12 Things to Do in Port Angeles, WA (Washington)

Things to Do in Port Angeles WA

Located on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula and bordering the Strait of Juan de Fuca, is one of the greatest basecamps for outdoor pursuits.  And adventure beckons in this umbrella zone soaked in sunshine. Wanderlust runs rampant in every direction from Port Angeles – from orca whale sightings attending the Lavender Festival Celebration to rainforest climbing. Definitely, there are plenty of things to do in Port Angeles.

The first reason people come to Port Angeles is to explore Olympic National Park which stretches to over one million acres. Many of the city’s most famous sights are only a stone’s throw away from Port Angeles. 

Hurricane Ridge, the closest park attraction, and the most favorable things to do in Port Angeles are just 20 minutes away. The bohemian culture here is what keeps people drawn to this gorgeous mountain city. The Olympic Discovery Trail, which runs the length of the coast, is the town’s principal non-motorized route. This paved walkway is lined with public parks, food trucks, and a distinctive sand spit, opening the door for adrenaline-rush outdoor pursuits.

Here are the 12 best things to do in Port Angeles, Washington – 

1. Capture Your Sight at the Beautiful Hurricane Ridge

things to do in Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge

With a 17-mile commute from the city, Hurricane Ridge offers one of the most spectacular views of the Olympic National Park. This picturesque vista is one of the top things to do in Port Angeles WA.

Throughout the year, Hurricane Ridge has a lot to offer to enjoy. There are a variety of possibilities in the spring and summer, ranging from steep climbs to subalpine springs to ridge-top excursions. It is the place where you’ll likely encounter wildflower-covered hillsides and blacktail antelope grazing throughout the park. Hurricane Ridge offers skiing, cross-country snowboarding, and tubing as winter pursuits.

Why you should go – Hurricane Ridge may be the greatest option available if you’re seeking for breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountain Range with minimal hassle. Within Olympic National Park, this is the most easily accessible mountain area. On a clear day, you may see more than 18 different peaks in the Olympic wilderness. 

What to do – Time wisely spent simply marveling in admiration at the rugged mountains from the visitor center’s porch. Galleries, restrooms, and educational presentations are also available at the visitor center. You will get a better view of the horizon from here. 

The Hurricane Ridge Visitor Centre is an excellent site to commence your tour. Stop here for information, guides, refreshments, and handy tips about your stay. For the summer, it is open every day. In winter it is accessible on weekends. Plan your first outing here if you’re looking to do one of the unique things to do in Port Angeles

2. Walk Along with Ediz Hook

things to do in Port Angeles, Ediz Hook

The three-mile sickle sand peninsula stretches out from the Port Angeles Boat Harbour and marina, giving real immunity from the tidal waves at Juan de Fuca Strait. The tranquil, sparkling harbor waters that attract travelers to the area are primarily due to Ediz Hook

Boating, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, and stand-up paddleboarding are all fantastic activities to watch out for.

Why you should go – The gorgeous vistas of Port Angeles, flanked by the Olympic Mountains, is the first thing that comes to mind when visiting The Hook. This viewpoint is reason enough to visit on sunny days. The Hook also provides protection from the waves of the Juan de Fuca Strait. This safety makes it a great place to embark on a kayak or rowboat. Gazing and soaking in the view is one of the most romantic things to do in Port Angeles.

Ediz Hook

What to do – Take a walk or bike along the Port Angeles downtown shoreline, particularly on a magnificent concrete stretch of the Olympic Discovery Trail. 

Driving is also acceptable, although not nearly as enjoyable. Sound Bikes & Kayaks offers electric bikes here. 

You can also explore miles of the Olympic Discovery Trail, which leads to the Elwha River and Lake Crescent.

3. Visit the Feiro Marine Life Centre to Greet the Native Sea Creatures

Feiro Marine Life Centre

A marine center and aquarium dedicated to the aquatic life that lies beneath the surface of Puget Sound.

Located near the Olympic Coast Discovery Centre on the waterfront offers close encounters of native marine life. The Feiro Marine Life Centre has a variety of aquariums and touch tanks that use seawater directly from the Juan de Fuca Strait. Educational opportunities and academic lectures are also available at this facility.

