Is San Diego Safe to Visit and Stay? – Guide to a Secure Travel

Is San DIego safe

San Diego, California, is among the best places to visit, owing to its notable aspects. One such aspect comprises safety. With authorities working actively, it is simpler to know why is San Diego safe. For travelers planning to visit here, a sense of security is provided. Even for locals or people planning to live in this city in CA, minimal crime rates in most areas ensure relief.

While personal safety forms a key aspect, in terms of health and cleanliness too, this city leads ahead. Various districts and neighborhoods like Downtown, Ocean Beach, Mission Valley, etc., can, therefore, attract more people to make safe explorations.

Is San Diego Clean and Safe?

San Diego Clean and Safe

Most areas in San Diego can be identified for their cleanliness. While these are often visited by locals and visitors, this aspect is maintained by the people to the possible extent. The beauty of the sights in this city only gets elevated due to its clean state.

  • Dirty streets are something not usually observed in this city.
  • Sweepers can be seen working to ensure a clean and safe San Diego.
  • Especially for those who are fond of walking, exploring clean streets is more fun.
  • Walls in several areas are polished with murals to maintain their appearance. 
  • Different cleaning and safety programs are ongoing in the city.
  • The CSP or Cleanup and Sanitation Program focuses particularly on drainage systems.

Is San Diego Tap Water Safe to Drink?

In most districts of San Diego, the quality of tap water is found to be uniform. Also, it is considered safe for drinking. This is mainly because this water is supplied via reliable sources such as Northern California and the Colorado River.

Tap Water Safe to Drink
  • For drinking, cooking, and other purposes, tap water is safe in this city.
  • Its quality is satisfactory as it is passed under the terms of the “Environment Protection Agency”.
  • As per the reports for water quality published annually, it has safe elements included.
  • Testing the source further shows why is San Diego water safe to drink.
  • However, hard water may be a concern for some people.

Is San Diego Safe to Visit during COVID-19 Pandemic?

In different parts of California, the coronavirus cases have emerged. In San Diego, however, the number of cases has been low. Traveling to the city can, hence, be safe during the pandemic. 

Going through some more reasons, travelers can identify is San Diego a safe city for visiting during COVID-19.

  • Good public health is encouraged by the government amidst the pandemic.
  • This is ensured via medical tests, vaccines, booster doses, etc.
  • Awareness to prevent the coronavirus is spread in San Diego, CA.
  • Since the locals are typically safe from the virus, travelers can roam more freely.
  • Taking precautionary measures is still suggested when coming here during COVID-19.

What are Some Safe Places to Stay in San Diego?

When looking for accommodation in this city, safety aspects can vary in terms of the person who has to stay, the duration, the kind of abode, etc. Based on these, one can find safe places to live in San Diego.

Safe Places to Stay in San Diego

Types of Accommodation

Here, a wide choice of places can be explored to live permanently or while on a staycation:

  • People who are moving to this city can look for affordable homes.
  • Depending on their budget, they can even find lavish yet secure bungalows.
  • For long or short but temporary durations, guest houses can be preferred.
  • Low-priced hostels and properties on rent can further be found.
  • Inns and hotels are among the other choices.
  • Some safe hotels in San Diego with security equipment and guards include:
    • DoubleTree by Hilton San Diego Del Mar
    • Super 8 by Wyndham San Diego Hotel Circle
    • Best Western Yacht Harbor Hotel

As per Area

Families with kids, students, solo travelers, and other visitors can find certain safe areas in the city to live.

  • Carlsbad is quite a safe area for families.
  • Downtown San Diego is another secure choice for tourists with children.
  • They can also prefer Poway, La Jolla, and Del Mar.
  • Visitors can safely stay in Gaslamp Quarter and also explore many spots here.
  • Nestor is particularly among the safe areas to live in San Diego.

According to Budget

With respect to budget safety, travelers can explore a plethora of affordable options to live here. 

  • Quality Suites San Diego SeaWorld Area is a secure and cheap hotel.
  • Kings Inn, Mission Valley, is an ideal safe place for tourists on a budget.
  • Best Western Plus Bayside Inn is a low-priced safe option with multiple things to do.
  • Motel 6-San Diego is suggested for individuals to comfortably and securely stay.
  • Other affordable and safe places to live in San Diego include Old Town Inn.

Is San Diego Safe at Night?

Given that a visitor is spending time alone at night, San Diego, like several other places, may lack the security available during the day. Taking walks all alone at this time is especially not suggested.

