25 Best Things to do in Sydney, Australia in 2023

Things to do in Sydney

A bustling harbor city of the island continent, Sydney is among the biggest cities in Australia. Located on the east coast of Australia, it is the capital of New South Wales. The architectural marvels, harbors, bridges, and coastline attract people from all corners of the globe. The city welcomes people with an open heart and has something in store for everyone. Quickly scan through the best things to do in Sydney Australia, to pack your bags for your next holiday destination. Make sure to bring your family or friends together to have a merrier time at this gem of a place.

What to do in Sydney Australia?

Sydney is the best option for travelers looking for a variety of activities to partake in. The city has a rich history of the Aboriginals preserved in its museums in the form of facts, paintings, photographs, and artifacts. The gardens of the harbor city speak volumes about the indigenous uses of plants and herbs. The journey just gets better with multiple parklands, beaches, cool hangout spots, trails, urban parks, and other hidden gems. 

1. Take a Guided Tour at Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

One of the oldest botanical gardens and must do things in Sydney Australia, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney was built in 1816. The green wall has given a home to plant species of South Pacific and Australia. You get a range of activities to enjoy your time in the botanical garden. The volunteers curate a self-guided tour by selecting a few plants depending on the season. 

2. Swim at Secluded Beaches by the Bondi to Coogee Trail

Swim at Secluded Beaches by the Bondi to Coogee Trail

Offering a picturesque cliff-top view, the Bondi to Coogee is a 6 km walk in the Eastern locality. It is a walk with noteworthy things to see and do in Sydney Australia. One can unearth the true elegance of sightseeing here with views ranging from rock pools to beaches. The place is easily accessible, and there are facilities for basic needs such as restrooms, toilets, cafeterias, change rooms, etc.

The walk along the trail is similar to an urban walk, but there are some steep turns and routes embedded with staircases at some points. Generally, the time taken to complete this walk is two hours. Stop by any restaurant to relish the delicious seafood and swim at this secluded beach along the trail. Take a nap under a fig tree to truly live coastal life. 

3. Plan a Self-Guided Tour at Hyde Park 

Hyde Park,  Sydney Australia

A part of the best things to do in Sydney Australia, Hyde Park is spread over a vast area of 40 acres. Built over a long period from 1810 to 1927, this is Australia’s oldest public parkland. The park has been through several waves of renovation and development work. It is a treat for people who enjoy quiet walks as this place has several gardens scattered throughout and also has approximately 580 trees. Having witnessed many historical events, it houses many sculptures and monuments. These relate to the history and the significant events that took place. 

A few of the famous historical sites within the park are:

  • Archibald Fountain.
  • William Bede Dalley Statue.
  • Fort Macquarie Cannon.
  • South-west Thornton Obelisk.
  • Anzac Memorial.
  • Pool of Remembsyste.

4. Visit the Modern-Day Architectural Marvel: Sydney Opera House 

Sydney Opera House,  Sydney Australia

Being the most valuable and cherished tourist destination in Australia, the Opera House is a place that carries the belongingness of all Australians. As an art center, it is considered the busiest one, and adding that, it lives up to its reputation as a World Heritage-listed site. Guided tours of the Opera House are must-do things in Sydney Australia. 

Given that you are a fan of performing arts, you can catch a live event at this place. Popular genres of live acts are Cabaret, Circus & Magic, Classical, Music, Comedy, Contemporary Music,  Nations Jazz, etc. There are ample places for tourists to dine in. You will leave the site with a lifetime of cherished memories. 

5. A Guided Tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art,  Sydney Australia

This is Australia’s most famous and significant museum. It exhibits a large collection of works that are both traditional and modern. Close to 4000 pieces of work are exhibited and different Australian artists perform here too. The main highlight of the art gallery is the artistic contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The exhibits include moving images, paintings, works on paper, sculptures, and photography. 

Note: There is no entry fee for the gallery and café. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia is known to organize community group tours regulated by artist educators for charity. 

Paintings at Art Gallery of New South Wales

The origin of the art gallery is traced to be in the year 1871. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is quite unique and caters to the interest of several age groups. It is not only a place for the artists to adore but a destination that holds primacy among the general public. The permanent gallery of the exhibit beholds the history of the artwork of the region. 

A tour of the museum is among the free things to do in Sydney Australia. The entry is free for all age groups, and so is the case for other permanent galleries, events, and exhibitions. Merchandises are available for sale here, which can also be found online and are excellent choices as gifts.

7. Walk Across the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Among the most recognized structures in Australia, Sydney Harbor Bridge is otherwise known as Coat Hanger for its unique shape. It serves its purpose of being a connecting infrastructure as well as being a tourist attraction. This bridge connects Sydney’s north shore to the CBD. Walking across the Coathanger is undoubtedly among the top things to do in Sydney Australia.

