Top 13 Things to do in Washington DC in 2023

Things to do in Washington

The Washington DC ( District of Colombo ) is the national capital of the United States of America.

It is one of the safest places in the entire capital, established in the year of 1790, July 16 with the approval of US Congress.

It can be found on the land of Potomac River in the total area of 177 km sq. The total population of the Washington DC is around 6,89,545 as per the census in the year of 2020.

There are many top things to do in Washington DC with family, friends and kids such as Visit to White House, Capitol Hill, National Children Museum, National Mall Park and many more.

Things to do in Washington

What are the fun things to do in Washington DC with kids?

You can find many fun things to do with kids like Beauvoir Outdoors Playground, Smithsonian’s National Zoo, National Children Museum.

1. Play in the Yard of Beauvoir’s Outdoors Playground

The Beauvoir’s Outdoors Playground is the best place for the children to play some activities in the outdoor in the shadow of nature.

It helps to boost the confidence, happiness and health in the body of small children by playing in the ground with fun and joy.

Beauvoir’s Outdoors Playground in Washinton

Olmsted Woods, Beauvoir Courtyard, Bishop’s Garden are the main playground activities inside the place.

It has a particular space for the learning classroom in the premises where children can learn by playing.

Visit to this place and get into the playing environment with learning are the Fun things to do in Washington DC with kids.

Timing: 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Total Area: 57 Acres

Activities: Learning Classroom, Olmsted Woods, Bishop’s Garden, Beauvoir’s Courtyard

Address: 3500, Woodley Rd NW, Washington DC 20016, United States

2. Live Watching Favorite Animals at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

It is one of the oldest zoos in the whole USA to witness the wild animals with family and kids.

You can find the 3000 different species of the more than 1500 wild animals famous for Giant Pandas, Asian Elephants, Sumatran Tigers and other creatures from the different continents.

This is the best spot for the kids to have some fun while watching their favorite animals live and capture the view in their smartphones.

You can also join the animal training and feeding activities at free of cost in this national zoo.

Visit to this place and spending some picnic time outside with members are the family things to do in Washington DC with kids.

Timing: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Attractions: Panda, Elephants, Tigers and more than 1500 wild animals

Other Activities: Animal Training, Feeding at free of cost

Address: 30001, Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008, United State

Washington D.C. is an excellent weekend getaway from NYC. It’s vibrant atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for all kinds of visitors.

Neven miss this H Street Festival in the month of September. 14 Stages and 11 blocks are placed side by side in the total area of 1 km to celebrate the festival in Washington DC in September.

Hikers are also welcomed here to explore  the North Cascades National Park with other hikers and groups of their friends. It includes the Forest Valleys, Waterfalls, Jagged Peaks and the glaciers more than 300 in total in the North Cascades National Park in Washington DC

3. STEAM Curiosity at National Children Museum

The National Children Museum is for the young age group of children less than the age of 12 years for their growth and development by learning and playing.

This museum talks about the STEAM ( S – Science, T – Technology, E – Engineering, A – Arts, M – Math ) to the children to make their minds thoughtful.

The main aim of this children’s museum is to care about the child and prepare them for the changing world with the culture and the education.

Children with their family are welcomed here to do some fun. Learn the new activities by the STEAM Course of this museum for the fun things to do in Washington DC with kids.

Timing: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Tuesday Off

Specialty: STEAM Course for Children

Age Group: Child under 12 Years

Address: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

What are the Awesome things to do in Washington DC this weekend?

Explore awesome things to do this weekend like Step into the National Mall Park, National Museum of Art, Ford’s Theatre.

1. Step inside the National Mall Park

The National Mall Park is so large. It is spread over the 2 miles which covers the Lincoln Memorial in the west side and US Capitol in the East side.

This is one of the best plans for the capital of the country known as the “ America’s Front Yard ” by the authorities.

Every year 23 million of visitors come to this place and it gives the title of most visited national park of the United States of America.

It has the wide-open space to walk around, jogging, playing games, picnic with family and many other things you want to do here during the time of weekend.

It includes the monuments, water fountains, walking path, sculptures and statues inside the premises of National Mall Park which attracts the tourists for the awesome things to do in Washington DC This weekend. 

Best time to Visit: On Weekend

Activities: Waking, Jogging, Gaming, Picnic etc.

Main Attractions: Monuments, Fountains, Sculptures, Statues

Total Area: 2 Miles

The National Gallery of Art is the famous national museum of art in the United State of America Country of Washington DC Capital.

