Top 10 Attractions & Best Things to do in Beaumont, Texas (TX)

Things to do in Beaumont

The Coastal City – Beaumont was founded in the State of Texas in the year of 1838 in the country of the United State of America.

The population of the Beaumont City is around 115,282 as per the latest census in the year of 2020.

Beaumont is a charming young community, this what is Beaumont Texas known for with a genuine love for their town’s unique Museums, Family Adventure Parks, Malls and also for the food Restaurants are also the best Beaumont Tx attractions.

Now, everyone has a question about what to do in Beaumont Tx and what are the fun and crazy stuff to do in Beaumont Texas.

1. Quality Collection in Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Art Museum of Southeast Taxes

Most amazing places to visit in southeast texas is the Art Museum of Southeast Taxes for an amazing experience.

This museum is very large with the huge collections of painting and art works to show to the visitors on their book trip to this place.

In this Museum, you can have a look at the most expensive artworks done by artists and phrase their work.

Some of the events like day of family art events offered by the museum 4 times in a calendar year.

It has a gift shop for buying the things you want to have in your life. It is the best things to do in Beaumont Texas. 

Address500 Main St, Beaumont, TX 77701, United States
Opening hoursSunday: 12–5 pm
Monday to Saturday: 9 am–5 pm

2. Shopping at Parkdale Mall

Parkdale Mall in Beaumont

One of the highly expensive shopping malls in the city of Beaumont is the Parkdale Mall opened for the public in the year of 1973.

It features a total number of more than 150 stores to shop from like the American Eagle, Hot Express, Sears, Aeropostale, Victoria Secret and many more.

A great time to do shopping with their partners and enjoy walking in the mall is the lovely things to do in Beaumont Tx for adults.

Don’t worry about the parking because it has a big area to park your vehicle safe.

Address6155 Eastex Fwy, Beaumont, TX 77706, United States
Opening hoursSunday: 12–5 pm
Monday to Saturday: 10 am–8 pm

3. Get inside the Jumping World

 The Jumping World

The Jumping world is an entertainment and game area for the kids located in the city of Beaumont of Texas state, one of the best places for entertainment in Beaumont TX.

Trampoline for the small kids is one of the fun attractions in Beaumont Texas to visit with their parents any time they want.

This is a good place and also a safe area for kids for the fun things to do in Beaumont Tx.

You can lounge here with new couch seats and order the food as well as per your choice and availability.

It provides the activities such as water balls, trampoline, arcades, online games for the kids.

Jumping Worlds also has an area for the birthday parties for the adults and other activities aera for different ages in adults as well.

Get the Jumping World Directions Here:

Opening hoursSaturday: 7 am–11 pm
Sunday to Friday: 1pm–9 pm

4.Friday Movies in Jefferson Theater

Jefferson Theater in Beaumont

Historical Art performing theater – The Jefferson Theater is established in the city of Beaumont, Tx.

It is built in the year of 1927 and Emil Weil is the designer of the Jefferson Theater.

The Jefferson Theater reflects the architecture of old Spanish with a seating capacity of 1400 Audience.

So, what is there to do in Beaumont Tx in Jefferson theater is to book a ticket to a classic movie and enjoy every Friday fun night with your favorite person.

Many artists performed in this theater including the high profile one and local arts also performed in the Jefferson theater.

Every year, a film festival is also held here annually and because of this, it is the home of film festivals.

Address345 Fannin St, Beaumont, TX 77701, United States

5. Explore the History of Fire Museum

 Beaumont Fire Museum

The Fire Museum with world’s largest huge hydrant statue is located in the city the of Beaumont in the Texas State.

This Museum is rebuilt in the honors of the firefighting heroes in a replace of the 1927-year fire station.    

Horse Stall is the main Beaumont Tx attractions in the Fire Museum where the horses lived and took his boss to the fire place.

Horse stall are the important part of the fire department because the boss is pass away, he buried by the fire department under the floor in this area.

Visitors are welcomed here to know the history of every area of the fire station like the light trucks.

Light Truck is the very first truck in the United State of America decided to build in the year of 1932 for night and or for in smoke areas in this Light Truck stall.

Trip to this fire museum and know about the history of the fire station is the special things to do near Beaumont Tx.