8. Birding and Hiking at Ku-ring-gai National Park 

Ku-ring-gai National Park, Sydney Australia

This park is present on the northern side of Sydney in North South Wales. The National Park is almost adjacent to the Sydney CBD. Hence, it makes it easy to access and the connection with the city makes it a busy route. The Hawkesbury river makes the greenery in the area very prominent and supports the wildlife. It is include in the best places to do activities like fishing, hiking, biking, picnics, birding, and vacationing. 

The West Head is also a popular spot to experience stunning views as the Hawkesbury river is visible, joining the mighty Pacific. One can visit the national park any time, as it is open year-round.

9. Learn Surfing at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Located in the eastern suburbs, Bondi beach is open to the public all year round. There are ample opportunities to learn surfing. The Sauna is a major attraction and is located on the pool deck level. 

The Bondi Iceberg attracts tourists and locals. Here, the swimming pools are built on the ocean and offer a unique experience. A swim in the warm afternoon of this city can be a huge relief from the heat. The beach has several activities in Sydney Australia. Lounge around the pool and spend a lazy afternoon by the beach. 

Note: There are also separate pools for kids and adults. Proper safety standards are made sure to be regulated and the presence of qualified lifeguards is an indicator of that. 

10. An Assorted Box of Happiness at Lorraine’s Patisserie

Lorraine's Patisserie

Satiate your sweet tooth with a bite of the freshly baked goodies from Lorraine’s Patisserie. Visitors can see the owner working with her team in the open pastry kitchen and creating magic. The bakery has recognize for its wide range of sweet delicacies like cheesecakes, tarts, truffles, croissants, and cookies. This place’s specialty is all natural-gluten free and organic macaroons.

11. A Romantic Hike to Hornby Lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse

In this city, the third oldest lighthouse of New South Wales is perched on a rugged cliff facing the sapphire ocean. It was built after two severe shipwrecks at the shore. Now, this historic beauty adorns red and white stripes. The beauty of the lighthouse feels more enchanting with the golden hues of sunrise and sunset. They also hint at the best times to visit here.

Hike to the headland from the trails near Camp Cove to witness the mesmerizing sunrise with your beloved partner. The striking contrast of the sapphire blue water and the golden sky strikes the cord for a romantic view.

12. Experience the Unique Tranquility at Wendy’s Secret Garden

Wendy's Secret Garden

The lush green patch along the Sydney Harbor Bridge hides this gem of a place. The Wendy’s Secret Garden is secret in a literal way due to the lush vegetation. The garden came into life after Wendy diverted her feeling of emotional loss toward the littered cliff near her house. 

This secret garden has a unique defining aesthetic, beauty, aura, and best things to do in Sydney Australia. Here, the green abode exhibits its artifacts and master creations of several artists. Parrots, gulls, kookaburras, and wagtails are regular guests at this abode. Visitors claim to experience a unique sense of tranquility and serenity at this place.

13. Participate in a Festival or Spooky Tour on Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

Among several islands surrounding mainland Sydney, Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landmass has a history of colonial occupancy. Besides this, it offers a unique experience of Sydney on its soil. Hop on a ferry or reach the island kayaking to explore the land. The island has several historical monuments of the colonial era. Book a tour for fun things to do in Sydney Australia when you are close to this island. 

14. Bask in the Coastal Glory of Hermitage Foreshore Walk

Foreshore Walk, Sydney

The coastline of Sydney looks beautiful with the contrast of lush green vegetation and teal water. Hermitage Foreshore Walk is a 2 km trail that covers a beautiful stretch of the coastline and will solve your quest for what to do in Sydney. The trail winds along coastal plantations, parks, scenic bays, and secluded white sand beaches. It is well known for its family-friendly terrain. 

The famous landmarks along the Hermitage Foreshore Walk are: 

  • Strickland House.
  • Milk Beach.
  • Queens Beach.
  • Nielsen Park and Shark Beach.
  • Hermit Point and Hermit Bay Beach.

15. Learn About the Aboriginal History at Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park, Sydney

Archeological excavations and evidence link Nielsen Park to the land of the Birrabirragal Aboriginal people. Archeological surveys prove that the land was occupied due to an abundance of freshwater and fishing hotspots. The area was known to support the habitation of aboriginal people. Visit the 14 recorded Aboriginal sites to see the rock shelters, sculptures, and middens. 

The value of the historic site is doubled with the picturesque sight of Shark Beach. The park has unique stuff to do in Sydney Australia for locals and tourists year-round. Families can enjoy a picnic at the sheltered picnic area of the park. They can even explore the area by kayak.

16. Digital Detox at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Families love to visit zoos. Sydney has several zoos for recreational purposes. Taronga Zoo is among the famous facilities and kids will enjoy their time here. Head to the zoo with your little ones to spot Capybara, Giraffe, Meerkat, Elephant, and other wildlife. Families can book a safari-style overnight stay to experience intimate encounters with animals in their natural habitat. 

Visitors can even book one of the zoo’s famous eco-retreat packages. It includes a two-day stay ticket at the eco-buildings, a guided tour of this place, and a pass for the events. After you have covered things to see in Sydney Australia, go on a digital detox at the eco-retreat and delve into the experience of natural beauty, wildlife, as well as bushland.

