29 Top Attractions & Things To Do in Redding California 2022

Things To Do in Redding California

Nestled between several mountain ranges, Redding is the economic capital of the Shasta Cascade area. The city lies along the shoreline of River Sacramento and offers a beautiful backdrop. The iron and copper mining in the 1800s brought it under the limelight. Since then, the economy, architecture, and culture have bloomed. Nature has offered the area beautiful escape points and acts as a getaway resort for people nearby. With the rich history and 29 things to do in Redding California, exploring this place will be worthwhile.

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What to do in Redding, California?

Set near the largest National Forest, the Sacramento River, and several mountain ranges, Redding offers the best trails for hiking. They are also great for biking, camping spots, picnic areas, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, and many other adventures. 

Book an RV and pack your bikes to hit the roads and explore the city. The modern concept of the city also offers convenient leisure activities and is best for family trips.

1. Plan a Day or Two for Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Things To Do in Redding California, Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Located by the shoreline of the Sacramento River, Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a prominent cultural, natural, and historical site. The exploration park covers a 300-acre area and has fantastic things to do in Redding CA

It is difficult to explore this park in a day. Plan your visit to get the best of this treasure land. The famous features of the park are its museums, playgrounds, nursery, gardens, theme areas, and animal exhibits. 

Tip: Families can participate in the Family Second Saturday educational program. The program offers fun activities to engage people and give them a fun experience.

2. Explore the Wilderness at Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp

Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp

Tucked within Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp is worth special attention. Featuring animal exhibits, playgrounds, adventurous activities and much more, it is best for kids. Its Forest Adventure Park is designed keeping in mind entertainment for kids. The climbing wall offers a bird’s eye view of Turtle Bay.

The new animal exhibits at Mill Building are a delight for animal lovers. Besides, Parrot Playhouse will steal your heart with all its lovely colors. Spend some time playing with the parrots and feeding them. Forest Amphitheater, Turtle Pond, and Interpretive Forest are popular things to do in Redding California.

3. McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens for Plant Parents

McConnell Arboretum

To the north of Turtle Bay Exploration Park lies the 200 acres of McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It encompasses several indigenous and non-native species of plants and trees. The best part of McConnell Arboretum is the walking trail linking it to the Sacramento River Trail that solves your query about what to do in Redding CA.

The botanical garden is home to animals, beautiful gardens, a medicinal garden, several water features, a garden for children, and a seasonal pond. Take your little ones to explore fun plants and teach them the importance of conservation.

4. Waterworks Park is Fun for Kids

Things To Do in Redding California, Waterworks Park

People of all ages love to spend their time at water parks. The best way to beat the heat during the summer is to buy a pass for Waterworks Park. Loved by the locals, the water parks have all the amenities like floaties, umbrellas, several shaded areas, cabanas, and gift shops, for a perfect day out. 

Fun things to do in Redding CA include Flumes, Cyclone, Raging River, Avalanche, Lazy Lagoon, Kiddie Playground, and Wave Pool. Trained lifeguards guarantee safety in the park. Lunch breaks are fun with delicious scales and coolers available inbound.

5. Catch a Surreal Sunset at Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge

The world-famous Sundial Bridge is situated at Turtle Bay and attracts every person who visits Redding. The bridge is a fine example of functional art. Installed over the Sacramento River, it connects both the campuses of the exploration park, serves as the entrance for the Sacramento River Trail system, and is a glory in itself. Visitors have free access to the bridge. Hit the bridge in the morning hours between 11 am to 3 pm to check the sundial forming shadow. You will have a peaceful time viewing the turquoise river and the glistening sun.

6. Self-Guided Tour of Shasta Dam is Rewarding

Things To Do in Redding California, Shasta Dam

Built across the Sacramento River, Shasta Dam forms Shasta Lake and qualifies to be the eighth tallest dam in the United States. Drive just 10 miles from Redding to explore the gorgeous area surrounding the dam. Guided tours of the powerplant and inside of the dam are available year around. You can also take a self-guided tour and cross the dam. Lake Shasta looks pristine from the top of the Dam. You will not fall short of things to do near Redding California. The area is also popular for Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

7. Breath the Fresh Gush of Air at Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Spread over a whooping 2.2 million acres, the Shasta-Trinity National Forests are combinedly the largest National Forest in California. Chanchelulla, Castle Crags, Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel, Mount Shasta, and Trinity Alps are prominent areas of the National Forest. 

