Best Time to Visit San Francisco, California

Best Time to Visit San Francisco

The best time to visit San Francisco CA is in September and November. The city has some of its warmest weather throughout the fall. The difference in crowds from the summer is the highlight. Given that there is no rain for most of the spring, it is also the best time to travel to the city.

A spike in tourists to Golden Gate City comes every summer. San Francisco attracts vacationers on a budget throughout the winter. Fewer guests and lower hotel prices act as a magnet for travelers. When you want to vacation in the winter, wrap up warmly to avoid the chilly weather.

When is the Best Time to Visit San Francisco?

The temperature of the Golden Gate City changes with every season. Considering the pleasant weather conditions, fall can be the best time to vacation here. Additionally, personal preferences influence the definition of the best time to travel. The monthly guide will help plan a trip to San Francisco.

Visit the city in January for Less Crowd

San Francisco experiences its coldest weeks of the year in January. The winter is quite rough by the time the month arrives. You will find persistent fog and chilling winds. Visitors prefer to stay inside while the rain and cold sweep the city. 

The streets are mostly empty. There are fewer visitors during this month. Therefore, hotel rates drop to an absolute minimum. Hence, it is the greatest opportunity to vacation for those on a limited budget.

San Francisco Comedy Festival 

  • The San Francisco Comedy Festival is a fun event that makes the city active and alive in January. 
  • It is commonly referred to as the SF Sketchfest.
  • This event was founded back in 2002. 
  • The show’s founders are comedians such as David Owen, Cole Stratton, and Janet Varney. 
  • SF Sketchfest energizes the city, featuring everything from comedy sketches and improv comedy to television and film tributes/reunions. 
  • It even invites stand-up comedians and solo performers who are local to San Francisco. 
  • Anyone visiting San Francisco this month is welcome to attend these performances which makes it the best time of year to visit San Francisco.

Flower Market Fair during the Chinese New Year

  • Chinatown hosts a Flower Market Fair the weekend before Chinese New Year to mark the occasion.
  • Visitors will be able to purchase fruits, flowers, sweets, and other items at this market.
  • Along with everything being sold, there will be Chinese magicians, aerialists, traditional dancers, and operas for entertainment.
  • Additionally, the Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair is rather reasonably priced.

Museum Hopping in February

The temperatures begin to climb in February. The weather is largely unchanged from January. It nearly always rains. But don’t pass up the opportunity to travel this month. It is the best and cheapest time for visiting San Francisco

You will get the chance to discover winter gems. To avoid the cold, you may always choose enjoyable indoor activities. So, we have discussed some activities and places to visit in San Francisco this month.

Pier 39 

  • The ideal month to visit Pier 39 is February. 
  • You’ll be able to see more than 39,000 tulips, as well as other beautiful flowers blossoming when spring arrives. 
  • The tulips generally start blooming by the beginning of the month. 
  • You may choose the free group tour. 
  • A guide will accompany you to give you important facts. 
  • A self-guided tour is also available. 
  • which may be done at any time of the day. 
  • But before beginning any self-guided walk, be sure to pick up your instruction leaflet.

Explore Some of the Museums

  • Numerous prominent museums are within the city. 
  • Each month they give free entrance on specific days. 
  • Every month, on the first Sunday, admission to the Asian Art Museum is free. 
  • Similarly, on the first Tuesdays, admission to the de Young is free. 
  • Check their calendar before visiting the museums. 
  • You will know the precise day. This is the perfect remedy for the chilly breeze.

March: Springtime Begins

Once spring officially arrives in March, the monthly temperature rises. It is a great time to visit when you wish to escape the summertime crowds. There is neither extreme cold nor heat, making the weather fairly pleasant. 

Best of all, you might be able to reserve accommodations for half as much. The spring festivities and additional outdoor activities are made possible by the wonderful weather.

Attend Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

  • The Japantown in San Francisco hosts the yearly Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. 
  • There are only three Japantowns left in the USA, and this is one of them. 
  • This event honors both Japanese culture and the community of Japanese Americans
  • The public is welcome to attend the free event. 
  • You will find several local and international sellers and artists showing their goods.
  • The festival is live on two weekends. 
  • It also honors San Francisco’s blooming cherry blossom season and the approach of springtime. 
  • A variety of cultural programs are also held during the festival.

