12 Best Day Trips From Seattle, Washington

Day Trips From Seattle

Seattle’s surroundings add to the city’s allure as a place to live or visit. It is surrounded on all sides by iconic Pacific Northwest vistas, like volcanoes, beach areas, and a historic peninsula bursting with adventure. Many of Washington’s top state and national parks, including Mount Rainier, the North Cascades, and the Olympic Peninsula, are considered the best day trips from Seattle. 

On the other hand, there are large cities like Tacoma, Bellevue, and San Francisco that attract visitors with their art galleries, shopping districts, and international cuisines. On the other hand, there are day trips to Seattle that take you to major cities and attractions in Canada. Smaller towns in Puget Sound have a leisurely vibe that allows kayaking to hike, where you learn about the local history, or simply enjoy the island retreats.

All the day trips from Seattle are navigable by car, boat, or other public transportation. While excursions outside of the city are enjoyable at any time of year, the summer months are undoubtedly the greatest. Here are the 20 best attractions outside Seattle that you can plan for your upcoming outing.

Things to do in Seattle Washington

1. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park Day Trips From Seattle

On a clear day in Seattle, you’ll almost always hear natives marveling at how “the Mountain is out.” They’re referring to Mount Rainier in Seattle. Traveling 80 miles south of Seattle will tempt you to explore this almost 14,000-foot beauty as this is the region’s most iconic hilltops. 

Mount Rainier National Park is surrounded on all sides by a national park, and it attracts people from all walks of life every year for a good cause. You must add this attraction to your bucket list and this could be one of your best day trips to Mt Rainier from Seattle. 

Why you should go – In a single day, residents and visitors around Seattle can hike the summit and certain trails around. The Nisqually Entrance is a popular destination for visitors from Seattle. Mt Rainier day trip from Seattle can be settled within a day if you kick start early.

In addition, the wildflowers of Mount Rainier are as magnificent and vivid as their names, with avalanche daisies, western petals, magenta alpine lavender, bindweed, and yellow orchids among them. 

Also, the park is home to a wealth of beautiful alpine lakes with crystal-clear ice and breathtaking landscape. On a hot day, they’re the ideal location to unwind.

Mount Rainier is a shield volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range, which is part of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. Comparatively, the volcano, at 500,000 years old, is at a very nascent stage in contrast to other peaks here that have been part of this landscape for over 12 million years.

Mount Rainier Day Trips from Seattle

What to do – This wildlife-rich natural region is nothing short of awe-inspiring, with sections like Paradise Valley and breathtaking panoramas seen on hiking trails like the Skyline Trail. The 93-mile Wonderland Trail circles the mountain’s base and the park has numerous excellent campsites. 

The journey is interspersed with lush pastures, waterfalls, and the opportunity to watch royal stag and other creatures delighting in the beauty. On clear days, hikers can enjoy panoramic views of Mount Saint Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Hood from Panorama Point, which is at the Skyline Trails halfway.

If you want to try a moderate loop go for the Naches Peak Loop. Starting at Chinook Pass, this  3.5-mile loop circumnavigates Naches Peak and offers breathtaking vistas of wildflower valleys with Mount Rainier in the background.

Another easiest trek you can cover is the Grove of the Patriarchs which you can consider for the family day trips from Seattle Washington. This 1.3-mile guided walkway is lined with ancient coniferous trees and western red cedar trees, with a walkway for much of the way. The Ohanapecosh River is crossed via an impressive suspension bridge on the trek.

Distance from Seattle – 90 miles from Seattle.

2. Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls Day Trips from Seattle

Located 30 minutes east of Seattle is a beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest laced with the most famous waterfall in Washington. This 270-foot fall left a long-lasting effect on the history, pop culture, and communities around the town by the same name. 

This fall has a fan base of its own with observation decks, boat rides, and premium lodging options near the stay. 

Why you should go – This quintessential fall in premiered in various TV shows and is also a melting pot of various cultures. Visitors can enjoy the grandeur of these falls as there are interactive guideways and great accommodation options that give you a great view of this natural splendor.  

What to do – If you’re on a day trip to Snoqualmie Falls from Seattle, feeling the breeze of the falls tops the chart of the main attraction here. The falls are the most popular tourist destination here that draws nearly a million visitors every year. Another part of its popularity, thanks to its closest proximity of 30 minutes from the ‘emerald city. 