Why you should go – The Marine Life Centre is a great place for families to have a good time. They can engage with three-touch aquariums, and skeletons from larger species. They are all found by the Centre, and kids have access to microscopes to examine the tiny creatures on display. Volunteer naturalists ensure that both children and adults have their questions answered and that your visit is worth remembering. A visit here will be worth remembering as this is one of the best things to do in Port Angeles with kids.

 things to do in Port Angeles,Feiro Marine Life Centre

What to do – Many of the living species that belong to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and are located within a 20-mile radius of Port Angeles are housed in this museum, educational center, and aquarium. Crabs, sea urchins, lobsters, shellfish, sharks, and even a giant Pacific Octopus are among the displays.

4. Bike and Roll at Olympic Discovery Trail

Olympic Discovery Trail

Cycling is one of the top things to do in Port Angeles coastal surroundings. Traveling at a reduced pace allows you to take in the distinctive environment at the country’s edge. One such is Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT), which runs right past the downtown waterfront, and is the best route to soak in.

The ODT is a 130-mile stretch spanning the Olympic Peninsula’s northern coast. The trail, which runs from Port Townsend to La Push, traverses five renovated railroad bridges and passes through various picturesque settings. The trail is still under construction and consists of a mix of roadways, gravel driveways, and cycle lanes. 

The part of the ODT that connects to downtown Port Angeles includes a paved pathway for non-motorized vehicles. It’s a popular bike trail to get to Sequim’s lavender fields to the east. It is a 25-mile gravel circuit that extends west to Lake Crescent and is the most fun things to do in Port Angeles WA. 


Why you should go – The Olympic Discovery Trail is a fantastic opportunity to see everything that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer! 

This 130-mile trail will provide year-round relaxation pursuits for walking, running, and cycling.  The ODT winds its way past ranches, rural meadows, and picturesque villages along the sea before arriving at the Pacific Ocean. 

The ODT has a lot of diverse parts because it covers so much territory and has a variety of habitats. There are four regions – the east, east-central, west-central, and west. Each stretch of the trail is unique and unforgettable, from coastal stretches along the Strait of Juan de Fuca through forested hillsides to places where the trail opens up to views of the Olympic mountains.

This one-of-a-kind resource is a must-see for anyone looking to enjoy a beautiful pathway that runs through a stunning world-class landscape.

What to do – You’ll make a stop at Sequim, Port Townsend, Port Angeles, and Forks during your trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Shopping, eclectic restaurants, and tourist hotspots are all available in these diverse and attractive cities. You can combine your excursions to these cities alongside the part of the trail.

You can see wildlife like otters, sea lions, and even whales along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If you investigate the section near to Lake Crescent, You’ll be able to travel on the old Spruce Railroad trail if you go further to Lake Crescent.

You’ll sail across unique and picturesque bridges as you travel around the Olympic Peninsula’s lovely rivers. You’ll walk past huge fir, oak, and cedar trees in the lush woodlands. This should be on your ‘things to do in Port Angeles this weekend’ list. 

5. Wake up to a lakeside Vista at Lake Crescent

things to do in Port Angeles,Lake Crescent

20 miles west of Port Angeles, is another crown jewel of Olympic National Park which is a  glacially formed lake. It is known for its extraordinary depth and pristine, with a lot of natural beauty.

Lake Crescent, a shimmering emerald nestled amid high-forested mountains that seem to leap for the sky, is more than a sight to see; it is a place of mysteries. Many of the stories that surround Lake Crescent are based on its enormous depths and ancient origins. 

Recent measurements show depths in excess of 1,000 feet, shedding some light on its Loch Ness aura. 

Lake Crescent is the venue of a rift between two tribes that ended in catastrophe when the god Mountain Storm King (4,534 feet east of the lake) ripped off a piece of his skull and flung it at the warriors, slaying them all and parting the lake in two, forming the upper Lake Sutherland.

Why you should go – A trip to Lake Crescent wouldn’t be finished without a hike along the shoreline. Marymere Falls, one of Olympics’ top hikes, begins at the Storm King Ranger Station on the lake’s southeast shore. 

The trail is less than a mile long, with little hill rise, and the rushing water at the completion of the trail is always a family favorite.

The trail is well-kept and very flat until you reach a series of natural stairways to the Marymere Falls viewpoints on the “Falls Loop,” where you ascend around 200 feet. 

The stairs begin shortly after two picturesque bridges over Barnes Creek and Falls Creek and proceed circular, turning left at the intersection. Marymere Falls is beautiful from both the lower and top vistas!