While you enjoy these programs, you can also do more interesting things. Close to this city, you can head to Capitola to explore exciting attractions.

Enjoy a spring picnic at Fay Park

  • Fay Park is situated right in the middle of Golden Gate City, which is quite crowded. 
  • A more than 120-year-old house from the Victorian era may be found in the park. 
  • The garden that Thomas Church designed in 1957 is a lasting image of beauty and serenity. 
  • The well-maintained park, where roses bloom all year long, is a favorite setting for photographers. 
  • This month, a trip to this hidden treasure in San Francisco is a must-do.

Rain Stops by the Time April Arrives

April is the best time of the year to go to San Francisco. It signals the end of the rainy season. A warm afternoon at the beach is guaranteed with additional sunshine. It’s advisable to bring layers because it can still feel chilly at times. 

Aside from that, this month is a fantastic month to visit San Francisco because of the upcoming major events. Bookings should be made ahead of time as hotel costs start to increase around this time.

San Francisco International Film Festival

  • The San Francisco Film Society is a non-profit arts group. 
  • It oversees the annual San Francisco International Film Festival
  • The event lasts for two weeks during the springtime. 
  • Many different filmmakers attend this film festival. 
  • The festival is renowned for drawing tourists to San Francisco with its charitable and culturally diverse activities.
  • It is still a favorite with locals and visitors who want to witness a diverse population. 
  • Individuals who appreciate the big screen will enjoy the events. 
  • The festival also seeks to introduce American audiences to international movies. 
  • Therefore, movie lovers can enjoy themselves.

May: Carnival Season

The days are substantially longer in May, which is much drier than in April. Longer days mean more exploration and enjoyable morning activities. Even when it’s cold outside, bright days may still be rather warm. 

With increasing temperatures, the nightlife begins to pick up. The time you spend at the beach will be enjoyable. The number of people and lodging prices will increase along with the heat. You should think about scheduling your day in advance.

California Academy of Sciences

  • San Francisco is home to the California Academy of Sciences
  • It is a research center and a natural history museum. 
  • The Academy was established in the 1850s as a research center. 
  • Four primary sections of the museum are the Morrison Planetarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, the Steinhart Aquarium, and Rainforests of the World. 
  • The interactive displays spread across the whole museum engage the entire family. 
  • As a result, this museum is suitable for chilly and wet days.

San Francisco Carnival

  • It is the hub of all the festivities the carnival has to offer. 
  • A diverse assortment of activities by hundreds of musicians is promised during the Grand Parade. 
  • The procession keeps the crowd interested with its vibrant and international themes. 
  • Dancers move to the rhythms of Bahamian, Jamaican, and Cuban music. 
  • Behold the magnificent displays of feathery headwear and Bahia garments. 
  • Mostly on the streets of the Mission District, sample the Brazilian cuisine of Escola, salsa, and samba. 
  • Watch out for the many folk ensembles that are showcasing their respective cultural arts and cultures. 
  • When you plan on watching the parade, you will love the unforgettable events.

June is Peak of Summer

In San Francisco, June is when temperatures are at their highest. Remember to carry summer clothing because the temperatures will be quickly rising. There are plenty of enjoyable activities scheduled for this month. 

Numerous outdoor festivals, theatrical productions, and other entertaining activities are available. It is the best time of the year to travel to San Francisco to have a good time.

Participate in the Pride Parade

  • The San Francisco Pride Parade and Festival are typically organized on the final weekend in June. 
  • It honors the Stonewall demonstrations for LGBT rights in the US. 
  • The Pride Parade’s most well-liked feature is Dykes on Bikes. 
  • For entertainment, music, contests, and comedy acts are planned throughout the procession and fest. 
  • Participate in the parade if you’re in town this week. 
  • You will surely learn something new.