Also, there are several iconic hiking trails around. One such is Mount Si which has a significant history in the native culture and is a 4-mile elevation ideal for the one day trip from Seattle

In addition, there are a lot of shuttle river rides available for the time-honored summer tradition at Snoqualmie River.  The Plum 1 Access Point which is a half-mile downstream from the falls is a popular float trip that gives a three-hours of fun and amusement.

Come winter, the Snoqualmie Pass transforms into a winter snowboard and is also the home to the most famous Ski resort – The Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort. Children under the age of 12 years ski free, while permits are required for adults.

3. Vancouver, BC


A Day trip from Seattle to Vancouver is worth the visit if you want to gaze at the mountain backdrops juxtaposed with vast stunning beaches. The city has gained a reputation as one of the most beautiful and breathable cities in the world. 

Why you should go – Vancouver is a haven for outdoor pursuits, thanks to its natural parks and pleasant environment that keeps temperatures bearable throughout the year. It also has a vibrant cultural scene, shopaholic drives, and a great dining atmosphere. This picturesque city was shown to the rest of the globe when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

What to do – Take a stroll to one of the most visited attractions here at Stanley Park if nature and outdoor vistas are your callings. The park is bordered by a paved seawall which is a great place for cycling and walking. During the summer, an outdoor pool is located right on the edge of the park. . Because of its slanted entrance, this is the favorite destination for families.

Your day trip to Vancouver from Seattle is incomplete without exploring the stunning vistas of Grouse Mountain. Summers offer a haven for hikers with an abundance of trails. Comes in the winter, and this place turns into the winter playground for skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding. The Ski arenas operating here aren’t too tricky and serve as an excellent location to learn ski skills. 

You can also add Kitsilano Beach to your things-to-do list which is famous among sunbathers in the summer. The neighborhood features a variety of cafes and recreational trails.

In addition, the stroll at English Bay is also worth your time in Vancouver. It is a popular outdoor area where people come to wander, swim, or explore the pieces of artwork. It also has high-end retail outlets and chic cafes serving global delicacies.

4. Leavenworth

Leavenworth Day Trips from Seattle

Leavenworth is a special alpine town located on the east side of the Cascade Range, about two hours from Seattle. Along with the stunning mountain peaks that surround the town, this backpacker town is distinguished by its distinct Bavarian charm. 

Thanks to late-century rehabilitation initiatives, every inch of Leavenworth today, including the shopping district, is adorned with authentic German heritage.

Because of its elevation in the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth day trip from Seattle is ideal for skiing and other winter sports. Even if you come in the summer, there are plenty of things to do, such as sipping craft brews, kayaking, and rafting down the Wenatchee River.

This is the most ideal location if you’re planning day trips from Seattle in Summer. 

Why you should go – The town organizes numerous yearly Oktoberfest events.  Visitors at Leavenworth have something to celebrate almost every month of the year, with festivals like Maifest in May and Kinderfest in July. 

This is one of the perfect day trips from Seattle in winter. During the month of December, the town comes alive with dazzling lights through the Christmas celebration. Also in winter, there is an inevitable snowfall that makes it an ideal playground for winter sports activities. 

In addition, Leavenworth is becoming a popular destination for wine enthusiasts who wish to sample the region’s fruits and aromas. It is home to dozens of vineyards with tasting rooms. You can go on a winery tour or simply enjoy the magnificent vineyard scenery!

What to do – The Icicle Creek stretch on the city’s north side is one of the first places to go on a day trip. It starts high in the Cascades and flows into the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. 

From town, Icicle Creek Road follows a stretch of this river. The road also serves as a portal to the city’s spectacular alpine settings. The road is lined with hiking areas, picturesque stops, and camping areas. 

Another fascinating stop on the Icicle Creek Road is Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery where you can learn about the life cycle of Salmon and also offers the stunning vistas of the Icicle Creek Nature Trail. 

Looking for a unique day trip from Seattle? You can check in at one of the best ski resorts in the area i.e. Stevens Pass. This well-known ski resort is located on the crest of the Cascade Range, with an average annual snowfall of over 40 inches. Between December and April, there are plenty of snow stockpiles to be found that cover 1,100 acres.

You can also enjoy the night skiing here from Wednesday to Sunday every week. 

Leavenworth is the size of Belgium so one of the best 3-day trips from Seattle WA. 

Distance from Seattle – 135 miles from Seattle Downtown. 

5. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park Day Trips from Seattle

Located on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington State and bordering the Pacific Ocean, it attracts millions of people each year. Olympic National Park is rugged, mountainous, and nothing short of picturesque, with glaciated mountain peaks, and rocky shorelines. It is one of the greatest stretches of temperate rainforest in North America. 

