Top 10 Things to do in OKC (Oklahoma City)

Things to do in OKC

Oklahoma (OKC) is one of the largest cities in the state of Oklahoma found in the United States of America Country.

It has a total area of 1607.83 km sq. and a total number of populations of 6,81,054 according to the latest Census of 2020 year.

Reaching to the Oklahoma City, you can find the many best things to do in Downtown OKC such as fun activities, night activities, Christmas activities and many more with your friends and family.

Adult Fun in Oklahoma City

1. Wheeler Park, OKC Sign

Wheeler park is located in the Downtown Oklahoma with a huge “ OKC Sign ” to capture the snap and post it on the Social Media to show to the world.

Wheeler Park, Okc Sign

A Ferris Wheel can also be found here which is for adults to ride and see the aerial view of the City Oklahoma.

Visiting to this place with a large group of friends is the best things to do in OKC for adults to capture the moments and feel the happiness by showing it to other friends.

Attractions: OKC Sign and Ferries Wheel

Address: Wheeler Park Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, USA

2. Plaza Walls – Oklahoma City

Plaza Walls can be found in the Plaza District, where you can come with your friends and see the different graffiti on different walls.

okc Plaza Walls

The Walls are designed with the colorful art and the text written on the wall and capture the pic with these walls and post it on the Instagram.

You must appreciate the different designed walls with creative artwork and must come for fun things to do in OKC once in your lifetime.

Opening Hours: 24 Hrs

Main Attractions: Creative and Colorful Walls

Address: 1745 NW, 16th St Suite F4, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

Family and Kids Special

1. The Orr Family Farm

The Great Orr Family Farm is the one of the kind camping experiences park or and the whole Family farm in the City of Oklahoma.

Staying facilities can be found in the teepee and wagon for a long resting time which is similar to the settlers.

OKC Orr Family Farm

The settlers are made with temperature controls and comfortable beds to provide the family members the best experiences.

Campfire, Deluxe Amenities, Pedal Boating, Go Karts, Zip lines, Paintball, Maze are the friendly and family things to do in OKC which are equally found in the Tulsa Ok at a distance of 106 miles from Oklahoma City.

Activities: Campfire, Zip lines, Paintball, Maze, Pedal Boating

Famous for: Family fun

Special Offers: Temperature Control Teepee and Wagon with Comfortable Beds

Address: 14400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170, United States

2. Children Science Museum

The Science Museum in the city of Oklahoma is the largest and the biggest science museum in the United States of America.

Children learn the things by doing the activities in the museum which is dedicated to learning by playing things to do in OKC with kids and children under the age of 16 can enter inside the museum.

Family members of the child can stay outside in the garden specially made for the resting of the Family members.

The Hall of Fame, Light Minded, Science Floor, Kid Space, Curio City Playing Area are the different sections made for the children to learn while playing in the different areas of the science museum.

Time to Visit: Monday to Saturday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday – 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Ticket Price: $15.95 – Child (Age 3 to 12), $20.95 – Adult (Age 13 to 64), $15.95 – Senior (Age 65+)

Address: 2020, Remington PI, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

Night Life in Oklahoma City

1. Visit to Bricktown, OKC

The Bricktown is the historic downtown area in the city of Oklahoma where the modern revival happens day by day in a 190 acres area.


It is a very beautiful nightlife place on the side of a river with steam and water taxis which takes you to the different locations and the top attractions just like the Stillwater Ok located 66 miles far away from the city of Oklahoma.

The Water taxis offer the dinner cruises and outdoor dining with amazing river views and pleasant feel of watching some movies at the Bricktown area.

In the time of Christmas, Many dining options with colorful lights can be found in the Bricktown while looking for a nice restaurant to eat with friends during the festival and many other Christmas things to do in OKC at night.

Best time to Visit: At night

Main Attractions & Activities: Water Taxis, Dinner Cruises, Movies and Restaurants, Walking Path, Shopping, Indoor Skydiving Experience

Address: Bricktown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Also read: Things To Do in Stillwater

You can also visit to the great and attractive Wichita Falls to spend a beautiful time and very famous for the photography with the natural fall among the tourists which is situated between Oklahoma City and Dallas City in Oklahoma and Texas State of the United States of America Country.

2. Lunchbox at Edna’s Drinks Bar

Edna’s Drinks is a small type of Bar situated on the north side of the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America.

The Lunchbox is a very famous drink served in the Edna’s Drinks Bar and it is the originator of this famous drink.

After visiting this awesome place at night, you would like to drink the whole available drink in the one sip.

So, plan to step into the small bar and decide to come to this place to have the drinks. These are the cool things to do in OKC tonight for you.  

Best time to Visit: At night

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday – 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Famous for: Lunchbox drink and many other Drinks

Address: 5137, Classen Cir, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States

Famous Restaurants and Cafes   

1. Red Cup Café

The Red Cup is a vegan Café in the City of Oklahoma and you will find everything vegan in the list of Menu.

Red Cup Café

The Menu is famous for its long list and which is amazing with some comfort foods like sandwiches and good meals like Delicious Patty Milk and Frito Chili Pie.  

