Best Places to Visit in Karnataka – Top 15 Destinations

Places to Visit in Karnataka

Karnataka is a south Indian state and one of the 6th largest states according to the total area in the country of India.

The state capital of Karnataka is Bangalore which is the largest city in the whole of Karnataka state.

According to the latest census in the year of 2011, the total population of the state is around 6,11,30,704.

There are many Best places to visit in Karnataka India such as Gokarna, Mysore, Abbey Falls, Coorg, Hampi, Agumbe Village and many more.

Best places to Visit with family in Karnataka

1. Shimoga – The Lush Green Area

Shimoga is a great attraction for tourists to visit for its lush green area surrounded by forest and amazing waterfalls.

The Lush Green Area in Shimoga, Karnataka

It is also popular with the name of Shivamogga which is situated on the bank of the Tunga River found in Karnataka.

Shimoga is the city that is listed in the Smart City project being the gateway of the Western Ghats.

Many family attractions to visit in Shimoga city can be found here like Pristine Waterfalls, Shivappa Nayaka Palace, and Seeta Rama Temple which are the best places to visit with family in Karnataka.

Best Place for: Family Visit

Situated at: Tunga River

Achievements: Smart City

Nickname: Gateway of Western Ghats, Gateway of Malnad, Shivamogga

Best time to Visit: October to March Month

Main Attractions: Waterfalls, Shivappa Nayaka Palace, Seeta Rama Temple

2. Hampi – UNESCO Recognized

The Hampi is the one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. It is recognized worldwide for the old Structure found in this place.

UNESCO Recognized Hampi in Karnataka

This historical site is also honored by UNESCO with a listing in a World Heritage Site and many tourists visit this place to witness its beautiful history. 

Many historical attractions such as Virupaksha Temple, Monkey Temple, Sun Temple, Queen’s Bath, and other monuments make this the best places to visit in Karnataka with friends and family if they have an interest in history.

If you are in Karnataka State then must visit the Hampi for a great experience and unforgettable memories.

Famous for: Historical Monuments

Best Visit for: Family and Friends

Top Attractions: Virupaksha Temple, Sun Temple, Queen’s Bath, Monkey Temple 

Achievements: World Heritage by UNESCO

3. Mysore Palace – Royal Palace

The top attraction in the State of Karnataka, Mysore Palace. It is found in the District of Mysore and is the best family attraction to visit.

This is the former royal palace of the royal family as the permanent residence was built in the time of the Wodeyar Dynasty made in Rajput, Hindu, Gothic and Muslim styles of Architecture.

It is also considered the most visited place by the family members of local and foreign tourists every year.

Witnessing the awesome royal palace reminds of the past rich history and is described as one of the cheapest places to visit in Karnataka for a large group of friends, family, and kids to get a touch of history.

Just plan a trip with kids to witness the Mysore palace, if you are a true lover of history and want your children to always remember the past history.
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Famous for: Royal and Rich History

Another Name: Royal Palace, Royal Mysore Palace

Top Attractions: Hindu, Muslim, Gothic, and Rajput Architecture Style

When to Visit: Any Time

Best Visit for: Family, Friends, and Kids

Best places to Visit in Karnataka for couples

1. Gokarna – Best Honey Moon Destination

The Gokarna is a great place with awesome beaches and a wonderful environment surrounded by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea on one side and the other side.

Gokarna, one of the Best places to Visit in Karnataka

The Gokarna is a famous place for newly married couples to visit during the beautiful Honeymoon time to spend some quality time with each other.

For other best things to do in Karnataka for couples, you can do some water activities at the beach and capture the amazing moments together. 

Many resorts and hotels are there to book and take some rest to refresh yourself for the next amazing day.

Best Place for: Couples visit

Famous for: Honeymoon Destination

Attractions: Beaches, Resorts, Hotels, Water Activities

Surrounded by: Western Ghats and Arabian Sea

2. Coorg – India’s Scotland

The Coorg is a small and beautiful town with a fresh atmosphere. It is also famous as the hill station among the tourists.

This is also known as the famous couple’s destination that provides you the perfect time to spend some valuable time by walking hand in hand at this hill station.

It is one of the Top places to visit in Karnataka surrounded by the lush green area and an awesome place to visit once in a lifetime with your partner.

You can also enjoy the lovely moments on the trekking path available here and enjoy the rafting at the Barapole place. 

Best Destination for: Couples

Activities: Trekking, Rafting

Also Known as: Hill Station

Nick Name: Scotland of India

3. Kudremukh – Honeymoon Location

Kudremukh is the best newly married destination in the district of Chikmgaluru of Karnataka State.

