Top 11 Great and Best Things to do in Boston in 2023

Things to do in Boston

Boston, the famous capital of the Massachusetts state of the United State of America with a total area of 232.1 km sq.

It is also one of the oldest and largest cities in the United State of America and considered as the best place to visit in your lifetime.

The total population of the Boston city is around 6,75,647 as per latest census in the year of 2020.

There are lots of best things to do in Boston Massachusetts State such as walk on the freedom trail, visit to parks, tour of the duck and many more in Boston city.

What are the fun things to do in Boston with kids?

There are lots of fun things to do in Boston with kids like Frog Pond Common Park, Pubic Garden, Trip to USS Constitution and many more.

1. Ice Skating at Frog Pond in Boston Common Park

The Boston Common Park is one of the oldest city parks in the Boston of the Massachusetts State.

The Main attractions for the kids are the Frog Pond which got freezed in the Winter season and became the place of Ice Skating.

Boston Common Park

Kids along with their families come to this Pond in Common Park and get fun while doing the Ice Skating.

Special Events like Skating Shows, Fireworks, Yoga also happens inside the Boston Common Park for the enjoyment of the kids and public.

Bringing the kids for skating and family for walking in the park are the fun things to do in Boston Mass to fill the happiness in the life.

Frog Pond TimingEvery Day 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Ticket for Skating$15 / Adult & $10 / Kids
Special EventsSkating Shows, Fireworks, Yoga

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2. Fun and Education at the USS Constitution Warship

The USS Constitution is a commissioned warship that still can be found floating on the water today.

It now works as the purpose of the Fun and educational system for the kids and their family.

You can now visit to the USS Constitution Warship to witness the Cannon that was used in the past days and get some information and education for the future benefits.

You can find the USS Constitution Museum side by side to get into the past and analyze the things.

Families must plan a trip to the USS Constitution with their kids to get education and fun things to do in Boston Ma.

Timing10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday – Tuesday Off
PurposeFun and Education to Kids

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3. Step Inside the Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is an urban garden with lots of lush greenery and an amazing environment with lots of crowd gartering.

It has places for picnicking with kids, sitting arrangements, Leafy Pathways, Fountains, Large Lagoons are the main attractions of the Public Garden.

Boston Public Garden

Kids with their families can ride on the Swan Boats in the Large Lagoon Lake in the beautiful days of spring.

Colorful tulips can also be seen inside the public garden when you take a walk around the Garden to get more fun.

Picnic with kids and spending some quality time with family members are the best fun things to do in Boston for adults.

Timing6:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Best time to Visit March and June
Main AttractionsFountains, Lakes, Swan Boating, Colorful Tulips
SpecialtyLarge and Wonderful Garden

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What are the wonderful things to do in Boston this weekend?

There are many wonderful things to do in Boston this weekend such as Plan a Boston Duck Tour, Visit to Boston Public Market, Fenway Park and many more.

1. Plan a Boston Duck Tour

This is one of the best ways to see the best places of the Boston on a best and fun ride with family, friends and kids.

This tour will guide you to every place and take you to the monument that comes in the way and coming on the duck tour is the best things to do in Boston this weekend.

It is a tour on the Charles River with an impressive Boston Skyline and view of Cambridge in the Boston city of the United State of America.

It is an 80 minute tour that is 60 minutes on the land surface and 20 minutes on the water surface which is amazing itself.

Ticket Price$49.99 / Adult, $41.99 / Senior – Military, $35.99 / Child of age 3 – 11, $10.99 / Child Less than 3 Age
TimingFully 80 minutes Tour including 60 minutes on Land and 20 minutes on Water
Sitting ArrangementSeat Number written on Ticket

2. Explore the Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market is a great spot to explore the city and the market in the downtown Boston in the United States of America.

It has 100 plus stalls in the Market Street at the ground surface for food, clothes and everything you want to purchase in the Boston Market.

Boston Public Market

Fresh food like Baked Bread, Pastries, seafood cold cut meat, fruits vegetables and many more to die your hunger.

Weekend is the best time to plan a trip to the Boston Public Market because on the weekend, you can easily explore this place from morning to evening.

Coming with family to buy something new and feel freedom are the best things to do in Boston this week.

Best Time to VisitWeekend
Total Number of Stalls100 Plus
ItemsFood and Clothes

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3. Watch your favorite Team Playing inside The Fenway Park

Fenway Park is basically the Baseball playground to watch your favorite team playing against another team.

Any kind of bags are not allowed inside the Fenway Park because of some safety reasons for the people who come here.


Fenway Park in Boston

You can find a total of 37,755 sitting capacity to watch the baseball match which is considered as the 3rd smallest baseball stadium in the baseball league.