Whale Watching

  • In the reproductive cycle of humpbacks, San Francisco has a special place. 
  • From May to November, humpback whales and blue whales frequently visit the Bay Area. 
  • Visitors will thus have the best chance to see these amazing mammals throughout this month. 
  • Whale viewing is available at the Oceanic Society on the Farallon Islands. 
  • To understand more about these whales, be sure to go on a guided tour. 
  • Families will enjoy taking their kids to explore the ocean.

4th of July Celebration

  • The Fourth of July is annually observed as the nation’s independence day throughout the US. 
  • The Fourth of July is mostly observed outside. 
  • The fun is much like other summertime occasions and festivities in the US. 
  • The festival includes marches, talks, picnics, barbecues, music, concerts, fireworks, and carnivals.
  • Families may have a picnic at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
  • Here, you may find the freshest fruits and vegetables. 
  • You may visit San Francisco via hop-on, hop-off to discover the city. 
  • There are several tours for the fireworks offered by local sailboats and ferries. 
  • Take a ferry for the best view of the fireworks.

Stern Grove Festival

  • Summertime in the city is known for the Stern Grove Festival. 
  • It is a nonprofit organization, and entry is free. 
  • During the summer, the festival offers about ten free concerts. 
  • It presents well-known performers in a breathtaking outdoor amphitheater. 
  • Redwood and eucalyptus trees line the edges of the stunning amphitheater. 
  • There is something for everyone, from indie bands to the San Francisco Symphony. 
  • Before making any plans, check the concert schedules.

Visiting San Francisco in August

Similar to July, the weather is cloudy in August. The water is chilly, as well as a lot of fog. But compared to July, August is a lot more unpredictable. When you are fortunate, you could have a few days with lots of sunshine. The majority of days are cloudy throughout the entire month. But, this month is associated with fun activities and events.

Outside Lands Music Event

  • The Outside Lands music event honors artists, musicians, and entertainers. 
  • It is the biggest privately run music event in the country. 
  • People go there and listen to the music and taste cuisines. 
  • Art enthusiasts can explore art for the entire day. 
  • The event also aims to spread awareness of green practices. 
  • They advocate for reducing the significant environmental impact. 
  • You might also take part in sustainable and environmental workshops. 
  • For young brains, this experience may serve as an eye-opener.

Nihonmachi Street Fair

  • This fair is hosted in Japantown
  • It honors all parts of Asian and Pacific American culture. 
  • Music, folk dances, and live acts are part of the festivities. 
  • There are several stalls with unique handcrafted goods. 
  • Additionally, the greatest opportunity to experience various Japanese cuisines is during this fair. 
  • A muscle car exhibition is one of many entertaining and interesting events.

Street Food Festival

  • The greatest way to learn about a city is to sample its cuisine. 
  • This month’s Street Food Festival honors cuisine and restaurants.
  • Come meet with local food sellers, entrepreneurs, and experts from more than 50 restaurants. 
  • They provide a variety of delicious treats and it is a location for a cultural feast. 
  • Here, you eat, drink, and have a good time all day long. 
  • The entire day is filled with entertaining, family-friendly activities. 
  • Lastly, musical performances are major highlights.

Surfing in September

The city of Golden Gate is best visited in September because of the bright sky and enough daylight. The cost of hotels begins to decline. Moreover, the arrival of autumn guarantees longer, sunnier days. 

The trees begin to shade the leaves as the leaves begin to change color. Finally, people go to the beach more often to take advantage of the last few sunny days. September is among the best months to visit San Francisco for surfing.

Bolinas Beach

  • This beach is located between the Gulf of the Farallones and the Bolinas Lagoon
  • For surfers of both intermediate and expert levels, it is the perfect beach. 
  • The “Patch” area is well known for its beginner-friendly slow, gentle, and joyful tides. 
  • Another area where the lagoon and ocean converge is called “The Channel.” 
  • For experienced-level surfers, this region offers somewhat larger waves. 
  • You may bring your surfboard with you, given this month’s nice weather.


