11 Best Things to do in Fresno CA in 2023

Things to do in Fresno

Fresno is a city in the California State founded in the year of 1872 near to the San Joaquin Valley located in the south of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the only block mountain in the United State of America.

The Fresno city is named after the Spanish word for the Oregon Ash tree that commonly grew along the river banks.

This city is a county seat of Fresno County. It is the 5th largest city according to area and the 34th largest populated city with a population of 1,008,654 as of the latest census in the year of 2022.

Best things to do in Fresno California is to have a trip to the most visited places like River Park, Big Fresno Fair, Discovery Center, Blossom Tail and many more. So, what are you waiting for, just scroll down to know more about Fresno Ca.

Places to visit in Fresno, CA

1. Step in The World Heritage Site the Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park.

A World Heritage site by UNESCO has made this park the world-famous national park within a short period of time

More than 3 million visitors pay a visit to this Yosemite National Park every year.

The total of the Yosemite National Park is more than 747,000 acres

To Do: Things to do in Fresno Ca is to visit here and have a look at beautiful granite cliffs, towering waterfalls and enjoy the 800 miles of hiking trails within the park are the fun things to do in Fresno this weekend.

AddressCalifornia, United States
Opening hoursOpen 24 hours

2. Have a seat at The Tower Theatre

The Tower Theatre

The Tower Theatre was open in the year of 1939 and today is considered the best in the state of California.

The Theatre has undergone from many restorations since its opening and done many historical changes.

The Theatre is capable of 761 guests and has the 3 tiers on the either side of the Auditorium.

To Do: You can view the theater’s full day show schedule online is the cheap things to do in Fresno without paying any cost and also watching the awesome concerts, plays and performances is the lovely things to do in Fresno for couples.   

Address815 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

3. Go for Shopping in the River Park

The River Park

The River Park was opened for the public in the year of 1996 and it quickly became the most popular shopping hub in Fresno.

Today, The River Park has become the home of more than 75 shops and restaurants.

River Park is divided into 3 parts. One part has a shopping shore, a movie theater, second part is known as the Market Place and third part is called the River Park Plaza.

To Do: One of the free things to do in Fresno today is to have an awesome snap the River Park Big Slogan Board established here and enjoy the shopping and watch a movie with your partner.

Address71 E Via la Plata, Fresno, CA 93720, United States
Opening hoursSunday to Saturday: 7 am–10 pm

4. Explore your Mind in The Fresno Discovery Center

The Fresno Discovery Center is a science center for the mind where the visitor of all ages can create, discover and explore. It also has a big area called the Discovery Center Park for other types of fun activities apart from the science.

The Fresno Discovery Center has been designed for scientific imaginations and encourages the visitor to think, create and do some wonder.

To Do: It is impossible to get bored here enjoy the Deutsch Cactus Garden, The Tortoise enclosure and create the memories with the things to do in Fresno Ca in the Discovery Center.

Address1944 N Winery Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, United States
Opening hoursTuesday to Thursday: Closed
Friday to Monday: 9 am to 1 pm

5. Enjoy the different events at Chukchansi Park

Chukchansi Park

The Heart of Downtown Fresno city, the Chukchansi Park is also known as Grizzlies Stadium.

This is a city owned baseball stadium features incredible sight line from every seat with a capacity of 10,650 audience.

Chukchansi Park is also used for some other activities like Music Concerts, Events and High School Football.

To Do: Visitors are always welcomed here to witness their favorite team baseball matches, be the part of the music concerts from time to time and enjoy the high school football matches is the great things to do in Fresno California in the baseball stadium.  

Address1800 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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6. Feel the Peace at Saint John the Baptist Cathedral

Saint John's Cathedral

Building this church was decided in the year of 1878. For this, 4 lands were purchased to build this cathedral church in the year of 1880 and completed just after the 2 years in the year of 1882.

Many changes were done in the church and many times destroyed to rebuild with red bricks in the year of 1903.

To Do: Travelers can visit the church to get the peace in their life and view the amazing decorations during the Christmas.

Another best things to do in Fresno California is to have a look at the architecture inside the Saint John the Baptist Cathedral Church.

Address2814 Mariposa St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States
Opening hoursSaturday to Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday: 8:30 am–5 pm

7. Drive a path on Fresno Blossom Trail

Fresno Blossom Trail

The Blossom Trail is a historical point of interest which promotes the Fresno County’s agriculture being an undivided part and called the beauty of the Fresno County’s agriculture.

Most vibrant colors can be seen between the middle of the February to middle of the March with the different colors in the blossom trail.

Trees planted in the blossom trail will give you the glimpse of the city by showing you the softer and warmer side of it all.

To Do: Make a list of the things to do in Fresno for couples and then visit the most romantic place with your partner and create the unforgettable romantic memory with a slow walk on the trail of romance.

Address2629 S Clovis Ave, Fresno, CA 93725, United States

8. Enjoy with family at The Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair is held annually and millions of people get together here to enjoy the fair with their family, friends and also with their kids.  

The Fair takes place over two weeks and features a variety of exhibits including horse racing, live musical performances and a livestock show are all the amazing things to do in Fresno Tonight.

The aim of this Fair is educating the local residence for the improvement of their knowledge.  

To Do: This Fair holds the fun thing to do in Fresno Ca. Visitors can enjoy the horse riding and live performances and other more competition events in the Big Fresno Fair.

Address1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States
Opening hoursFriday to Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30 am to 4 pm

9. Meet your favorite animal at The Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned pets established in the year of 1908.  

The history of the zoo is mysterious and has no official records to know more about this.

In 1929, this zoo was officially opened for the public in the name of Roeding Park Zoo. An African adventure area was built in the zoo.

To Do: You can make a trip in the zoo and experience the life of the animal by watching their behavior and a way of looking at the human.

Kids with their family visit this zoo to see their favorite animals like giraffes, lions and more.

Families can visit for newly African adventure things to do in Fresno with kids in the zoo.  

Address894 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States
Opening hoursSunday to Saturday: 9am – 4pm

10. Experience the Stone wall of Forestiere Underground Gardens

Stone wall of Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Forestiere Underground Gardens are the underground passages named after a person Baldassare Forestiere who made these until his death.

It took over a period of 40 years from 1906 to 1946 to build till the death of Baldassare Forestiere.

Now, the Underground Gardens are operated by members of the Forestiere family.

To Do: Fruit trees like grapes, orange, lemon and more are available here. The walls made of the stone add the wonder and give the best experience to the visitors.

Think about the visiting this awesome place is the cheap thing to do in Fresno Ca.

Address5021 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, United States

11. Cool off the summer days in Island Water Park

Fresno Island Water Park

One of the most fun and best waterparks in the central valley, the Island Water Park is located in Fresno city of California.

The Park has seven food and drinks stalls to satisfy your cravings and water slides, lazy rivers, pools for your hot summer day entertainment.  

This park normally opens in the summer, a better way to cool off on a hot summer day.  

 To Do: If you want to celebrate a fun day with your family, friends and kids just visit the Island water park and enjoy the dozens of slides, a lazy river and a wave pool, a thrill tunnel of terror are the fun things to do in Fresno California.  

Address6099 W Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States


Fresno City is the great place of unique activities to do and amazing places to explore like Underground Gardens, Discovery center, Zoo, Fair and many more.

This city will give a touch of historical places, modern changes, love, affection and a warm feeling of experience.

Make a list of things to do in Fresno today and visit this awesome city to explore, adventure and also the peace you want in your life. 

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