Is Breeze A Good Airline? Reliability and Services

Is Breeze A Good Airline

Breeze Airways is a good airline, aimed at providing high-quality services to travelers at budget prices. As a new airline, it has been serving them to its best level. Although some facilities can be lacking, it has been working hard to provide the available ones at cheap prices in all aircraft. While it is an affordable airline, in terms of services as well, Breeze is reliable. The carrier has received excellent safety reviews that show why is Breeze a good airline. Also, it cares for the children’s security while flying. It has developed many policies for baggage, check-in, flight delay, cancellation, and more to maintain its services.  

Why is Breeze Airways a Good Airline?

Why is Breeze Airways a Good Airline

The new American airline is committed to offering its passengers the best in-flight facilities. They are given at affordable prices. It facilitates certain amenities like comfortable seats, baggage, check-in, in-flight meals, etc. Hence, Breeze is preferable, especially with respect to its services.

Owing to additional reasons too, travelers can comprehend why is Breeze Airlines good:

  • It offers decent facilities to its travelers. 
  • Some people have given moderate ratings for these services. 
  • The seat comfort it provides is good.
  • It also gives delicious in-flight meals, snacks, and water.
  • Some food and beverages can be purchased during the flights.
  • The carrier offers good ticketing and baggage services. 
  • Reservations can even be made for pets.

Is Breeze Airways Good and Safe?

This carrier offers safe flights to a wide range of domestic destinations where major airlines may not fly. It has implemented several security measures to maintain a risk-free environment for travelers. By following the guidelines of transport authorities, it has succeeded in maintaining this environment.

Continue reading below to further find out why is Breeze Airways safe and good:

  • This carrier has received positive reviews from travelers for operating safe flights. 
  • It is accredited by IATA and FAA certification to provide danger-free tours to passengers.
  • The pilots and crew members are talented and trained.
  • It cares for travelers’ security to provide them with a stress-free journey. 

Is Breeze Airlines Good for Minors?

Is Breeze Airlines Good for Minors

Breeze Airways is considered good for minors to travel. It has implemented certain rules and guidelines to offer a pleasant journey for small children. The airline understands its responsibility towards them. Moreover, it encourages parents to ensure that these guidelines are met for the convenience of their young ones.

Why is Breeze a good airline for minors or kids is further explained:

  • This airline keeps the safety of small children on a priority basis. 
  • It does not allow kids below the age of 13 to travel alone. 
  • The carrier encourages parents or guardians above the age of 18 to accompany them.
  • For children’s safety and verification, it demands a few valid IDs of the child. 

Is Breeze Airlines a Good Airline for Budget Travel?

This airline is one of the most affordable air carriers. It offers travelers budget-friendly flights to Alabama, California, Florida, and other destinations. While the destinations vary, the fare costs tend to remain affordable. There are certain reasons for the same that can be learned below:

  • The prices of the tickets of this carrier are very low.
  • This is possibly due to fuel efficiency.
  • It can be because it flies short distances.
  • The additional services offered by this airline are also cheap.
  • Baggage, check-in, in-flight amenities, etc., are provided at less cost.

Is Breeze Airways a Good Airline for Bookings and Cancellations? 

Is Breeze Airways a Good Airline for Bookings and Cancellations

Breeze is an airline that may provide flexibility in making bookings as well as cancellations. Due to bad weather or other reasons, the flight might get delayed or canceled sometimes. Or because of any emergency, travelers may have to cancel the ticket. 

For this, Breeze Airways has made flexible policies. Using these, cancellations and other kinds of modifications are possible.

  • One can contact this carrier to learn about canceling tickets.
  • Breeze has also created a non-refundable ticket policy. 
  • Travelers may not get refunds but can use the existing amount to book flights further.
  • When canceling the flight, they get a credit for the amount they have paid.
  • These credits can be used for up to some months. 

Is Breeze Airways Good in Terms of Seat?

Notably, Breeze Airways offers many seating options within its modern aircraft. The prices of each can vary but are affordable. Travelers can opt for the same as per their budget and need. More than that, they can expect value for money, given the comfort of these seating options.

By looking at the following too, one can understand why is Breeze Airways a good airline:

  • With its new aircraft of AIrbus, it offers wider choices of seats.
  • Mostly, standard legroom seatings are provided in the planes.
  • Extra legroom seats can be availed at the front area of the aircraft. 
  • The best seating options for First Class can be found mainly in A220 airplanes. 

Is Breeze Airlines good for Wi-Fi Services? 

This carrier does not offer Wi-Fi services in all its aircraft. Some planes lack high-speed internet facilities. But this airline is working hard to provide high connectivity in the future in all its models. There is some information listed below, regarding the same, that should be checked: 

  • The Embraer airplane models of Breeze lack Wi-Fi services. 
  • But in most planes of the AIrbus A220, internet connectivity is offered. 
  • Since the airline is new, the facilities are limited. 
  • The existing facilities are good but may come with limited usage.

Is Breeze Airlines a Good Airline for Baggage Policies?

Is Breeze Airlines a Good Airline for Baggage Policies

The airline, Breeze, has a good baggage policy. It applies very low charges for luggage services. Owing to the policies for luggage, the allowances are in sync with these charges. Hence, for budget flyers, it can be beneficial to choose such an airline.

Read further to identify the extent to which is Breeze Airways good when it comes to its baggage policies:

  • Breeze has a suitable baggage policy. 
  • It charges very nominal fees for the luggage of travelers. 
  • The carrier allows them to carry small items without any charges such as:
    • Briefcase 
    • Purse
    • Small Backpack
  • Travelers have to take care of their baggage by themselves.
  • The airline does not offer any compensation or any refund for the lost luggage.


Breeze Airline is good for its services and facilities offered currently, Even when it’s a new airline, it is reliable. The noticeable thing is that all the amenities are cheap and flight fares are affordable. A few facilities are lacking. But they may be seen as available in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sometimes travelers can show concerns while flying with Breeze Airlines. Their queries can be focused on the services that the carrier offers. The responses added below can help resolve those queries:

1. Is Breeze a good airline for its facilities?

Yes, it offers good travel facilities to the passengers within its limited resources.

2. Is Breeze Airways a good airline for disabled people?

Breeze Airlines can offer comfortable flights for a disabled person.

3. Is Breeze Airlines good in terms of cleanliness?

Yes, Breeze cares about the health and safety of people. Its planes are kept clean.

4. Is Breeze Airlines a good airline in terms of connectivity?

The airline has numerous flights connecting various states in America.

5. Is Breeze Airline good to fly with pets?

Breeze allows passengers to take their pets conveniently on board.

6. Does Breeze Airline have good reviews?

Breeze has multiple reviews, expressing the satisfaction of the passengers.

7. Is Breeze Airlines good for seating options?

The operator offers many seating options such as “Nice”, “ Nicer”, and “Nicest”.

8. Are Breeze Airways’ First-Class services good?

Yes, Breeze Airline’s First-Class or the Nicest cabin offers good services.

9. Is Breeze Airlines a good airline for its customer assistance?

The customer assistance services of this airline are good and usually available for 24 hours.

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