Best Things to Do Near Heathrow Airport

Things to Do Near Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is one of the main international airfields that serves London, England since 1966. When one is traveling from/to Heathrow Airport, one can visit the best sights or spots in the airfield. These can be shopping places with many exciting mementos. More can be restaurants and food points or the most relaxing lounges to rest. Travelers can find such things to do near Heathrow Airport. Even when they are at LHR Airport, they can explore activities to engage in. In groups or individually, they can get multiple options to make the best of their time.

What are the Things to Do in Heathrow Airport?

Passengers are found wandering at the airport while waiting for their flight to come. At that time, they can visit multiple places located at the airfield. They can have the best things to do at Heathrow Airport like shopping, eating, or waiting/resting at modern lounges.

1. Enjoy Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-Free Shopping in Heathrow Airport

Duty-free shopping is often enjoyed by travelers. At LHR Airport, they can get the perfect opportunity to do so. For that, they can visit the shopping centers at the terminals of the airport. Some of the things to buy at this place are listed below:

  • Shopping centers can be found at T3, T4, and T5 of this airport.
  • Most kinds of shops and products are available at this spot at affordable prices.
  • Tourists can buy branded items like Cartier, Bobbi Brown, Armani, etc.
  • These brands feature the best things to buy at Heathrow Airport. 
  • Travelers can reserve the products online and pick them up from T5.
  • Discounted coupons and shopping vouchers are also facilitated here.

2. Relax in a Lounge

Relax in a Lounge in Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport offers various class lounges at different prices. Passengers can rest there and wait for their flights. Some cabins are offered for premium travelers. They can be booked online. A few lounges allow paid access which can be booked on the site. 

  • Some Business class or Economic class lounges are provided here.
  • Tourists who stay here can enjoy meals and digital gadgets for entertainment.
  • At nearly £40, they can get Plaza Premium Lounge access at T2.
  • This lounge is considered one of the world’s best independent airport lounges.
  • T3 also has some great lounges which include:
    • American Express Centurion Lounge
    • Independent Lounge
    • Cathay Pacific Business and First Lounge
  • Such places are accessible at affordable prices starting at £34.  

3. Head to Tasty Food Spots

Head to Tasty Food Spots

When feeling hungry or tired of walking here and there, travelers can visit many food spots or restaurants at LHR or London Airport. These places can be found at T2, T3, and T5 mostly. Such restaurants offer a delicious menu with a lot of new dishes and snacks too.

  • Multiple sites are located at the airport like Caffe Nero at T3 and Costa Caffe at T2.
  • At T5, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food can be found. It offers pre-packed food.
  • With £14, tourists can get Plane Picnic dishes at this place.
  • There are many vegan food points options available like:
    • Leon at T2.
    • Pret A Manger at T2, T3, T5.
    • Wagamama at T3, T5.
  • Tourists can find Starbucks at Terminal 5. 
  • Such places offer a unique and delightful experience for solo travelers and families.

Are there Fun Things to Do Around Heathrow Airport?

Tourists may be looking for fun things to do around the London Heathrow Airport. They can visit various alluring villages nearby. These places can offer them a fresh experience. Travelers can also roam to Southall, a famous tourist site providing exposure to Indian culture. 

With more such options, they can make explorations around LHR Airport.

1. Getting around the Village along River Thames

Village along River Thames

When passengers are traveling to Heathrow Airport but have plenty of time to spare, they can explore villages close by. Particularly around the River Thames, they can find some of these. 

  • There are many picturesque villages located on the bank of the River Thames.
  • Such villages can be reached within 30 minutes via minicabs.
  • It can be the perfect location to stretch the muscles and have relaxation.
  • They can capture photos of stunning landscapes of the area with their cameras.
  • Villages that can be visited in lesser time are Datchet, Marlow, Bray, etc.
  • These destinations consist of the best restaurants in the UK, where they can take joy.
  • Here, they can have fun things to do near Heathrow Airport like exploring new cuisines.
  • In case tourists have ample time to explore things in London, they can plan short trips.
  • They can find amazing things to do in Milton Keynes and other such cities near LHR.

