Best Time to Visit Joshua Tree – A Monthly Guide

Best Time to Visit Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a popular tourist destination in the United Nations. It has been on many people’s travel lists. However, there are undoubtedly some seasons that are preferable to others for travel. The best time to visit Joshua Tree is in the spring months of March to May and October to November. Seasonal changes in the scenery are not significant. 

However, you might see unusual things that are unique to a given month or season. No matter what month you choose to take a trip to the national park, there are some significant benefits and drawbacks.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Joshua Tree National Park?

Best Time to Visit the Joshua Tree National Park

Southern California’s Joshua Tree is a great and fun desert attraction. Hence, it is the most distinctive national park in the entire nation. There are stunning and enormous rocks, a spectacular night sky, and rich desert landscapes.

The fact that the national park is accessible throughout the year is great. This suggests that you may plan a trip based on your tastes and degree of convenience. Here, the discussion on the ideal time to plan a trip can help curate your itinerary.

Joshua Tree In January

Days in winter are significantly colder. At higher elevations, it might even snow occasionally. The daytime average temperature falls between the 50s and 60s. Even though the days might get warm, you need to carry winter clothes for nightfall. 

  • The third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
  • On this day, you get free entry. 
  • But, it is advisable to cross-check with officials. 
  • There are fewer visitors following the winter holidays.
  • This is because it’s a major holiday.

Winter Hike on the Hidden Valley Trail

Hidden Valley Trail
  • One of the most well-liked hikes is the Hidden Valley Trail. 
  • Travelers have popularized it as a must-do.
  • Prioritize taking this little climb early because parking might get filled.
  • With its informative plaques on the park’s history, wildlife, and flora, it is a great place to start.
  • The circular route leads into a narrow valley. 
  • It is bordered by massive rocky outcrops.
  • There are several possibilities to take a diversion for a fun time with friends.

Joshua Tree National Park In February

Since the weather is so pleasant, spring is said to be the best time of the year to visit Joshua Tree. Particularly ideal is the early spring. In February, daytime highs are often in the 70 F. 40 F is indeed the normal low temperature at nighttime. In this lovely weather, you may consider arranging a brief escape to the national park.

Find the Skull Rock

  • Skull Rock is another of the park’s unusual rock types. 
  • It is shaped like a human skull. Water flow over the years has eroded the limestone. 
  • This has shaped the rock like a human skull.
  • It may be viewed across Park Boulevard.
  • But, this rock formation is also reachable from Jumbo Rocks Campsite.
  • Hence, this campground is prominent within the park. 
  • You may walk immediately from your campground to Skull Rock via a short route.

Family Camp at Jumbo Rocks Campground

Jumbo Rocks Campground
  • When camping in Joshua Tree, staying at Jumbo Rocks camp is a must. 
  • This is the largest campsite in the area. 
  • It is a campground that welcomes families.
  • Skull Rock is only a short stroll away from here. 
  • The sights when biking in this park are very breathtaking.
  • There are 124 spots that may be reserved by travelers. 
  • These locations have pit toilets, picnic areas, and campfire rings.
  • There are two campsites where riders may set up tents for the night. 
  • These have horse amenities. 
  • It is the perfect activity to do when visiting this national park.

Visiting Joshua Tree In March

When you have to visit Joshua Tree in March, the weather is often pretty pleasant in this region. At its highest, the temperature is roughly 73 F. The lowest temperature is generally 50 F. Tourists visit the national park frequently for a variety of activities. Crowds are manageable if you go during the week. But weekends, particularly during school breaks, may be packed.

Cap Rock Trail

Cap Rock Trail
  • The Cap Rock Trail winds through boulder fields and Joshua Tree forests. 
  • Also, the stones that flank the route may be scrambled. 
  • This boosts the adventurous spirit and makes it ideal for daring youngsters. 
  • Families may make the most of their time together this month.
  • It’s also an excellent location for learning more about vegetation and wildflowers. 
  • Since the wildflowers are at their best this month, people frequently use this walk.
  • Wildlife enthusiasts can use the Botanical Walk Guide.
  • They can recognize plant species and flowers all along the walk. 
  • The entire family will be able to learn something new here.

