What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at MCO Airport?

What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at MCO Airport

Spirit is a reputable air operator that runs its flights to and from Orlando International Airport. Its passengers can travel conveniently, as well as on schedule, using Spirit Terminal at MCO Airport, lettered A. Terminal A serves as the location for these operations. At this point, there are 1 to 29 and 70-99 gates. These can aid in the coordination of tasks like managing on-time airplane departures. The arrivals are efficiently handled. Along with these, MCO Airport offers comfort-oriented features at the aforementioned terminal. They consist of traveling via direct and connecting flights. For these flights, both one-way and round trips are available for booking.

An Overview: About Orlando International Airport

In 1940, Orlando International Airport was established. It has provided flyers with adequate travel facilities since its inception. Considering this, it is one of the busiest structures in terms of traveler volume in the U.S. Further, it is located in Orlando. It has also assisted Spirit Airlines in running its planes efficiently. While the airport was earlier involved in managing civil operations, it now enables airlines to provide commercial flights to people. It is actively involved in the management of more than 350,000 air operations on an annual basis. Beyond passenger flights, around 245,000 cargo operations are also managed by MCO Airport.

What are the General Details Regarding Spirit MCO Terminal?

What are the General Details Regarding Spirit MCO Terminal?

In Orlando, MCO Airport is located. Its Terminal A is used by Spirit Airlines to schedule various flights. People should look over the basic details before heading here to use its facilities. After knowing this information, people can find several facilities, including baggage, crucial deadlines, flight check-in, etc., with ease.

To know more about the Terminal of Spirit at MCO Airport, passengers are required to see below: 

Spirit Terminal at MCO AirportTerminal A
Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Airport Website www.orlandoairports.net
Airport Address Orlando, Florida, United States 
Elevation96 ft/29 m
Airport typeInternational 
Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal ArrivalsTerminal A
MCO Spirit Departure TerminalTerminal A
ServesGreater Orlando 
Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal phone number801-401-2222
Date of Opening In 1940
Coordinates28°25’46″N 81°18’32″W

What is the MCO Spirit Arrival Terminal? 

At Terminal A of Orlando International Airport, Spirit Airlines flight arrivals take place. To reach here, people need to board the airplane and go to the gate area by using a jetway. This area has amenities including stores, restaurants, telephones, ATMs, etc. 

  • Further, people need to follow the directions on the overhead board to the shuttle station. 
  • It is situated in the middle of the gate area. 
  • After arriving here, flyers can retrieve their baggage. 

What is the Spirit Departure Terminal at MCO Airport? 

Spirit Airlines has access to Level 3 at Terminal A. This is the take-off point for all its flights from Orlando International Airport. For domestic and international flights, check-in should be done at this level. They can verify both the gate and departure time. After gathering all the details, people can simply depart for their flights from TA. 

What is the Use of Spirit Orlando Terminal Map?

A map can be used to comprehend the representation of MCO Airport’s layout. Travelers of Spirit can easily navigate using this tool. They can locate various gates, concourses, and parking sections. Moreover, it is easy to locate specific counters of the airline with this tool. 

What are the Popular Destinations Flown by Spirit Terminal Orlando Airport?

What are the Popular Destinations Flown by Spirit Terminal Orlando Airport

Some of the popular routes of Spirit Airlines in Puerto Rico and Georgia are run from Orlando International Airport. For this purpose, Terminal A is frequently used. National, as well as international flights, are executed from this location. Notably, not only are they popular but Spirit Airlines safety measures are the best on these routes.

Given below are some of its popular locations provided from MCO Airport Terminal A: 

Popular Domestic Locations Well-Known International Places
San JuanCancun
Philadelphia San Jose
Charlotte Santo Domingo 
Baltimore Montreal-Trudeau 
New York-LaGuardia 

What are the Amenities Given at Spirit Terminal MCO Airport?

Numerous amenities are given at Spirit Airlines Terminal in Orlando Airport. Several shops and retail services are part of these. Information Booths are given for use. There are amenities for baggage carts to help travelers move heavy luggage. Moreover, wheelchairs and telephone facilities are observed to aid special passengers. 

Baggage Carts

Travelers of Spirit Airlines can locate the facilities for luggage carts at Orlando International Airport Terminal A. They can carry bulky bags to the airport with this service. It is open to individuals, groups, and families. It is crucial to be informed of its cost before using this amenity. The cost is about USD 6 for each tram.

Information Booths

There are several counters at MCO Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal A. These include booths where people can get information about the airport facilities. Further, any questions about the airport and terminal can be answered at this point with ease. 

Telephone Facility

Flyers of Spirit Airlines can use phone services provided at MCO Airport. They are based at Terminal A. Numerous types of phones are accessible here. One of them is a Payphone. Another choice is texting. Emergency phones are available that are suitable for hearing aids. 

Shopping Facilities

Travelers can find the retail options at Spirit Terminal in Orlando Airport. They can buy a number of products from various stores active here. They include food, jewelry, clothing, and other things. The choice of products greatly increases as hundreds of shops are present here.


It is vital to let Spirit Airlines know beforehand when passengers require the facilities of wheelchairs. At TA of MCO Airport, it can set up this service. People can book this facility in advance and on the spot as well. They can choose from the given list of companies that supply wheelchairs at Terminal A. 

Is Lost and Found Accessible at MCO Spirit Airlines Terminal?