Address400 Walnut St, Beaumont, TX 77701, United States
Opening hoursMonday to Friday: 8 am–4:30 pm
Sunday and Saturday: Closed

6.Take a look at Beautiful Beaumont Botanical Gardens

Beaumont Botanical Gardens

Beaumont Botanical Garden is located in the total area of 23 acres in the city of Beaumont as already understood by its name.

Beaumont Botanical Gardens is also known for its other name “Tyrrell Park Garden” in which it is established. 

This garden is a cool and small where everyone desires to visit and make a list of cool things to do in Beaumont Tx with the cool botanical gardens.

It offers an invitation to the visitors to give a look at the flowers planted here and to the other places as well.

It is like a home for the birds and considered as the best place to watch the birds in their nest. These are the lovely things to do in Beaumont Tx.

Get the Beaumont Botanical Gardens Directions Here:

Opening hoursMonday to Friday: 9 am–4 pm
Sunday and Saturday: Closed

The Alamo, Brackenridge Park, and San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, these three are must visit destinations of Texas’ San Antonio in November.

7. Order the cooked food at The Logon Cafe and Pub

The Logon Cafe and Pub

Hungry like never before, just visit the Logon Cafe and Pub to have some testy food and drinks in the city of Beaumont, Texas.

It is a full-time bar provides the live music, open mic events, standup comedy for the visitors as the best stuff to do in Beaumont Texas.  

It is a great place to order your favorite food such as sandwiches, meat, beef and biscuits mentioned by the most of the visitors.

Coffee is considered as the best item among the all the drinks available here in the Logon Cafe and Pub.  

The availability of the Stimulating and the chill atmosphere Makes the Logon Cafe the best places to eat in Beaumont Tx.

Address3805 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706, United States
Opening hoursFriday and Sunday: 11 am–2 am
Saturday: 11 am–2 pm, 6 pm–2 am
Monday: 5–10 pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 11 am–12:30 am

8. Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park is a major adventure destination for the family’s entertainment and the group of children of all ages.

It is an indoor adventure park that provides the best game areas for the kids to enjoy the little stage of their life.

Trampoline Arenas, slam dunk tracks, stunt airbags, are the main entertainment stuff provided by the Urban Air Adventure Park.

The latest Adventure Park Beaumont Tx attractions are the Warrior Battle Beam, Climbing Wall, Indoor Ropes Courses for the fun things to do in Beaumont Tx.

You are also welcome here to celebrate your kid’s birthday parties in one of the special areas specially made for the special occasions.

Address6250 Eastex Fwy, Beaumont, TX 77708, United State
Opening hoursFriday: 4–9 pm
Saturday: 10 am–9 pm
Sunday: 12–8 pm
Monday to Thursday: 4–8 pm

9. Look into the life of Thomas Edison in Edison Museum

 Edison Museum

The Edison Museum is dedicated to the life and turns of Thomas Alva Edison with the things displayed in the museum.

This museum features more than 70 artifacts on loan from the Charles Editions Fund.

It includes the Early wax cylinder phonograph and on the other hand, the museum’s replica Kinetoscope shows the edition’s invention of motion picture equipment.

Thomas Alva Edison is the person who invented the light bulb and also the electrical current chair.

During his life, Edison had 1093 USA Patents and 2332 worldwide.

Visitors can come here to know the life of the Edison and also the most amazing things to do in Beaumont Texas. 

AddressEdison Plaza, 350 Pine St #1750, Beaumont, TX 77701, United States
Opening hoursSaturday and Sunday: Closed
Monday to Friday: 10 am–2 pm


10. Snap with Reptiles in Gator Country Wildlife Adventure Park

Gator Country Wildlife Adventure Park

Gator Country Wildlife Adventure Park is the home of 450 Alligators, reptiles, mammals and crocodiles brought here through rescues.

It is a unique experience for the adults and the kids to get in touch with the gator provided by the Gator Country Adventure Park.

Things to do in Beaumont Tx for adults and kids is to have a snap with the gator by holding in your hand like a scary ideal.

This park also provides the adventure package from time to time for more wildlife animals such as the lizard and snakes and other more.

Address21159 FM 365, Beaumont, TX 77705, United States
Opening hoursSunday to Monday: 10 am–5 pm


The city of Beaumont in the Texas state is usually the most listed traveler place for the visitor to get a touch with the history and have a best time for entertainment, shopping and all the great and amazing things to do in the Beaumont Texas.

Edition Museum, Jumping World, Gardens, Fire Museum are the top most Attractions in Beaumont Texas. 

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