Lake Crescent

What to do – Because of the depth and elevation of the water, it remains chilly all year, making boating the preferred water pursuit.

Rent a rowboat from Lake Crescent Lodge and embark from one of the lake’s harbours at either end. Float over the ocean and marvel at its purity, ripples, and sparkles.

Once you’re back on dry land, go for a walk around the neighborhood. Choose from a variety of day hikes around Lake Crescent. These range from a quick 0.6-mile loop with zero elevation gain to a 7.5-mile hike with a 4,200-foot elevation.

For a somewhat moderate trip, take the 0.8-mile trail from the Storm King Visitor Centre to Marymere Falls. Walk through the scrub oak rainforest until you reach the 90-foot-high cascading falls. 

Lake Crescent has a lot to offer. You’ll need to stay for a few days if you want to cover all of the neighboring trails. There is a campsite at Fairholme Campground on the west side. This is definitely the most romantic thing to do in Port Angeles

6. Breathe Lavender in Sequim


Sequim is a small town paradise located on the northern edge of Port Angeles, bordering Sequim Bay and the Salish Sea.

Sequim offers magnificent views and a leisurely pace, surrounded by the shadow of the Olympic Mountains. It also offers a combination of saltwater and freshwater environments.

Often referred to as the ‘Lavender Capital of the World’ due to its pleasant weather and ancient canals that allow these shrubs to proliferate, and its dozens of local farms that fuel the community spirit. 

Why you should go – Sequim’s lavender industry is both a tourist and horticulture attraction During peak season, many farms, like Purple Haze Lavender Farm and California Sunshine Farm open their doors for visitors.   

A visit to a souvenir shop with artisan lavender goods is usually included in these trips. You gaze from north to south, east to west, as the rows upon rows of bright violets frequently make for a great photo opportunity.

What to do – Outdoor aficionados will love Sequim. Hiking through wildflower meadows and along the nation’s longest natural sand spit, golfing at the picturesque golf courses, walking or cycling along the Olympic Discovery Trail, catching fish, and visiting the lavender farms are just a few of the activities available during your visit to Sequim. 

There’s everything for everyone at Sequim but the most difficult decision will be deciding what to do first.

Sequim is the cultural hub of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, with a diverse range of shopping, dining, and leisure. Visit Sequim’s quaint downtown to attend a live theatre performance at Olympic Theatre Arts, and dine at one of the finest restaurants while you’re here.

If you’re traveling on a weekend, the Sequim Farmers Market offers the best of organic produce in the form of fruits, veggies, and flowers.

And don’t miss one of the legendary festivals in town, such as the Sequim Lavender Weekend, the country’s largest lavender celebration. It is the most preferred things to do in Sequim and Port Angeles. 

7. Hike-Sleep-Repeat in Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest

The Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, is well-known. The Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula, for example, is a lesser-known temperate rainforest. 

The lush rainforests are among the most enchanting in the Olympic National Park.  When you visit these lush zones, it’s like walking through a green cathedral. The different shades of green add to the park’s spectrum and are one of the best things to do in Port Angeles. 

Why you should go – The Hoh Rain Forest is one of the Olympic Peninsula’s four rainforests. It is, however, the only one that has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and a Wildlife Reserve. Its unique ecosystem has stayed constant for millions of years, and it is today the northern hemisphere’s most preserved rainforest. 

The Norwegian Fir and Western Juniper are the most frequent trees found in the Hoh Rain Forest, both of which can grow to be over 300 feet tall and seven feet in diameter. Huge clumps of hanging moss and ferns cover the majority of them.

What to do – The Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Centre is the perfect location to kickstart your journey. You can stroll two short nature paths from there: the 0.8-mile Hall of Mosses Trail and the 1.2-mile Spruce Nature Trail. The Hall of Mosses trail is the most preferred one. 

The 5 Mile Island hike will take you deeper into the woods. It parallels the Hoh River and is bordered by massive 100-year-old cedar trees, juniper, and douglas fir. You notice how calm and peaceful it is even if there are several other tourists.

The best time to go is when it’s wet and raining because the moss is at its most rich and lush. Another reason to visit during the rainy season is the strong possibility of seeing a banana slug, the world’s second-largest land slug species. 

