken by the people who are close to each other and want to give a surprise at their best.

Having a bird eye view of the entire location and capturing the amazing pictures with your partner would be the memorable romantic things to do in Grand Canyon in your life.

The Helicopter Tour is considered as the symbol of the love tour for starting a new life among the visitors and the people.

Famous for: A Bird Eye Aerial View

Helicopter Tour Charges: $200 to $400 based on hours

Best for: Couples and Partners

2. World Famous Mule Ride

If you are going to the Grand Canyon and not taking the famous Mule Ride in the Park, it is not possible.

Mule Ride is a famous ride among every age people like young, kids, family and friends. Everyone wants to take a Mule Ride to take a round in the Grand Canyon.

Visitors must be at least 9 years old to enjoy the Mule Ride otherwise the visitors cannot take the ride to experience the enjoyment of this amazing crazy ride as fun things to do in Grand Canyon Arizona with another one.

Mule Ride Charges: $150 to $200 / Person

Age Limit: Al least 9 Years Old

Allowed to: All age Group

Specialty: World Famous Mule Ride

Camping with family at night

1. Camping at night

Coming with the family members here can be the most beautiful thing in the State of Arizona.

Camping at Grand Canyon National Park

In the night hours, you can select the best place to do some camping activities and also get a bonfire to enjoy the night and crazy time with family.

It provides the Campground in the different parts such as 3 Camping grounds in the South Rim and the 1 Camping Ground in the North Rim.

You are planning to visit this place for 3 – 4 days then you must experience such awesome family things to do in Grand Canyon at night.

Best Time for Camping: At Night

Campground: 3 in the South Rim and 1 in the North Rim

Days need to Spend: 3 to 4 Days  

Special Free Entry in Grand Canyon, Arizona

In the Grand Canyon, you need to take the permit for the activities you want to enjoy like hiking, riding, biking, entry etc. but there is some special days and the events when the entry to the Grand Canyon is totally free and you can enjoy the best time with the desires to coming here with offering of the free things to do in Grand Canyon National Park pointed as under:

1.      Martin Luther King Jr. Day

2.      Veterans Day

3.      National Park Week in the month of April

All above are the special days when the entry into this National Park is totally free and any one can visit without paying any entry charges and enjoy the day with family, friends and kids while witnessing this awesome place.

How to Plan a Trip to Grand Canyon

Firstly, you have to need some time to list the best time to visit here and also select the best mode of transport for safe visit and in minimum reaching time.

How to Reach Grand Canyon

You need to select the best mode of transport to reach here, listed below in detail:

By Signature Windowless Hummer Tour

A signature tour for the park is offered to reach with the experienced journey for South Rim and the North Rim Part of Grand Canyon.

By Helicopter Tour

A 45 Minute Helicopter tour is the best air transport to have an aerial bird eye view over the park. You can take this tour from the Tusayan, Arizona, United States of America.

By Safari

An Iconic Safari tour is also provided by the many companies to reach at the famous landmarks inside the Park.

By Flight

Flight Services can be taken from the different airports if you are a resident of the United States of America.

McCarran International Airport provides the services to the North Rim and Flagstaff Airport provides the Services to the South Rim in this National Park.

Best Time to Visit Grand Canyon

The Shoulder Season means the season of spring and fall from March to May Month is recognized as the best time to visit for the top things to do in Grand Canyon. The reason behind is that this duration the temperature is lower and the crowded is lesser.

Best time to visit in Grand Canyon



If we talk about surrounding establishment of the Grand Canyon in detail, the Page City is very close place to the Grand Canyon, located in the Arizona State. While driving from the Page, you need minimum 2 hrs to reach here than the other places because of the far destination from the it.

It is the largest National Park which covers different areas like the Northwest part of the Arizona State, Border areas of the Nevada and the Utah State and some part of the Phoenix city which is a total of 1904 miles in the United States of America.


It was made millions of the years ago by the Colorado River. You can also witness the Colorado River floating into the Grand Canyon and you will see the reason for making the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River.

Interesting Facts

1. This National Park was made by the Colorado River millions of years ago.

2.  This Park was recognized as a World Heritage Site in the year of 1979 by UNESCO.

3.  On the day of 26 February 2019, Grand Canyon Celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Hotels and Resort

Hotel NameAddress
Phantom RanchN Kaibab Trail, North Rim, AZ 86052
El Tovar Hotel9 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
Little America Flagstaff2515 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Grand Canyon LodgeAZ – 67, North Rim, AZ 86052

View More Hotels Here: grandcanyonlodges.


This park, also famous as the wonder of the world, is the best place to visit on weekends and the holidays along with your family, friends and the kids.

You can find the many things and places in the National Park for fun, adventure and the night activities to experience the great time of your life in a short period of time. 

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