Does a Minor Flying Alone on Delta Need an ID?

Does a Minor Flying Alone on Delta Need an ID

Before booking a ticket for a minor flying alone on Delta, parents or adults may want to know whether or not their IDs are required. Even if minors are traveling when accompanied by adults, the same concern can arise. Owing to various reasons, the US-based carrier needs children to have certain documentation readily available to them. For several processes, these documents have to be provided. But the type of document to provide can vary. They can range from passports to address proof. Delta can ask for these, depending on the circumstances, itineraries, etc. Also, some valid photo IDs or papers are country-specific. Unaccompanied minors should particularly have these handy when flying to or from certain nations. 

Do Minors Need ID to Fly on Delta?

Do Minors Need ID to Fly on Delta

Delta is an airline that allows minors to fly after ensuring their safety. In order to do so, this carrier requires them to have a valid ID. This is applicable even when they are not flying unaccompanied. In this case, they should fall in the age group of 15 to 17 years. 

  • A photo identification card will be required.
  • This can comprise the passport of the child.
  • The ID should validate the address of the minor.
  • Furthermore, it should carry his or her phone number.

Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta without a Photo ID?

Photo IDs help in the easy identification of minors flying on Delta Air Lines. That is why this air operator emphasizes bringing such IDs. Hence, without having a photo identification card, it may not allow a child to board flights.

  • A photo ID helps in identifying a kid in unlikely instances.
  • Particularly when they are lost at airports, this document can enable others to help them.
  • For adults, who are not parents, picking up minors on arrival, this ID will allow quick identification. 

Does Delta Allow Minors to Fly Alone without a Photo ID?

Does Delta Allow Minors to Fly Alone without a Photo ID

For unaccompanied minors, traveling alone without any photo identification document is not allowed. Under the unaccompanied minors program featured by Delta, having this document is a must. When this ID is missing, the carrier can limit the child from checking in and boarding the aircraft.

Do Delta Minors Flying Alone Need IDs?

Delta Airlines minors flying alone require IDs for identification at all times. The carrier has regulations that make it essential to carry some documents. These papers should specify that the age of kids flying alone is from 5 years to 17 years. 

Besides, the IDs should have some other details too, explained as follows:

  • The ID should have a photo of the lone minor.
  • It should have the updated address of this individual.
  • Some other details on the ID include the correct contact number.

Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta Airlines without an ID?

Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta Airlines without an ID

This airline, Delta, has formed certain rules according to which it is mandatory to have an ID. These rules are covered under the unaccompanied minor program of this operator. This requirement arises for some processes involved when minors are flying alone.

  • The agent of this airline can require the ID of the minor on arrival at the airport.
  • While checking in, this requirement has to be fulfilled.
  • At the time of boarding, Delta’s agents can ask for valid papers.
  • Even during the flight and after landing, the papers may have to be shown.
  • In the instance of a lost ID before flights, traveling can be difficult. 

Can a Minor Fly Alone on Delta without a Passport?

In some instances, minors can fly with Delta solo without any passport. However, there can be cases in which this document can be important. This may depend on the destination, whether domestic or international.

  • Delta Airlines policy on minors flying alone directs that one of the following are required:
    • Passport
    • License
  • It will be useful to have a passport when flying internationally.
  • For domestic travel, the requirement is not mandatory.
  • Even then, it is suggested to confirm the terms with the airline prior to flying.

Does a Minor Need an ID to Fly on Delta from Brazil?

Does a Minor Need an ID to Fly on Delta from Brazil

IDs and some documents are needed for minors or kids when departing from Brazil, South America. Since children are under 18 years of age, these papers are important. 

  • Minors having dual nationality should essentially have their IDs.
  • IDs are needed for kids born in this country but hold no citizenship.
  • The documents should be according to the legislation of Brazil.
  • Also, when a minor is flying without both his/her parents, the above are required.

Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta from Italy with an ID?

With this air operator, children can travel unaccompanied from Italy. They will need an ID for this purpose. The permission to fly will be given, provided that the children have Italian citizenship. 

For a minor flying alone on Delta from Italy, the following should be ensured:

  • The child flying alone should have a passport.
  • This ID should be as per the “Ministerial Circular n. 400/A/2012/23.1.3”.
  • “Dichiarazione di accompagn” is another document needed.
  • The Police Authority must validate the above paper.
  • Other IDs or papers might also be asked for when departing from Italy.
  • One can learn about these while reserving tickets.

Can Unaccompanied Minors Fly with Delta from/to Canada without IDs?

Can Unaccompanied Minors Fly with Delta from/to Canada without IDs

On Delta Airlines, flying with a minor to or from Canada is permitted. But this is accompanied by a set of conditions. According to these, a child is not allowed to travel to/from this North American country without an ID.

  • It is challenging to identify solo-flying children without valid papers.
  • When no IDs are present, flight check-in, boarding, etc., can’t be initiated.
  • This airline is quite considerate about the safety of its young passengers.
  • Especially when unaccompanied minors are flying on Delta, their safety is more crucial.
  • Hence, the availability of identification papers becomes more important.

In a Nutshell

It is suggested to have a photo ID when a minor is flying unaccompanied or with an adult. Delta makes this requirement mandatory for the safety of children. Domestically, as well as internationally, kids should have valid papers and present them as required for smooth flying experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do Delta rules for minors flying alone mandate an ID?

An ID is a must when traveling with this airline as a minor.

2. Does Delta fly unaccompanied minors without an ID?

No, this carrier does not fly kids alone without IDs.

3. What age can minors fly alone on Delta with an ID?

5 years onward, children can fly alone with this airline, provided that they have an ID.

4. What do minors need to fly with Delta?

Identification proof such as a passport is needed by minors to travel solo with this airline.

5. Does a minor need ID to fly on Delta from the Dominican Republic?

Yes, a valid ID is mandatory for a kid to fly to or from the Dominican Republic.

6. What ID does a minor need to fly Delta?

A passport can work as an ID to travel with this carrier as a minor.

7. Can unaccompanied minors fly with Delta without passports?

Unaccompanied kids can fly without passports but must have an authenticated document.

8. What does a minor need to fly on Delta alone?

A license, passport, or country-specific paper is needed for lone kids traveling with Delta.

9.  Does Delta let minors fly alone with passports?

Yes, kids can move unaccompanied when they have their passports available.

10. Which ID is required for minor to fly on Delta?

Address proof, passports, licenses, or others are the required IDs for minors.

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