It includes the collection size of the 75000 paintings, photographs, prints, drawings, sculpture and arts for display in the art museum to showcase to the art lovers.

Washington National Gallery of Art

Find the different architecture of arts such as Contemporary Architecture, Modern Architecture, Neoclassical Architecture inside the Gallery of Art.

Visitor’s step into the art gallery specially on the weekends with family members and kids to get to know more about the history in their free time. These are the awesome things to do in Washington DC this weekend.

Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Architecture: Contemporary, Modern, Neoclassical

Total Collection: 75000 plus

Address: Constitution Ave, NW, Washington DC 20565, United State

In Addition, visit to the Ford’s Theatre where the President Abraham Lincoln got assassinated while watching a live performance with his wife. 

What are the adventurous and free things to do in Washington DC with friends?

With Friends, you can find the many adventurous and free things to do in Washington DC to explore the places like Mount Vernon Trail, Rock Creek Park.

1. Free walk on the Mount Vernon Trail

The Mount Vernon Trail is around 27 km long way situated near to the Potomac River to provide a safe and peaceful space to reach at your destination.

You can cover up this path by using the cycle, walking, running with so much calmness alone and with friends by avoiding the crown of the city.

It is a long path way that connects the Mount Vernon and the Theodore Roosevelt Island with the facilities of fountains, restrooms, trash cans with trail maps.

Anyone from anywhere can have a good time walking on the path for free of cost and no any money is needed to pay to get the experience and free things to do in Washington DC with someone.

Trail Opening Time: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Total Length: 27 Km

Famous for: Peaceful walking, running and cycling

Facilities Provided: Fountains, Restrooms, Trash Cans, Trail Map

Charges: Free of Cost

2. Adventure and Hiking in the Rock Creek Park

If you are a fond of adventurous things like hiking then the Rock Creek Park is the best place for you to have a great time with hiking for free.

It has a 32 miles long hiking trail for the travelers to explore the whole park with friends.

You can learn something new in the park like volunteering of planting the trees, or becoming a park.

Riding, biking, boating, hiking, golfing and many other adventurous things are also there as the free things to do in Washington DC with friends.

You can do anything in this forest park like the way you want to do by forgetting the world by creating your own world.

Time to Visit: Anytime

Activities: Riding, Biking, Boating, Hiking, Golfing

Famous For: Adventure activities for free

What are the best things to do in Washington DC at night?

Many best things at night can be found such as Visit to The Yards Park and many more.

1. Dancing Fountain in The Yards Park at Night

The Yards Park is a famous and ideal place for the special events. It’s recreation with the offering of the green Space and some other water places to enjoy the outdoor activities.

The Dancing Fountains are the best things to watch at night. Visitors, especially at night, come to this place just to watch the fountains with changing colorful lights along with the music playing in the background.

Dancing Fountain in The Yards Park at Night
Image source: Flicker

Canal Basin & Waterfall Dog Run, Great Lawn, Yard Park Bridge, The Boardwalk, Light Tower, Terrace Lawn Steps are other attractions of the Yards Park.

You must take a step into the Yards Park at night with family and friends to take a look at the colorful fountain and other best things to do in Washington DC at night.

Timing: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Specialty: Award Winning Park

Best Attraction: Dancing Fountains at night with changing color lights

Address: 355, Water St SE, Washington DC 20003, United States

What are the romantic things to do in Washington DC for couples?

Special one can also find the romantic things to do in Washington DC for couples such as Boating at the Tidal Basin and many more.

1. Boating at the Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is the 2 miles long reservoir that offers you the some of the best site in the capital of Washington DC in the United State of America.

You can easily spend your afternoon with the full crowd at this amazing place by witnessing the great views with your friend and someone special.

Boating at the Tidal Basin

During the month of the summer and the spring you can rent a paddleboat to more explore this area with romantic time with romantic things to do in Washington DC for couples at the Potomac River.

Best Season to Visit: During Summer or Spring

Best Time to Visit: Afternoon

Specialty: Paddle Boating for Couples

Famous For: Couple Destination  

What are the top things to do in Georgetown Washington DC?

1. Georgetown Washington DC

The Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the capital of the United State of America.

It is made in the famous architecture of federal Style and known for its historic brick row houses, impressive estates.

It is the residence of the Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States of America.

The main attraction is the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Popular with its Paddlers and Canal Towpath for waking, running and biking.

