12 Best Things to do in Page, AZ | Hidden Attractions & Fun Activities

Things to do in Page, AZ

The northern part of Arizona has so many attractions to offer. Among all, there is a small town called Page situated in Coconino County. This serene town offers its guests a friendly base along with countless things to do in Page, AZ. Besides, many well-known spots such as the Grand Canyon are very close to Page. If you are planning to visit this town on your next vacation, then you have come to the right spot.

In this post, we are going to discuss the places where you can visit and enjoy endlessly. So, let us get started!

Why Visit Page, Arizona?

Before we jump on to the activities, let us help you know why the Page is popular among visitors. It is a small town that is located on Lake Powell’s southern shores. This setting can attract anyone to come and get some fresh air

In addition to this, this is not a populated place. This is why the climatic conditions of this town are quite pleasant throughout the year. Page is like a paradise for avid hikers and campers. You will also find providers to rent houseboats to enjoy on the lake. Simply put, Page has everything that is required to have a peaceful as well as an adventurous trip.

What to do in Page, AZ?

Even though Page is small, you will have plenty of places to visit and countless fun activities and things to do. So, keep on reading to find out more:

1. Antelope Canyon

Amazing Things to do in Page, at Antelope Canyon

In Arizona, Antelope Canyon is considered the most photographed site. Situated on the land of the Navajo, you should have numerous things to enjoy here. To explore this place at its best, you are suggested to get a tour guide. It is the smartest way to see the site in a better way. Yes, it will require some extra hours, but after seeing the canyon, you will not regret spending those hours here.

Most visitors come here to take beautiful pictures in the canyon. If we talk about the best time to come here, you should plan your visit in the late morning. It is the best time when natural sunlight penetrates Antelope Canyon and provides it with amazing effects.

2. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Page AZ

When you search for the top Page, AZ attractions, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument will surely be on the list. It is the largest park in the whole southwestern United States of America as it covers a huge area of 1.8 million acres.

But recently, “Presidential Proclamation Monuments” have been created that have reduced the size of this park. By visiting this park, you can spend some quality time with your loved ones and see amazingly preserved prehistoric animal fossils.

3. Carl Hayden Visitor Center

Things to do in Page, Carl Hayden Visitor Center

People should head to Carl Hayden Visitor Center, particularly when they want to learn more about the well-known Glen Canyon Dam. Located very close to the Glen Canyon Bridge, it was named after a senator and congressman who played a major role in managing and conserving water in Arizona.

This is the best place to get detailed information about the water storage and everything in the Glen Canyon and Colorado River Basin. This place consists of maps, exhibits, books, and a huge collection of videos.

4. Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

In 1963, the Glen Canyon Dam was created. After this, Lake Powell was also created to store water as well as generate electricity for the town. When it comes to activities, this place offers several opportunities for a perfect day out. 

These activities and top things to do in Page, AZ include exploring the dam by touring it on a boat. In addition to this, you can enjoy kayaking and fishing in the fresh lake. To have the best tour, you should attend the ones that are organized by the Natural History Association. 

5. John Wesley Powell Museum

Things to do in Page with family, couple and Kids, John Wesley Powell Museum

John Wesley Powell was a scientist, one-armed soldier, and pioneer. He was the person who brought the magnificent Colorado River in front of the public. This museum consists of items and various objects that tell the story of John Wesley Powell. 

In this museum, you will find different sections including paleontology and geology. These hold excavations that are several years old. You can also get detailed information about the locals, their living styles, cultures, values, and so on.

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6. Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest

Only a few forests have got diversity like Coconino National Forest in North America. Within the boundaries of this forest, you can see and enjoy tundra & desert, Sedona’s red rocks, and the ponderosa pines. This place offers great opportunities for camping and hiking. 

When you are here, you will also find small lakes, valleys, mountains, and freshwater streams. The Coconino National Forest is home to over 100 mammals, 300 birds, and countless snakes and reptiles. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers.

7. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

If you are searching for a unique location to capture beautiful pictures, then you can visit the horseshoe-shaped location. This is near the Colorado River. Since there is no barricading, you can enter here without even paying any fees. 

For hikers, there is a 1.5 miles long trail. But yes, you can stop in between to take some amazing photographs. To capture the best pictures, you should plan your tour during the afternoon as the sunlight plays a great role in ensuring great photos.

8. Waterholes Canyon

This canyon expanded through the red sandstone area before touching the area of Glen Canyon. The water that flows here gets deeper as it goes further. But you cannot visit this site at any time. You will need to inform the authorities in advance and organize a tour. But yes, it is a worth-visiting place in Page.

9. Lee’s Ferry

Visiting Lee’s Ferry is one of the best things to do in Page, AZ this weekend. This place consists of numerous historic buildings. The main town – Page, is only 10 miles away from this spot.

So, when you are in the main town, you should head to Lee’s Ferry. Here, you can enjoy boating and sail down the Colorado River to see the border of Utah and Arizona. This place is best known for fishing and other water sports.

10. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

White settlers found the Rainbow Bridge National Monument only a century ago. It was considered a sacred place by the Native Americans but when it was founded, Taft – the president called it a national monument.

Today, it is among the largest natural bridges not only in Page but in the whole world. Due to its significance, visitors are not allowed to walk under this bridge. But do not worry. You can still get some great views from a short distance.

11. Vermilion Cliff National Monument

This beautiful national monument covers an area of around 300000 acres. It also includes the canyons, buttes, Paria Plateau, and Vermilion Cliffs. The range of elevation is between 3000 feet and 6500 feet. Camping around this place is one of the most exciting things that you can do.

Tourists also visit this place to enjoy diversified flora & fauna along with beautiful landscapes. You can also do hiking but you will need prior permission to do so. Connect with the local authorities to know the same. 

12. Navajo Village Heritage Center

Navajo Village Heritage Center

It is a small family-owned facility that is an ideal spot for those who are visiting Page with kids. This place is best to learn about typical Navajo homes, unique designs, and the reasons for such constructions.

You can also see how authentic Navajo rugs are woven and dyed. From a learning viewpoint, the Navajo Village Heritage Center has so many things to offer. So, you must keep this place on your list.

In a nutshell

Page is simply a beautiful place to visit. You just need to know the places to visit and things to do in Page, AZ. And all these details have been given in this post. You can also do your own online research to have some more options. Lastly, make all your arrangements in advance to avoid last-minute increases in the price.

Go for travel at Arizona in November because it is one of the best month to unlock the beauty of nature.

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