Watching the Red Cup Sign is one of the Free things to do in Oklahoma but to enter in the café and have tasty food, you have to pay the Charges.

You must visit this amazing place for the tasty and delicious food on your busy day.

Time to Visit: Monday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Sunday – 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM  

Famous for: Vegan Food

Special Dishes: Sandwich, Patty Milk, Frito Chili Pie

Address: 3122 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States

2. Holey Rollers Café

The Holey Rollers Café is another vegan café found in the city of Oklahoma to have some food with your family and friends.

Holey Rollers Café

This Café is surrounded by the colorful building and it is easy to recognize by the people who step in to have the tasty food.

Maple, Apple Cider and the Mexican Chocolate are the famous dishes for the taste and selected by the customers which are the cheap things to do in OKC for this healthy meal.

Every donut and the rollers dishes are vegan and egg free and completely baked as per the choice which looks so good.

Time to Visit: Tuesday to Sunday – 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday – Off

Famous for: Vegan Foods (Egg Free)

Special Dishes: Maple, Apple Cider, Mexican Chocolate, Donut, Rollers

Address: 3010 Paseo #101, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States

Unique Things to do in Oklahoma City

1. Step into the OKC Underground Tunnels

Oklahoma has the special things inside its area, which is the OKC Underground tunnels that connect the various buildings and places underground.

It is one mile long and includes the 20 blocks to turn into different destination underground in the Oklahoma City.

These tunnels are especially very unique and include the many Colors Coordinated areas, free art galleries, Coffee Shop all are found underground.

Its never open on the weekends but in the business hours and checking out the underground are not the Unique and best things to do in OKC this weekend with your awesome friends.

Timing: Monday to Friday – 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Specialty: Color Coordinated Area, Art Galleries, Coffee Shop

Tunnel Area: One mile long with 20 Blocks

Address: 101 Park Avenue, Broadway – Kerr Parking Garage

Things to do in Oklahoma City for Couples

1. Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner is a great place situated in the Oklahoma City and it is a very famous place among the residents and the tourists.

Lake Hefner

The main attraction of the lake Hefner is the Light house which is situated at the east side of the lake.

Light house is the great spot to have romantic pics together and enjoy the romantic things to do in Oks with your partner.

You can also find the many restaurants near the lake and relaxing on the benches found on the side of the lake.

Amazing Hiking, running and biking trails are also there to have some enjoyment in your free time.

Best time to Visit: Any time

Famous for: Light House and Hiking, Running and Biking trails

Specialty: Couple Photography with Light House

Address: Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Planning of an amazing trip to Oklahoma

To plan an amazing trip to Oklahoma, you need to research on the Various mode of the best transportation that would be available on time and take you to the specific destination in the Oklahoma with safety and in a short time.

Mode of the Transportation to reach Oklahoma City

1. By Air

For the international tourists, Air Transport is the suitable option for those who want to experience a trip in the Oklahoma City and for this, the Will Rogers World international Airport provides the safest flight for the Oklahoma City.

2. By Train

Train is also the best option to reach the Oklahoma City from the different places and states within and for the people who are already living in the USA. Santa Fe Station is the best train station which provides services to the people to reach Oklahoma City.

3. By Road

Private Journey for the group of people and family members, the road is the great option to enjoy every moment in the Oklahoma City and drive the rental and Owned vehicle everywhere you want within the city, you no need to worry about the other transportation reaching and leaving time.

Best time to Visit Oklahoma City

The Months of March to June and September to November are the perfect time to Visit the Oklahoma City. In these months, the weather remains temperate with hot summers and cold winters.


1. Location

Oklahoma City is situated in the state of Oklahoma located in the middle of the United States of America with the equal distance from Los Angeles city and the New York City. It is also the capital of the state of Oklahoma.

2. Weather

Weather of the Oklahoma City changes from time to time. January is the month known for the coolest month for Oklahoma with a minimum temperature of 26.2oF in day and it goes down to -12oC in the night during Winter.

May to September is the time for summer and the temperature goes 100oF in 30 to 40 days and becomes so warm than the other places in the USA.

3. Geography

The Oklahoma City is situated middle of Ozark Mountains and the Great Plains and being a center of 48 contiguous states and land locked state, it is surrounded by the everywhere such as the Texas from the South Side, Kansas in the North Side, Arkansas in the East Side, New Mexico in the West Side, Missouri in the Northeast side and the Colorado in the Northwest side.

4. Facts

1.  Oklahoma is known for History, Cowboy Culture and beauty of the nature

2.  It is the Horse Show capital of the entire world

3.  Oklahoma City is one of the largest cities of the OK State

4.  According to the area, it is the 3rd largest city of the USA Country

Hotel and Resorts  

Hotel NameAddress
Colcord Hotel15 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
21c Museum Hotel900 W Main St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73106
Stone Hill Norman3100 Medical Park PI, Norman, OK 73072
Hilton Garden Inn328 East Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Hyatt Place1818 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108


Oklahoma City is a great place to visit and spend the weekend with lots of attractions to explore like family farm, Plaza Walls, Wheeler Park, Bricktown and many more.

Before going to the Oklahoma, first make a list of top things to do in OKC today and then make yourself prepared to reach the Oklahoma with suitable time. 

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