This is their realm, and they can reach a length of 2-3 feet and weigh a quarter-pound here. Because Roosevelt elk migrate to higher elevations in the summer, the monsoons are the greatest times to see them in the area. Also, this is one of the free things to do in Port Angeles

8. Visit Orcas Island to Greet Whales!

things to do in Port Angeles,Greet Whales

During the months of May through October, the Puget Sound Express departs daily from Port Angeles for whale watching excursions where photo ops are in abundance at every angle.  A trained expert will assist you in identifying the many whales, fur seals, sea lions, and sharks that can be found in the seas off Port Angeles.

It’s no surprise that nature and marine enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Port Angeles, as it’s one of the top whale-watching destinations on the West Coast. And, is also one of the top things to do in Port Angeles WA.

Why you should go – The seas off the coast of Port Angeles are one of the best places in North America to gaze at humpbacks, grey whales, killer whales, and the rare minke whale. The months of May to October are the best for whale watching on the Olympic Peninsula. You have the chance to witness – 

  • Humpback whales – With hundreds of these “crooners of the sea” prefer the chilly, nutrient-rich waters as their summer feeding grounds, and the picturesque Strait of Juan de Fuca has become home to the beloved humpbacks of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Grey whales  – Grey whales have the record for the world’s longest mammal journey, reaching up to 14,000 kilometers. On their annual return to Alaska from Baja, Mexico, these seasoned travelers make a quick stop at Port Angeles. They are the only bottom-feeding whales, which means they eat whole lungfuls of food from the ocean floor.
  • Orca/Killer whale – For generations, orcas have called the shores of the Salish Sea home. They live in close-knit family groups that include everyone from the smallest infant to the oldest female. After a successful search for their preferred food, Chinook salmon, these cheerful pods of killer whales can be quite playful and acrobatic.
  • Minke whale – Minke whales are lonely individuals that travel the Salish Sea in search of swarms of small baitfish. They are one of the most fascinating marine mammals. It’s thrilling to watch a minke dive through a bait ball.

What to do – The Whale Trail puts Port Angeles on the international map as this is one of the top whale-watching spots in the world. 

Driving 20-minutes to the south of Port Angeles is the Salt Creek Recreation Area is also one of the best vantage points to spot whales.  Whale spouts can be seen from Tongue Point, which is located within the Recreation Area. Whale spouts can be seen from Tongue Point, which is located within the Recreation Area.

Taking a guided tour is one of the most reliable ways to see whales. Several companies in the area provide competent excursions  One of the most popular operators is the Island Adventures Whale Watching. 

9. Don’t Miss Out on Olympic National Park Coastal Strip

Olympic National Park

Some visitors come to Olympic National Park for its treacherous hiking tracks, while others seek peace in the beauty of the waterfalls. However, no visit to this huge park would be complete without a visit to its scenic seaside wilderness. You will witness one of the best things to do in Port Angeles WA

While the Olympic National Park beaches are non-identical from the tropical beaches of southern states, and they are breathtaking in their own right.

Steep cliffs, secluded beaches, and towering pines surround these vast lengths of pristine white sand. Rugged sea stacks piled high make up much of the view, and the stormy overcast just adds to the drama.

Why you should go – The rough western shore should be high on the list of things to do in Port Angeles, as it contains various stunning landscapes. Over 70 miles of the country’s most wild coastline are protected by the Olympics. Much of the captivating terrain is defined by jutting sea cliffs, forested fjords, and a wilderness.

What to do – Start your trip with one of the most visited beaches of the Olympic National Park – Kalaloch Beach which is segregated into 4 beaches, and all of them offer a different view from one another. 

Kalaloch Beach is famed for the iconic Tree Root Cave, popularly known as the Tree of Life. The roots of the famous tree appear to be hanging in mid-air atop a receding river bed along the rock.