  • After this month, the weather turns chilly. 
  • People are therefore interested in surfing or participating in other water activities now.
  • Among the biggest and most well-known surf areas in the nation is Mavericks. 
  • The Titans of Mavericks is among the biggest international surf competitions.
  • The competition is held here as well. 
  • Surfers with advanced skills travel from all over the world to this location to test their abilities. 
  • Beginners should avoid this beach since the waves can reach heights of 50 feet. 
  • As a result, skilled professional surfers try to surf here.

October Sees the Onset of Autumn

October is a wonderful time to travel to San Francisco. The city is warm since the fog starts to fade away. You may visit the seashore and try water skiing or skinny dipping. All of the visitors may have departed, making the area less busy and more available. The best trips to take at this time of the month are weekend breaks or romantic getaways.

Plan Your Schedules around Concerts

  • This Californian city is one of the most well-liked cities for concerts. 
  • It is the result of the picturesque surroundings and a diverse crowd. 
  • Visit places like the San Francisco Theater as well as the Great American Music Hall.
  • Here, you might get to see international performers. 
  • With your loved ones, you may dance and sing all night long. 
  • Those who enjoy classical music can attend performances by the San Francisco Symphony. 
  • You may reserve your tickets in advance by checking the calendar beforehand.

Fleet Week for Families

  • An annual celebration of the American Naval Services is held during Fleet Week in the city. 
  • A ship parade is held to commemorate the week. 
  • Even the San Francisco Air Show, which features aerial acrobatics, is included. 
  • The United States Navy’s Blue Angels team, as well as other units, undertake these daring feats. 
  • The Veterans Art Exhibit and performances held in honor of the fallen warriors are additional events. 
  • Family-friendly activities include many others like this one. 
  • This adrenal rushing event is popular among children as well.

November is Marked by Cold Days 

This month marks the beginning of the winter rainy season. However, there are certain days when you can experience mild weather and a clear sky. The bright sky guarantees that the weather will remain pleasant. 

However, November is the rainy season in the city. So be sure to bring your waterproofs when you want to go out. You may begin by planning your itinerary to include indoor entertainment.


  • Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge is a great activity in the nice weather. 
  • San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean may be seen coming together when standing on the bridge. 
  • The skyline of San Francisco and the Bay Area’s surroundings are two more picturesque sights.
  • Beyond the bridge, there are numerous bike routes for sportspeople to discover. 
  • Families can enjoy doing this as well. 
  • For a better experience, you may also reserve a slot with a guided tour company.

Explore the Cold Days of December 

December in Golden Gate City is among the coldest and wettest months of the year, with the lowest amount of sunshine. In certain places, it snows. But it is generally chilly and wet. You have to meticulously schedule your days to get the best. The good news is that you can easily book and pay half as much.

  • A must-see event is the lighting of the Christmas trees.
    • Ghirardelli Square.
    • Macy’s Square.
    • Pier 39.
    • Union Square.
  • You will love the festive music in the background.
  • Lovely trees are decorated with countless lights to create the ideal atmosphere for the holiday.

Great Dickens Christmas fair

  • By attending the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, you may travel back in time to Victorian days. It can give you glimpses of how Christmas day was celebrated back then.
  • The Cow Palace in Daly City is where this concept fair is hosted. 
  • On the stage, there are more than 800 actors and performers. 
  • The fair has food vendors, music shows, and live music. 
  • For both children and adults, seeing people dressed in Victorian-era attire is fascinating.

Illuminate San Francisco festival

  • Over forty light artworks from the Illuminate San Francisco festival are spread around seventeen neighborhoods. 
  • More than 30 artists contribute to the successful display of the artwork. 
  • As the sun sets, these lights give the city a vibrant appearance. \
  • Through the vibrancy of these lights, one may feel the entire holiday spirit for the New Year. 
  • The wintertime blues are lifted by these lights. 
  • To make the most of your family’s holiday, consider taking a self-guided tour.

For exploring something soothing in winter, you can also plan a visit to Sausalito. Among all, Muir Woods is a recommended place.

To Sum up,

The Golden Gate City’s high season is from June through August. Travelers from all over the world arrive to take part in the midsummer festivities. The arrival of spring is accompanied by sunny days and clear skies. Clearly, there are so many best times to head to and explore San Francisco.

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