Joshua Tree In April

In April, the mean daytime temperature in Joshua Tree ranges from a maximum of 80°F to a minimum of 50°F. Some people could say that the weather is rather chilly with a light breeze. Even though spring is coming to an end, it is not too hot. You may arrange a day trip this month.

Tour at Cholla Cactus Garden

Cholla Cactus Garden
  • The Cholla Cactus Garden is a nice place to visit during the spring bloom. 
  • Interestingly, the month of April is ideal for visiting the national park. 
  • Begin by taking a free informative pamphlet and trekking. 
  • There are sixteen reference points along the path. 
  • The garden contains a one-of-a-kind mix of plants and wildlife.
  • Notably, the short, fluffy cactuses are grouped along Park Boulevard.
  • The nature trail winds through the cacti garden on dirt roads and walking paths.
  • It is a terrific addition to your schedule. 
  • Visit the garden when you plan to spend the day riding around the park.

Rock Climbing

Hidden Valley Campground
  • A well-liked springtime pastime is rock climbing. 
  • You may schedule a few days to climb the huge cliffs or enroll in a course. 
  • Go to Hidden Valley Campground inside the park. 
  • It is the ideal climbing-related camping location as magnificent rock formations surround it. 
  • Evening events are also known to be held there. 
  • Ryan Campground is the second-best place.
  • It’s about two miles away from Hidden Valley. 
  • Then it even has several other iconic formations, including the famous Headstone.
  • The Pinto Basin is the location of all other climbing sites.

Joshua Tree In May

May grows hotter after the pleasant month of April. The typical temperature is in the mid-80F range. This is undoubtedly warmer, but it’s still tolerable. The average low temperature at nightfall is 50F. 

Numerous visitors plan to visit the park during this month. You might be able to attend a few enjoyable events. Moreover, before summer, this is the best time of the year to camp in Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree Music Festival

  • This month sees the Joshua Tree Music Festival, which was founded in 2003. 
  • The music festival is organized twice a year. 
  • This festival is praised for its passionate imagination and commitment to arts learning for people of every age. 
  • It’s a family-friendly worldwide music experience and runs for four days.
  • To see the desert festival, you must schedule your vacation for this month. 
  • Many different genres are represented in the music.
  • You will be able to enjoy diverse and unique music here.

Black Rock Canyon Campground

  • The Black Rock Canyon Campground is situated in the northwestern corner of the park. 
  • Within the park, there is a vast Joshua tree forest.  
  • This park is popular with campers who use tents and RVs, as well as hikers and horseback riders.
  • There are numerous facilities available here. 
  • It has potable water, flush toilets, garbage pickup, dumping stations, and seasonal employees on-site.
  • There are around 99 tent and RV sites available. 
  • Bookings for the camping are accepted from this month through September. 
  • To minimize last-minute bother, make reservations in advance.

Joshua Tree In June

Joshua Tree In June

June in Joshua Tree is characterized by dry and hot weather. Some of the hottest days of the year occur during this month. The third hottest month of the year is usually this one. A pleasant 90°F is the highest temperature throughout the day. 

Meanwhile, 59°F is the typical low temperature at night. You might go on short treks first thing in the morning. Keep the tours brief and unwind in your RV with your family.

Discovery Trail

  • The Discovery Trail is difficult to surpass for a short tour. 
  • Interestingly, the trail, which opened in 2012, is among the latest Joshua walking trails. 
  • The biggest distinction is that it has been created by and for children.
  • Students from the nearby school planned the trail and the details on the placards. 
  • This emphasizes the significance of the area’s discoveries. 
  • With this history, it is regarded as among the best ways to enter the national park.

