Does Air Canada have Wi-Fi? Everything to Know About

Does Air Canada have Wi-Fi

To remain connected even during air journeys, Wi-Fi is provided by Air Canada. It is committed to facilitating the best services to its passengers. It offers excellent high-speed internet connectivity. But this airline has multiple classes. It is helpful to know does Air Canada have Wi-Fi access available for all of these. Accordingly, before booking tours, they can select the ideal class. Otherwise, in case certain conditions apply to avail of the internet services, they should be understood. Prior to flying with the Canadian carrier, these terms can be met when the required services have to be availed. 

Does Air Canada have Wi-Fi on Board? 

Does Air Canada have Wi-Fi on Board

This Canadian Airline is known to provide the best Wi-Fi service to its passengers. It offers this flexibility to help passengers stay connected while flying. They can connect to browsing platforms and do a lot more.

  • This internet service is called “Air Canada Wi-Fi”.
  • On board, Wi-Fi enables passengers to cater to a variety of connectivity needs, including:
    • Web Browsing 
    • Chatting and messaging 
    • Video streaming 
  • They can choose plans, varying as per the duration and data usage.

Does Air Canada have Free Wi-Fi?

Some airlines do offer free access to Wi-Fi on board. Air Canada is also included in the list. This facility can be available for a small period to a few passengers. Some internet facilities are accessible free of cost.

More can be known further regarding does Air Canada have Wi-Fi on planes for free:

  • The carrier aims to offer free access to the internet on regional flights.
  • It tries to ensure the same for domestic and international tours.
  • Currently, the carrier is giving free text and messaging services in some aircraft.

Does Air Canada Business Class have Free Wi-Fi?

Does Air Canada Business Class have Free Wi-Fi

Air Canada delivers many costless facilities to Business Class passengers. Free Wi-Fi can also be included in it, depending on some factors. These freebies, when provided, can give travelers an excellent and joyful experience. 

Some critical information about does Air Canada Business Class have Wi-Fi for free is given below:

  • The airline provides high-speed internet facilities to Business Class passengers.
  • Prices for such a facility are usually already included in the ticket cost.
  • Thus, passengers do not have to pay for the same.
  • This enables them to have wider connectivity to entertainment resources. 
  • The availability of such premium classes indicates why is Air Canada a good airline in terms of services.

Does Air Canada have Free Wi-Fi on International Flights?

Wi-Fi facilities are given free of cost by a few airlines for international travel. Soon Air Canada may allow this facility on all such flights. In the Economy classes, limited access might be given for free. But in the premium class, the same can be availed at no cost. 

  • Air Canada offers free text messaging facilities over Wi-Fi on select flights.
  • Live TV is facilitated for passengers without any charge.
  • But for browsing, streaming shows/videos, and other online tasks, the service is paid.
  • In some planes, Air Canada may allow free access to the internet.
  • But on Business or First class international flights, the Wi-Fi facilities are free.
  • Other sources of entertainment are offered without any fees. 

Does Air Canada Rouge have Wi-Fi?

Does Air Canada Rouge have Wi-Fi

Rouge is a subsidiary airline of Air Canada. It might provide travelers with the same in-flight services as offered by this Canadian carrier. However, internet connectivity may or may not be free. 

Does Air Canada Rouge have Wi-Fi and what is the eligibility for the same are given as follows:

  • As the subsidiary carrier, Rouge has similar Wi-Fi facilities as Air Canada.
  • It offers free amenities to premium passengers.
  • Those who travel by Business or First Class will get free and unlimited internet access.
  • Rest, travelers have to purchase a plan, especially in the Economy Class.
  • Premium passengers may also get high-speed connectivity in Rouge.

Does My Air Canada Flight have Wi-Fi and How to Connect it?

It can be critical to know whether a particular Air Canada flight has Wi-Fi or not. But there are specific procedures to find out the same. Also, when found, there are some steps to connect the device to the Wi-Fi. 

Through the following, travelers can easily learn does Air Canada have Wi-Fi on their planes and what is the general process to use it:

  • Most aircraft have wireless services but some may not.
  • To know which flights have Wi-Fi, travelers can check the official website. 
  • A few people might need help to connect their devices to the system.
  • There is a simple process for connecting mobiles/other devices with this service.
  • Firstly, open your device and turn on airplane mode.
  • After this, turn on the Wi-Fi of the mobile. Connect to “AC Wi-Fi” from the list.
  • Then search “” on your browser.
  • Here, follow the given instruction and fill in the required information.
  • After selecting your plan and subscription, you can enjoy access to the same.

How much does Wi-Fi Cost on Air Canada?

How much does Wi-Fi Cost on Air Canada

There are multiple plans or passes available on the Air Canada website to opt for internet connectivity. The price of these can vary according to the duration or data usage requirements. Accordingly, how much does Air Canada Wi-Fi cost can be ascertained.

  • The cost of the Wi-Fi varies as per different plans.
  • There are commonly three passes to buy, according to the duration/data usage.
One-Hour Pass$6.50
One-Way Pass$21.00
Monthly Pass$65.95
  • In a one-hour plan, travelers will get access to unlimited internet for one hour only.
  • One-way plans can give passengers internet connectivity to the whole flight.
  • Whereas a monthly pass can be useful for those people who travel frequently in a month.
  • This plan is helpful for those who travel in the US, Mexico, and Canada Domestically.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Use Wi-Fi on Air Canada?

The Canadian carrier serves passengers with high-quality services when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity. But there are certain eligibility criteria to be familiar with in order to use these internet services. 

This criterion can be understood by studying the below-stated points:

  • To access the onboard Wi-Fi, passengers have to purchase one of the listed plans.
  • These plans can be hourly/monthly or for one-way flights.
  • They do not need to buy the subscription unless they are traveling from Business Class.
  • In Business and First Class, the Wi-Fi internet facility is given free of cost.
  • Passengers who travel from the Economy may get free text messaging services.
  • Air Canada gives some points to its customers for buying various facilities and classes. 
  • These points can be used to purchase Wi-Fi access, when eligible.

In Summary

Air Canada offers multiple passes to access Wi-Fi facilities. The cost of these also varies. Passengers can choose one that suits them the most. For Premium Classes travelers, the same amenities are free. Irrespective of whether or not the service is paid, internet connectivity is possible with this airline.

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