Is Belize Safe To Visit in 2023?


Belize has a lot to offer visitors, from wild depths to seashores — and, of course, the world’s second largest coral reef. As a result, people frequently visit there to unwind, enjoy the sun, dive, and snorkel. You might be curious though, is it safe to travel to Belize right now?  This handbook contains all the information you require.

We will discuss Belize travel restrictions and ways to make your trip as secure as possible.

Is Belize a Safe Country?

Is Belize a Safe Country

We’ll go through the specifics of how to seek safety in Belize. Let’s begin with a summary.

Belize is a relatively safe country, but there are a few significant concerns to be aware of. Belize has a high rate of crime, especially violent crime. Tourists are less likely to be victims of violent crime that is intended to target them, but they are still susceptible to opportunistic stealing, pickpocketing, and frauds.

You can reduce the risks of Belize travel by carefully organizing your schedule to avoid more risky places and keeping attentive of your surroundings.

OverviewLevel of Risk
Transport & TaxiHigh
Natural disastersMedium
Overall riskMedium

Scams to Avoid When Visiting Belize

The majority of scams you can come across in Belize are comparable to those practised abroad and can be avoided with a little modicum of intelligence. One scam that is frequently reported involves tourists agreeing to have their hair braided for a stipulated fee. The seller raises the price in the middle of the service, leaving you with the choice of paying extra or getting a half-head of braids.

Other popular scams include taxis and drivers who transport you to sites where they receive a commission — and, of course, pickpockets who work in gangs to distract and rob tourists.

Safety Advisory for Your Trip to Belize

Traveling in Belize can be completely secure if you take a few wise and pragmatic precautions. The island nation is a truly wonderful place to visit, and tourism is growing there.

Belize’s safety issues revolve mostly around a few major points:

  • Some regions have a high rate of violent crime
  • Tourist con artists and petty criminality
  • Transportation and road safety

Yes, there are places in Belize where safety may be a worry. It’s simple enough to just avoid certain areas on your trip.

Transportation security is a concern, but using authorized taxis and staying on the main thoroughfares will help. You can also dramatically reduce your chances of being a victim of petty crime by taking practical safeguards such as these:

  • Ask around for recommendations on the safest places to visit in any neighborhood.
  • Situational awareness is important. Be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut if something or someone seems unsafe.
  • Avoid displaying pricey accessories or products since opportunistic crime is what most tourists in Belize encounter.
  • If at all feasible, travel with others. Even if you’re traveling alone, you can participate in organized trips.
  • Be cautious when accepting assistance from kind strangers because you might eventually be asked to tip or pay for their services.
  • Passport and valuables should be stored in your hotel.
  • Use authorized taxis, and exercise extreme caution if you decide to take public transportation, including buses, as thefts can happen in crowded cars.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash and, if at all feasible, keep your trip funds separate from your primary bank account. A Wise international account and card can help with this.
  • Avoid getting intoxicated to the point of insanity; staying sober is the best method to prevent crime.
  • If you plan to travel through the jungle, consider hiring a guide. While trekking is fun, getting lost or getting bitten by a horrible creature is not.
  • The reefs are beautiful, but coral and many other water creatures can hurt you. Be careful around coral and other aquatic life.
  • Recognize local regulations, such as the prohibition against drinking in public. Do your homework to stay out of trouble with the law.

Safest Places to Visit in Belize

Finally, choosing where to live in Belize is a personal choice. You don’t want to ruin your trip by putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Below is a list of Belize’s most secure tourist destinations.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is a tiny island off the coast of Belize. It is only 8.2 kilometers long and has 1,300 laidback inhabitants.

Budget backpackers and travelers who are concerned about their expenses love it because of its laid-back ambiance and affordable costs. You may enjoy all the benefits of paradise without breaking the bank.

Aside from cost, visiting Caulker gives you the option of a raucous nightlife, a laid-back vacation, or exhilarating snorkeling and natural adventure excursions. You can get anything you want in this attractive location. 


A well-liked vacation spot on the Caribbean coast is Placencia, a peninsula with an island-like appearance. Nature lovers can see manatees and crocodiles in the Placencia lagoon, and there are wonderful beaches and coral reefs to discover.


Corozal is Belize’s northernmost district, located on the mainland. Still, Corozal, an easygoing topical paradise, was one of Belize’s best-kept secrets. Now it’s a haven for seniors and expats and is gaining popularity because of its emphasis on eco-tourism, which allows visitors to experience the traditional way of life in Belize.

Because so many foreigners reside here, it is regarded as one of Belize’s safest neighborhoods. While you should still keep an eye out for pickpockets, it’s perhaps the most serene and relaxed place in the country.

San Pedro

Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize, measuring 40 kilometers in length and over two kilometers in width. It is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in the nation because of the breathtaking scenery, gorgeous beaches, exciting nightlife, and unrivaled snorkel and scuba diving.