2. Experience Indian Culture at Southall 

Experience Indian Culture at Southall

For travelers who are fond of experiencing Indian culture, Southall is the place to be. It is in London near Heathrow Airport. At this place, visitors will find a lot to learn about the vibrant Indian culture. Whether it is about clothes, markets, food, or musical instruments, they can get insights into all of these.

  • Southall is situated at a 15-minute distance (when traveled in minicabs) from the airport.
  • Here tourists can find fabric and Indian wear at the shopping arcade area.
  • Musical instruments can be bought here.
  • For tasting dishes or when feeling hungry, tourists can find stalls here.
  • They can get a variety of Indian foods here.

3. Visit Eton and Windsor

Visit Eton and Windsor

Windsor Castle and Eton College are the historical sites near Heathrow Airport. Travelers may like the old stories of kings and queens or admire historical education. These two destinations in Britain can provide them with a unique experience.

  • Windsor Castle is a beautiful and must-visit place to travel.
  • It was a foundation built by William the Conqueror and still resembles a royal palace.
  • The weather at such a place is delightful.
  • Other Heathrow Airport things to do here are taking a tour of Eton College of Britishers. 
  • It is among Britain’s top public schools where visitors can find many creative artworks. 

What are the Things to See Near Heathrow Airport with Family?

There are some spectacular things to see near London Heathrow Airport with family. Some sites are specially made for kids. Legoland is one place where children can enjoy and have a delightful experience. Visiting Hampton Palace is also among the best things to see around Heathrow Airport. 

1. Take Kids to Legoland

Take Kids to Legoland

Tourists can visit Legoland near Heathrow Airport with their kids and families. It is a joyful spot for children. Here, they can find enjoyable things for eating and shopping. 

There is more information that visitors should know about Legoland:

  • Visiting here is a great way for travelers to spend their time with family.
  • Children can love and admire this place the most.
  • It is near Heathrow, about some miles away, and also not far from Windrow.
  • Clothes, toys, foods, accessories, etc., are accessible easily.

2. Experience Hampton Court Palace

Going to beautiful sites to see them with family near Heathrow Airport in London is a pleasurable thing. There are a lot of sites they can visit together to have wonderful experiences and memories together. One of the spots/monuments is Hampton Court Palace. It is a favorite tourist destination.

  • This place has beautiful architecture with red bricks and medieval glory.
  • It has a spiral chimney, maze, and green garden too.
  • This monument consists of amazing paintings and colorful curtains.
  • It can be reached by local bus with ease and in less time.
  • Here, tourists can create wonderful memories with their families.

Final Words

Heathrow Airport in London provides a diverse range of things to do in and around the airfield. Tourists can enjoy the food points and shopping centers at the terminals. They can enjoy the attractive beauty of nearby villages and palaces. This place is worth visiting with families and alone too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There can be many amazing things to do near Heathrow Airport. But sometimes tourists may get confused while traveling here. Here are some common queries and answers to clear all the confusion.

1. What are the best things to do in Heathrow Airport?

Visiting shopping places and waiting at various Business class lounges are the best things to do.

2. Are there things to do near Heathrow Airport with families?

Spending a memorable time at Legoland and Windsor Castle are delightful things for families.

3. What are the things to do at Heathrow Airport for solo travelers?

Lone tourists can explore stores at T5 or watch planes take off and land.

4. What are the best things to buy at Heathrow Airport?

Passengers can buy cosmetics, fashion brands, food, wines, etc., at duty-free areas of LHR.

5. What are some things to see near Heathrow Airport?

There are certain things to see here like Royal Botanic Garden, Hounslow Urban Farm, etc.

6. Are there Heathrow Airport things to do nearby?

Tourists can experience Hyde Park as well as Victoria & Albert Museum nearby the airport.

7. Which are the things to do near Heathrow Airport at night?

Passengers can rest in nap rooms or sleep cabins offered in many lounges at night.

8. What are the things to do at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3?

At Terminal 3, tourists can go for duty-free shopping or visit lounges.

9. What are the things to do at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5?

Travelers can visit various restaurants and food points at T5.

10. Are there things to do at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4?

There are high-class lounges and cabins at the T4, which offer multiple amenities.

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