The dense forest, long shorelines, and rich flora and fauna of the region are enough to mesmerize you. Several trails winded across the forest canvas offer opportunities for hiking, walking, and biking. The shorelines attract people for all fun water activities and have the best camping options in the area. 

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8. Cross-Country Skiing on the Slopes of Mt. Shasta

Nestled in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Mt. Shasta is known for its scope for winter adventures. This answers what to do in Redding during winter. The Mount Shasta Avalanche and Climbing features Snowmobile Trails. Spread over 260 miles of ungroomed as well as groomed snowmobile trails, it is a popular spot when it’s snowing. 

Cross-country skiing is the heartbeat of winter sports enthusiasts. The physical challenge offered by the terrain sets the perfect tone for an adventurous hour. The slops welcome people of different levels of expertise. Explore the marked three miles of Sand Flat and Bunny Flat this winter.

9. Eaton House Museum Showcases the 1800s 

The Victorian-era Redding attractions were once owned by Judge Richard Behrens Eaton. After his demise, his abode was turned into a museum to fulfill his wish to showcase family history. The exhibit has an extensive collection of Victorian furniture, silverware, vintage books, antiques, and other pieces. 

The collection of artifacts showcases the past of Shasta County. Memorabilia, antiques, and artifacts shed light on the history of the area during World War. Popular among the exhibits is the collection of Victorian-era clothing pieces. The museum truly brings the era of the 1800s into life with its careful preservation of past tokens. 

10. OHV Riders Head to the Grounds of Shasta Lake Ranger District

Things To Do in Redding California, Shasta Lake Ranger District

OHV Riding in the adventure land of Shasta-Trinity National Forest has a loyal base. The national forest has two designated Redding activities for OHV Riding- Hayfork Ranger District and Shasta Lake Ranger District. Amidst the OHV routes of Shasta Lake Ranger District, the Bagley Area OHV Routes are especially recommended by experts for well-structured loops. Riders of all skill levels can enjoy riding on these routes. You can choose Deadlun, McCloud Bridge, or Chirpchatter as your base. OHV routes of Hayfork Ranger District are appropriate for riders with advanced skills who love to hone their skills.

11. Get the Aerial View of Redding with Air Shasta

View of Redding with Air Shasta

The bird’s eye view of the scenic Redding and Northern California will be the highlight of your trip. Air Shasta offers this beautiful experience with two curated scenic trips over the area. The first trip includes the world-famous Sundial Bridge. The breathtaking view of the bridge contrasting the blue and green hues is worth it.

The other answer for what to do in Redding California involves Shasta Dam Tour. The magnificent views of Lake Shasta and Shasta-Trinity National Forest will always last in your memories. Their experienced pilots will fly you over Whiskeytown Lake and then towards Sacramento Lake and Sundial Bridge.

12. Spend an Evening at Casino Club

Casino Club

Casino Club has been a one-stop destination for entertainment, fun, and good food since 1982. The Poker Room of the club is known for its table games like Blackjack, Omaha, and three cards Poker. They even have Poker tables for players. Weekly tournaments are the best part of the club. After a few fun games, head to the Karaoke room to spend the rest of your lovely evening. The in-house restaurant adds charm with its delicious menu, murals, vintage lamps, and piano. Casino Club surely offers a lovely evening and fun things to do in Redding.

13. Play a Bowling Match at Country Bowl

There is a different sense of fun associated with Country Bowl. The secret is the family that owns the avenue. Local bowlers and the family assure passionate games to players of all ages. The family-friendly atmosphere encourages a healthy competitive spirit in young players. Open seven days a week, the bowler promises a thrilling experience during their Black Lights N Strikes every Friday and Saturday. Roll on your sleeves to have a fun match with your family and enjoy the music at Country Bowl. 

Note- Every Thursday they organize Country Music Night and serve special drinks. 

14. Work Your Wits to Solve Mystery at Extreme Escape

Things To Do in Redding California, Solve Mystery at Extreme Escape

The concept of escape rooms has gained popularity all over America. Reddings has its scavenger room for its people. Hunters Heist, Captain’s Curse, And Bunker 77 are three meticulously designed rooms for the ultimate thrill and stuff to do in Redding. Every inch of the room contains keys, clues, and hints to solve the mystery and escape the room. These 60 minutes of trill with your family are worth every penny. 