If you are a die-hard fan of the baseball games then visiting to the Fenway Park is the best things to do in downtown Boston.

Ticket Price$61.71/ Person
Sitting Capacity37,755 Audience
Famous ForBaseball League Games
Specialty3rd Smallest Baseball Stadium
Home Stadium Boston Red Sox

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What are the cool things to do in Boston for free?

Many cool things to do in Boston for free can be found in the Boston city like walking on the Freedom train and many more.

1. Walking on the Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is one of the famous trails among the tourists which covers the history and the historical landmarks of the Boston City.

It is a total of 2.5 miles free trial which crosses through the 16 landmarks of this historical city.

Freedom Trail in Boston

Visitors can start their walk from the northern side’s Monument Square and end with the southern side of the city.

It is not compulsory that from the main point you have started, you can start from any landmark of the city that comes in the freedom trail.

If you are in the Boston then you must try the freedom trail for knowing the city better and also the free things to do in Boston with friends.

Time to VisitAnytime
Total Length of Trail2.5 Miles
Total Landmarks Cover16 Landmarks
Famous ForA best City Tour  
Starting PointMonument Square in North Side

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2. Picnic at the Castle Island Area

The Castle Island area is a famous place among the tourists for the best picnic spot in the entire city of Boston.

This famous picnic place is found in the south part of the Boston City within the total area of 22 acres.

Castle Island Area in Boston

People usually visit this place when they want some peace time with their family and kids in the busy city of the Boston for the cool things to do in Boston for free.

It has a long free trail to walk on and see the beauty of the Fort situated here in the time of Independence for the first prison place.

On the weekend, residents from the far places take a visit to this place has which is fully crowded by the people in the weekend times.

Best Place for Picnic with fun
Time to VisitWeekend or Daily Basis
Also famous forFort Situated here
Total Area22 Acres
Timing6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

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3. Visit to the Historical Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument is made in the memory of the battle between Patriots and the Red Coasts.

The Total height of this tall monument is around 67 meters and has a statue in front of itself.

Bunker Hill Monument in Boston

In the past, the visitors could climb the tall 67 meter monument but in the recent times climbing on the monument has been closed due to some safety reasons and also due to the weather conditions.

Yet, you can have a great time visiting to this historical place without any charges for the free things to do in Boston city with family and friends.

Timing10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Charges to VisitFree of Cost
Total Height of Monument67 meters
Located43, Monument Square
Named AfterGeorge Bunker
Specialty Included Site in the Freedom Trail of city

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What are the awesome things to do in Boston at night?

Visitors can find the many awesome things to do in Boston at night like Cheers Bar, Brewery Tour and many more.

1. Cheer the Drinks inside the Cheers Bar

Cheers Bar is included in the special bars of the Boston City which serves the best drinks and the cocktails to the visitors for their best time.

Visitors can have the drinks in the amazing glasses of beers, wines better than other places in the Boston City offers in the evening and night.

Cheers Bar Boston

Many times people want the places to relax after so much drinking wine and beers so, you don’t need to worry about it because It provides the best places to get relax and forget the world.

If you are a big fond of drinking then it is the best place for you to cheer for drinks with friends, especially in the time of evening and night, which are the awesome things to do in Boston at night.

Best time to VisitIn evening or at night
Timing11:00 AM to 9:00 PM  
Famous ForExcellent Wine and Beer
SpecialtyOffers Places for get relax
Address84, Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108, United State of America

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2. Take a night Brewery Tour

The Brewery Tour is the great tour to explore the Boston City and know the hidden history of the Boston City with your family and friends.

It offers the satisfied transportation with city knowledge, great delicious food with amazing beers for the best time of the visitors.

Brewery Tour in Boston

It included the 2 times or say the 2 types of tours in afternoon or in evening which are approx. of 4 to 5 hours.

Evening is the best time to take a brewery tour to see the beauty of the city in lights and an amazing feeling of this tour.

Don’t think much just plan a trip to Boston city and take the Brewery tours to explore the city especially in evening to night for the awesome things to do in Boston at night. 

Best time to take this TourIn Evening
Tour OffersIn Afternoon or in Evening
Duration4 to 5 hours 
Timing10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Facilities OffersSatisfied Transportation, Foods, Beers

Visit More Places in Massachusetts:


Boston city is a great place for fun things, free things, night things and also for the amazing activities on the weekend for the visitors who like to explore the cities.

Many inside tours and trips are offered by the city to make the time best of the best and also provides the freedom trail if someone likes to take a long walk to the big city.

Boston is an amazing place to plan a long visit with your family, friends and kids to the best things to do in Boston today.

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