Top 15 Things to Do in Binghamton, NY & Best Places to Stay

Things to Do in Binghamton, NY

New York has so many attractions that many visitors come from different parts of the world. Binghamton is one of them. While visiting this city, you should know the best things to do in Binghamton NY to make the most of your trip. There are lots of places with magnificent views and cultural values. To make your holidays more memorable, you can go to suggested sites that promise you an amazing time in the lap of nature. While you form your itinerary, here, you can also learn the best places to stay in Binghamton NY.

15 Fun Things to Do in Binghamton NY

Things to Do in Binghamton NY

Whenever you plan a vacation, an important thing is to find the most fun places. You can come across what to do in Binghamton NY and cool things to do in Binghamton NY whether you are coming here all by yourself or with family and friends. The city is home to enjoyable wildlife spots, cultural places, and museums that unfold Binghamton’s history and discoveries.

1. Unique Wildlife Experiences at Ross Park Zoo

When it comes to spending your vacation, there is nothing more attractive than a zoo. The 5th oldest zoo in Binghamton, which opened in 1875, has many attractions and views. This park is known for taking a long walk, seeing different animals, and attending youthful events. 

Ross Park Zoo

Let’s see what exciting things can be done here:

  • This zoo has many animals like Koala bears, leopards, tigers, Red Pandas, Mei Lei and Ferguson, penguins, tortoises, etc. So, you can make your day better while engaging with them.
  • It also has a large playground. If you are looking for the best things to do in Binghamton NY, this zoo will be the best one for your kids.
  • Be a part of the place’s exhibition where you can find many essential things about animals and their lifestyle.
  • The cleanliness of this zoo will make you more comfortable and keep you safe. You can hang out with your kids and family without being worried.
  • You can be a part of some events organized by the zoo every year to experience the culture.
  • Red pandas are the main attraction here. Do not forget to meet Mei Lei and Ferguson during your trip to the zoo.

2. Binghamton University Art Museum to Witness Spectacular Art

Binghamton University Art Museum

Given that you adore art, this place will interest you. Binghamton University Art Museum is the best destination for visitors who value art and want to explore more. This fantastic museum is situated on the 2nd floor of Binghamton University, New York. If you are looking for free things to do in Binghamton NY, then this spot could be your favorite.

  • This art museum includes various paintings, photographs, ceramics, and textiles of different cultures like those of Egypt, Africa, Europe, North America, Greece, Asia, etc.
  • You can also see historical exhibits after going to this museum. Different sculptures are available here which are best for any art fan.
  • Be a part of various exhibitions to see the beautiful work of many artists.
  • This place is best for gaining knowledge about the culture and history of Binghamton, New York.

Note: Tourists can check out the Binghamton University Art Museum from Tuesday to Saturday. It will be closed on Monday and Sunday.

3. Adore Nature at Otsiningo Park

Otsiningo Park

There are many who love large playgrounds and walking trails to enjoy their free time with families on Saturdays and Sundays. Coming to Otsiningo Park will be one of the family things to do in Binghamton NY, this weekend. This park has lots of views that will make you adore and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Let’s check out what can be done in this park during the vacation:

  • Walking trails along the Chenango River are the main attraction in this park. If you want to take a long walk with your family, then you can do it here.
  • You can enjoy fishing on the weekends as Otsiningo Park includes a beautiful pond with amenities.
  • It has large playgrounds as well as baseball and soccer fields for gamers. It will be exciting to spend the whole Sunday playing your favorite games.
  • There is a facility to ride bikes. 
  • Bathrooms are available that are clean and safe to use. You can spend the entire day without going out of this park.

Notably, there is no doubt that exploring Otsiningo Park will be one of the best things to do in Binghamton NY on the weekends with various kinds of activities available.

4. Architectural Views and Tours at Phelps Mansion Museum

Phelps Mansion Museum

For any history and culture-admiring person, Binghamton has one popular place: the Phelps Mansion Museum. The structure of this museum is so astonishing and ancient that it can bring history to the present. There are many things to do in this museum and all of those will make you aware of Binghamton’s rich history and culture.

  • Guided tours are available in the Phelps Mansion Museum through which you can explore everything in this museum with minor details.
  • There is no other place suitable than this museum to learn about Binghamton’s history.
  • The structure of the place is so pleasant and marvelous that you cannot stop yourself from complementing it. For the fun things to do in Binghamton NY, the Phelps Mansion Museum is worth visiting.
  • There is a timeline during which you can get yourself a detailed tour. It is readily available from Friday to Saturday and the time will be from 11.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. Before visiting, make sure to get yourself a guide because only that way can you know everything.

Note: The fee for visiting this mansion is around $7. It will be a great deal for your family or group to come to the museum on a budget.