15. Show Your Stunts at Rare Air Trampoline Park

Pull up your socks and drive downtown to Rare Air Trampoline Park to jump around. Trampoline parks are always fun and best for families with kids. People of all ages are allowed to jump around and have fun all day. Their major attractions include Rock Climbing Wall, Slam Dunk Court, Junior Zone, an Airbag Pit, Dodgeball arenas, etc. Battle your friend at the Battle Beam and win the bet. Trapeze Court is their new addition and jumpers get to fly for real. The 20 ft swing will give the adrenaline rush and the surreal feel of flying. 

16. Take a Swim at The Redding Aquatic Center

The Redding Aquatic Center

Redding Aquatic Center serves its purpose as a practice center as well as a rich heritage. The center receives 100,000 visitors every summer. It is a substitute for a water park if you want a calm floating time. The complex has two diving boards and a competition pool of 50m. For activities in Redding CA, they have an activity pool that has a two-story slide, 25-meter outdoor pool, zero-depth entry, 6 Lanes Wading Area, water feature, etc. Book your ticket for an afternoon swim session.

17. A Romantic Brunch with River Romance Dinner Cruises

Things To Do in Redding California, River Romance Dinner Cruises

This family-owned business has been offering a unique experience of the Sacramento River for 20 years. The hand-crafted memories of the cruise with your beloved ones are everlasting. The cruise is perfect for a romantic getaway or small families if you are wondering where to go in Redding.

The guides of the cruise share less-known anecdotes about the city. The experience just gets better and better when your cruise reaches under the Sundial Bridge. Their experienced oarsman curates the perfect meal, as per your preference, and you can soak in the peaceful nature.   

18. Spooky Dreams are Sure With Dreams of Darkness

Dreams of Darkness

People seeking thrilling activities will love their spooky and scary nights at Dreams of Darkness. Referred as the longest and only haunted attraction in Redding, you will have the spookiest hour. The haunted decorations, lighting, sound effects, actors, and other tiny details are spine-chilling. The unguided tour of the ghost town will continue through the house of the Clown, and there are several scary jumps on the path. Dreams of Darkness is meant only for brave hearts who ponder about what to see in Redding.

19. Self-Guided Tour of Sculpture Park at City Hall

Things To Do in Redding California, City Hall

The largest art gallery in Redding is situated within the City Hall. The hall covers three stories and is spread over 100,000 square feet, and is known to host 500 feet worth of gallery railing. They have collaborated with North Valley Art League and have displayed several exhibits of their art. 

Sculpture Park is among the eminent places to visit in Redding. This park has upheld the motto of City Hall outdoors. The park has several permanent installations of artwork and exhibits unique pieces frequently. The park will be a feast to the eyes of an artist. 

20. Walk Downtown to the Oldest NHRA Track: Redding Dragstrip

Things To Do in Redding California, Redding Dragstrip

Back in the 1950s, this dragstrip signed up as an official NHRA track and has been functional since. These days it is the oldest operating NHRA track. Head down to the dragstrip to witness a thrilling race at the public strip. Several racers bring down the car and hone their skills on the rugged land. The electrifying environment during any race is worth the visit at this community-driven and family-friendly location. The Kool April Nites organized attracts the attention of the nation. People come for the crazy car show during the Kool April Nites weekends.

21. Spread a Brunch at Enterprise Park

Things To Do in Redding California, Enterprise Park

Located within the bustling part of the city, Enterprise Park welcomes visitors with things to do in Redding California. The park covers 84 acres and has several amenities for a good time. Play an informal match with your friends on the basketball court or the soccer field. After an exciting match, you can relax at the shade structure and have a healthy BBQ meal at designated picnic tables. Enterprise Park offers a laid-back experience and is perfect for a day out. Other important sites include the community garden, fantasy fountain, kids kingdom, and roller hockey arena.

22. Rock Climbing on The Mighty Trinity Alps

Tucked in the lap of mother nature, Trinity Divide, Trinity Alps, Castle Crags State Park, and Castle Crags Wilderness have always attracted rock climbers nationwide. Rock climbers have the best time on the tricky terrain of the granite mountain and feel the much-required adrenaline rush. You can find local guides by booking counters for a safe experience. For other fun things to do in Redding California, you may take a detour to the routes that lead to Mt. Shasta summit. 

