42 Fun Things to Do on Christmas Day 2022

Things to Do on Christmas Day

It’s only nine o’clock in the morning, despite the fact that you’ve already opened the presents, eaten the Hazelnut muffins, and Chatted online with every member of your family who isn’t present. 

Yes, there is something about this holiday that may make you feel like you’ve lived your entire life by midday. It’s obvious that you could find yourself looking for some new suggestions for best things to do on Christmas Day.

Good news: We’ve got you covered with a roundup of fun, festive activities to occupy yourself. Choose from organizing a movie night with your favorite pals to killing time with Christmas-themed arts and crafts.

1. Bake Unique Christmas Cookies

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Bake Unique Christmas Cookies

This is a Christmas activity that brings back a lot of fond memories and a sense of nostalgia. Depending on their age, your child might be able to assist you in mixing the cookie batter. 

Let them choose whether to include ingredients like chocolate chips, coconut, or cinnamon, and it is among the fun things to do for Christmas festivities

Select some cookie cutters with a seasonal theme, then let your kid pretend to be a pastry chef. You can even plate the Christmas cookies on special holiday plates.

2. Repertorize a Christmas Favorite

Performing the classic story will be far more enjoyable, than watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  There are any other excellent choices? Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Miracle on 34th Street, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and many more. For the family members who couldn’t travel, you can also conduct it via Zoom.

3. Make a Trip to the ice Rink

Make a Trip to the ice Rink

A little physical activity should be a welcome change of pace after the indulgences of the holiday season and a hearty Christmas Day feast. 

Then, it doesn’t get much more gloomy than going to the gym on Christmas Day, and a jog around the neighborhood doesn’t sound terribly merry either. 

Enter ice skating: The perfect activity for getting your body moving and breathing in the crisp winter air, all while being, of course, surrounded by glittering Christmas lights. 

After the morning celebrations are over, gather your loved ones and head to a neighboring rink for an afternoon trip. Do not miss the festive action as this is one of the fun Christmas things to do with friends. 

4. Organize a Family Photo Session

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Organize a Family Photo Session

Need a reason to dress up your entire family for the holidays? Plan a memorable family photoshoot. Just remember to bring hot cocoa and sweets to keep the youngsters happy until the activity is over. Looking for the ideal family photo inspiration to share with your loved ones and friends? Make a personalized photo Christmas card to send to your loved ones.

5. Caroling is Fun

Christmas songs have been playing on repeat in every store, house, and office for over a month now, so we understand if you’d prefer to switch to hard rock instead. Accordingly, why not assemble your family and go carol-ing if you still enjoy the holiday music? It’s one of the traditional Christmas day activities for families. It’s a wonderful reason to go for a walk and to cheer up your neighbors at the same time.

6. View the Holiday Lighting

View the Holiday Lighting

When autumn is over and winter arrives, the environment can appear a touch lifeless, especially if there isn’t any recently fallen snow. In light of this, it is very breathtaking to see elaborate and entrancing Christmas light displays

This is one of the best things to do on Christmas Day with family. Make it a point to tour your neighborhood on Christmas Day to prolong the enjoyment of the holiday magic. A drive-through Christmas lights event is an option if it’s too chilly to go on a tour on foot.

7. Organize a Christmas Karaoke Party

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Christmas Karaoke Party

Singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” at the conclusion of a joyful Christmas karaoke night will prove to the naysayers that you are truly the Mariah Carey of your social group. If you can remember all of the lyrics after several glasses of eggnog, you get extra points.

8. Send Santa Letters

It has long been customary to write letters to Santa. Use these letters to Santa generator and template to incorporate it into your children’s holiday celebrations.

9. Go on a Candy Cane Hunt

Christmas day for candy

Where to go on Christmas day for candy hunting? 

You don’t need to wait until Easter to let your children look everywhere—in the house and yard—for candy. 

Simply place some candy canes in various places and conceal them, then watch as the little sugar addicts search for the treats. 