Why you should go – One of the most visited national parks in the United States that draws the majority of visitors arriving between May and September.  The Olympics will undoubtedly be dominated by nature’s view, chime, and sudden amazement of this vast and spectacular wilderness, regardless of which direction you drive. If you are planning a day trip to Olympic National Park from Seattle, consider it for the following reasons – 

  • There are 266 glaciers scattered around the park. The 2.6-mile-long Blue Glacier on Mount Olympus is believed to be the size of 20 trillion ice cubes.
  • The park has over 70 miles of rugged coastline which makes it ideal for beach day trips from Seattle. Ruby Beach, Shi-Shi Beach, Rialto Beach, and Kalaloch Beach are some of the most stunning beaches.
  • Olympic National Park has a diverse habitat, which supports a vast range of native wildlife, some of which are only found on the Olympic Peninsula.   You might be able to glimpse antelope, foxes, rabbits, otters, and perhaps bears if you take a trip through the woodlands or higher-elevation hilly areas.

What to do – It is the first stop when exploring the Olympics. Many guests stay in Olympic National Park for many days or perhaps a week. The drive up to Hurricane Ridge from Port Angeles is perhaps one of the best day trips from Seattle Washington. From this ridge, there are lovely views of the magnificent glacier-covered Olympics Peak. 

This spectacular expanse of nature, one of the last remnants of the temperate zone rainforest, is one of the park’s most popular visitor attractions. Located 90 miles from Port Angeles, the day trip to the Hoh rainforest from Seattle comprises three nature trails, including the family-friendly Hall of Mosses and Spruce Nature Trail, which is the most popular among visitors. The 90-foot Marymere Falls near Lake Crescent and trekking through the lush habitat of the Hoh Rain Forest are also the best things to do here. 

Head to the Forks town which acts as a base from which you can reach the beaches of the Olympic peninsula. 

Another part of the day trip from Seattle to Olympic National Park is a picturesque Ruby beach on the Southern Olympic coast that is stacked with plenty of driftwood. 

Seattle to Olympic National Park

This enormous setting, which can be reached by the 101 near Forks, is large enough to accommodate large groups of people that come to the beach, and surrounding campsites make overnight stays possible. Ruby Beach is just one of the Olympics’ many iconic coastal spots; there’s plenty more to discover at Rialto Beach and Shi Shi Beach. Your family day trips from Seattle are incomplete without visiting this place. 

Distance from Seattle – 110 miles from Seattle Downtown

6. San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands Day Trips from Seattle

Located on the north of Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, are a mix of communities, archipelagos, and wild habitats that provide leisure and peaceful retreat. 

The small archipelago is made up of 172 islands, the largest of which are Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan. Whichever island catches your attention, be prepared for a steady pace when you arrive. Despite being only a short distance from Seattle, the San Juan Islands feel worlds away from the city’s pace and congestion. After experiencing the island lifestyle, it’s difficult to go back to any other way of life. A day trip to San Juan islands from Seattle is worth remembering. 

Why you should go – San Juan Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island are the three most popular islands to visit. As a result, the tourist attractions and tourist spots on these three islands are the most cultivated. Friday Harbour, the provincial capital on San Juan Island, is a popular starting place for multi-day excursions and perhaps one of the best day trips from Seattle.

The tiny settlements around San Juan are full of emotions – not just the people, but its landscape, art galleries, and historical sites.  If you take the time to look around, you’ll find a new narrative around every corner.

What to do – There are numerous attractions here but the 2-day trip from Seattle is worth the visit. The prospect of watching whales in the sea is a significant draw of the San Juan Islands and the surrounding Salish Sea. The region is home to these majestic beasts all year, but the months of June and September are the best for whale watching.

Around the San Juan Islands, humpback, orca, and grey whales can all be seen. The region is most famous for its Orca whales, which are also known as killer whales. 

Lime Kiln Point State Park, commonly known as Whale Watch Park, is also a great area to see whales from the ground. Take a guided boat excursion from San Juan Island and Orca Island which is by far the greatest way to see whales.

Another attraction on Orcas Island is the Moran State Park which encompasses over 5000 acres of wilderness with diverse landscapes, acres of lush forests, and the highest peak of the island which is Mount Constitution. 

A day trip to Friday Harbour from Seattle is also worth exploring which offers a vibrant life and local culture. The moment guests walk off the ferry, they are greeted by this quaint town.   Friday Harbor is a fun place to visit for a variety of reasons. With stores like the Pelindaba Lavender store and steaks dishes at local restaurants, this downtown area draws millions of tourists every year. 