San Pedro is still relatively tranquil when compared to Belize City, even though a high tourist population typically indicates an increase in crime. You just need to be concerned about pickpocketing and small-time stealing in this area. But if you just take care of your belongings, you can easily fix this.

Places to Avoid in Belize City

It’s crucial to be aware of the less safe regions in Belize in order to enjoy a safe trip there. Remember that Belize is a very popular tourist destination, so wherever you go, you should be on the lookout for pickpocketing and other types of small-time theft.

Belize City, the country’s former capital, is statistically the most dangerous area in the country. The majority of crimes, including assault, break-ins, and murder, occur there.

However, visitors are rarely the intended victims of these crimes. You won’t have much trouble visiting Belize City, but you’ll need to be well-prepared and do a lot of study beforehand. Although we don’t want to generalize about an entire city, we do advise being watchful and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Belize City has a few spots that have a reputation for being particularly dangerous. Avoid them at all costs:

  • Anywhere after dark
  • George Street
  • Kraal Road

Is Belize Safe to Travel Alone?

Is Belize Safe to Travel Alone

It is safe to travel alone in Belize. There are a few distinctions between traveling solo and traveling in a group – anywhere in the globe – which means you’ll need to plan your trip with more care and consideration. Safe vacation in Belize mostly depends on your actions and where you choose to stay.

When it comes to safe solo travel in Belize, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • It’s a good idea to stay in guesthouses and hostels with good reviews. This is due to two factors. The first is safeguarding your possessions. A place with many positive ratings will be a smart choice because it’s not unheard of for stuff to be stolen from lodging.
  • Additionally, staying in a social hostel is a smart decision for a single traveler because socializing is a fantastic way to stay connected, keep sane, and stay safe.
  • Likewise, do your homework. Our advice is merely the very tip of the iceberg! Making sure you choose well-reviewed services for everything, from trekking excursions and hostels to snorkeling equipment rentals and restaurants, will help you avoid falling for scams and other shady or dangerous activities.
  • Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language. You only need a few basic words and phrases to communicate, place meal orders, and move around.
  • Standing out as a tourist is a proven way to attract undesired attention. Trying to fit in by dressing as a local would!
  • The best course of action is to just use public eateries, lodging, and ATMs. Crime is often committed covertly in remote, uninhabited areas.
  • Don’t visit the beach at night, even though it might seem like a wonderful idea at the time. In addition to the obvious risks associated with swimming at night, doing so makes you an easy target for burglars.

Belize is safe for intelligent single visitors, despite the fact that it is simple to assess the nation by its grimy capital. Situational awareness is crucial; always be alert and ready. If you follow these guidelines, traveling alone in Belize will not only be safe but also very rewarding.

Emergency Numbers and Contact

In Belize, dial 911 if there is an emergency. But it’s important to be aware that there are only so many police officers available, so it can take some time to report a crime and get assistance. If you need assistance speaking with the Belizean police, get in touch with the US embassy.

  • Address of the US Embassy: 4 Floral Park Road, Belmopan, Belize.
  • Call the US Embassy at (501) 822-4011.
  • Emergency assistance for the embassy: (501) 610-5030

How Safe Is Belize for Travel? – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is it Safe to Travel in Belize?

The state of the roads might be bad, particularly in rural areas. Highways are usually in better shape than smaller roads. It is not recommended to drive at night, and driving through the rain may make collisions more likely. Due to insufficient safety measures and subpar driving standards, buses can be dangerous. Water taxis are often secure; however, make sure there are adequate life jackets for the number of passengers.

Is Driving or Renting a Car Safe in Belize?

Considering the state of the roads, driving in Belize might be difficult. This is especially true at night or during heavy rain. Parts of the coastline route, in particular, might be difficult due to floods because they are unpaved.

Is Hitchhiking Secure in Belize?

Hitchhiking is perilous by nature and should be avoided if at all feasible.

Can You Drink Belize’s Tap Water?

The safety of the tap water depends on where you live in the country. Although bottled water is frequently provided by hotels and resorts, most cities have clean drinking water.

In Belize, is it Secure to Book an Airbnb?

Renting an Airbnb is unquestionably safe in Belize, but you’ll clearly need to pick the proper neighborhood. You can select among fantastic homes using the dependable rating and review system, but you can also read in-depth descriptions of the accommodation you’re about to reserve. You’ll be aware of what to anticipate based on recent visitor reviews.

Is Belize Accepting of LGBTQ+ people?

For LGBTQ+ visitors, Belize can be a very mixed experience. The younger generation is progressively changing, although the majority of the population is still caught in a narrow-minded and conservative attitude. Since 2016, homosexuality is also no longer prohibited.
There will be shock and perhaps a few snide remarks when same-sex partners display public affection. Therefore, we advise reserving a trip to Belize for those who are content to keep their relationship a secret.

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