Kudremukh  Hill one of the Best places to Visit in Karnataka

It Is fully covered with natural greenery and a rich area of wildlife at the place of the rolling hills on the Kudremukh called the blanket of greenery.

Trekking Trails, Kudremukh National Park, Hanuman Gundi Fall, and the Kudremukh Peak are the main top attractions found at the Kudremukh Hills.

It is the best honeymoon location for couples to spend some quality time and start a new life after coming to this beautiful and hidden place to visit in Karnataka with each other.

Famous for: Honey Destination

Top Attractions: Natural Greenery, Trekking Path, Kudremukh National Park, Kudremukh Peak, Hanuman Gundi Fall

Also Known As: Rolling Hill

Best time to Visit: Any time

Best Places to Visit in Karnataka During Monsoon

1. Kodachadri – Monsoon Trekking Destination  

Kodachadri is the famous Monsoon trekking place situated at 1343 high altitude in the South Indian State of Karnataka.

At the peak of the Kodachadri, you will witness the Kollur Mookambika Temple famous among visitors.

The Kodachadri is a Natural Heritage site declared by the State Government for trekking activities.

In the monsoon time, an amazing charm comes to this place which attracts the tourists from all over the world which make it one of the best places to visit in Karnataka during Monsoon.

You can also visit the famous attractions found here such as Iron Pillar, Nagara Fort, Arasinagundi Falls to do trekking activities along with your friends.

Famous for: Monsoon Trekking

Top Attractions: Kollur Mookambika Temple, Iron Pillar, Nagara Fort, Arasinagundi Fall

Achievements: Natural Heritage Site declared by Karnataka Govt.

Best Time to Visit: In Monsoon

2. Abbey Falls – Summer Special

The Abbey Falls can be found in the Coorg which is the most famous and amazing monsoon destination to visit with your friends every year.

Abbey Falls, Karnataka

You can visit this fall from Madikeri Town at a distance of 8 km during the monsoon season.

In the monsoon season, the Kaveri River provides an amazing charm to the Abbey Falls by filling it with the glory of crystal-clear water.

You can plan a trip to explore the Abbey Fall and capture snaps bathing under the waterfall that recommends the best places to visit in Karnataka with friends and create joy.

The best attraction here is the hanging bridge which you will find at the opposite direction of Abbey Falls, you no need to walk long to see the bridge.

Famous for: Capture the snaps while enjoying under a waterfall

Water reaches from: Kaveri River

Top Attractions: Hanging Bridge, Waterfall 

Best time to Visit: In Monsoon

Distance: 8 Kms far from Madikeri Town

Best Places to Visit in Summer in Karnataka

1. Panambur Beach – Water Activities

The Most Well Mentioned Beach in the entire India Country, Panambur Beach is an amazing summer destination in the State of Karnataka.

Panambur Beach, Karnataka, top place to visit

The Sea Send and the Sea Water activities attract tourists to plan a visit with their family members, friends, and kids to experience an amazing time together with a summer picnic.

If you are coming to this place then don’t miss the sunset from this significant beach and capture the fabulous natural moments.

Golden Send, Jet Ski Rides, Dolphin View, and the Glittering Water are some top attractions and activities for kids to enjoy with family members which makes it one of the best places to visit in Karnataka for kids all time.

Top Attractions: Golden Send, Dolphin Views, Sunrise,

Top Activities: Jet Ski Rides, Summer Picnic 

Specialty: India’s Well-Mentioned Beach

Best Place for: Family and Kids

Best time to Visit: In Summer Time

2. Nandi Hills – The Hidden Gem

The Nandi Hills is situated in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka State, the south Indian state of India.

Nandi Hills, Karnataka

It is considered the hidden gem of the Karnataka state which offers a cloud view form the top of the hill.

When you take visit to this hill, you will find lots of clouds floating in front of your eyes and you will feel like you are in heaven.

Nandi Hills are the top attraction at the time of summer season which is ideal to visit on weekends to get relaxed while exploring this magnificent place.

Just plan a visit to witness these amazing hidden places to visit in Karnataka on the weekend times in summer season.

Top Attractions: Floating Clouds

Best time to Visit: On Weekends, Summer Season

Specialty: Hidden Gem of Karnataka State  

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Best Places to Visit in Karnataka in Winter

1. Agumbe Village – A Winter Road Trip

Agumbe Village in the State of Karnataka is the best and most suggested destination in the time of Winter.