Candy canes make excellent hiding places, so you can extend this activity for as long as you choose. If you play the game outside, stir-crazy kids can also get some much-needed fresh air.

10. Prepare a Christmas Eve Feast

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, and what better way to bring people together than with a tremendous amount of delicious food? Get your oven gloves back on and gather your buddies for a few hours in the kitchen.  The reward will be a spread fit for Insta and a lovely, scrumptious lunch made even better by the folks you share it with.

11. Make Flavored Hot Cider or Hot Cocoa

Get into the Christmas spirit this season by warming up with a festive cocktail. If you prefer a hot chocolate recipe you only need a small amount of peppermint schnapps added before being topped with whipped cream. Pour it into your personalized photo mugs. Combine your potent potable with other entertaining Christmas pastimes, like watching a holiday movie or singing songs.

12. Watch a Christmas Movie

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Watch a Christmas Movie

What can you do on Christmas day if you’re alone? There are plenty of great Christmas movies for every audience to enjoy, ranging from classical flicks that will make you cry  to hilarious holiday favorites that will make the whole family laugh. 

Snuggle up with your friends or watch alone on Christmas Day for a festive watching experience that goes well with a hot beverage. Unsure of the movie to pick? 

There is a feel-good movie for viewers of all ages on our list of Christmas classics, so look no further.

13. Visit the Mall

A pleasant trip to the mall and some retail therapy are the best treatments for that post-lunch.  Take a picture with Santa, treat yourself to something delicious, and maybe even get yourself a beautiful gift (or two).

14. Organize a White Elephant Gift Swap

Things to Do on Christmas Day, White Elephant Gift Swap

Sadly, the joy of giving and receiving gifts will have come to an end after the wrapping paper has been haphazardly pulled off the last package.  

Except if you had scheduled a white elephant party, one of the top activities for Christmas Day. 

Given that selfishness is the game’s main strategy, this well-known gift exchange game offers a further element of surprise in the form of anonymity as well as lots of irreverent fun.

15. Host Your Own Paint and Drink Event

A new pastime that has gained popularity over the previous ten years is a group painting class that will walk you through the process of creating an artwork step-by-step. 

Get a canvas, some paint, and some brushes instead of signing up for a group class, and practise your artistic skills at home! 

You can watch numerous online video courses on your computer or smart television to learn how to create your own works of art. 

To make it even more enjoyable, seek for a tutorial with a seasonal theme, such as Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland.

16. Walk in the Wilderness

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Walk in the Wilderness

It’s time to get some exercise and fresh air outside after eating to your heart’s content. Put on your winter coat and take a stroll in nature. We’d also like to recommend one of these hot cocktails to the adults in the party as a delightful hand warmer.

17. See a Nutcracker Ballet Performance

See a Nutcracker Ballet Performance

Even though Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” was initially a failure, it has now become one of the most well-known aspects of the holiday season. 

Nothing compares to the sensation of hearing the music performed as it was meant to be heard, even if it were just the music alone.  

Professional dancers’ graceful and gravity-defying maneuvers are a holiday feast for the eyes. So if you can get tickets to a live performance, we highly recommend it, and it is one of the best activities to do on Christmas day.

18. Take a Picture for Your Holiday Cards

Things to Do on Christmas Day

What are the things to do on Christmas eve 2022? Create your Christmas card timely so you have ample time to prepare for festivities. Family members should be staged in amusing ways, with innovative props and outfit changes. 

Do you have any spaces or areas in your house that may make a good backdrop? The more original, the better! Include the final image in your yearly holiday cards, texts to pals, video call backgrounds, and emails to extended relatives.

19. Wear Your Tacky Christmas Sweaters With Pride

Wear Your Tacky Christmas Sweaters With Pride

One of the fun things to do on Christmas day for adults where you may have to physically beg your loved ones to wear the ugly Christmas sweaters you purchased for them. Don’t lose hope since they will look fantastic on your Instagram feed. 

If there is significant opposition, raise the stakes by making it a contest where everyone partakes in voting their favorite quirt sweater. First choice for dinner goes to the winner.