Is Lost and Found Accessible at MCO Spirit Airlines Terminal

When travelers of Spirit Airlines miss their items on board or at the airport, the Department of Lost and Found can be accessed. They can make claims by sharing the details of the lost goods. For this purpose, it is important to claim the item by filling out an online form. Or, at MCO Airport Terminal A, the active counters can be visited. 

  • This department is located at Terminal A, Level 1. 
  • It is active from 07:00 A.M. until 07:30 P.M. 
  • Once the claim is accepted, the air carrier quickly begins the search for the missing stuff. 

What are the Orlando Spirit Terminal Restaurants? 

When at MCO International Airport, people can find various restaurants. At Terminal A, most of them are located. They have a clean atmosphere and nutritional food. These restaurants enable customization facilities too. Mostly, they operate until 10.00 P.M.

The following are some restaurants at Spirit Terminal Orlando MCO Airport: 

Restaurants Operating Hours 
Auntie Anne’s 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M
CHICK-FIL-A05:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M
City Pub06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M
Dunkin’ Donuts 04:40 A.M to 10:00 P.M
Macaroni Grill11:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M

Are Parking Facilities Given at Spirit Airlines Terminal MCO Airport?

Spirit Airlines parking is observed at MCO Airport, Terminal A. It is located at Parking Garage A. Here, valet, short, and long-term parking options are observed. The distance between TA and parking is short enough to stroll. 

  • The Orlando Police Department conducts surveillance of all vehicles in parking areas. 
  • Vehicles taller than 7 feet 0 inches cannot fit in these sections. 
  • The availability of these spaces is governed by the flyers’ flow. 
  • To park a vehicle, it is crucial to book early by paying the fees. 
  • The charges are acceptable via different sources. They are as follows:
    • Cash
    • MasterCard
    • E-Pass
    • SunPass Plus 
    • American Express
    • Visa 

Where are the Headquarters of Spirit Airlines and How to Contact it? 

Miramar, Florida is the location of Spirit Airlines’ corporate headquarters. It is necessary to make effective operations of this air carrier at Orlando International Airport. This body makes contributions to the same, whether it is to help the air operator in providing its services or allay any flyer’s worries. Each operation is managed here smoothly by this body. 

Address6542, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025, United States.
Phone Number1 (855) 728-3555

What are Baggage Services and Allowances Offered by Spirit Airlines?

What are Baggage Services and Allowances Offered by Spirit Airlines

The allowance permitted for checked and carry-on luggage may differ from one another at Orlando Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal A. The standard weight, as well as size restriction, per checked luggage, is 40 pounds and 62 linear inches respectively. For carry-on bags, the measurements are 22*18*10 inches. For more information, the counters at this airport are helpful. 

Which Services are Given at MCO Airport Spirit Terminal A?

This airline provides specialized facilities at exceptionally low costs. Both in-flight and airport facilities are a part of it. People can make use of both reward programs and the Saver Club. Different on-board services are found for booking at Spirit Airline Terminal MCO Airport. Sometimes, they are received at no cost. Moreover, prior to the departure, people can check in for their flights with ease. 

Group Reservations

The Group Trip Program of Spirit Airlines is for passengers traveling with families or in teams. A group must have 10 or more members in order to qualify for this program. Furthermore, the same comes with a few advantages such as multiple payment forms, free name changes, etc.

Check-in Facility

There is a particular counter for the flight check-in procedure at Spirit Airlines Orlando Airport Terminal A. After reaching this counter, flyers need to provide all the required paperwork. They consist of travel documentation, such as tickets and identification cards. They can easily reserve a variety of amenities like seats and extra luggage allowance during check-in. 

Facilities on Board

Superior onboard facilities are provided by Spirit Airlines. For those passengers who want special help, it provides the option of wheelchairs on the flight. Further, passengers who need to connect with other people should know about the Spirit Wi-Fi facility on board. A television is accessible for the amusement of flyers. 

Free Spirit

A frequent flyer program called Free Spirit has been formed for travelers. By using points, they can take advantage of complimentary eating options as well as straightforward flight bookings. There are several ways to earn these points with this airline at MCO Airport Terminal A. Furthermore, it should be noted that these points do not expire once they have been purchased. 

Savers Club

Being a member of Savers Club, people can receive a number of benefits. Members of this club are eligible for discounts on plane tickets. With some restrictions, it also applies to luggage facilities. Other benefits are observed, including security checks, Flight Flex perks, and reasonable prices. These are obtained at Spirit Terminal MCO Orlando Airport. 


Terminal A is used by Spirit Airlines at MCO Airport. It is simple for passengers to complete procedures, such as baggage deposit, check-in, etc., at this terminal. To navigate these counters, the map of this airport is useful. With its structure and facilities, many people prefer to travel from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers of Spirit Airlines who fly to or out of MCO Airport may have certain inquiries. In this case, reading the frequently asked questions and responses can be helpful.

1. Which terminal is Spirit at MCO Airport?

At Terminal A of MCO Airport, Spirit Airlines has its counters.

2. What is Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal Departures?

This air carrier’s flight departures are observed at Terminal A.

3. Is curbside check-in available at MCO Terminal Spirit Airlines?

No, curbside check-in is not permitted with this airline at TA.

4. How many gates are at Spirit Terminal Orlando Airport?

Gates 1-29 and 70-99 are available at MCO Airport Terminal A.

5. Can passengers use TSA PreCheck at Orlando MCO Spirit Terminal?

Yes, passengers can make use of TSA PreCheck at this terminal.

6. What are the security gates at Spirit Airlines Terminal Orlando Airport?

The security check-in gates at this airport are 1 to 59.

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