Top 10 Amazing Things to do in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, the second largest city of state Oklahoma (a landlocked state) with the population of 413,066 as of the latest census of 2020 and becomes the 47th most populated city in the United State of America.

It is situated on the bank of the River Arkansas lies between the two hills “Osage Hills & Foothills” of the Mountain Ozark in the North called the Green Country.

Tulsa City was established between the years 1828 and 1836 by a Loachapoka Band of Creek, the Native American Tribe and Tulsa city is still part of the territory of the Creek Nation.

Tulsa City is honored with the best places of adventure, entertainment, fun activities and historical places to go in Tulsa Ok like Oxley Nature Center, Old Urban Trolley, Woodward Park, Museum etc. and many more family friendly things to do in Tulsa Ok.

Places to visit in Tulsa

1. Book a ride on Old Urban Trolley with Ms. Lucy, Ms. Harley and Ms. Charlie 

Old Urban Trolley in Tulsa

Information:  The Old Urban Trolley provides free transportation in the downtown area every Friday and Saturday with one of 3 different trolley named Ms. Lucy, Ms. Harley and Ms. Charlie.  

To Do: Booking a ride on Old Urban Trolley is a very free things to do in Tulsa Ok this weekend to engage yourself every Friday and Saturday in a wonderful trip that ends in the total of 6 downtown districts like Blue Dome District, Deco District including Arts Center.

The Old Urban Trolley is also available for the reservation of the Personal and Private events.

2. Get a Pace with Blue Dome Entertainment District

The Blue Dome District

Information: The Blue Dome District is an entertainment District. This district of entertainment covers a total of 9 blocks and adds a feel of Cultural Significance and sings with sophistication and delight.

To Do: After knowing so much about this entertainment district, it’s normal to raise a question about what to do in Tulsa Ok with the Blue Dome District. You can experience so much in this area and pace yourself like having a delicious meal at Guapo’s Mexican Cantina or grabbing a drink at Arine’s Bar.

Blue Dome District is a part of having the best time to entertain yourself and lovely, crazy and fun things to do in Tulsa Ok.

Address320 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States
Opening hoursSunday: Closed
Monday to Saturday: 8 am–6 pm

3. Measure Yourself with The Golden Driller Giant Statue

The Golden Driller Giant Statue

Information: The Golden Driller displayed the old rich history of Tulsa Ok with its 76-foot-tall statue established in the year of 1953 which is truly an epic monument. This monument shows the dedication and determination of the oil men for years.

To Do: The Golden Driller, such a massive site is an opportunity that you cannot miss literally. You can take a trip for a unique Tulsa experience.

The best things to do in Tulsa Ok today is to book a trip here and have a snap with the tall statue then measure your height with this great statue if you think that you are tall enough, just do it today because tomorrow never comes you know well.   

AddressTulsa Expo Center, 4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114,
Opening hoursMonday to Sunday: Open 24 hours

4. Cool Down Yourself in Safari Joes Water Park

Safari Joes Water Park in Tulsa

Information: Safari Joes H20 Water Park is the sole water park in Tulsa. It is Oklahoma’s favorite family attraction and also called the family-oriented outdoor entertainment adventure. It takes care of the family friendly things to do in Tulsa Ok.   

To Do: There is no other best way to cool yourself down by going to any water park around you like the Safari Joe’s Water Park. Feel energetic with amazing trills, refreshments and heart stopping water slides things to do in Tulsa Ok with kids, family and friends in Safari Joe’s Water Park.

Attractions & Activities: A Wave Pool, A Lazy River, Water Slides, Raptor Rapid Water Roller Coaster are the most amazing and unforgettable things of Safari Joes h20 Water Park. This is one of the best places to go in Tulsa Ok.

Address4707 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114, United States

5. Hike the way with Oxley Nature Center

Mohawk park at Oxley Nature Center

Information: Oxley Nature Center is a fun place for those who enjoy hiking established in the area of 800 acres with nine miles of tails tucked into a corner of Mohawk Park. Mohawk Park is one of Tulsa’s first city parks and largest in the nation today.  

To Do: The free things to do in Tulsa Ok Oxley Nature Center is to have a walk like Butter fly Walk and Bird Fly Walk available at different times.  Travelers can feel close to nature with Mohawk Park by walking around and taking a step in the wetlands available in Mohawk Park.