Agumbe Village Road Trip

A winter road trip to this Village is the most amazing thing you can do with your family members and the kids while exploring other places like gorgeous valleys and the natural scenery made by nature.

You must come to this village with your kids to show them the beautiful region marking the best places to visit in Karnataka with kids on the bank of the Tunga River surrounded by lots of trees.

At the day ends, you can also go to Sunset Point made at the Agumbe Village which is the best attraction at this place.

Top Attractions: Sunset Point, Gorgeous Valley, Natural Scenery

Top Activities: A Winter Road Trip

Best Time to Visit: in Winter Season

Best Known for: Attractive Winter Destination

Situated Near to: Tunga River

Specialty: Amazing Family and Kids Destination

2. Savandurga Hill – Cool Place in Cold Weather

Savandurga is the most preferred destination in the time of Winter for the adventure activities with friends and special one.

Savandurga Hill, Cool Place to visit in Karnataka

Trekking and camping on the top of Savandurga Hill is the best thing you can do after visiting to this place to collect amazing memories.

It is famous among tourists as the cold places with cold weather they consider it as one of the cool places to visit in Karnataka in the cold weather of the Winter Season with friends.

You have the weekend tour as another option to go to Savandurga Hill and explore the place again and again while camping and trekking.

Plan a tip and visit this cool place during the time of Winter Season once in your life to experience the weather and environment of the hill.

Famous for: Cold & Winter Activities

Top Activities: camping, Trekking and Weekend Tour

Best time to Visit: In Winter Season / On Weekend

Best Visit for: A Group of Friends

Historical Places to Visit in Karnataka

1. Chitradurga Fort – Historical Site

The Chitradurga Fort is a historical place found in the state of Karnataka which is famous among visitors to explore from time to time.

 Chitradurga Fort,  best place to visit in Karnataka

The Root history of this fort is related to the Mahabharata Era and coming to this place would remind you about the past history.

The presence of the Fort is also connected with the Chalukya Dynasty which was famous in the south Indian state.

Many attractions such as Hidimba Eshwar Temple and the Shouting Rock can be found here and you can witness them in this current era.

So, Plan to visit the Chitradurga Fort with the history lover friends at the Historical places to visit in Karnataka with the friends and find out something new while exploring this amazing place.

Famous for: Rich History

Related with: Mahabharata Era and Chalukya Dynasty

Top Attractions: Hidimba Eshwar Temple and Shouting Rock

Best time to Visit: Any time

2. Gol Gumbaz – The Black Taj Mahal

The Gol Gumbaz is the most visited and most famous monument found in the Karnataka State.

Gol Gumbaz – The Black Taj Mahal, top place to visit in Karnataka

It is made in the architectural style of Indo Islamic being the Second largest Dome in India ever built.

It is also considered as the Black Taj Mahal because it is made in Dark Stone and is similar to the Original Taj Mahal which makes it one of the Historical Places to visit in Karnataka to witness this site.  

The Central Chamber of the GO Gumbad is the main attraction where if you sound high then it repeats the sound in echo formation of 7 times.

Famous for: Dark Black Stone and Echo Sound

Main Attraction: Central Chamber

Total Area: 1700 Square Miles

Architectural Style: Indo Islamic  

Another Name: The Black Taj Mahal

Specialty: Second Largest Dome India

Best time to Visit: Any Time 

Unique Places to Visit in Karnataka

1. Maravanthe Beach Highway – A Sea and River Road Trip

Maravanthe Beach is situated in the Maravanthe Village in the Udupi District of South Indian Karnataka State.

 Maravanthe Beach Highway, best place to visit

It is famous for the highway which crosses the Sea on the one side and River on the one side. The Highway separates the Sea and River with its presence.

The Unique separation by the Highway and the road trip to experience this place describe it as one of the unique places to visit in Karnataka with your friends to collect awesome memories.

It is hard to find such unique places all over in India. So, plan a visit to experience the great adventure to make the time so useful.

Situated At: Maravanthe Village, Udupi District, Karnataka

Famous for: Highway Trip

Specialty: One side Sea and One side River

Sea and River Name: Arabian Sea and Souparnika River

Best time to Visit: Any time

Best Visit for: With Friends and Close one 


Karnataka has different kinds of places to visit for family, friends, and kids. It includes some historical places, Hill Stations, Honeymoon destinations, Family destinations, and many more.

If you are looking to spend some time at these places then just plan a trip to Karnataka and find the other great places to visit in North Karnataka while exploring the described place with family, friends, and kids.

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