Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi on their Planes on All Routes?

Does Spirit have Wi-Fi

Spirit is the major United States low-cost airline that offers internet facilities on its flights. This facility is given to help passengers to stay connected during their flights. As it gives cheap services, travelers may doubt does Spirit have Wi-Fi connectivity with a fast speed or good reliability. This carrier provides travelers with the fastest satellite connection whether or not it has the Gogo service. There can be numerous internet plans offered by the airline at affordable costs. But it should be understood that when the aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi, flights will provide this benefit.

Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many of the US-based airlines do offer Wi-Fi access on all flights. Spirit also started providing internet connections to travelers over a wireless service. Along with this, the carrier gives many features and benefits to the passengers.

  • This carrier has Wi-Fi connectivity in most planes.
  • The internet service offered is customizable. 
  • Its new satellite Wi-Fi delivers the fastest internet inside the planes.
  • The carrier allows gate-to-gate connectivity to travelers.
  • Any type of device can be connected to this system.
  • It allows the passenger to browse websites or live stream TV and sports during flights.

Does Spirit Airline have Wi-Fi for Free?

Some airlines can provide their customers with a free Wi-Fi service. But Spirit Air may not offer the same free of cost. A few charges are applicable to enjoy unlimited access to Wi-Fi inside the aircraft during their journey.

To know more details about does Spirit have free Wi-Fi or not, consider the below-listed points:

  • Usually, internet services are not given free of cost.
  • There are some packs offered by the airline.
  • Travelers can choose among these as per their needs and budget.
  • Although the airline charges for these packs, they are affordable.

Does Spirit Offer Wi-Fi with Good Speed?

Does Spirit Offer Wi-Fi with Good Speed

In various aspects, Spirit is a reliable carrier. Even when it comes to Wi-Fi services, its reliability is seen. This is observed by the speed of the connection provided. Passengers who have used this service have given satisfactory reviews about the speed and functioning of the internet.

  • The airline has received positive reviews from passengers regarding Wi-Fi speed.
  • However, some people had more expectations from this service.
  • The carrier is working hard to improve the overall quality of its Wi-Fi services.

How Much Does Spirit Charge for Wi-Fi?

This air carrier is known to offer budget-friendly services. Also, Spirit has been named the most affordable airline in comparison with some other air services. Considering this, it can be inferred that it charges reasonably for its in-flight internet. For the internet facility, there are several low-cost plans created by it as per the traveler’s need.

How much does Wi-Fi cost on Spirit Airlines can be ascertained from the below-mentioned points: 

  • The airline offers two types of plans at different prices. These include:
    • Browsing 
    • Streaming 
  • Usually, the first plan starts at $3.99, allowing the passengers to do several things like:
    • Web browsing 
    • Emailing
    • Using social media
    • Chatting
  • The streaming plan enables them to use 20X faster internet than browsing at $6.99.
  • It permits travelers to stream live shows/movies or even play games.
  • These plans are worth investing in as they offer secure services.
  • Thus, along with Spirit Airlines safety, entertainment is ensured too.

Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi on their Planes on All Routes?

Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi on their Planes on All Routes

Spirit Air has Wi-Fi services on most of its planes. It has routes to multiple locations and has a large fleet. This carrier is successful in providing amenities including fast Wi-Fi connections in its modern aircraft on a variety of routes. 

  • It has full internet coverage in all the destinations.
  • The airline has routes to the US, Caribbean, and Latin America, with reliable services.
  • In all the planes, the average speed of the internet covered is up to 400 Mbps. 

How Does Spirit Wi-Fi Work and How to Connect it?

To connect devices to the onboard Wi-Fi, they should be in the Airplane Mode. then a specific site of Spirit Airlines has to be visited. From here, the connection to the service can be conveniently established. Afterward, it will start working.

To get more steps regarding how does Spirit Wi-Fi work, continue reading below: 

  • The airline allows multiple ways to connect passengers’ devices to the onboard internet. 
  • Firstly, a traveler has to enable “Airplane Mode” on his/her device.
  • Then turn on the “Wi-Fi” and open its “Settings”. 
  • The next step would be to choose “Spirit_Wi-Fi”. 
  • When having a mobile phone, scan the QR code at the back of the seat.
  • This will automatically navigate “”.
  • If not, travelers can search “” on their browser.
  • After opening the website, choose a plan.
  • Lastly, by submitting the payment and voucher code, they can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi.

Does Spirit have Gogo Wi-Fi?

Gogo is the in-flight fastest internet service provider. It allows passengers to use high-speed Wi-Fi data during the flights. But does Spirit Air have gogo Wi-Fi or not should be figured out. In case this service is not available, then one should know the alternatives.

  • Spirit Airlines may not have Gogo Wi-Fi services yet.
  • But it has been working hard to improve the quality of the internet it offers.
  • It is expanding its operations and can implement Gogo service in the future.
  • Currently, the carrier uses satellite Wi-Fi connectivity on its planes.
  • This enables the passengers to browse and stream via a faster internet facility. 

In Summary

Spirit Airlines, one of the cheap carriers, does offer affordable Wi-Fi services on its aircraft. It enables travelers to browse/stream their favorite entertainment sources during their flights. There is a simple approach to connect it to enjoy multiple things over faster satellite internet and go ahead with its use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers can have doubts regarding the Wi-Fi service provided by this carrier. Here is a list of those common queries along with answers to clear them:

1. Does Spirit have faster Wi-Fi services?

Spirit provides passengers with a fast-speed satellite Wi-Fi connection.

2. Does Spirit Wi-Fi work everywhere it flies?

Wi-Fi can be accessed mostly where it flies in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

3. Does Spirit have Wi-Fi now?

Yes, Spirit Air has Wi-Fi that provides fast internet over satellite.

4. Does Spirit have Wi-Fi on all the planes?

The carrier offers good in-flight Wi-Fi connection in all the aircraft.

5. What speed does Spirit offer over Wi-Fi?

Passengers can expect a speed of up to 400 Mbps on the various plans offered by it.

6. Does my Spirit flight have Wi-Fi?

Look for the browser of the airline in your device’s “Wi-Fi” section to check for this service.

7. How does Spirit Wi-Fi work?

It is easy to connect with Spirit Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code at the back of every seat.

8. How can a traveler request for a refund for Wi-Fi?

After submitting their receipt number and necessary details, flyers can request a refund for Wi-Fi services.

9. How much does Spirit charge for a Wi-Fi refund?

Spirit Air may not charge for Wi-Fi plan refunds from the passengers.

10. Does Spirit Airlines have free Wi-Fi?

The air carrier may not offer a free Wi-Fi facility, but it does offer low-cost plans.

11. Does Spirit have gogo Wi-Fi?

Spirit might not have a Gogo Wi-Fi connection yet, rather it has satellite internet services.

12. How much does Spirit Wi-Fi cost?

The browsing plan starts at $3.99 while the streaming plan is available at $6.99.

13. Can Spirit Inflight Wi-Fi be accessed on multiple devices?

Travelers need to purchase separate Wi-Fi connections for each device during a flight.

14. Does Spirit Airlines offer Wi-Fi Vouchers?

Yes, Spirit offers vouchers to its passengers and they can buy Wi-Fi plans using that.

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