Attractions & Activities: Mohawk Park, Tulsa Zoo, Boat House, Woodpecker Trail, Black Land Marsh Trail, North Wood Trail, Butterfly Walk, Bird Walk, walk 56 feet highest point in the Mohawk Park above Peggy’s Pond on Swing Hill.

Address6700 Mohawk Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74115, United States
Opening hoursSunday: 12–4 pm
Monday to Saturday: 10 am–4:30 pm

Find out alternative places to visit in Oklahoma here: Things To Do in Stillwater

6. Feel like home at One ok Field

One ok Field

Information: One Ok Field is a baseball stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma located in the historical district Greenwood. One Ok field is designed by architect firm Populous and constructed by the Manhattan Construction Company.

The One Ok field has the seating capacity of 7833 audience but it is capable of holding up to the seating of 9000 audience. It has been a home to the Tulsa Drillers of the Texas League.

To Do: One Ok field attracts the traveler throughout the world. Die-hard fans of baseball games can come here and see their most favorite team complete by seating in the gathering suite with your partner and lovely things to do for couples in Tulsa Ok is having a beverage alongside and enjoying the live game.

Attractions & Activities: It has gathering corridors, Clubhouse, Driller gathering suite to make you give a living feel for the rest of your life. It is a great places to go in Tulsa Ok.

Address201 N Elgin Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States

7. Love arts in Philbrook Museum

Philbrook Museum

Information: Philbrook Museum focuses on modern art, Tulsa Tradition as well as glory and innovation. It explores the exhibits showcasing the work of photographers and another great exhibit called “Flutter” that gives information about the butterflies at the Philbrook gardens.

To Do: You can see exhibits showcasing work from different photographers like Jason Lee and Larry Clark and the best things to do in Tulsa Ok is to look at the masterpieces of 20th century native American art and handicraft.

Attractions & Activities: Philbrook Garden, Sea Plantations African Arts, Asia Arts, Philbrook Gardens, Flutter exhibits.  

If you love arts then don’t let yourself miss a chance to visit Philbrook Museum.

Address2727 S Rockford Rd, Tulsa, OK 74114, United States

8. Feel touch with water animals at Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Aquarium

Information: Oklahoma Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the Tulsa city opened in the year of 2003 with an area of 72,000 square feet showing the incredible water animals’ lives. It provides visitors with one of the world’s greatest exhibits of bull sharks.

To do: You can see here the lives of the different types of water animals and creatures like Jellyfish, Lionfish, Sea Turtles. The best things to do in Tulsa Ok is observing something about how species live and cooperate.

Attractions & Activities: Bull Sharks, Jellyfish, Lionfish, Sea Turtles and you can learn about these water animals’ awesome species.  

Address300 Aquarium Dr, Jenks, OK 74037, United States
Opening hoursWednesday to Monday: 10 am–6 pm
Tuesday: 10 am–9 pm

9. Everyday Quality Performances at Tulsa Performance Arts Center

Tulsa Performance Arts Center

Information:  Tulsa Performance Arts Center is a huge 2365 seat theater. It has four main theaters, a studio space, and art gallery and a large reception hall and remains always busy for providing the quality and quantity of performances that they have always

To Do: Now, the question arises, what to do in Tulsa Ok Performance Arts Center?  Simply, you can enjoy performances at Tulsa Performance Arts Center and will never miss any occasion or any play in this place.

You can enjoy the 14 local performance groups programs organized regularly.

Attractions & Activities: Enjoy quality live performance every day and have a look at Studio Space, Art Gallery and a Large Reception Hall.  

Address110 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74103, United States

10. Adore Spring Flowers in Woodward Park

Woodward Park in Spring

Information: Woodward Park is in the west of south rock ford street. It is also called the “Laid out Park” and is situated in 45 acres of open land area.   

To Do: Those travelers who love to enjoy the glorious smell of beautiful flowers like “Oregano and Rosemary” should visit this place and have some great activities with the free things to do in Tulsa Ok like have a watch on the national register of the historical places newly added activity.    

Attractions & Activities: Spring Flowers, Redbuds Tulips, Plant Science in general, Garden with roses, National register of the historical places made this the best places to go in Tulsa Ok.


Tulsa Ok has the best places to make the traveler super active with the fun and great activities offered by different places for hiking, enjoyment, happiness and for a private space sure. Book a trip and make a list of great, crazy, amazing and fun things to do in Tulsa Ok

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