What are the Best Things to Do Near Los Angeles Airport?

Things to Do Near Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is situated in Westchester, California. It has been serving this city and the surrounding metropolitan area with its services. Tourists traveling from here can experience the best places as they engage in multiple things to do near Los Angeles Airport. Whether they are traveling with family or friends, there are certain activities to pursue for everyone. Visiting Dockweiler beaches or Santa Monica Palace with family can be incredible. Going to the theater with friends for fun, or relaxing comfortably in the lounges at LAX airport before their flights can be fascinating. 

What are the Top Things to do Near LAX Airport?

There are multiple things to do near LAX Airport. This area consists of many beautiful beaches and historical museums to visit. Some spots are the best to relax and refresh the mind. Tourists can spend amazing moments of their journey at these sites.

1. Take a tour of Dockweiler Beach

Take a tour of Dockweiler Beach near Los Angeles Airport

Dockweiler Beach is a famous tourist spot that can be visited close to LAX. It can be a wonderful destination for visitors for a quick picnic. Groups can enjoy a splendid time here.

When one is at this beach, some cool things to do in Los Angeles near the airport are: 

  • This place is completely free to visit for strolls and outings.
  • It has a beautiful coastline which is 7 miles long.
  • November might be considered the best time to visit Los Angeles.
  • But people can enjoy the beauty of Dockweiler Beach in the other months too.

Note: This beach is a bright site to visit for travelers around LAX airport, being only 7 minutes away.

2. Visit Sand Dune Park

Visit Sand Dune Park near Los Angeles Airport

Sand Dune Park is a great place to see major natural spots. This park is not too far from the airport. Also, it is an area that is preserved. Thus, all the things which can be seen here are quite natural. 

  • As its name suggests, this place has many huge sand dunes. 
  • Some of them are as big as 100 feet in height.
  • There are some play areas for small kids like a merry-go-round.
  • Some wildflowers and birds can be seen while roaming this park.
  • Tourists may sometimes have to wait to get entry because of the visitation slots.
  • Visitors can even do online registration for the same.
  • With an affordable fee of nearly $3.16, tourists can get 1 hour to spend at the park.

3. Explore the Automobile Driving Museum

Explore the Automobile Driving Museum near Los Angeles Airport

The Automobile Driving Museum can be visited by travelers who love vintage cars and unique equipment. This museum is worthwhile to drop by for fun, explorations, and learning too. 

Prior to exploring things near LAX Airport like this museum, the following should be noted:

  • This museum can be located within a 10-minute distance from the airport.
  • There are about 150 antique cars found at this place.
  • This area is suggested for those people who are fond of the automobile industry.
  • Entry to this place is usually free but tourists can make donations here when they wish.

Are There Fun Things to Do Near LAX Airport for Families?

Tourists can explore fun things to do when they are traveling with their families to or from LAX Airport. Here, they can find glorious beaches, attractive palaces, and restaurants. Some sites can offer memorable moments to travelers and their family members. 

A few of the finest family tourist spots are listed below for their unforgettable journey:

1. Drop by Venice Beach 

Drop by Venice Beach 

Venice Beach is a worthwhile place to go for a family tour. People can enjoy the scenic beauty and the local culture. They can capture some of the iconic family moments. Some of the top things to do at this place are written below:

  • This beach is situated close to the airport. 
  • Enjoying and capturing the charming landscape are some things to see near LAX Airport.
  • Also, it is the most favorite tourist spot.
  • Visitors may also get an opportunity to meet some local artists as well.
  • When enough time is available, Downtown Los Angeles should be explored.
  • It can offer more activities to engage in.
  • Close to Downtown Los Angeles, things to do in Riverside can also be delved into.

2. Have Fun at Santa Monica Palace

Have Fun at Santa Monica Palace

The Santa Monica Palace is some distance away from the airfield in Los Angeles. This place consists of many incredible things to do and spots to experience with family. It is the crowd’s favorite destination. 

Here are some of the things to do near LAX Airport when one is at the Santa Monica Palace:

  • The palace is recently renovated and has multiple things to do.
  • Some of the best dining and shopping areas can be located at this place.
  • Tourists can tour Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park.
  • These places feature great amusement parks made for kids and elders too.

3. Explore Abbot Kinney Boulevard – Venice

Explore Abbot Kinney Boulevard - Venice

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a popular and well-explored family restaurant in LA. There are a lot of entertaining activities, even for kids, that visitors can enjoy in one place. This is a wonderful place to be at when there is enough time to catch a flight.

Situated about a mile long away, coming to this place can help one explore the following things to do near LAX Airport:

  • This is among the most famous tourist spots in Los Angeles.
  • It has numerous spots for shopping and dining as well.
  • The restaurant has several places where tourists can joyfully explore the following:
    • Nightclubs
    • Art Galleries 
    • Yoga Studio

What are the Things to Do at LAX International Airport?