23. Starry Night at Schreder Planetarium

Things To Do in Redding California, Schreder Planetarium

Focused to deliver a premium learning experience to the school children, Schreder Planetarium is open for public visits as well. The planetarium is well-structured and has a scientifically designed domed theater. Other than that they organize exhibits and have a gift shop for souvenirs. Their public events start at 7:00 PM and offer the best sight of the Redding Sky. Kids will love the unique sight of stars and learn about the solar system in a fun way. 

24. Live show of Cascade Theater

Live show of Cascade Theater

The historic Cascade Theater was inaugurated in 1935 and was an instant crowd favorite. The show’s hype of the theater made news nationwide and was considered a major developmental building in the Shasta Region. One of the oldest cinema halls in Northern California, helps you peek at the Redding activities. The elaborate architecture with intricate carvings makes it a royal piece. Catch a live show at the Cascade Theater to indulge in the local spirit.

25. Sit by the Fire Pit and Sip Craft Beer at C.R. Gibbs American Grille

C.R. Gibbs American Grille

Established in 1981, the restaurant has gone through several phases of bold renovations. The vibe of the restaurant is classic yet comfortable. They have managed to capture the essence of the local features. On a chilly evening, sit by the fire pit on their patio, for a cozy dining experience. Brick oven pizzas, quick bites, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, tacos, and bowls are the highlight of their delicious menu. Pair your food with their exotic range of wines and craft beers.

26. Take The Winding Sacramento River Trail

Things To Do in Redding California, Sacramento River Trail

Winding along the shoreline of the Sacramento River, the trail is a vital pathway for the community. Apart from being the recreational hub, it will serve the function of connecting Redding downtown with Shasta Dam. Step on your walking gear and head to the majestic Sundial Bridge to enter the trail. Walk along the riverside and explore other Redding attractions nearby. You can even bike downtown to catch your lunch break.

27. Taste Lip Smacking Wine at Matson Vineyards

Things To Do in Redding California, Matson Vineyards

Wine connoisseurs visit the family-owned winery during their trip. They have been known to offer hand-crafted reasonably priced wines since 1984. The tasting rooms of the winery are open to the public on weekends and offer the best experience of wine tasting within the city limits. Their gift shop has the best wine merchandise for visitors. It will be a good idea to plan a picnic at Matson Vineyards, as they offer picnic tables with wine pairings. 

28. Downtown Java and Cafe Serves The Best Flavorsome Baked Goodness

Downtown Java

Serving the public since 2011, Downtown Java and Cafe is a cozy cafe downtown. As you enter the cafe the sweet smell will fill your heart with happiness. They have an elaborate menu of freshly brewed beverages, bowls, baked goodies, and much more. Bacon Cheddar Scones, Blueberry-Almond Scones, and Lemon Bars are a few homemade baked items.

Regionally Roasted Gourmet Coffee, Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, and iced & blended are enjoyed by many people. Non-dairy visitors get to choose their milk base. Additionally, they serve wheat-free options. This cafe is a must for breakfast dates and fun things to do in Redding.

29. Drive Downtown To Shasta State Historic Park Courthouse Museum

Courthouse Museum

Just 5 miles from downtown Redding, the Courthouse Museum exhibits the Gold Rush era. The courtroom is a very old building that was built in 1861. The local government has restored the historic building along with its jail, courtroom, and gallows. They have tried to keep everything authentic. The visitor center is known for the interactive exhibit about Queen City of The Northern Mines, Shasta. The storytelling informs about landmark decisions in the Courtroom. The museum is also known to exhibit California Art, which is at least 100 years old.

Where can Visitors Stay in Redding, California?

Win-River Resort & Casino

As tourism is an active industry in the city, it has options for all types of travelers. From resorts to homestays, you will find all kinds of stays. Travelers Motel, Value Inn & Suites, and Delux Inn are a few options for travelers with a fixed budget.

Meanwhile, resorts in the city are known to offer a convenient experience to their guests. One such resort is Win-River Resort & Casino. Other than that, Yahweh House, Quaintly King, and Sundial Lodge are well known for their service.

Closing Note
The diverse things to do in Redding California enable people to visit the city year-round. This cultural hub of the Shasta Cascade region holds its history and art dearly. Mother nature has been benevolent with all the forests, streams, rivers, and mountain ranges surrounding the city. Be it a family trip, a hiker’s bucket list, or a weekend getaway, Redding offers the best of nature and modernity.

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