20. Establish a Nativity Scene

Creating a nativity scene for your mantel or entryway table will help you remember why the season is here. Kids may learn about the holiday’s history in a fun way, and the finished product serves as seasonal décor.

21. Make Your Own Thank You Cards

Make Your Own Thank You Cards

If you aren’t careful, one Christmas custom has a dreadful habit of disappearing. 

Make it a Christmas Day activity to avoid making that mistake—and be sure to get artsy with it for added pleasure. Gather your scrapbooking equipment and sit down for an art project and a chance to express thanks. Lest you make the terrible mistake of missing whether your grandmother or your grandpa gave you those cuddly slippers.

22. Watch A Movie At The Drive-In

Just in time for the holidays, drive-in theaters are making a comeback! See if any nearby theaters are showing one of your favorite Christmas films, such as Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, or Love Actually. Even some huge stadiums in major cities have had their parking areas converted to temporary drive-in theater venues. This is one of those things to do on Christmas day for adults.

23. Make a Donation

Make a Donation

What to do on Christmas day to serve kindness and compassion? Giving back on Christmas Day is the best way to be in the holiday mood. The majority of NGOs receive a lot of requests for help during the holidays. 

If you feel motivated to volunteer, bear in mind that there are other times of the year too when they genuinely need it. 

Give away your lightly worn clothes to deserving organizations such as the Salvation Army, Dress for Prosperity, Oxfam, and Soles4Souls. 

It will feel fantastic to make some room in the closet, and studies have shown that being helpful makes people happy.

24. Take A Trip To A Christmas Tree Farm

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Take A Trip To A Christmas Tree Farm

Sure, you could go to the local mega-store or parking lot pop-up to get a Christmas tree, but the holiday season is all about making memories! 

A wonderful Christmas Day activity for families could be driving out to a Christmas tree farm and hand-selecting the tree that you believe will look best in your home. 

In rare instances, it might even be necessary for you to chop the tree down and carry it back to your car. Although the process is longer, we believe the memories will also last a little longer.

25. Throw a Revenge Christmas Party

If you celebrated Christmas alone last year, you are more than welcome to throw a holiday party for your loved ones this year. Check the temperature, confirm that everyone is immunized, and have a great time.

26. Make a Snowman

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Make a Snowman

One of the most enduring and enjoyable Christmas traditions you can start with your family is making a snowman. To make the snowman more lifelike, add accessories like a hat, scarf, buttons, and sticks, and among the fun things to do for Christmas.

27. Launch a Holiday-Inspired Collection

There are a tonne of items inspired by Christmas, including train sets, antique ornaments, Santa figurines, and more. Focus on your favorite, and begin a collection you may add to every year.

28. Make a Gingerbread House

This traditional holiday pastime is a great way to spend time with the family and is also a craft that is especially kid-friendly.   

The interactive project is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained after the frantic present-opening frenzy has subsided, and the future snacking opportunity promises to keep the holiday mood alive for at least another couple of days. Definitely, one of the fun things to do for the Christmas festival.

Hint: After taking a neighborhood tour of Christmas lights, try your hand at making gingerbread houses for an additional challenge. You can try to duplicate some of your favorite decorations.

29. Consider Hosting a Themed Family Game Night

Things to Do on Christmas Day

Don’t feel like going out on Christmas Day? We don’t blame you…the fire pit is so lovely. 

The holidays are actually the ideal time to unwind, and if you find yourself looking for something extra to do, just host a game night. 

We advise sticking with games with a Christmas theme to keep things feeling merry, and is among the top stuff to do on Christmas Day. 

The good news is that you can still accomplish this even if your game collection doesn’t already include seasonal titles. Check out the list of family-friendly Christmas games and start playing.

30. Make Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Making salt dough decorations is a simple and enjoyable craft project. To get started making, you only need salt, wheat, and water. Just be sure to think ahead and set up a craft table so you can manage the mess as you go!