Distance from Seattle – 107 miles from Seattle Downtown

7. Victoria, BC


Flower-smudged Victoria, British Columbia’s capital and one of the country’s most beautiful cities is located on Vancouver Island. A three-hour high-speed ferry voyage from Seattle takes you to this global tourist mecca as this could be your best ferry day trips from Seattle.  Victoria has one of the warmest climates in the country, thanks to its secluded placement between the surrounding mountains and the warm North Pacific Ocean.

Why you should go – Victoria, located on the southern point of Vancouver Island, is shielded by the Olympic Peninsula’s mountains resulting in the mildest climate throughout the year. In the winter, it’s one of the nicest areas in Canada, and it’s a popular tourist destination for both Canadians and international visitors, with year-round attractions and entertainment.

In a single day, visitors can explore micro-ecosystems in tide pools at Botanical Beach, stand among goliaths in Avatar Grove, smoke cigars in the Cowichan Valley, linger at Sombrio Beach, enjoy life at Willows Beach, climb to incredible views in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. There are plenty of landscapes to explore here and all can be done within one day trip from Seattle. 

What to do – Beautiful Butchart Gardens, the Royal British Columbia Museum, the spectacular Parliament House, and Craigdarroch Castle, an exquisite specimen of Victorian architecture, are all highlights of a visit to Victoria.

Besides, you can take a stroll at Inner Harbour or enjoy an afternoon tea at Fairmont Empress Inn and Suites

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the beautiful Butchart Gardens. It’s also a site you may go to multiple times a year to witness how the blossoms change with the seasons. Among the most beautiful are the Italian garden, botanical garden, Japanese garden, and subterranean garden. Artists and musicians perform in the open areas among the ponds, fountains, and various exotic flora.

Besides, you can have a pleasant afternoon at Cook Street Village. You can grab lunch as the area has plenty of chic cafes and eateries, wander the town, or take a 10-minute stroll to the Dallas Road Waterfront Trail.  

Shop till you drop at Market Square which is an eclectic mix of 30 unique boutique shops, cafes, and dining facilities. Wander around and visit a few shops for local art, junk jewelry, and chic decor items. Enjoy the great ambiance and soothing vibes as this part is going to be one of the top day trips from Seattle WA. 

Distance from Seattle – Ferry from Seattle takes 4 hours and 10 minutes to reach Victoria. 

8. Tacoma


Tacoma is a sprawling metropolis on the Puget Sound coast, about a 30-mile drive south of Seattle. It has a vibrant waterfront section dotted with restaurants and activities and is home to nearly 200,000 people. The museums in Tacoma are among the most well-known tourist attractions and one of the great Washington day trips from Seattle.

Why you should go – Tacoma’s museums highlight the Puget Sound region and beyond, from vintage cars to the state’s extensive natural heritage. The Museum of Glass is a must-see attraction. Glassworks from all around the world are on display in this stunning space. It also features a unique installation dedicated to Dale Chihuly, a Tacoma native who is possibly the most well-known glass artist.

What to do – Take a walk on the Bridge of Glass pathway that takes you straight to the Museum of Glass and further down to the Washington State History Museum. The whole pathway spans 500 feet and is one of the best attractions of Tacoma.  At the end of the day, the Bridge of Glass is a great place to gaze at the sunset. Thea Foss Waterway, nearby, has a nice illuminated path and several local eateries with menus to explore after dark.

More artwork can be found nearby at the Tacoma Art Museum, which houses a collection of over 5,000 works by largely regional artists.

Car lovers across the globe travel to Tacoma to visit America’s Car Museum as the facility features hundreds of cars spanning from the last century to the latest sports car editions. Special museum experiences like the Experience Speed Zone package which includes a ride in a racetrack virtual reality is not to be missed. 

Another major highlight of the day trip from Seattle would be Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Park where you can encounter Sumatra tigers, Gujarat Lions, red wolves, and polar bears. 

Distance from Seattle – 34 miles from Seattle Downtown

9. North Cascade National Park

North Cascade National Park

The North Cascades are a steep mountain range with a variety of vertical terrains. They stretch across the British Columbia border and cover most of northern Washington. The North Cascades Highway (State Route 20), which runs horizontally through the region, is the principal entry point for most people.

Why you should go – Day Trip from Seattle to North Cascades National Park includes a staggering amount of waterfalls. The region is known as the Cascades because of its abundance of waterfalls. 

