16 Amazing Things To Do in Lenox, Massachusetts

Things To Do in Lenox MA

Lenox is situated in Massachusetts. It is a quaint city. Lenox is best known for various outdoor fun activities, scenic yet green spaces, summer concerts, and musical festivals.

If you are in search of serenity, then it is the best place. With lots of parks and mountains, you can listen to some great music and head to the libraries. To know about the things to do in Lenox, Massachusetts, keep on reading.

By knowing the following, you can make your vacations unforgettable and more joyful. So, let us get started!

Fun Activities & Best Things To Do in Lenox, MA

When you want to know what to do in Lenox, MA, the below-listed points will help you better. Take a look:

1. Edith Wharton’s Home

Things To Do in Lenox MA at Edith Wharton’s Home

It is one of the most ideal attractions for those who are planning a historical vacation. The history of this mount has been stretched back to 1902. This was the time when Edith Wharton, a well-known novelist designed and built this home in the area of 113 acres.

By visiting this place, you can see the sculptures, large grounds, beautiful gardens, and mesmerizing home designs. If you visit this place during winter, you will be able to attend the annual sound and light events here.

Edith Wharton’s Home is also mentioned in the list of top National Historic Places. Lastly, this place is a prominent cultural center that supports the humanitarian, intellectual, and artistic achievements of Wharton.

2. Lenox Library

It is a perfect place for all ‘bookworms’. In this popular library, you can find interesting books, topical resources, audiovisual content, local historical and geographical details, blogs & articles, and so on. You can even become a part of numerous local clubs to participate in lecture series.

If you think that Lenox Library is only about books and readings, then you are wrong. It is because you can even organize and attend birthday parties, weddings, meetings, and so on here. 

3. The Summit of Lenox Mountain

Things To Do in Lenox MA at Lenox Mountain

Lenox is a place wherein you will find endless historical details. Therefore, the Summit of Lenox Mountain should be the top spot for all history enthusiasts. The height of this mountain is 2126 feet.

This is a perfect point to gain historical, cultural, and adventurous experience. It is a perfect place for hiking, walking, and running because of its beautiful trails. The views from this mountain are lovely and breathtaking.

4. Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum

Since the list is pretty huge for things to do in Lenox, Massachusetts, this spot should be on your list. The reason for doing so is pretty obvious. Constructed in the late 19th century, you can find a mansion that has a Jacobean architectural design.

The veranda is quite huge and has hand-carved ceilings with beautifully decorated lawns. You can also attend special exhibitions, lectures, plays, and other special programs in this mansion.

5. Theater at Shakespeare & Company Show

This place is no less a paradise for those who love arts and entertainment. This place attracts more than 60000 people every year. Hence, it is considered the biggest festival not just in this town but in the whole city.

This company also conducts several other events. If you are a Shakespeare fan, then you can watch famous plays such as Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, etc. Lastly, you can also join and attend classes, workshops, and lectures to know more about acting.

6. WAM (Where Arts and Activism Meet) Theater

Fun Things To Do in Lenox MA at WAM

To know more about women’s history, it is best to plan your visit to the WAM Theater. The objective of this theater is focused on human rights and equal opportunities.

In addition to this, you can also collect useful information about different ethnicities, nationalities, races, and backgrounds. This center is also involved in humanitarian work. In 2010, they donated some amount for gender equality. 

7. Music Shows in Tanglewood

If you are puzzled about what to do in Lenox, MA, then fret not! You can go to Tanglewood to attend the best musical shows. A lot of events and music festivals take place here.

Since 1930, this place has been graced by many popular musicians, soloists, and conductors. James Taylor, Josh Groban, Wind & Fire, Goo-Goo Dolls, and All-Star Band are some popular names who have performed here. It is a great venue to enjoy a musical evening with your loved ones.

8. Pleasant Valley Sanctuary

Valley Sanctuary

It is yet another best thing that you can do when in Lenox. This place is all about beautiful landscapes and amazing hiking trails. The landscape is more than 1000 acres. In addition to mesmerizing forest areas, mountain slopes, and wetlands, you can even attend the programs and events organized here.

These include the bird-watching program, paddling or canoeing, kayaking, naturalist-guided hiking, and so on. You can spot so many animals including beavers in this valley sanctuary. It is one of the places to click on wonderful photos.

9. Kennedy Park

To enjoy some exciting outdoor activities, you should visit Kennedy Park. It is a perfect spot to come and spend some quality time with your family. When you are here, you will never have a single dull moment.

It offers around 15 miles of trails for biking and hiking. The best time to come here is during the fall season. It is because the park will be filled with eye-pleasing hues. It is one of the top picnic spots in Lenox.

10. Glendale Brook Studio

Glendale Brook Studio

For art painting fans, the Glendale Brook Studio is a must-visit place. You will see original artwork from different artists. Other people may find this place a bit boring but art lovers enjoy their time here. This studio was designed and established with a goal in mind. The creators wanted to build an ‘art-friendly’ environment. As a result, they came out with the idea of Glendale Brook Studio.

11. Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum

People who love history and are particularly interested in the background and origin of railroading in Lenox should go to the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum. Set up in 1984, it has all the details about the railroads in this area. You can even enjoy a self-guided tour along with a short train ride. 

12. Kripalu Center

To find some mental peace and overall relaxation, you must head to the Kripalu Center. It is a perfect venue for yoga, peace, and overall health. You can relieve stress through yoga poses and dance activities. This center also offers workshops and special classes so that visitors can learn something. 

13. American Craftsman Galleries

American Craftsman Galleries

To fulfill your needs for the perfect destination to have the best crafts and artistic work, American Craftsman Galleries is here. You will find some of the finest and handpicked artworks.

This beautiful gallery showcases work of the budding as well as popular artists. The work of the artists involved in metal art, clay, mixed media, leather, fiber, and glass. Besides, you can buy decorative items, jewelry, art pieces, and some unusual gifts from this gallery.

14. Parson’s Marsh Reserve

It is one of the most scenic landscape areas with forests and wetlands. Located on Mountain Road, you can find recreation, wildlife, farmland soils, etc. It also provides its visitors with a long hiking trail.

When you are here, you should keep in mind that fishing and hunting are strictly banned. But yes, you can see beautiful and colorful butterflies in this Parson’s Marsh Reserve.

15. Berkshire Horseback Adventures

It is one of the best things to do in Lenox, MA. It is something that you should not miss out on at any cost, specifically if you love horse riding. You can even polish your horse riding skills in this center. While enjoying horse riding, you can also get lost in the beautiful and extraordinary views. You can also take amazing pictures to post on your social media handles.

16. Alta Restaurant and Wine Bar

Alta Restaurant and Wine Bar

If you are tired and want a fine dining experience, then this option is more than good for you. In addition to the delicious Mediterranean food items, you will also be served some uniquely flavored wines. The best thing about this restaurant is that all dishes are prepared using fresh local ingredients only.

This city is so beautiful and located in the center of the well-known Berkshire Hills. It is one of the biggest reasons why you, as a visitor, will never go short of the top things to do in Lenox, Massachusetts. All you need is a list of top spots. You must prepare it based on your interest and objective of visiting Lenox. This may look funny but it is the best way to enjoy your trip without messing up. So, do not waste your precious time. Go and start preparing the list and pack your bags for the best travel experience of your life.

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