 San Diego at Night
  • Pertaining to other reasons too, security in the city can vary at night.
  • It can be safe to explore the nightlife here.
  • Bars, nightclubs, evening outlets, etc., can come with active security professionals.
  • In lone areas though, solo traveling can be a concern.
  • Theft, robberies, violent crimes, and shooting at night may be reported.

Is it Safe to Travel to San Diego California?

San Diego is among the safest US cities, as can be observed by looking at the incidents reported. Although incidents like snatching bags, thefts, scams, etc., can occur, the numbers remain relatively low. When needed, a secure environment can also be sought, owing to the officials available.

As a tourist, the below-given information can help in knowing further is San Diego safe to travel to:

  • Since 2021, the murder count has been low.
  • There may have been a rise in property-related crimes.
  • Pick pocketers can be found venturing into crowded areas.
  • When traveling to this city, one should be cautious to some extent.
  • The help of the police department can often be accessed.
  • Through online and offline mediums, the department can be easily contacted.

Is Downtown San Diego Safe?

 Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego is a cultural hub, regularly attracting a volume of locals and visitors. The safety of people, hence, becomes a concern to be cleared. Given that this part of the city remains busy, it is safe for walking during rush hours. During odd hours, however, remaining alone can be avoided.

How safe is Downtown San Diego can be identified by looking at other aspects as well. 

  • Gaslamp Quarter and Waterfront Embarcadero are among the safest areas due to:

Secure venues featuring a good nightlife

The presence of businesses that remove desolation

  • Some associated neighborhood areas report fewer troubles with respect to safety.
  • To stroll during the afternoon, these areas are typically secure:

Convention Center

Little Italy

Seaport Village

North Harbor Drive

  • For females, passing through East Village might cause discomfort because of:

A growing number of homeless people

The absence of enough guards

  • Low property and crime rates surround the place when planning to live here. 
  • Downtown San Diego safety is observed even when living in some quiet areas.

Is Ocean Beach San Diego Safe?

Located not far away from Downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach is one of the most sightly places in California. It draws people from regions across the globe as well as those living nearby. Particularly because of the communities residing here, this beach is safe to visit.

Ocean Beach San Diego
  • Help regarding most things can be anticipated from the locals.
  • Police officials can be found engaging in their routine work.
  • Aside from personal safety, quality of food in San Diego, and hygiene are maintained.
  • There may be some isolated parts of Ocean Beach that shouldn’t be explored alone.
  • Some instances of theft may have been reported in these parts.
  • Above all, at this beach in San Diego safety can be expected for most types of crowds.

Is Pacific Beach San Diego Safe?

In the Mission Bay region of the city based in California, Pacific Beach is often frequented by youth and college students. With multiple cafes and bars available, youngsters can freely visit this beach. It comes with enough security features to keep them guarded.

Pacific Beach San Diego

Some of the features that tell how safe is San Diego Pacific Beach are listed here:

  • The cleanliness of the beach is a prime feature to note.
  • Its waters are safe to engage in different activities.
  • Since the beach is crowded, crimes like robberies, teasing, etc., are not high.
  • Restaurants, bars, and other outlets usually have security professionals available.

Is Southeast San Diego Safe?

The southeastern side of San Diego, California, was formerly more prone to incidents involving gangs on the streets, homicides, etc. In recent years, however, the crime rate has reduced. Nevertheless, when there are concerns regarding is Southeast San Diego safe, it is good to be careful.

  • Certain crimes may still occur here.
  • But they may not always be reported to the city police.
  • Some occurrences of homicides may still be reported.
  • Assaults may not be too common but are possible.
  • Shootings, especially during the night, are things to be alert about.

Is San Diego Safe to Travel to Right Now?

Presently, the United States has some of the most secure cities, including San Diego. This metropolis can be traveled to for vacations, one-day tours, and even weekend getaways. Moreover, for different types of travelers, the national city in CA is a safe place to explore.

Take a look at some quick points to know why is national city San Diego safe to travel to right now:

  • Crime rates in this city are minimal.
  • As per recent statistics, the chances of burglary, violent crimes, etc., are between 3-4%.
  • Assaults, theft of vehicles, etc., can come with a chance of 2%.
  • The possibilities of murders and property scams may, however, be up to 10%.
  • In other terms, for budget, food, and health safety, tourists can relax.
  • Even for living here, security concerns can be easily managed.

Is Mission Valley San Diego Safe?