The park is defined by two major elements: high peaks and rivers. It’s just river streams everywhere you linger around  And when you combine it with the rugged peaks, you get a lot of waterfalls—wild, shattering, and breathtakingly beautiful ones. 

Another reason is this place is easily accessible. Because North Cascades National Park is only around 100 miles from downtown Seattle, it makes for a great day excursion.

You’re in luck if you enjoy winter sports like skiing but prefer to undertake them in mild weather with plenty of sunshine. Highway 20, the primary road into North Cascades National Park, is closed in the winter due to the massive amounts of snowfall. As a result, when the road opens in the spring and the weather warms up, the track becomes suitable for winter sports. You need at least a 3-day trip from Seattle to explore this park. 

What to do – Take a trekking challenge to one of the most famous hiking trails in the park i.e. the Cascade Pass Trail. While the relatively low slope, as well as the gorgeous Cascade River Road that leads to the trailhead, get a lot of attention. It’s the breathtaking views that make this trek legendary.

North Cascade

On the other hand, the Sterling Munro Trail is a family-friendly 0.2 miles boardwalk and offers scenic vistas of the Cascades mountains. The wooden path is well-kept and wheelchair-friendly. The trail comes to a close with a spectacular view of the Picket Range. The North Cascades Sterling Munro Trail is an excellent alternative for individuals who are time-bound or planning a 1 or 2-day trip from Seattle. 

The Cedars Trail is a short yet lovely hike that you should not skip. This 1.7-mile walk along the Skagit River takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Beautiful old red cedar trees surround the nature walk. It’s generally flat and stroller-friendly, making it an ideal destination for families. If you want to go for a longer hike, combine it with the Ladder Creek Falls route, which is further beyond the Cedar Trail. 

In addition, the North Cascades National Park is divided into two regions mostly by Ross Lake National Recreation Area. This unique area includes the 23-mile-long Ross Lake as well as the beautiful turquoise waters of the gorgeous Diablo Lake. The picturesque beauty of this park is generally represented by these two lakes, which are easily accessible from Route 20. 

Distance from Seattle – 35 miles from  Downtown Seattle. 

10. Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is a small island settlement in Puget Sound, located west of Seattle across the harbor. Tourists can reach Bainbridge Island by ferry or by private car via an extended route that passes through Tacoma without crossing the sea.

Why you should go – Upon exiting the ferry, the cultural attractiveness of Bainbridge Island is instantly apparent making it the best day trips from Seattle without a car. The Bainbridge Art Museum and the Bainbridge Historical Museum, for example, provide free and enjoyable insight into the island. Several local eateries and boutiques along the island’s “Main Street” are worth the ferry ride.

Other attractions on the island illustrate its true natural essences, such as Bloedel Reserve’s ecosystem and Fort Ward Park’s beaches.

What to do – The most popular path for hiking is a two-mile dirt trail that forms a large loop around the property at Bloedel Reserve. Along this journey, you will experience broad meadows, lush woodlands, and numerous swamps and ponds. Along the loop, you can expect to see creatures, like great horned owls and red-tailed hawks. 

Another attraction here is the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art which houses a collection of perpetual art connected to the Puget Sound Region. Its archive is also open to the public for free with no admission fee.

Fort Ward Park is another attraction and is a great spot for a stroll alongside Puget Sound. Fort Ward, a remote coastal fort that served as a radio station and training facility during WWII, is now part of the 137-acre park. Treasures from war history can still be found around the park.

Distance from Seattle – 10 miles from Seattle Downtown. 

11. Bellevue


The city of Bellevue is located in the eastern suburbs of Seattle, in a magnificent setting surrounded by the Cascade Mountains on all sides. It is a thriving and flourishing neighborhood that draws visitors from all across the United States. 

Why you should go – The Bellevue Arts Museum is a must-see attraction, with rotating exhibitions, activities, seminars, and workshops. The Bellevue Botanical Garden is also a popular destination due to its free admission. The gardens comprise 53 lush acres and include the emblem flower of Washington, the rhododendron. You can consider it one of the fun day trips from Seattle Washington. 

With more than 200 stores and 50 eateries to pick from, Bellevue Square is known as one of the top shopping hubs in the Seattle metro area The downtown core of Bellevue is lined with more restaurants and shopping alternatives.