  • Kalaloch Beach 1 – Located close to picturesque Highway 101. The beach is accessible by a short and simple hike. While the trail may be feasible, the beach is littered with debris, so getting down to the sand may require some maneuvering. It’s much easier once you get to the beach. Enjoy the scenery, explore the vast rock pools, and keep an eye out for the falcons’ nest in the trees along the shoreline.
  • Kalaloch Beach 2 – Beach 2 is mostly composed of small stones rather than sand. The coastal splendor, as well as the driftwood-filled coastlines and the lovely woodland setting, are all the same.  Despite the fact that the beach is not far from the main road, this is the most isolated beach.   The beach is enormous, and you can wander for hours without expecting much of a crowd.
  • Kalaloch Beach 3 – The beach itself is surrounded by massive, majestic boulders, and driftwoods with spectacular ocean views. There are abundant tidepools as well, but you’ll have to trek quite a distance to get to them. 
  • Kalaloch Beach 4 – After crossing a beautiful pedestrian bridge surrounded by driftwood, you’ll arrive at beach 4. It has sandy and rocky portions.  The backdrop is classic Pacific Northwest, with lush slopes, hazy skies, and sea stacks.
  • Ruby Beach – Recognized as the ‘crown beach’ of the Olympics, this rugged stretch, named after the quartz sand crystalline that populates the coastline, showcases the best of the PNW. Maritime heaps, debris, and forested slopes are among the beach’s features. There’s also plenty of wildlife, such as peregrine falcons, otters, seals, and, of course, the usual tidal pool residents. It is also one of the few family beaches due to the lack of long arduous walks.
  • Rialto Beach – Rialto Beach, home to the famed Hole in the Wall trek, is a favorite among visitors to Olympic National Park. Massive driftwood piles, towering sea stacks, and many multicolored tidepools characterize this iconic Washington coast beach. The beach is also home to some of the best animal viewing spots in the area. You can spot otters, penguins, and even whales. Not only is this beach spectacular, but it’s also one of the top treks here. 
  • Shi Shi Beach – It’s a little off the usual route, and the surreal backdrop may make you feel as if you’ve stepped off the planet totally. This beach, however, is one of the most beautiful in the state of Washington, and it is frequently voted the greatest beach in Olympic National Park. 

Getting to the sands of Shi Shi beach, however, is no easy task. The beach is at the foot of an 8-mile round trip trek, with the last leg being particularly difficult. The majority of the trail, however, is flat and easy, with magnificent rainforest scenery.

Once you’ve arrived at the beach, take your time to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of massive sea pillars and other strange rock formations. Campsites are available along Shi Shi Beach if you want to stay longer and soak in the breathtaking views.

10. Sol Duc Falls

Adore at towering oak trees in a lush rainforest landscape while visiting one of Port Angeles’ most popular attractions, Sol Duc Falls

Towering oaks, gushing streams, alpine terrain, snowy peaks, and wildlife abound in Olympic National Park’s Sol Duc Valley. The valley is home to numerous routes and attractions, making the entry fee—25 USD for seven days or 50 USD for unlimited tours at Olympic National Park —a fantastic deal.

Why you should go – Sol Duc Falls drops 48 feet into a steep, rocky cliff, branching into as many as four cascading falls, depending on water volume. There are several vistas of the waterfall, both upstream and downstream, as well as on the river bridge. Definitely, you will be mesmerized by nature’s beauty as this is one of the best things to do in Port Angeles today. 

For the greatest view of the flowing water, photographers must carry a tripod and screens. Visit on a rainy day, or early in the morning or late in the evening, when sunshine and silhouettes play across the landscape. Don’t forget to bring a towel and an extra pair of trousers. 

Sol Duc

What to do – Camping at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is one of the most peaceful things to do in Port Angeles. You have the choice to stay at night or just visit for the day. Guests can purchase day passes and there is a restaurant on site if they feel hungry.

Visit Sol Duc Falls if you’re looking for a short but gorgeous hike on the Olympic Peninsula. This 1.6-mile circuit walk leads to a stunning waterfall.

Follow the wide, well-maintained track through the woods. The track is family-friendly and pleasant, winding through a thick forest and passing through many shades of green. On a bridge, cross a little brook, and pause to admire the water cascading over moss-covered rocks. Before coming into view, Sol Duc Falls makes an audible greeting. At 0.8 miles, you’ll come to an old shelter with a waterfall.

11. Take Out Some Time to Appreciate Arts at Port Angeles Fine Art Centre

Port Angeles Fine Art Centre

Nestled in a postmodern farmhouse it offers intimate exhibitions, a small gift shop, and restrooms, is free and open during daylight hours all year. This is one of the best and free things to do in Port Angeles!

Spend 30 minutes or three hours here; individuals of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy themselves. You will, however, require decent footwear as well as the ability to navigate uneven trails.

Why you should go – The five-acre park, with its 125 sculptures, is perhaps the best park in North America, if not the world, and is nestled on a hill within a 20-minute walk from downtown Port Angeles. It’s unquestionably a true treasure!