If you are in the mood for Shopping, dining, you can visit the Georgetown Park for more top things to do in Georgetown Washington DC to spend your good time.

Architecture Style: Federal Style

Main Attractions: Georgetown Waterfront Park, Paddlers, Canal Towpath

What are the Unique things to do in Washington DC?

There are lots of Unique things to explore such as Have a look at The White House, US Capitol.

1. Visit and Witness the White House

The White House is the official home and the workplace of every President of The United State of America.

Standing at the Pennsylvania Avenue, you can take and look and witness the White House with your friends, family, kids and anyone you want for the unique things to do in Washington DC.

 Washington White House

It is also called the President Palace, President’s House, Executive Mansion including Executive Residence, West Wing and East Wing.

If you want to visit the White House then you will have to submit a tour request through you Member of Congress.

You can clearly see the white house from the street and take the amazing selfies to post it on the social media.

Famous for: Home of President of USA

Known As: President Palace, President’ House, Executive Mansion, The White House

Trip & Tour: By Submitting a Request through Member of Congress

2. Visit at the US Capitol

The US Capitol is the best known for the seats of the American Governor Legislatives. Visiting here are considered as the unique things to do in Washington DC. 

It has the Senate in the side of North Wing and the House of Representatives in the side of South Wing which is found at the end of the eastern side of the National Mall.

US Capitol

It is not only the official workplace building but it includes the history and art museum inside the United State Capitol.

The US Capitol is made in the architecture oof Roman and Ancient Greek  features a big Ceremonial Space, The Rotunda, art Gallery, the hall of National Statuary which displays the statues, The Crypt, Visitor Center, Library of Congress through a tunnel are the main points of attractions inside the US Capitol.

Known For: Governor Seat of American Legislatures

Attractions: The Rotunda, Big Ceremonial Space, Library, The Crypt, Art Gallery etc.

Architecture: Ancient Greek and Roman

What are the best things to do in Washington DC during Christmas time?

There are many amazing things to do in Washington DC during Christmas time like join the Annual District Boat Parade of Light and more.

1. Join the Annual District Boat Parade of Lights

In the times of Christmas and to celebrate the best day is to join the Annual District Boat Parade of lights during the time of Christmas.

This Parade begins from 14 December to 18 December every night from 6:30 PM onwards on the Potomac River.

District Boat Parade of Lights in Washington DC

It follows the route from Alexandria City Marina for the next 3 hours every day to celebrate the Christmas with memorable things to do in Washington DC in Winter time.

This makes the Christmas time so amazing that residents in the crowd gather at the place and enjoy the light festival of Christmas with their family and kids.

Witnessing the Boat Parade with family and kids are the best things to do in Washington DC during Christmas time.

Begin Timing: 14 Dec – 18 Dec

Start Timing: 6:30 PM Onwards

Parade Happens on: Potomac River

Parade Duration: 3 Hours 


Washington DC is the best place to spend the best time of your life with family and friends.

You must plan a trip to explore this capital of USA apart from the political view but with the entertainment view for the top things to do in Washington DC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coolest things in Washington DC?

You can find the many coolest things like Visit to Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress, National Air and Space Museum etc.

What should I do on my first trip to Washington DC?

You must visit to the White House, US Capitol, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National Mall Park etc.

What is the number one attraction in Washington DC?

The White House is the number one attraction in the Washington DC for the tourists and residents.

What to do with kids in Washington DC?

·         Visit to Smithsonian National Zoo
·         Fun at Beauvoir Outdoor Playground
·         Learn with Play at National Children Museum

Is Washington DC fun for families?

Yes, you can find the many fun activities to do with Family such as picnic, movie, and many more.

What tours are free in Washington DC?

Arlington Cemetery Tour and Waterfront Tour are the free tours in the Washington DC to explore the history and to know more.

How do people spend 3 days in Washington DC?

Witness the top most attractions, celebrate with music while food, Visit to Museum and art gallery and obviously the Tours of the Washington DC.

How do you spend an evening in DC?

·         Join Marine Barracks Evening Parade
·         Ghost Tour of Washington DC
·         Witness the Dancing Fountain at National Mall Park

What are unique things to do in Washington DC?

Visit to The White House, United States Capitol, George Town, Martin Luther King Jr Statue.

Is it worth visiting Washington DC in December?

Yes, it is totally worth it to visit Washington DC in December by joining the Annual District Boating Parade and National Christmas Tree during Christmas time.

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