Set amidst a beautiful river location, Mission Valley is among the top spots to go to. This is because of the abundance of shopping stores available as well as the safe atmosphere that prevails.

Mission Valley
  • Adults can freely explore Mission Valley, without safety issues.
  • For kids though, roaming in such busy places should be accompanied by adult supervision.
  • Despite being huge, officials can be found guarding the place well.
  • Nevertheless, it is suggested to protect your expensive belongings as robberies may occur.

Is Old Town San Diego Safe?

Old Town is a neighborhood in this city with varying safety levels. Considering the area, it often falls under police patrolling. Nevertheless, some unsafe aspects have come to light.

In relation to Old Town, is San Diego California safe or not should be assessed through these points:

  • During evenings, decent crowds may not be found, making the place unsafe for women.
  • Nighttime crime incidents have been reported here.
  • Amidst a high rise in COVID cases, shops remain closed, increasing desolation.
  • Parking safety issues can be some other concerns to worry about.

Is Gaslamp San Diego Safe?

Gaslamp Quarter is included among the safest places in San Diego. Irrespective of time, this district is bustling with people and activities. Should you plan to live here, then the neighbors tend to be friendly and helpful, making you feel secure.

Gaslamp San Diego
  • The houses available here are often equipped with security systems.
  • While there are surplus things to do in Gaslamp, San Diego, security issues remain low.
  • Here, isolated areas are fewer as several cultural spots invite tourists.
  • The presence of busy markets like the Artisan leaves less scope for major crimes.
  • Instances of shooting or stabbing may rarely happen at odd hours.

Is Hillcrest San Diego Safe?

The southern part of Mission Valley is where Hillcrest is located. In this neighborhood, residing alone may not always be a wise idea. But for groups of people or travelers, it can be relatively safer. 


How safe is San Diego CA, specifically, Mission Valley, in terms of the budget should also be known. The place can be slightly expensive. Hence, groups should well-plan the budget prior to going on a staycation.

  • Aside from budget safety, in recent times, people have been convicted of crimes here.
  • Hate crimes may be observed in Hillcrest.
  • Public safety can be better in some crowded areas and usually during the daytime.

Is La Mesa San Diego Safe?

Around 9 miles away from the city’s Downtown, La Mesa is situated. It is worth knowing that this place comes with the least safety issues, making it apt for both young and old visitors. 

La Mesa San Diego
  • Crimes of most types hold fewer chances in this city.
  • How is it safe in San Diego Le Mesa can be understood based on population too.
  • With thousands of people living here, visitors can feel more secure.
  • Food safety levels are well-ensured in this place.
  • While visitors can feel safe, those who plan to live here can get enough security.

To Sum Up

San Diego is a secure city. In terms of many aspects, it can be preferred by visitors and locals. With drinking water, personal security, police patrolling, and budget safety maintained, how safe is San Diego California gets clearer. This makes it worthwhile to plan a visit or even live here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some common questions regarding San Diego and its security aspects are given below. These also indicate information about different regions in this city with respect to overall safety.

1. How safe is San Diego California?

San Diego is among the safest places located in California.

2. Why is San Diego so safe?

Due to active regulations and police activity, this city is so secure.

3. Is Cortez Hill San Diego safe?

While some crimes are reported, Cortez Hill has several secure places.

4. Is Crown Point San Diego safe?

Yes, Crown Point is quite a safe neighborhood in San Diego, CA.

5. Is East San Diego safe?

Some parts and aspects of East San Diego can be considered secure.

6. Is Golden Hill San Diego safe?

To walk, live, or explore, Golden Hill is one of the safe areas in CA.

7. Is Mission Bay San Diego safe?

Mission Bay has safe waters as well as neighborhoods.

8. How much is East Village San Diego safe?

Since some shooting incidents have come to light, this area may not be very safe.

9. Is South Park San Diego safe?

In comparison to several cities, security in South Park is relatively better.

10. Is Spring Valley San Diego safe?

While this place is safe for tourists, when living here, security concerns can emerge.

11. Is Carmel Valley San Diego safe?

Carmel Valley is a secure and friendly neighborhood in San Diego.

12. Is San Diego tap water safe?

Yes, having undergone testing, San Diego tap water is safe for drinking.

13. Is Imperial Beach San Diego safe?

This coastal place is counted among the safest places in California’s San Diego.

14. What are the safe areas to stay in San Diego?

Carlsbad and Del Mar are the most secure areas where you can stay.

15. Is San Diego safe for tourists?

Given the low rate of crime, tourists can consider San Diego to be safe.

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