50 Fun Things to Do on Halloween 2023

Fun Things to Do on Halloween

The spooky season has arrived, and it’s time to start thinking about family-friendly things to do on Halloween for the best October ever! There are a tonne of local activities building up to the big night, from carving pumpkins to ghost tours. At home too, there is also plenty of fun to be had at home for adults and children of all ages.

There are of course the well-known customs like vying for the title of having the greatest decorations in the neighborhood, exchanging ghost stories, and hoodwink, but that’s just the start.

Many traditions exist that you might draw inspiration from, such as going to the best fall foliage locations and harvesting apples. 

Additionally, anyone looking for activities to do before October 31 will adore the suggestions for crafts like making a fall floral arrangement or DIY pumpkin planters. 

Regardless of your plans, make sure you play some Halloween music in the background to get everyone in the spirit.

Explore the Top Activities & Best Things to Do on Halloween

Best Decorations in Halloween

1. Find the Best Decorations in Your City

The yard decorating starts weeks before the big night. To find the spookiest displays in your city or town, schedule an evening drive for a date in October before the 31st. To choose the best, have a family vote. And, it is one of the top things to do on Halloween.

2. Establish a Halloween Events Bin

Shakira Patterson, a mom and lifestyle blogger, discovered that she frequently neglected to use the adorable seasonal tabletop and kitchen things she had bought. She started putting them in an open bin on the counter, and thus the Occasions Bin fad was created. Nowadays, this is the most preferred Halloween activity. 

Kids can assist you in making product selections. Use the hashtag #occasionsbin to find thousands of bin ideas submitted by Shakira’s fans and tag her on social media.

3. Make a Pumpkin Fairy House

This adorable tiny gourd cottage will be a hit with small hands, and they’ll enjoy keeping a look out for the dwarfs and elves who will undoubtedly move in.

4. Exchange Thrilling Tales

If you’re short on ideas for scary stories, look through our collection of family-friendly tales that aren’t too horrifying or read aloud from the finest Halloween picture books.

5. Make a Sticky Web

Put up a tape web across a doorway on a rainy Saturday afternoon in October and let the youngsters decorate away!

6. Prepare Your Vehicle for a Trunk-or-Treat

Prepare Your Vehicle for a Trunk-or-Treat

Trunk-or-treating has become a Halloween tradition across the nation, and the imaginative trunk-or-treat decoration ideas that people come up with never cease to astound us. To find one at a parking lot near you, check the local calendars for a school or church.

7. Play Tic Tac toe on a Slab of Wood

With this kid-friendly craft, you can leave your devices at home the next time you go on a family camping vacation and focus on the enjoyment to be had in the environment around you.

To make: Gather a round piece of wood and four strips of leather. Create a grid with the stripes on the slab (see image at left) and tack down each end. Gather two five-piece groups of random items, such as small boulders and pine cones, once you’re in the woods to use as action figures.

It goes perfect with your Halloween camping ideas. 

8. Set a Creepy Table

Set a Creepy Table

Make these DIY ghost leaves to dress up your family dinner table. 

As soon as the white paint is completely dry, collect some leaves, add two dots for eyes. 

Additionally, you can thread them together to make a Halloween garland or attach them to pumpkins for a no-carve décor. This is one of the top Halloween ideas to do with friends.

9. Put together a Candy Wreath

This delectable creation will require the participation of the entire family, with children curating the candy selection  and an adult to operate the glue gun. Fill a wreath form with treats, and then tie it off with a vibrant ribbon. Unquestionably, this is among the best Halloween activities.

10. Take a Stroll Along a Corn Maze

Take a Stroll Along a Corn Maze

Fall farm excursions frequently involve a journey through the corn maze. Many locales offer “haunted” versions that take place after dark for Halloween.

11. Surprise Your Neighbors With a Boo Basket

If you haven’t previously participated in this exciting Halloween costume, now is the time. Send your neighbor a “boo basket” to let them know they’ve been booed! Definitely this is one of the top Halloween ideas at home. Fill these Halloween baskets with treats and add instructions on how to “boo” someone else.

12. Play a Round of Squash Ring Toss

Twelve miniature butternut squash should be wrapped with washi tape, each with a different pattern and color. Squash players should line up and begin the game by passing rings around their necks. This is absolutely a bundle of joy and is one of the top things to do at home for Halloween. 

13. Choose Fresh Apples

Halloween, apple picking

Although it is not strictly Halloween, apple picking is a very fall activity. Use your stuff to go apple-picking. Before leaving, find out the hours of nearby apple-picking farms and orchards.

14. Peel-and-stick Pumpkins

Print out some awesome vintage candy wrapper designs on paper, cut the paper into strips, and then use Mod Glue to attach the pieces to pumpkins. Purchase artificial pumpkins if you wish to use them every fall.

15. Take a Hayride

Take a Hayride

This traditional autumn pastime is timeless. Check to see if your local farm has a haunted version. Where you can take a hayride with your family and friends. Do not miss out on this, and it is definitely one of the top stuff to do on Halloween.