31. Enjoy Sled Ride

Enjoy Sled Ride

If there is a nearby location that is safe for sledding, think about taking the kids for a day of enjoyable outdoor exercise. Just make sure there aren’t any hazardous objects like tree trunks, rocks, or other obstructions in their path.

32. Participate in Church services

It’s a terrific pastime for religious families because many churches hold special services on Christmas Eve. Additionally, it’s a wonderful justification for decking the halls with your loved ones in festive clothes while you celebrate Christmas’ true meaning.

33. Visit Santa

Is it really the holiday season if you don’t go to Santa’s workshop? On specific days throughout the holiday season, Santa visits a lot of Christmas tree farms, shopping centers, and neighborhood chambers of commerce. Even better, Macy’s offers a Santa virtual visit!

34. Sleeping Under a Tree

Put on your matching Christmas jammies and fuzziest socks, set up sleeping bags under the tree, and have a family sleepover under the dazzling lights.

35. Warm Up By the Fire or With Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

Nothing is more soothing than cozying up in front of a roaring fire when the outside temperature is dreadful, stockings are thoughtfully strung, and you’re wearing your coziest pajamas. 

Is there no fireplace? Think about installing one of these fire pits in your backyard, or just curl up next to a lot of Christmas-scented candles. Of course, you may also broadcast the Yule log

36. Make a Holiday scarf out of knitting

This is a pleasant Christmas pastime that results in an attractive and useful product, whether you’re knitting to unwind or to make a special Christmas gift for your mother.

37. Make Your Own Gift Wrapping

One of the top stuff to do on Christmas is gift wrapping? To truly wow your recipients, consider making your own custom gift bags and wrapping paper. Making festive messages or motifs with stamps is as simple as that. 

Of course, if you’re very crafty, you may try your hand at something more involved, such as making toppers out of pine twigs or painting beautiful designs with acrylic paint.

38. Elf on a Shelf is a Great Way to indulge the Kids

Things to Do on Christmas Day, Elf on a Shelf

This modern Christmas custom provides a delightful everyday pastime for children: discovering their family’s elf, and is one of the best things to do at Christmas for kids.

The positive is that your elf watches over the house and reports to Santa so he can make his naughty and nice list, despite the fact that hiding the elf is a significant undertaking for parents. 

That, in theory, means better conduct all around.

39. Check out a Christmas market

Visit your local Christmas market if you still have some shopping to do or just prefer to take a stroll.  Drink hot chocolate or mulled wine while shopping for original gifts to make the most of the evening.

Cookie Exchange

What to do on Christmas Day for some fun with neighbors? Typically, cookie swaps take the form of in-person gatherings when each guest bakes a few dozen cookies of a particular type. Then, everyone trades and receives a selection of each. You can still participate even if you don’t want to organize a real party at your house. 

Here’s how it’s done: Just five to ten persons should be in the group, and each one should leave each participant a bag of candy on their doorway. You’ll still have a tonne of homemade cookies at the end of the day.

41. Make Your Own Stockings

It just takes five minutes to hang stockings, so why not make your own to extend the fun? 

You don’t need any knitting abilities. Purchase basic stockings and materials, such as glitter puff paint, for a simple task that even your toddlers can complete. Then, let each person start customizing their own. Absolute fun, and one of the best things to do at Christmas!

42. Create Scented Holiday Candles

Make your own scented candles for a fun pastime that doubles as a reason to make homemade gifts for neighbors. Numerous essential oils may be used to create wonderful Christmas scents, and it’s really simple. Take into consideration frankincense, cinnamon, vanilla, and, of course, Douglas fir.

In the End

The holidays offer a unique opportunity to take stock of your accomplishments, enjoy yearly rituals, and spend time with loved ones. Additionally, we are working harder than ever this year to treasure each and every one of these priceless moments spent with our loved ones. There are lots of holiday-themed activities to keep us all occupied, including hanging decorations, making seasonal foods, and mailing Christmas cards. Because of this, we have put together a list of our favorite Christmas activities that you can enjoy with friends and family or even by yourself.

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