13 Best & Fun Things To Do in Lima, Ohio

Fun Things To Do in Lima, Ohio

Limo is a quiet as well as the unassuming city in Ohio. But Limo is located in the heart of the famous Allen County, you can expect diversity here. In addition to this, thrilling nightlife, beautiful parks, and intriguing museums offer plenty of activities and best things to do in Limo, Ohio.

Simply put, this city has something for all. So, before you decide anything, keep on reading this post for more details.

Exciting Things to Do in Limo, Ohio

1. Tour the Famous Allen County Historical Society & Museum

things to do in Limo Ohio at Allen County Historical Society Museum

In this city, it is more likely to be one of the highly visited spots. Here, at the Allen County Historical Society & Museum. This is one of the best places in the city to know the rich history of this region. When you are here, do not forget to explore the railroad history of Limo. There is a rail museum sort of area where you can see historical train engines (some of them are still operating). In addition to this, you can enjoy riding the traditional trains.

If you are visiting with your family, you should check out the Macdonnell House. It is nothing but a Victorian-style mansion. The walls are beautifully carved, the windows are made of stained glass, and you will also see historical artifacts here. You will need a whole day to explore this place completely.

2. Spend Some Time at Faurot Park

things to do in Limo Ohio at Faurot Park

In case you are looking for some fun things to do in Lima Ohio, this 89-acre land can be your option. Here, you can enjoy unlimited outdoor activities along with numerous modern amenities. Constructed in 1935, Faurot Park attracts visitors and locals alike due to its amazing range of outdoor facilities.

This park has recreational structures along with green spaces. Hence, you will have plenty of space to enjoy your time. In case you do not want to indulge in any activity, worry not. The park has amazing sitting arrangements. You can find the right spot and spend some “me” time under the trees.

If you are here with your kids, you can try your hands on hiking as well. And yes, the park also has volleyball courts, a baseball ground, a skate park, and so on. You can even become a part of the Star Spangled Spectacular event.

3. Visit ArtSpace-Lima

For art lovers, this place should be on the top of their list. This place has so many amazing galleries containing fabulous artworks of popular artists. You can also attend various events such as exhibitions, film showings, community engagement programs, and music nights. But yes, before you visit here always check the schedule of the center to know what event you can attend. And yes, always make your bookings in advance to avoid long queues. 

4. Go to the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office

Things To Do in Lima at Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park

This is the headquarters of rangers and naturalists who manage different parks in Lima and nearby areas. The Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office is surrounded by nature exhibits, trails, trees, and numerous other parks. No matter what your age is, you will find several activities to learn. It includes knowledge about local fauna and flora, rescue animals, facts about the forests, etc.

This place also organizes so many special events on various topics. You can also enjoy various outdoor recreational amenities for visitors. In simple terms, it is a perfect nature-related destination.

5. Get Detailed information about Local History at the Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit

Things To Do in Lima at Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit

In this center, you will get to see cabooses, passenger cars, steam engines, and numerous railroad artifacts. For all history buffs, seeing all these engineering wonders will be an amazing experience. In addition to this, you will find shady spots. You can stop there and do some rest or enjoy some delicious food. 

6. Spend Some Relaxing Time at Schoonover Park

This is quite a quaint outdoor spot that offers various activities and things to do in Lima, Ohio this weekend. You will also get a lake of 25 acres here. It has some of the most exotic aquatic animals.

There is also a pool wherein you can enjoy swimming. Since it is not a deep pool, you can take your kids inside too. Around this lake, there are a lot of scenic picnic spots that are surrounded by local flora & fauna and trees. Here, you can sit with your loved ones and enjoy some tasty meals. You can also indulge in astronomical events that take place 365 days a year.

7. Enjoy the McLean Teddy Bear Park

Fun things to do in Limo Ohio at McLean Teddy Bear Park

If you are planning to meet cute teddy bears, then you will be disappointed to know there is no cuddly teddy bear. But do not feel bad because this park offers so many things for you. It is a well-maintained facility and a perfect option for relaxation.

You can even do fishing and catch some freshwater fish in its small ponds. If you are wondering if you will be allowed to do so, then yes! Anyone can enjoy this activity without a fishing license. If you love maple syrup and other products, then you can also attend the Maple Syrup Festival to enjoy and buy some tasty sweet treats.

8. Stay at Ottawa Metro Park Campground

If you have a long trip in Lima, then you should not miss out on the opportunity to spend some time at the Ottawa Metro Park Campground. It is a specious space with around 30 sites. Each site is loaded with amenities needed for a comfortable and convenient stay.

To enjoy fishing at the popular Lima Lake, you can rent boats. There is a small beach wherein you can spend some time with your family. This place is also quite safe for kids.

9. Plan Your Visit to the Lauer Historical Farm

Things To Do in Lima at Lauer Historical Farm

To collect some details about the agricultural history, you can go to the Layer Historical Farm. Operating since WW2 (World War II), this place provides you with some great details about the local agricultural heritage. Apart from this, you can also roam around the lush grounds and click photos in the beautifully landscaped gardens.

This farm is also open for different celebrations and events. Some people even choose this place for wedding parties as well. Simply put, you will earn knowledge and spend some relaxing time in scenic and peaceful surroundings.

10. Do Shopping at Alter Ego Comics

If you are someone who is a fan of pop culture, then this spot is a haven. You will have countless options for movies, comic books, TV series, and so on. It is situated on the main street of the city. You will get collectibles, toys, action figures, posters, games, and so on at this shop.

One of the most notable things about this shop is that you can get Star Wars memorabilia along with Marvel & DC comics and other limited-edition collectibles. When you are here, you will surely love the friendly staff and inviting surroundings. You should also enjoy some local delicacies outside the shop to have a perfect time.

11. Enjoy Golf at Hidden Creek Golf Club

Hidden Creek Golf Club

In case you are puzzled about what to do in Lima, Ohio, fret not! You can enjoy some great golf games at this famous Hidden Creek Golf Club. It is a golf course with 18 holes. The best thing is that it is accessible to visitors and the public. 

As a golfing enthusiast, you can have fun here. Additionally, the club offers so many amenities that will ensure a good and comfortable game for all players. You can also practice golf, buy golfing equipment, and try amazing food at the indoor restaurant. 

12. Hang Out with Your Loved ones in Vino Bellissimo

People who are visiting Limo to enjoy flourishing nighttime should spend their time at Vino Bellissimo. It is a club and bar that serves premium cocktails, wines, beers, and other drinks. This is a perfect spot to hang out with your friends after a long hectic day.

It offers a thrilling dance floor, a great ambiance, friendly locals, and amazing drinks. This spot is considered a hidden gem of Lima. Therefore, you should add this place to your list to have memorable nightlife.

13. Taste the Best Pizza at Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill

Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill

It is more than 50 years old and is more popular with locals as well as tourists alike. The Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill is best known for its cozy settings, delicious foods, and friendly staff. They serve homemade meals along with seasonal specials and trademark appetizers. And yes, when you are here, do not forget to try their delicious pizzas. 

The beautiful city of Ohio – Lima offers endless options to its tourists so that they can have a memorable and fun vacation. So, you should make a list of the things to do in Limo, Ohio. This will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest without any confusion. Always check the climatic conditions to pack stuff accordingly. Lastly, you must read local rules to keep unnecessary hassles at bay. And yes – happy vacations!

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