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16. Create Witch Slime

This witch slime will keep your kids busy for the entire month of October. It’s also great for sensory play for preschoolers learning their sense of touch. Simply whip it out anytime you need to keep them entertained and is among the top activities to do on Halloween. 

17. Go Trick-or-Treat

Go Trick-or-Treat

What to do on Halloween which is easy to trick? This is a no-brainer, as we all know. But do you realize why we perform pranks or tricks? This game apparently developed from an old All Souls’ Day custom in which kids would knock on doors and request “soul cakes,” a sweet confection resembling biscuits.

18. Establish a Haunted Gingerbread House

Take a step back These Halloween gingerbread home kits are set to overshadow Christmas. Spend an afternoon crafting and designing with your children, then display the results on Halloween night. And, is among the top traditional Halloween activities. 

19. Share a Gruesome Tale

It’s tradition to scare your loved ones and is among the scariest things to do on Halloween. Find a terrifying story online, tune into a spooky podcast, or just make up a ghost tale on the spot!

20. Make Paper Lanterns For Halloween

To light the route for trick-or-treaters along your sidewalk, make many of this really easy lanterns and place a battery-operated votive candle in each one.

21. Set a Bonfire ablaze

What to do on Halloween with friends? When it comes to telling horror tales, everyone agrees that a campfire is the ideal setting. Everyone will welcome the warmth, too, as Halloween night is usually chilly.

22. Embark on a Ghost Tour

In the weeks preceding Halloween, a huge number of municipalities provide narrated ghost tours. It’s a fun way to study some historical facts while being genuinely frightened! You can also take virtual tours of some of the most famous haunted locations, such as the Catacombs of Paris, the Winchester House, or New Orleans’ French Quarter.

You should definitely sign up for this one if you’re wondering what to do on Halloween with friends.

23. Read a Spooky Novel

Read a Spooky Novel

What to do on Halloween by yourself? For a frightening experience, read the works that served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s well-known scary movies like The Shining, Misery, or IT. If you want to spend October reading, there are a tonne of other Halloween-related books you should look at.

24. Tour a Haunted House

Having a few scares yourself is the best way to get into the Halloween spirit. Bring along some companions so you have someone to lean on when things go tough.

25. Play Halloween Music

Create a playlist that is ideal for a Halloween gathering. Of course, “Creep” by Radiohead ought to be at the top of your list of Halloween songs.

26. Turn on the Halloween Candles

Turn on the Halloween Candles

A variety of Halloween candles can be lit to set the mood on All Hallows’ Eve. They might be creepy and melt to reveal a skeleton, or they can have a pumpkin and apple scent. It’s obvious, it gives you a scierier vibes, and is definitely one of the fun things to do at home for Halloween.

27. Make Halloween Mini Doughnuts

These cute little doughnuts are one of the simpler recipes out there. Make a zombie, bat, pumpkin, spider, or all four of them!

28. Organize a Halloween Party

This year, host your own Monster Mash party using a few fantastic Halloween party themes as your guides. Participate in bob for apples, hold a costume contest, and prepare some spooky dishes.

29. Poke Fun at Your Neighbors

Poke Fun at Your Neighbors

This game will give everyone in the area “spooks”! Put some Halloween-themed goodie baskets filled with delectable snacks outside your neighbors’ doors and tell them to do the same.

30. Create Delectable Treats in Tiny Cauldrons

Is that puffy drink or popcorn? Create this deliciously spooky Halloween treat, which kids will love helping with, it’s almost hard to tell.

31. Make an Amazing Halloween Decoration

Create beautiful paper ghosts out of your children’s handprints that will instantly transform a simple pumpkin or a canvas flag into a Halloween decoration.

32. Engage in a Mummy Race

Engage in a Mummy Race

Looking for fun things to do on Halloween? A mummy race is a guaranteed success! Whoever can use toilet paper to mummy-style cover their partner the fastest wins.

33. Consume the Halloween candy

Create delightful confections from candy, like this candy bark. For the ideal way to utilize leftover Halloween candy, you may also make brownies, cookies, cakes, and more.

34. Beautify Your Home into Halloween Spirit

To get into the mood of the day, hang up enjoyable Halloween decorations all throughout your home. Put up artificial cobwebs everywhere and experiment with bows and garlands. Absolutely a banter, and one of the scariest halloween ideas to do with friends.

35. Make Your Own Vampire Bookmark

Sink your teeth into the best Halloween novels for kids, then leave off with a brilliantly bonkers DIY bookmark. 

36. Make Paper lanterns for Halloween

Make multiples of this easy lantern, insert a battery-operated votive candle into each, and place them down your pathway to guide trick-or-treaters.

37. Make Enjoyable, Festive Finger Foods

What to do on Halloween with kids? Get your kids involved in the preparation of simple Halloween appetizers like these gorgeous and delicious! quesadillas in the shape of a pumpkin.