Los Angeles International Airport has established many things to do during a layover. Thus, passengers may not feel bored before traveling on their flights. These places are Flight Path Learning Center, Economy or Business class lounges, etc.  

1. Heading to the Flight Path Learning Center

Flight Path Learning Center at LAX International Airport

Flight Path Learning Center is an excellent place for those travelers who are fond of the aviation industry. This center consists of many airplane models and photographs that show the prestigious history of this industry. 

There are many interesting things to do in LAX Airport, especially at this place. These include:

  • This center features historic aircraft models, mementos, and photographs.
  • Here, tourists can discover the history of aviation in Southern California.
  • Interactive displays provide information about air traffic control and pilot training.
  • The ticket price to enter this center can be $5 per visitor.
  • This place is open from 9.00 A.M. to 3.00 P.M. from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • For more or the latest information, speak freely with the staff at this center.

2. Relaxation at the Lounges of LAX

 Lounges of LAX

Passengers can utilize the comfortable lounges established at LAX Airport. When feeling tired while waiting for flights, they can take some rest in these lounges. Here, many facilities are offered like meals, sleeping areas, entertainment, etc.

  • Travelers can access relaxing lounges located near the main terminals.
  • Wi-Fi, charging stations, and comfortable chairs are available here.
  • Tourists can enjoy complimentary food and beverages.
  • They can experience a less congested and quieter environment.
  • Some lounges include extra services such as spa treatments and showers.
  • Depending on the lounge, there can be additional things to do at LAX Airport.

Are there Things to do Close to LAX Airport with Friends?

Traveling with friends is a joyful activity for many tourists. Even in Los Angeles, there are many spots where friends can enjoy fun times when they are traveling through LAX Airport. Westchester Golf Course and Upright Citizens Brigade Theater are some places to have fun.

Here, friends can together pursue many fun things to do around Los Angeles Airport.

1. Enjoy Westchester Golf Course

Westchester Golf Course

This golf course can be considered an awesome place to enjoy a joyful time with friends. Westchester Golf Course is open till 10.00 P.M. Thus, travelers can call it a day and night golf course. The weather also remains pleasant. It can facilitate a memorable time with friends while playing this game.

  • Westchester Golf Course can provide many pleasant and relaxing activities for friends.
  • They can play a round of golf on the well-kept course.
  • This site has picturesque views and tough holes.
  • Golf clubs and carts can be rented on-site.
  • Friends can improve their game by taking advantage of the practice facilities.
  • These include driving ranges and putting greens.
  • While enjoying the California sunshine, they can engage in a friendly competition.

2. Spend Fun time at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater 

 Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is a portion of a school that has two theaters. Here, many funny acts and shows are scheduled. The ticket prices are also very affordable starting from $5, when booked earlier by tourists. Enjoying these events is one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles near the airport with friends. 

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theater is a great place to hang out with friends.
  • They might enjoy sketch comedy shows performed by talented comedians.
  • Friends can experience the theater’s colorful and exciting atmosphere.
  • This place is well-known for launching successful comedic careers.
  • They can even stop by the theater’s bar for beverages and munchies at night time.

Tip: Travelers can purchase their tickets ahead of time to ensure a seat for an evening show. 

All Things Considered

In Los Angeles, there are many engaging activities and fascinating things to do near the LAX Airport. Enjoying playtime at the golf course with friends or visiting beaches and palaces with family can be incredible. Travelers can utilize delightful lounges and aviation museums at the airport too.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many sites to visit near LAX Airport in California. People can also find numerous fascinating things to do nearby. But sometimes, they may be confused while traveling to/from this place. Here is a list of questions to clear the same.

1. What are the interesting things to do in LAX Airport during a layover?

Travelers can view art or can go to eat snacks or food at the airport during a layover.

2. What are some Los Angeles Airport things to do?

One can head to Marina Del Rey or Dockweiler State Beach, situated near LAX Airport.

3. Are there any things to do near LAX Airport in a layover?

During the layover, tourists can explore Getty Museum or Santa Monica Pier.

4. What are the things to do around LAX Airport for families?

Tourists can tour Venice Beach with family to spend a memorable and delightful time.

5. What are the fun things to do at LAX Airport with friends?

With friends, you can check out the airport, its clubs, as well as lounges.

6. Are there things to do near Los Angeles International Airport for kids?

Travelers can take their kids to Kidspace Children’s Museum or Griffith Park in LA.

7. Which are the things to do in Los Angeles Airport for female tourists?

Females can do shopping at the various shops located inside the airport at layover.

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