Warren Peak

Black Rock Campsite
  • Warren Peak is situated in the park’s northwestern section. 
  • Also, it is next to the Black Rock Campsite
  • It is a six-mile round-trip trek. 
  • This hike is ideal for getting the Joshua Tree experience started. 
  • The path to the peak begins at the Black Rock Canyon Trail. 
  • When you get to the path, you can see it from a distance. 
  • It is broad, sandy, and surrounded by dense black vegetation. 
  • You can see Mojave yucca, Joshua trees, and massive slabs of gneiss all along the road.
  • The view of the neighboring peaks will broaden as you climb higher. 
  • A beautiful view of Southern California’s highest mountains awaits at the summit.

Best time to visit Joshua Tree In July

night sky at Joshua Tree National Park

The least favored season here is summer. It is swelteringly hot outside during the day. Given that this is the desert, daily highs in July frequently exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This starts to make physical activities risky and unpleasant. 

When the temperature rises, heat stroke becomes a risk. It’s better to restrict physical exercise to the morning hours or late afternoon throughout the summer. But, the summer months bring a spectacular night sky at Joshua Tree National Park.

Ryan Mountain

  • Ryan Mountain is a famous hike that takes visitors to the highest part of the park. 
  • It’s ideal for early morning or sunset photography. 
  • This hike has a 1000-foot elevation change. 
  • It will be best for hikers with intermediate skills. 
  • Pro-hikers will love the challenging terrain. 
  • When you climb to the top, you will have breathtaking 360-degree views of the whole park. 
  • You might get a glimpse of the Wonderland of Rocks.
  • The entire round-trip of the trail is 3 miles. 
  • This path is equipped with basic amenities, and visitors can make frequent stops during summer.

Barker Dam Nature Trail

  • The trailhead track can be found east of the Hidden Valley.
  • It is just by the Intersection Rock zone. 
  • Take the main route and follow the instructions. 
  • You may park your vehicle in the parking area. 
  • But, you have to get up early on weekends.
  • The dam was built many years ago to keep animals hydrated. 
  • Whenever there is rain, there is a strong chance visitors might see native animals on this hiking trip. 
  • You may encounter coyotes or bighorn sheep. 
  • It’s an enjoyable hike, particularly after heavy rain when the reservoir is full.

Joshua Tree In August and September

Fewer people visit the park during the warmest season of the year. Thus, these past two months have become very hot. To protect yourself from the blazing temperatures, you must take measures. Visitors need to drink a lot of water and stay away from physically demanding activities while it’s hot outside. 

Many guests do stay away because of the heat. As a result, some campgrounds will close for the summer. However, for the warmer days here, the less crowded campgrounds are preferable.

Driving off-road on the Geology Tour Road

Geology Tour Road
  • The 18-mile-long, 16-stop Geology Tour Road is made of dirt.
  • Along the trip, there are numerous informative stops. 
  • Before your drive, pick up an instructive booklet at the visitor center.
  • A 4×4 automobile can safely go on the road. 
  • Consequently, travelers generally choose this route to get some off-roading experience. 
  • Therefore, you are welcome to arrange short hikes and engage in off-roading throughout these two months. 
  • If you prefer to stay put, there are various campsites nearby.

Annual Perseid Meteor Shower

  • Around August, the Perseid meteor shower annually brightens the Joshua Tree National Park night sky
  • Joshua Tree National Park is one of the three International Dark Sky Parks.
  • It provides some of the deepest night skies in the state.
  • To view the meteor display with the family, camp at an RV park. 
  • It would be nice to sit back and enjoy the experience on a reclining lawn chair.
  • A red flashlight is another essential tool to carry with you. 
  • When preparing to stargaze, it is advised not to use bright white lighting, lamps, or mobiles.

Joshua Tree In October

Joshua Tree In October

The typical daytime high in October is quite lower than on summer days. Due to the milder temperatures, daytime hikes and park explorations are significantly safer. The number of people starts to rise as the temperatures begin to fall to more tolerable levels. 

