What are the Best Things to do Near Dulles Airport?

Things to do Near Dulles Airport

Dulles International Airport (IAD) is located in the United States in Washington DC. As it is existing at this location, tourists can conveniently tour many beautiful places around. They can pursue a range of engaging things to do near Dulles Airport. Visiting national parks and historical museums around the airfield can be a fascinating experience for travelers. Even when a passenger is at the airfield alone, he/she can go for relaxing activities and eating outlets. Relaxing at the incredible lounges of the airport and spending memorable time with family here can give them a unique experience. 

What are the Best Things to do around Dulles Airport?

In case tourists are finding the best things to explore around IAD Airport, they should go to the National Mall and Memorial Parks. These are some stunning sites that can freshen their mind and add to their traveling experience. For more enjoyment, they can go shopping at the local marketplace. 

Get more information about the things to do near Dulles International Airport below:

1. Visit National Mall and Memorial Parks

National Mall and Memorial Parks around Dulles Airport

Travelers can be found wandering near the Dulles Airport in Washington. As they do so, one of the best places to explore can be the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It is the most visited national park in the United States.

  • This place is home to many iconic memorials and monuments like:
    • Washington Monument
    • Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials
  • It is surrounded by a collection of historical museums such as:
    • National Gallery of Arts
    • And, the National Museum of American History
  • All such sites are free to explore around the mall.

2. Shopping at Local Destinations

Shopping at Local Destinations near Dulles Airport

In Washington, shopping near Dulles Airport is a pleasurable thing to do for many travelers. There are marketplaces that are found at the local destination. Some of the necessary details are mentioned below about the same to make shopping more interesting:

  • Various places near IAD Airport are considered the best for shopping.
  • Here tourists can find all the basic things and trending brand items.
  • Such places include Dulles Town Center, Westfield Montgomery, etc.
  • Travelers can get a wonderful shopping experience here.

What are the Things to do at Dulles Airport for Solo Travelers?

There are plenty of activities to do at IAD Airport for solo tourists. When a traveler is alone at the airfield, he/she can spend some relaxing time at the First-Class lounges. Or, solo visitors can check different eating outlets and massage centers at multiple terminals.

Read further to have extensive knowledge about these wide varieties of things to do in Dulles Airport:

1. Relax at Air France KLM Cabin

Relax at Air France KLM Cabin

Solo travelers can relax at the superb lounges/cabin of the airport in Dulles when they get tired. The Air France KLM lounge is considered the best at IAD. It is located at the main terminal of the airfield. 

  • There are Business and Economic class lounges available here with KLM.
  • Customers can book them along with a ticket or at the site.
  • These cabins are very comfortable to relax and when waiting for the flights.  
  • Wi-Fi access and all the digital sources of entertainment are provided in these lounges.
  • Other amenities can include television, music, sleep facilities, and tasty meals.
  • The KLM lounge is very peaceful and free from noise.
  • It is open daily from 1:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
  • The maximum stay allowed here is 2 hours. 

2. Explore Eating Points

Explore Eating Points at Dulles Airport

After wandering at the airfield for a long time or while waiting for the flights alone, travelers can feel bored and hungry too. Then they should check different eating spots here. Visiting such places is among the recommended things to do in Dulles Airport.

  • Dulles Gourmet Market is the best location to eat food and snacks at the airport.
  • Tourists can enjoy delicious meals here like salads and sandwiches.
  • This place is convenient for visitors and remains open for 24 hours.
  • Another spot is Bistro Atelier where travelers can enjoy French cuisine at any time. 
  • It is a good place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. 
  • This place is located near D14 and is open from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • Some grab-and-go options are offered which are open for 24 hours. 
  • These eating sites leave visitors with many exciting memories.
  • When more time is available, they can visit far-off places too.
  • There are tons of things to do in Washington to make the best of time.

What are the Fun Things to do Near Dulles Airport with Families? 

There are certain marvelous sites and fun things to do around the IAD airport. Some of the places are dedicated to kids’ enjoyment like Superhero Agency. Whereas other spots offer many joyful activities and memorable moments that families can have together. These things to do near Washington Dulles Airport can make vacations great.

1. Take a Tour of Launch Trampoline Park

Tour of Launch Trampoline Park

Some family spots where tourists can have joyful moments include trampoline parks. The Launch Trampoline Park is a great option for all. It is a wonderful site where visitors can find a lot of fun activities to do with their little ones. 

  • This place offers many delightful amenities to families visiting here.
  • Kids can enjoy dodgeball and ninja warrior games too.
  • It serves to be a great place to do birthday parties for kids and other family events. 
  • This place is open on Sunday, thus, families can have a joyful day here.
  • Travelers can enjoy holiday parties and other activities with their families.

2. Visit Superhero Agency with Kids

 Visit Superhero Agency with Kids

When tourists are traveling with their families near IAD airport, they can drop by Superhero Agency nearby in their spare time. Coming here is a delightful experience for children and their parents too. Here is certain information that visitors should know to understand more about this place:

  • Visiting the Superhero Agency is a joyful experience for kids.
  • Here, they can find many sources of entertainment.
  • They can purchase toys of Marvel Superheroes and other characters. 
  • Discounts and other vouchers are facilitated here.
  • This place is kid-friendly and good for large groups. 

Conclusive Thoughts

Dulles Airport in Washington has a lot of things to do. Whether a tourist is traveling alone or with family, each one can spend a memorable time at various places at the airfield or around it. From historical places to kid-friendly parks, all things ensure to give unique experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are certain best things to do around Dulles Airport. Regarding these, tourists can face some minor concerns. The following are a few frequently asked questions and answers related to these queries.

1. What are the incredible things to do near Dulles Airport?

Visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon can be an incredible thing to do around.

2. Are there things to do around Dulles Airport for families?

Shopping at the local marketplace with family can be a pleasurable thing here.

3. What are the things to do at Dulles Airport for solo travelers?

Visiting eating outlets like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc., are the best things for solo tourists.

4. Are there any Dulles Airport things to do for kids?

Kid-friendly activities like interactive games and slides can be found at Concourse B.

5. What are the fun things to do near Dulles Airport?

Visiting Summit Ropes and Monster Mini Golf are fun things to do near IAD.

6. Are there things to do in Dulles Airport for females?

Resting at Be Relax Spa and shopping at the shops inside IAD are suggested for women.

7. What are the best places to see near Dulles International Airport?

Manassas National Battlefield Park is an amazing place to see.

8. Are there amazing things to do near Washington Dulles Airport layover?

It is suggested to connect with people at IAD and sleep in the noise-free lounges.

9. What are the things to do at Dulles Airport Concourse B?

Concourse B has many dining and food options to explore

10. What are the Dulles Airport things to do at Concourse A?

Tourists can visit sit-down restaurants and rest at the Air France KLM lounge here.

11. What are the things to do in Dulles Airport at Concourse C?

Concourse C has a wide range of shopping and dining options like Starbucks and Brookstone.

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