10 Best Things To Do in Waikiki, Hawaii 2023

Things To Do in Waikiki

If you know anything about Hawaii, then you are surely aware of the beauty of Waikiki. A lot of travelers visit this wonderful city to enjoy its white soft sand beaches. And yes, the Diamond Head State Park is the real gem that you can find in Waikiki. But the top attractions and things to do in Waikiki, Hawaii do not stop here only. It has a lot to offer to its visitors.

To find out the same, keep on reading this post.

Fun Activities & Top Things To Do in Waikiki

1. Diamond Head

Diamond Head

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the top attractions or better said reasons to visit Waikiki. According to experts, it was formed around 300000 years ago. It is the result of the formation of numerous eruptions that occurred in the old Ko’olau Volcano.

Top Reasons to Visit: Nothing is better than starting your trip from an adventurous spot such as this one. Simply put, if you love adventure and want to see a volcano cone, then you should go to this place for sure. It will give you the most unique and memorable experience.

Things to do: You can take a walk to see this gem and take beautiful pictures for your social media handles.

2. Pearl Harbor

It is a historical site that is as significant as the event that took place on 4th July 1776. It was 7th December 1941 when all Hawaiian citizens woke up to the sounds of guns and bombs. It was the incident when Japanese aircraft invaded the base of the US Naval and attacked the harbor.

Top Reasons to Visit: Even though decades have passed, Pearl Harbor has numerous stories to tell about that attack. People come here to learn about that attack and honor the residents and the members of the US Naval who lost their precious lives.

Things to do: This place offers various activities to be involved in. For instance, you can watch documentary films, attend exhibitions and memorial programs, and buy books. 

3. Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace

Visiting Iolani Palace is one of the best things to do in Waikiki. It is a historical building that is of David Kalakaua – the last monarchy king. This building is so beautiful and has so much to offer.

Top Reasons to Visit: If you are willing to see architectural beauty, then this place will be the best option. It is a European-styled building that was built by Kalakaua for his royal family. Here, you can see luxurious interior specifications such as crowns, weapons, jewelry, royal portraits, and ornate furniture. To feel that royal touch, you should visit this palace.

Things to do: When you are here, take a tour of this palace and explore the grand hall, royal bedrooms, dining room, music room, throne room, ballroom reception room, and imprisonment room. You can also gain an understanding of how the monarchy’s end happened.

4. Hawaii Food Tours

Hawaii Food Tours

People who are a foodie and searching for fun things to do in Waikiki should go to the Hawaii Food Tours. Established by well-known chef Matthew Gray in 2004, it is constantly on the top of the lists of Yelp and Tripadvisor.

Top Reasons to Visit: To give yourself a treat, you must go to the Hawaii Food Tours. Here, you can enjoy ethnic, local, and exotic items. It is a perfect spot to relax after spending the whole day at the beach.

Things to do: You can go to this famous eatery to try Hawaiian pineapples, Portuguese doughnuts, Korean BBQ chicken, dim sum, and Chinese noodles. This place has delicacies from different corners of the world.

5. Hanauma Bay

To see another amazing geological formation that was created after the eruptions of a volcano in Honolulu, you can visit Hanauma Bay. This place is as beautiful as the Diamond Head.

Top Reasons to Visit: It is quite an awe-inspiring spot to visit. In addition to this, you can indulge in various activities and witness beautiful marine life too.

Things to do: This spot holds maximum fun and unique things to do in Waikiki. You can enjoy snorkeling with fish, turtles, and dolphins. If you are here with your partner, then nothing is more beautiful than sitting together and enjoying the romantic sunset. You can also enjoy dinner cruises here.

6. Makapu’u Point Trail

Makapu’u Point Trail

It is just 10-20 minutes away from Hanauma Bay. Makapu’u Point Trail is a scenic spot to visit and enjoy early morning hikes. This makes it a perfect spot to visit with your boy or girl gang.

Top Reasons to Visit: Sightseeing is one of the best things that you can do here. You can also take a tour of its wildlife sanctuary to view unique and rare animals and birds.

Things to do: You can make the most out of the cool breeze here by walking on its trail. Along with this, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing views of the well-known Oahu coastline. And yes, there is a historic lighthouse wherein you can go to watch different kinds of seabirds and whales.

7. Aloha Swap Meet

When you need some activities or things to do in Waikiki for free, you should visit the Aloha Swap Meet. It is an outdoor marketplace that was established in 1979. Here, you will find 400+ vendors from different corners of the world sharing beautiful creations.

Top Reasons to Visit: This is the best place where you can see the amalgamation of different cultures, traditions, and values. The credit for this goes to the main concept of this market – the gathering place. You can see small and medium-sized businesses showcasing their cultural diversity here.

Things to do: Here you can buy antiques, jewelry, novelty items, different wares, and souvenirs. You can also try some ethnic food items in this marketplace. When you want some handicrafts, no other market is better than Aloha Swap Meet in the entire Waikiki.

8. Halona Blowhole

It is one more natural yet unique occurrence that is due to the eruptions of a volcano. The most exciting thing about Halona Blowhole is that it is also thousands of years old.

Top Reasons to Visit: The actual meaning of Halona is LOOKOUT. Well! This place stands strong enough with its meaning. When you are here, you can see the coastlines of the waters. In addition to this, you can also view Lana’i and Moloka’i islands. 

Things to do: To witness the most exciting geyser shows, you should visit this place. It is one of the most phenomenal spots that you should not miss out on at any cost. To enjoy the most appealing and breathtaking views, it is good to plan your visit during the summer season.

9. Waikiki Aquarium

Waikiki Aquarium

It was opened in 1904. Currently, it is the 2nd oldest aquarium (public) in the entire United States. Visiting this aquarium is one of the best things to do in Waikiki with kids.

Top Reasons to Visit: This aquarium consists of 400+ marine creatures in its 35 gigantic tanks. You can take your kids here and attend the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center of the Coastal America Partnership federal program. Right from colorful and tropical fishes and jellyfish to coral farms and giant clams, this is one of the best aquariums to see marine life at its best.

Things to do: This aquarium conducts exhibitions based on different themes. It includes ocean aquaculture, ocean drifters, south pacific marine communities, hunters on the reef, etc. So, before visiting this aquarium, always check the events and exhibitions that are taking place.

10. Foster Botanical Garden

Foster Botanical Garden

Situated nearby Chinatown, this beautiful botanical garden expands on an area of 13.5 acres. It was leased by a Germany-based botanist in 1853 to foster beautiful and exotic flora and fauna. 

Top Reasons to Visit: To connect with nature and spend a peaceful time, you should visit Foster Botanical Garden. This place consists of a butterfly garden, mesmerizing conservatory, a palm garden, rare trees, a prehistoric glen, and a tiny-mini gift store.

Things to do: If you want to spend some ‘me’ time in a serene atmosphere, then you must visit Foster Botanical Garden. Since entries are free, you can take your kids here and allow them to learn more about nature.

Summing it up!

Some more places to visit and enjoy endless fun in Waikiki include the Duke Kahanamoku Statue, Honolulu Museum of Art, Outrigger Canoe Rides, Honolulu Zoo, etc. The options are plenty. Hence, you should list down the places as well as activities and fun things to do in Waikiki, Hawaii. And yes, do all arrangements i.e. flight booking, hotel booking, and so on in advance. It is important to avoid last-minute hassles.

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