What to do – There is no walkway in the park; it’s a severely forested (almost rainforest-like) park with archaic, vine pathways covered with grasses. And, while there is an open meadow area that creates a more traditional art park, the rest of the park goes up and down steep hills that do need some tricky walking. This is a live masterpiece that varies with the seasons, not a manicured park with static art.

To discover the hidden art, you must continually keep your eyes wandering up, down, and all about while you cautiously stroll along the tiny trails. The majority of the art is skillfully blended into the natural environment, so you really have to look for it. Some become colonized by nature over time, enhancing the confluence of art and nature.

12. Touch Canada with Black Ball Ferry Line!

Black Ball Ferry Line

The M.V. Coho passenger and car ferry connect Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, with Port Angeles, Washington, on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula. Enjoy the ship’s various amenities, including the restaurant, souvenir shop, duty-free shopping, cozy interior lounges, sundeck, and pet-friendly spaces.

Why you should go – By taking the MV Coho Ferry between Port Angeles, WA, and Victoria, BC, you may travel to a completely new country in a span of just 90 minutes. What’s the best part? With magnificent vistas of the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Victoria Inner Harbour, and breathtaking sunsets, sailing aboard the Coho Ferry offers the finest visual experiences of the Pacific Northwest. 

What to do – Once you take a scenic departure from Port Angeles, onboard the MV Coho soak into the sweeping views of Victoria’s inner harbour. The Olympic Mountains in the backdrop is something not to miss. You can go to the Butchart Gardens, walk around the Inner Harbour, or marvel at fortresses in Victoria. Don’t forget to capture the breathtaking sunsets.

Do not forget to carry your passport as you would be taking a voyage with remembering. Definitely, one of the finest things to do in Port Angeles! 

What to Eat in Port Angeles, WA?

What to Eat in Port Angeles

Although backpackers’ camping provisions are the most typical meal on Western Washington’s secluded Olympic Peninsula, travelers who look in the appropriate spots will find some outstanding restaurants.

The adjacent communities of Port Angeles and Townsend, which are nestled between the National Park and the Strait of Juan de Fuca along U.S. 101, are the finest spots to grab a lovely meal while exploring the adjoining wilderness. Some of the best bets include – 

  • Blackberry Cafe – Located on Route 112, it offers blackberry barbeque sauce, shakes, pie, and delicious pancakes. Do not forget to try the massive Sasquatch burger. 
  • Granny’s Cafe – Located near the Lake Crescent it serves classic diner foods such as patty melts, biscuits and gravy, and sweet potato fries. 
  • First Street Haven – This little downtown restaurant, which bakes its own cinnamon buns, and pastries and serves unique variations of scrambled eggs and French toast, is Port Angeles’ best breakfast destination. It’s ideal for fuelling up before day travels and is only available for takeout.
  • Bella Italia – After Bella and her vampire lover met here on their first date, this Port Angeles landmark became a tourist attraction for “Twilight” fans. Spaghetti sauces, lasagna, and other Italian favorites are expertly made and served in a cheerful, relaxed dining area that is ideal for a romantic date. Add this to your ‘romantic things to do in Port Angeles’ list. 

Where to Stay in Port Angeles, Washington?

If you’re considering spending the night in Port Angeles, consider staying at one of the following venues:

  • Red Lion Port Angeles Harbour – This hotel is right on the edge of the lake. The majority of the accommodations feature lake views.
  • Olympic Lodge – The wood-paneled atrium of this bucolic lodge features floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel offers an outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi, as well as a lobby with a wood-burning fireplace and lounging area. Breakfast is complimentary. 
Olympic Lodge
  • Sea Cliff Garden Bed and Breakfast – The views of the shore from this Victorian-styled BnB are spectacular. There are five guest suites, each with a gas fireplace and a view of the ocean. It offers free parking, WiFi, and breakfast.


Port Angeles is getting into the groove of outdoor rock climbing. The outdoor activities are endless, attracting enthusiasts from across the country searching for their next big adventure. The city prides itself on its natural beauty and strong community. All that is left to do is visit and have fun with the best of the best things to do in Port Angeles!

No matter what kind of holiday you prefer, Port Angeles is a place that offers an all-encompassing experience. The rich culture, laid-back atmosphere, and beautiful scenery provide something for every person visiting the Olympic Peninsula – there really is something for everybody here.

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