What to do – Take a stroll at the Bellevue Downtown Park or you can plan a picnic with your family and friends here. The entire area is a nicely designed oval garden surrounded by a waterfall artwork. A wide dirt walkway, studded with various benches, circles the park next to the tumbling waterfalls. These vantage points provide a spectacular glimpse of the city skyline.

You can give company to your kids at Bellevue Arts Museum which features revolving installations that exhibit the creative artworks. The museum also gives visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at how the art was developed alongside the various artistic processes.

Though Bellevue is not short in natural wonders, the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which spans 53 acres, offers the most comprehensive glimpse of Pacific Northwest vegetation. On Main Street, this urban display of botanical splendor is open every day from twilight to dawn. It is always free to enter.

Bellevue Day Trips from Seattle

Another one of the ideal Washington day trips from Seattle located on the shores of Lake Washington, is the Meydenbauer Beach Park. Earlier this neighborhood served as the arrival point for ferries departing from Seattle. It allows locals and tourists to play with sand or can host a picnic. When the water is warm enough and lifeguards are on duty, Meydenbauer Beach Park is a popular area to swim during the summer months.

You can head back to the Bellevue downtown district for shopping, dining, and overnight accommodation at the Bellevue Collection. 

Distance from Seattle – 10.5 miles Seattle Downtown. 

12. Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island

Located approximately north of Seattle is a huge island wedged between the mainland and the Olympic Peninsula.  The largest island in Washington holds cultural significance in the Puget Sound region.  It’s also a popular weekend getaway for the Seattle folks, thanks to its abundance of national parks, attractive boutiques, and breathtaking sundown scenery.

Despite its proximity to big cities, the island maintains a relaxed atmosphere during the day. The laid-back vibes are particularly noticeable on the island and around Oak Harbour. Expect to come across farm markets, stylish restaurants, and a joy of escape from the crowds. You can count this as one of the best day trips from Seattle. 

Why you should go – If you want to escape the exhaustion of Seattle, head to Whidbey Island for the day and take one of the more unique boat day trips from Seattle. It’s only about an hour’s journey north of Seattle.

Beaches, hillsides, rocks, and fields can all be found here to explore. When the tide goes out, you may walk on beaches around the island to find sea life in the sand, making this one of the greatest beach day trips from Seattle. Visiting the vineyards on Whidbey Island is another favorite pastime at any time of year.

What to do – Whidbey Island’s nightlife is reason enough to visit. The island is divided into several charming settlements, each with its own distinct flavor and way of life. Coupeville, Greenbank, and Langley are a few places to visit for a taste of the local culture.

Many visitors come to Whidbey Island in the hopes of finding something pure from the land. Below Oak Harbour, the entire southern half of the island offers a variety of agricultural potential. Every day of the year, there’s something new to try, from farmers’ markets to farm kiosks to family ranches.

Day trip to Whidbey Island from Seattle is incomplete without Fort Ebey State Park which caters to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. Over 25 miles of trekking and riding trails across the park, in addition to the adjacent Kettle Trails. These pathways wind through a dense rhododendron forest with stunning views of the coast. Over 50 cottages are available at Fort Ebey for overnight stays. And staying the night is the ideal way to experience its spectacular moonlight.

Whidbey Island Day Trips from Seattle

Maybe the breathtaking landscape and historic treasures of Whidbey Island aren’t your things. As a result, the island holds a number of festivals throughout the year. Every month brings a unique reason to cheer, from kite-flying sideshows to live concerts.

The Whidbey Island Film Festival kicks off the year in January. Springtime also brings family-friendly events such as Musselfest, St. Patrick’s Day marches, and the Clinton Easter Egg Hunt.

Beginning with the Coupeville Memorial Day Parade, summer festivals occur almost every weekend. The Whidbey Island Fair, Whidbey Island Race Week, and the Whidbey Island Music Festival all take place in July, making it the busiest month of the year.

Harvest celebrations make room for Halloween-themed festivities throughout the autumn, ensuring that the party never stops. The year comes to a close with Christmas events, including the Holly Jolly Parade in Langley, which is held on rare occasions when there is lots of snow in the town.

Distance from Seattle –  36 miles from Seattle Downtown

Whether you’re looking for a place for a weekend getaway, sightseeing, or trying to escape the hubbub of the city, there are plenty of interesting options just a mere hour’s drive away.

Many of these day trips are frequented by tourists, but they are also popular with locals, too. If you’ve never experienced them, none of the attractions will disappoint. Whatever appeals to you—the mountains and waterfalls, shopping, or fine art—is probably available just outside the city on a day trip from Seattle with the aforementioned destinations at your disposal. 

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