15 Best Things To Do in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Best Things To Do in Winston Salem

Winston Salem is situated in North Carolina. It is a beautiful place with the feeling of small towns but the appearance of big cities. Once recognized as the hub of textiles and tobacco industries, today it is best known for culture, food, and art. In addition to this, it offers plenty of shopping centers, museums, historical sites, and so on. Hence, you have numerous yet best things to do in Winston-Salem.

Before you pack your bags and book your tickets, check this post out to know the things that you can enjoy here. So, let us get started!

Top Activities & Things To Do in Winston Salem

To know the fun activities and things to do in Winston Salem North Carolina, here are some points to help you:

1. Go to the Old Salem Museums and Gardens

Old Salem Museums and Gardens

Spending a day at the Old Salem Museums and Gardens is considered one of the most amazing things to do here. When you are here, you will get an idea of the daily living and activities done by the Moravian Community. You should note that it is related to the late 1700s as well as the early 1800s. This place gives a captivating look into the businesses, customs, celebrations, and traditions of this unique community. You will surely love everything about this place. But yes, do not forget to try the delicious food items here.

2. Try lip-smacking Dishes at North Carolina’s Barbeque Trails

barbeque meat dishes in Winston Salem

This charismatic place is also known for its delicious barbeques. Here, you will have smoked pork dishes that are more than 100 years old. The slow-cooked meat on the coals and wood will definitely take you into a different world of flavors. Unlike pulled pork, the barbeques of Winston Salem used to chop, coarse chop, or simply slice the meat to give it a better taste. If you are a foodie and on a ‘flavor’ trip, then you must try different barbeque meat dishes in Winston Salem.

3. Plan Your Quick Visit to Reynolda House Museum

To know the history and development journey of this city, visit the famous Reynolda House Museum. This building was home to the famous tobacco tycoon RJ Reynolds and his better half Katherine. This house is established on 1067 acres of land. Here, you will get to see beautiful indoor pools, a guest area, bowling alleys, and yes – a life-sized “big” doll house. You can also see artworks by Georgia O’Keefe and Mary Cassatt. Outdoors are beautiful gardens having shrubs, exotic flowers, roses, veggies, and so on.

4. Do Shopping on the Trade Street

Shopping on the Trade Street

Another amazing thing to do in Winston Salem NC is shopping on the famous Trade Street. It is nothing but the downtown area. You can find multiple galleries, boutiques, and specialty stores here. In addition to this, some popular and old decorative items and jewelry shops are also there. Some amazing cafes and restaurants are also situated nearby wherein you can visit to enjoy some great food.

5. Mast General Store is a Must-Try

Mast General Store

You must keep this place on your “must-visit” list. Established in 1883 in the western part of North Carolina, it features everything, right from food items to clothes. You can even try some old-fashioned candies here. In case you are a Harry Potter fan, this place is perfect for you. We are saying this because a lot of Harry Potter-themed stuff is present here.

6. Enjoy Mesmerizing Views at the Famous ARTivity on the Green

ARTivity on the Green

Located in the downtown’s heart, it is considered the 1st public park in the city. The unique shape and bright hues of this park make it a perfect place to enjoy some peaceful moments. You can either take a long walk or simply sit on a beach and enjoy mesmerizing views.

7. Go to the Art Trail

If you are a true fan and admirer of murals, then you can find some brilliant ones here. Right from a giant gumball machine to Frederick Douglass’s portrait, the streets of this spot have a gamut of murals. To take a closer look at these murals, it is good to walk by your feet (to the ones that are closely located).

8. Give yourself a Sweet Treat at the Black Mountain Chocolate Bar

To try unique drinks and desserts, you can head to the Black Mountain Chocolate Bar. Here, you will get several “chocolate” treats. The menu includes tarts, brownies, classic cocktails, and so on. For chocolate lovers, this place is no less than a paradise. It is because they can try the most unique flavors. Lastly, wine pairing events also take place here that you can attend.

9. Taste Flavored Whiskeys at Broad Branch Distillery

If you think that whiskey cannot taste good, then you should visit Broad Branch Distillery. This place offers some of the most unique flavors such as blueberry-flavored whiskey. It is one of the most popular distilleries in the entire North Carolina, offering premium quality whiskeys. You can visit here and try some.

10. Go to the Coffee Pot

You must be wondering – what is so special about a coffee pot? Well! It is not an ordinary pot. Instead, it is a pot that is 7 feet tall. It is also counted among the oldest landmarks of the city that was built in 1858. The look of this pot is enough to grab anyone’s attention. It is also called Mickey’s Coffee Pot. So, it is worth visiting here to see this historical pot at least once.

11. Visit and explore Graylyn

Visit and explore Graylyn

Exploring the Graylyn Estate is also a fun thing to do in Winston-Salem. It is not too far from the main downtown. At once, it was amongst the biggest private houses in the country. But today, it is converted into a beautiful conference venue and hotel. If you do not want to stay for longer here, then worry not. Come and attend the Tour Pour du Jour.

It will provide you with the property’s tour along with a sample tasting of wines. Keep in mind, during these events, the tickets can be overpriced and can be sold out so quickly. Hence, it is good to do advance booking to avoid hassles later on.

12. Enjoy Craft Beer Tasting at Foothills Brewing

It is not just the most popular but one of the oldest. They have been making and bottling their offerings for the last 15 years. Locals as well as visitors love the brewpub of downtown to enjoy some great food, beer, and soothing live music. You can also get detailed information about the beer’s brewing process at Foothills Brewing. And yes, the tasting room is the best way to try some amazing samples.

13. Tour the Famous Korner’s Folly

Korner’s Folly

It is nothing but a mansion with 22 rooms. From the outside, it looks like any other house, but inside, it consists of some of the best features. Built-in 1880 by Jule Gilmer Korner, you can see the persona of this famous designer, decorator, and creative mind here. 8 different brick types, 15 fireplaces, trap doors, murals, and beautifully designed windows give Korner’s Folly an appealing look. It is open 365 days a year for visitors. So, you can visit here and enjoy various theme-based events.

14. Explore the Bethabara Historic District

Bethabara Historic District

It was a temporary house for Moravians when they were searching for a permanent home. But today, this historic district has a wildlife preserve and 183 acres of park. The excavated foundations, older buildings, colonial gardens, and so on are well-preserved. It is done so that visitors can get an idea of past life. Hence, exploring this beautiful place is one of the best things to do in Winston-Salem.

15. Visit Tanglewood Park

Tanglewood Park

This spot becomes one of the most popular attractions in the country between mid-November and January. It is because of the biggest and most alluring light shows that are being organized in Tanglewood Park. The beauty of this place during this festival of lights is just unmatched. You can even meet Santa, buy gifts, and enjoy your time here.

So, these are the things to do in Winston-Salem. But to make your time memorable, it is suggested to check everything beforehand. It may include airfares, accommodations, local rules and laws, and so on. When you know all these aspects, you will be able to maximize the fun without any stress. And yes, while visiting, make a list of the places wherein you want to visit. It is the easiest way to have a well-planned trip. So, start making your list. Happy travel!

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