5. Recreation Park for Exciting Games

Recreation Park

Binghamton is best known for its greenery and delightful environment. Its Recreation Park is a public spot where you can go with your kids, partner, family, friends, or by yourself. It is an enjoyable place to engage in minor things and praise the beauty of Binghamton. When you are finding free things to do in Binghamton NY, include this park in your itinerary. Nothing is better than a recreation park for enjoying the peaceful environment and fun games.

  • This Recreation Park has a big swimming pool which will be the best to enjoy in summer. You can also get separate changing rooms. Thus, your privacy will not be an issue while hanging out in the swimming pool or afterward.
  • Get a tennis experience with a vast court in the park and be social with people while playing.
  • This Recreation Park should be the first choice if you are with your kids. Inclusive of various things to do with kids in Binghamton, it has a large playground, swings, and multiple pieces of game equipment. Your kids will not be bored.
  • Walk on the pathways and feel the positivity of the air. 
  • You can also see monuments, athletic grounds, statues, oak trees, and bandstands in this park. 

6. Learn Unique Things at Roberson Museum and Science Center

Roberson Museum and Science Center

When you are looking for informative things to do in Binghamton New York, Roberson Museum and Science Center is worth checking out. Enjoy the various exhibitions and learn about the science, history, and art culture of Binghamton with the help of the Roberson Museum. 

  • Visit the Roberson Museum to see the Roberson mansion and educational monuments. Learn more about the local history of Binghamton while hanging out calmly.
  • Bring your children and let them know about science events, history, and fun things about the city.
  • This museum’s architecture is very well built and attractive to visitors because it is beautifully decorated.
  • You can also see the planetarium to enhance your experience in Binghamton.
  • The museum organizes new exhibitions every year. You can experience the latest things during your trip.

7. Observe Animals at Aqua Terra Wilderness Area

Aqua Terra Wilderness Area

Given that you are a fan of wildlife, then you must visit Aqua Terra. It will be one of the enjoyable things to do in Binghamton NY this weekend. The Aqua Terra Wilderness Area is designed for wildlife observation where you can do various activities and explore nature closely. 

  • Aqua Terra is covered with mountains. To have relaxing weekends, you can experience real nature and go walking or jogging.
  • If fishing is your thing, then this place would be the best choice. It has an open area for fishing mainly with friends or family.
  • Observe the wildlife closely and learn more about the animals and plants.
  • There are hiking trails available. You can go hiking to make your trip more adventurous.

Note: You can go here in the evening and enjoy the mesmerizing as well as the gratifying sunset.

8. Finch Hollow Nature Center for the Utmost Positive Vibes

Finch Hollow Nature Center

When it comes to family things to do in Binghamton NY, most of you would like to explore something extraordinary and full of positivity. You can also have some adventures and spend time in a peaceful environment. Finch Hollow Nature is one of those places where you can experience such exciting things on a holiday.

  • This center is best known for its magnificent views and long trails. Enjoy a long walk in the comfort of lovely nature. 
  • Some survivalist classes are organized at the center. You and your family can learn various activities like making knots, setting camps, etc. 
  • Families can enjoy the weekend camping and hiking. 
  • Greenfields and a large pond are the main attractions of Finch Hollow Nature Center. Make sure to spend some time here.
  • You can additionally do some meditation here because of the peaceful and positive vibes of the place. 

9. Cutler Botanic Garden: Home to Numerous Plants

Cutler Botanic Garden

Assuming that you are a plant lover, the Cutler botanic garden can fulfill all your wishes at once. Green plants and mesmerizing flowers will give you lots of serenity and zeal. If you are looking for refreshing things to do in Binghamton NY today, then coming to Cutler Botanic Garden is a perfect idea. Enjoy nature and cherish it in these ways:

  • The enthusiasm of this garden will motivate you to save the plants and cherish them for a long time. 
  • You can find different kinds of plants, flowers, and fields here which will help you study nature.
  • Try to take a long walk through the flower beds while discovering the earth’s natural beauty. 
  • When you plan to spend some time with your loved one, this place can be an ideal spot. The walks that you take here are among the romantic things to do in Binghamton NY.
  • It is known as an iconic place for wedding pictures in Binghamton. Hence, it will be a great spot for newlyweds to preserve their memories.

10. Binghamton University Natural Preserve to Rejuvenate

Considering that you are a nature lover and want to explore more of it, Binghamton University Natural Preserve is one of the best spots for you. There are long walking trails where you can take a calm walk with your partner and spend the most romantic weekend in Binghamton. You can experience a long list of adventures in this natural preserve. It also includes animals like deer, birds, and many more. So, it is one of the things to do in Binghamton today when you want to make the best of your time.

11. Highland Park for the Best Adventures

Highland Park

Highland Park is a splendid destination in recommendations to explore the adventures and enjoyable moments during your vacation. Beyond adventures, fireworks are the main highlights of this park. You can enjoy with your family or partner the beautiful fireworks at night. It is the best spot for a picnic as well. Speaking of more things to do in Binghamton NY at night, you can enjoy the pool, barbecue, pavilion, etc., in a single place.