38. Compete in a Halloween Bingo Game

Host a game night and use the colorful candy corn markers to play this themed variation of bingo!

39. Prepare Some Decadently Sweet Halloween Treats

Prepare Some Decadently Sweet Halloween Treats

Candy is certainly mouthwatering, but nothing is sweeter than making some of these best Halloween goodies as a family.

40. Your Pumpkins should Be Painted

Looking for creative stuff to do on Halloween? This year, experiment with your jack-o-lanterns. While there are some fantastic pumpkin carving ideas, there are many more creative options when it comes to painting pumpkins for Halloween.

41. Explore a Haunted Hotel

What to do on Halloween with friends? Fans of the paranormal will want to do something a little spooky this Halloween. If there is one nearby where you can spend the night, look at the list of America’s scariest hotels. As an alternative, you may check to see if there is a haunted house nearby.

42. Explore a Ghost Town

Explore a Ghost Town

If visiting haunted hotels isn’t thrilling enough, try going on an adventure in a real ghost town. 

For instance, the town of Bodie, California, where this image was taken, formerly housed 10,000 people. 

Even pool tables from decades ago have been preserved in their original condition today. It is still considered the traditional activities that family and friends partake in.

43. Make a Platter for Halloween

Put caramel apples, chocolate cookies, and black candies on a dark dish to replicate this “platter of darkness.” By selecting candies and snacks in this color combination, you might also go with an orange and black theme.

44. Take Pleasure in Candy Corn

We are aware that not everyone like candy corn. However, it can’t hurt to have a few of these tri colored candies in the name of Halloween. Who knows, maybe you’ll think differently after trying this candy corn bark recipe!

45. Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

On your bucket list, carving a pumpkin definitely ranks first and among the top ideas to do with friends. Kids enjoy it, and there are now numerous pumpkin carving kits available to make the messy procedure easier.

46. Create Halloween Crafts

Create Halloween Crafts

Pumpkin craft ideas are available in addition to carving or painting your pumpkins. Turning small pumpkins into succulent pots is one possibility, as shown here. 

47. Make a fall Bouquet

A festive bouquet of flowers might help you get in the holiday spirit. Gather your autumnal flowers and place them in a rustic container, such as a metal watering can or a pumpkin.

48. Play Halloween Games

Play a few games with your kids to get in the festive mood, whether you’re throwing a party or just passing the time before going out for candy. It’s tradition to “bob for apples.”

49. Embark on a Fall Hike

Embark on a Fall Hike

It’s the ideal way to take in some fresh air and take in the autumnal scenery. Additionally, it will prepare you for the long walks that trick-or-treaters will entail.

50. Play a Marathon of Spooky Films

People who enjoy being scared will undoubtedly want to spend the evening viewing their favorite scary movies and it is the best Halloween activity. If that’s not your thing, there are lots of less intense options to choose from, such as Disney Halloween flicks.

You can choose from a variety of Halloween-themed content, so see what you like best.  Choose a handful of the genre’s films or binge-watch a few episodes of a creepy TV show. Include a couple of funny options to break up the monotony of terror. Some of the Halloween genres are listed below – 

  • Demons and possession stories – The Omen, The Exorcist, The Ring, The Evil Dead, Annabelle, The Possession, and the Exorcism of Emily Rose
  • Vampires – Dracula, Nosferatu, Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire, The Hunger, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 30 Days of Night, Let the Right One In
  • Slashers and serial killers-  Friday the 13th, Psycho, Halloween, Scream, Se7en, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Final Girls, Saw, Freaky, The Orphan
  • Zombies – Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, White Zombie, Go Goa Gone, World War Z, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, Train to Busan, All of Us Are Dead
  • Witches – The Craft, The Blair Witch Project, Hocus Pocus, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Eve’s Bayou, Charmed, Bewitched, I Married a Witch, The Witches of Eastwick
  • Ghosts and haunted houses –  Poltergeist, The Others, The Shining, The Conjuring, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, The Haunting of Hill House, Paranormal Activity, Monster House

What are Your Plans for Halloween?

Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake party ideas

To celebrate the holiday in a frightful manner, check out these Halloween party ideas for people of all ages. They feature tons of festive Halloween décor, treats, and beverages. The next step is to choose a theme that any goblin or ghoul would appreciate once you have your Halloween song playlist prepared. 

Ask everyone to dress in 1980s costumes and go all out if you’re a fanatic like Ree Drummond who is obsessed with all things ’80s!  

There are also a few original Halloween party themes for grownups to choose if you simply cannot get enough of horror films.

Particularly, the horror movie marathon or Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake party ideas will certainly rock!

However, we’ve included fun Halloween party themes for kids that aren’t too scary, such as spiders, emojis, and even a witchy tea party. These party themes are all so wonderful that it will be impossible for you to choose just one. 

The most crucial aspect of any celebration is the dessert, so whatever you do, don’t forget to serve some for Halloween!

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