Best Time to Visit Peru in 2023 (For Perfect Vacation)

Best Time to Visit Peru

Especially if you want to travel on a hike, the best time to visit Peru is between May and October during the dry season. The weather is fantastic, with sunny days and clear sky.

Understanding the Climate of Peru

Before you visit Peru, it is crucial to know its climatic patterns. The regions of Peru have different climates. Whether it is the Andes, the Amazon basin, or the desert coast, you will see a variation in the environment and climate.

Peru experiences extremely sunny and hot days from December to March (particularly in the north region) and hazy mist and cooler days between April and November. Simply put, you should check the climate, temperature, and environmental conditions of your desired spot before booking tickets.

When is the Best Time to Visit Peru?

when is the Best Time to Visit Peru

Among all spots, the desert coast is highly preferred by tourists. However, you should keep in mind that you will see more sunny and hot days if you visit between December and March. However, the same months will be wet in the Andes. The dry season hits the Amazon Basin and the Andes in June and stays till September.

Below are the season and month-wise details that you must know before visiting Peru:

Winter Season (December to February)

In case you are wondering why we have mentioned these months as summer days, hold on! You should note that summertime in the southern hemisphere is the winter season of the northern hemisphere (and vice versa). 

To visit coastal areas of Peru, you will experience the hottest days here during these months along with some rain. Therefore, you can have ideal conditions for beach activities, swimming, and other water sports.

You will be puzzled to know that the locals of the Amazon Basin and the Andes usually consider these months to be winter days. To eliminate this confusion, it is good to visit the southern part as the temperature is quite pleasant.

Climatic Conditions on Winter Days

The temperature will be around 29 degree Celsius between December and February in the coastal areas. It means the days are pretty sunny and hot but you will also see some rain here. Those who want to see exotic flora and fauna must go to the Amazon Basin or the Andes. You can also visit the world-famous Machu Picchu to have a great time.

Spring Season (March to May)

People coming from the northern part will have spring season between March and May. The temperature will be milder and you will have fewer crowds on the popular trails to enjoy better. But yes, the rainforests here are humid and hot throughout the year. So, it is better to avoid them.

Climatic Conditions on Spring Days

Machu Picchu

If you are looking for the best time of the year to visit Peru, spring is the season when you should plan your trip. Even though the temperature in the coastal areas will still be pretty hot, it drops significantly in other spots.

March is marked as the end of the ‘rainy’ days in Machu Picchu, so you can expect a little bit of warmness and dryness here. But yes, one thing is sure – this season will be pretty quieter. This makes it a perfect time to enjoy trekking and hiking on the Inca Trail.

Summer Season (June to August)

These months will be the summertime in the Northern Hemisphere but winter will start in the rest of Peru. Hence, it is a perfect time to explore the northern region as the weather will be warm and conditions will be a little dry. 

Trekking lovers can utilize this time as the Andes will have fantastic options to explore. Many people get confused with the season during these months, so you are advised to stay clear while planning your trip.

Climatic Conditions on Summer Days

Top attractions such as Machu Picchu have their peak time during these months as travelers visit this place more than usual. This is the best time to plan your climbing or trekking on the mountain tops to see blue clear skies. When it comes to the temperature, it will be between 15 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.

Again, the Amazon Basin will be humid and hot, and extremely dry. So, it is good to avoid visiting there if you are unable to bear the dry and humid season.

Fall Season (September to November)

Early autumn or fall season is considered the best time to visit places such as Machu Picchu and Cusco. In addition to this, you can also go to the rainforests and explore nature at its best. Simply put, it is the best time to travel to Peru


Climatic Conditions on Fall Days

These are the months that rarely experience rain in Machu Picchu or Cusco. Hence, you can visit here to enjoy the pleasant climatic conditions. But yes, keep one thing in mind – a good climate when the temperature is between 23 degrees and 25 degree Celsius attracts a huge number of tourists.

So, you will see the busiest streets, trails, and highly-priced accommodations. It is suggested to book everything in advance so that you do not have to face any issues.

What to Expect in Peru?

Knowing the best time to visit Peru is fine but you should also collect details about the main festivals and events that you can attend here. Below, we have given the month-wise details of the same so that you can maximize your trip and fill it with endless joy. Take a look:


  • New Year’s celebration and festivities


  • 2nd Candlemas: It is an event wherein you can enjoy folklore dancing and music across the country. But the main events take place in Peru’s mountain regions and the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria.
  • Carnival: It is the best moment wherein you can have amazing music, dance, endless fun, and delicious food.

March and April

  • Semana Santa or Holy/Easter Week: Even though you will see superb events all over the country, Ayacucho and Cusco are the best to enjoy Good Friday and Easter.


  • Labor Day: Falls on the 1st day of May, it is a public holiday and a great chance to enjoy your time.
  • Festival of the Cross: Also known as the Fiesta de la Cruz, it is one of the greatest events in Peru where ancient agro-astronomical Peruvian rituals are celebrated.


  • The start of June is called Corpus Christi where you can have the most fascinating feasting and possession.
  • Visit Cusco to attend the festival Inti Raymi.
  • St. Peter’s Day is also celebrated in June. It is a kind of fiesta in different fishing villages.


  • Join the Virgen de Carmen which is celebrated between 15 and 17 July at Paucartambo and Pisac. It is the best time to enjoy exciting music and dance.
  • Peru celebrates its independence day on 28 and 29 July. It is a public holiday for schools and the military.


  • It is the best month to visit Peru because everyone celebrates Arequipa Week between 13 and 19 August. This event showcases fireworks, folklore music and dance, craftsmanship, and of course – lots of food.
  • The 30th is a public holiday because of Santa Rosa de Lima.


  • The famous festival of springs – Trujillo is celebrated in September. This festival is all about dancing, music, food, etc.


  • The Battle of Angamos is marked on 8th October.
  • Lord of Miracles is the festival that is celebrated between 18-28 October. It contains solemn and large possessions. A lot of women used to wear purple, especially in Lima.


  • On 1st November, All Saints Day (Fiesta de Todos Los Santos) is celebrated.
  • 2nd November is marked as All Souls Day (Dia de Los Muertos). It is a festival that is celebrated to remember dead relatives and friends.
  • Puno Festival is celebrated between the 1st and 7th of November where people get to indulge in the Andean culture.
  • October 5 is also a day when you can enjoy community dancing, colorful Peruvian traditions, and so on.
  • To witness the International Bullfighting Competitions, you can go to Lima’s Plaza de Acho between the 1st and 30th of November.
  • The Pacific Fair can be attended between the 12th and 28th of November. But yes, you will need to go to the Lima Centro or Callao.


  • On the occasion of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, there will be a public holiday on 8th December.
  • Christmas is celebrated on the 25th. On this day, so many events take place.

Final takeaways

Now, you know the best time to visit Peru weather-wise and event-wise. Hence, it is your time to pack your bags, book your tickets and accommodation, and do all arrangements in advance. Lastly, do not forget to learn about the local laws and other regulations to avoid unnecessary hassles. And yes, happy journey!

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