12. Witness Nature’s Beauty at IBM Glen Waterman Conservation Education Center

IBM Glen Waterman Conservation Education Center

Binghamton is identified for lots of exciting places that will give you factual knowledge and experience in learning about the history of the town. The IBM Glen Waterman Conservation Education Center is one of them.

Take a look at what more you can do at this center:

  • Feel the enthusiasm and the energy of the environment in this center.
  • Explore hiking trails, plant species, bridges, walking paths, and more in this park.
  • Many visitors appreciate its cleanliness. It is usually safe to visit during the pandemic.
  • Waterfalls are the main things to see here. Visiting this center will be one of the most exciting things to do in Binghamton area when you love watching cool waters flowing down the fall.

13. Discovery Center to Enjoy New Things with Kids

Discovery Center

Kids like activities and learning new things. Speaking of that, the Discovery Center is an ideal place to take them. Coming here with your kids can help them gain so much knowledge in a single place. Along with this, it is a prominent and entertaining place suitable for all ages. 

The center organizes activities where your people can learn creative things from the basics. There is also a garden available to take a long walk and feel the positivity. This place will help you and your kids with socialization; you can meet new people and understand the different thought processes. Surely, this center offers plenty of cool things to do in Binghamton NY with your kids.

14. CFJ Carousel: Binghamton’s Iconic Spot

CFJ Carousel

The CFJ carousel is a significant spot in Binghamton. It gives you the chance to enjoy various things with amusing views. You can enjoy the beauty of the carousel with any group, whether it is your friends or family.

Counted among the top 15 things to do in Binghamton NY, the following is what it promises you:

  • CFJ has a tremendous antique wooden carousel with many exciting ventures and fascinating experiences.
  • There are swings and rides where your children can enjoy endless fun.
  • The main highlight of this place is the splash park which is available only in the summer. 
  • It also has football and basketball courts to enjoy games with your friends.

15. Dive into City’s Culture with Bundy Museum of History and Art

Bundy Museum

One of the most incredible things to do in Binghamton NY is to arrive at the Bundy Museum of History and Art. History and culture are significant when you go anywhere to stay. This museum is, therefore, the primary destination for exploring Binghamton’s local history and culture.

  • This is a unique museum with lots of antique discoveries and the establishment of local history.
  • Make sure to have enough time to see this enormous museum to learn more about Binghamton and its culture.
  • You can attend the ongoing exhibitions here to discover more and appreciate the architecture of the vast museum.
  • Early technology lovers can feel a better connection with the museum.

Where to Stay in Binghamton?

Where to Stay in Binghamton

Binghamton gives you the chance to discover unique experiences. As you do so, make sure that you pick a comfortable place to stay. There are many hotels to stay in in the town with an affordable range. You can choose from Holiday Inn Binghamton, Comfort Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton, Quality Inn and Suites, and many more according to your budget. Given that you are comfortable, you can also look for resorts and tourist attractions in the city for your stay. 

This place also features luxury stays. Certain travelers will enjoy staying more at Red Roof Inn Binghamton. For an even better experience, Homewood Suites by Hilton Binghamton/Vestal, NY, Parkway Inn, etc., are additionally suggested.


From Otsiningo Park to CFJ Carousel, there are amazing places in Binghamton to visit where you can enjoy your peaceful and joyous vacation. Some attractions are available at a very affordable range which allows you to visit with your family without any worries. As per your preferences, you can also check out spots that are worth your money. All in all, your trip will be memorable in this exciting city of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the outdoor activities to do in Binghamton?

Binghamton is primarily known for its adventures and the beauty of nature. You can go hiking, riding bikes, fishing, walking on trails, and camping for outdoor things to do in Binghamton NY. If you are a learner and want to know more about the town, then you can also visit the various mansions and museums.

Where can I stay in Binghamton NY?

Lots of places are available to stay in Binghamton, NY. You can stay at hotels like Holiday Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton, Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Binghamton, and Red Roof Inn. 

What is the top attraction in Binghamton?

When it comes to the best things to do in Binghamton NY, the top attractions are always important to be known. The primary attractions in the city are the greenery of nature and different kinds of animals. For these, there are many places like Ross Zoo Park, Recreation Park, Otsiningo Park, etc.

Are there things to do in Binghamton NY in November?

There are lots of fun things to do in Binghamton NY in November. You can attend museums and park exhibitions and music festivals during this month. Go to Highland Park and adore the beauty of fireworks. This will make your trip memorable and pleasant.

What is Binghamton, New York, famous for?

Binghamton is mainly famous for its carousel, culture, and traditions. For the record, it is also known as the carousel capital. So, whenever you go to the town, you must see the carousel and explore the traditional values as well. You can head to the museum to learn more about the history and culture of Binghamton, NY.

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