In comparison to the spring, it is not quite as packed. In the end, this makes visiting Joshua Tree in the fall the ideal option.

Take the Key Ranch Route

Take the Key Ranch Route
  • Significantly, the ranch tour is about the colorful account of Bill and Frances’ sixty-year marriage. 
  • The ranch home, school, store, and workshops are still standing. 
  • So, on a clear day in October, you may take a guided walking tour. 
  • The orchard has now been completely restored. 
  • Furthermore, the grounds are covered with automobiles, lorries, mining tools, and spares. 
  • It has been designated as a National Historic Register Site. 
  • The excursions take ninety minutes. 
  • As the number of participants is restricted, you must reserve the tour in advance.

Joshua Tree In November

A trip to Joshua Tree National Park is ideal in November. It is only a short distance away from Palm Springs, California. The Colorado and Mojave desert ecosystems are two distinct ones found in the park. 

Some of the strangest rock formations and natural vegetation in the U.S. may be found here. Early November days are the best time of the season to camp in Joshua Tree.

Try to Visit the Fortynine Palms Oasis

  • This route should not be skipped.
  • It is wonderful to discover a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. 
  • The Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail begins right outside the entrance. 
  • Hence, this trek is free. 
  • Although this path is a little over three miles long, there are some difficult sections.
  • You’ll be able to see the valley in all its glory from the route. 
  • Large, bushy palm trees will greet you as you get closer to the oasis. 
  • When you get close, look out for animals seeking water.

Nightsky Observation

night sky filled with stars
  • The White Tank is located on the park’s eastern edge. 
  • This location is along the route that connects North Entrance Station and Cottonwood.
  • This sandstone environment makes for an amazing campsite location. 
  • There is adequate space to move.
  • It is situated far from the source of the most light. 
  • Hence, the campsite is one of the park’s darkest areas. 
  • It is therefore the perfect location for viewing the night sky filled with stars
  • You might bring your professional gear to capture the night sky.

Best time to visit Joshua Tree In December

With an average high temperature of 58°F, December is the coldest time of the year in Joshua Tree National Park. On average, temperatures can drop to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the weather will be bright and dry with pleasant afternoon temperatures. 

The desert has little humidity. But if you are fortunate, you could see the unique glory of a snowy desert. The ideal months to explore the park are mid-to-early December. 

It will eventually become packed towards the end of the month. It also starts to cool off as the month progresses. As a result, the first few weeks of every month are bright and mild.

Learn more About the Past at Lost Horse Mine 

Lost Horse Mine
  • For locals and tourists alike, the Lost Horse Mine is a must-see. 
  • Before Joshua Tree became a national park, it was the site of several gold mines. 
  • The crumbling ruins of which may still be found at various spots around the area.
  • One of these is the Lost Horse Mine. 
  • Visitors are not permitted to approach the mill structure.
  • You may still admire the remains from a distance.

Travel in RV

  • Next to Indian Cove Campground is Highway 62. 
  • A number of rock climbing routes are nearby. 
  • Consequently, climbers like sleeping at the campsite. 
  • Even those who are not climbers can enjoy the adventure.
  • The NPS manages the campsite at Indian Cove. 
  • As a result, you may anticipate finding certain essential facilities, such as
    • fire pits
    • picnic areas
    • vaulted toilets.
  • There are enough campsites here to accommodate a huge crowd. 
  • Many people travel in camper vans or RVs to stay warm at night. 
  • To avoid the chilly weather during this month, set up a camp here. 
  • The nice aspect is that December will be less crowded.

Climate Chart by Month


Joshua Tree experiences extreme weather because it is a desert. All day long, there are significant temperature swings. Remember to pack your clothes carefully. So, use this chart as a guide to creating your schedule based on your preferences and local weather conditions.

To Conclude,
It is apparent from the description above that spring and fall have nice climate patterns. The best times to go to Joshua Tree National Park are from March to May and from October to November, depending on your interests. So, pack your bags, either for a solo trip or a family get-together.

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