17. Taste the Indian Spices at Flavor of India

Flavor of India, Sydney

Indian cuisine is among the most popular food preparation styles globally. Sydney has the best restaurants offering healthy Indian food. Australia, and especially Sydney, have an enormous Indian diaspora. Flavor of India is a restaurant that caters to people’s taste buds. It offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. It is famous for hosting many celebrity guests and is among the must do things in Sydney Australia.

Note: This place also has online ordering facilities that cater to the needs of many residents. The opening hours are 6.00 P.M. to 10.00 P.M. Likewise, you can order or visit.

18. Enjoy an Australian Meal at Farmhouse Kings Cross 

Farmhouse Kings Cross, Sydney

Farmhouse Kings Cross is among the most popular restaurants not only in Sydney but in the whole of New South Wales. It is very flexible when it comes to the needs of its guests, as the staff can customize the course of the menu to fit the dietary requirements of guests. 

The menu is dynamic and changes every four weeks, as claimed by the restaurant. The average cost of a menu is $80-$85, and the staff serves simple and authentic Australian cuisine. 

Note: Opening and closing hours differ on various days of the week. Plan a family lunch on weekends, as they serve food only on Sundays at 2.00 PM.

19. Go on a Sushi Date at Sokyo

Sokyo, Sydney

After an exciting day of fun activities in Sydney Australia, arguably the best place for a date is Sokyo. Creatively, the name combines the city of Sydney with Tokyo, and so does the menu. Notably, the menu is a vibrant combination of traditional Japanese dishes prepared with modern innovations.

Sokyo Omakase is a famous highlights of this restaurant. It is such an exquisite offering that it can be availed by only six guests at night from Mondays to Thursdays. There are 23 dishes in this grand Japanese gourmet which are of the freshest and finest quality. You must head to this spot for a luxurious food experience.

20. Soothe Your Soul at Thai Pothong

Thai Pothong, Sydney

Thai Pothong has been serving the citizens and tourists of Sydney for the last 20 years. Awarded as the best Thai restaurant for four years in a row, it follows authentic Thai recipes to deliver finger-licking delicacies. It has been rated as the number one Thai restaurant in Newtown, Sydney. It even offers gluten-free and vegan options for lunch and dinner.

Tip: Thai Pothong houses a gift shop with a variety of Thai-exclusive products. All the products are imported from various parts of Thailand. This will be a fine place to buy gifts while you head back to your home country.

21. Keep a Day or Two Aside For Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands, Sydney

Centennial Parklands is a popular urban parklands in Eastern Sydney. It is spread over 890 acres. This place comprises three parks – Centennial Park, Moore Park, and Queen’s Park. All 3 of them have a rich past and encompass major historical sites. Tourists come to these sites for a range of activities to do in Sydney Australia. 

  • The parks are known for their extensive range of flora and fauna. 
  • Multiple trails lead to picturesque backdrops. 
  • Birding is a significant activity that people enjoy here. 
  • Several ponds support aquatic life and serve as scenic picnic spots. 
  • There are eight BBQ stations in the parkland that offer fun family time.

22. Try Exciting Rides at Luna Park Sydney

Everyone loves to visit amusement parks. Luna Park is the crowd favorite because it serves people of all ages. It is a great option for families, friends, and couples. Set across Sydney Harbor, the park has an exciting range of rides for the adrenaline rush. Kids, children, and adults can enjoy different rides for the best experience. Such a place is known to have traditional rides and games with fun twists too.

The famous Luna Park rides are:

  • Tango Train
  • Carousel
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Wild Mouse
  • Joy Wheel
  • Hair Raiser Whirly Wheel

23. Raging Waters Sydney for Great Fun

Raging Waters Sydney

Water parks are another fun and crazy place to get the adrenaline rush. Raging Waters has over 30 slides and has something for everyone. The water adventure surely makes your heart race and the adventure soul gets more excited. 

Luna Park rides are the fun things to do in Sydney Australia. This water theme park is known to have a few of the tallest and fastest water rides in New South Wales. Some of its thrilling rides include the 360 Rush, Aqua Tube, Double BOWLSeye, Dinosaur Lagoon, The Curler, Whirlwind, etc. 

24. Take Your Little Ones to Treetops Adventure at Western Sydney Parklands

Western Sydney Parklands

Treetops Adventure is known for its extensive activities for the thrilling experience. Situated at the Western Sydney Parklands, it offers the best outdoor adventures. There are age-appropriate activities at Treetops that can avail by anyone. Participate in several treetop courses and over 100 aerial obstacles for the ultimate rush. The fastest Zipcoaster is the next-level action experience. The Zipcoaster has a few 360-degree loops, drops, and several heart-racing twists and turns. 

25. Wander in The Historic Lanes of The Rocks

Lanes of The Rocks, Sydney

Located at the center of Sydney, The Rocks is a touristy and historic suburb. It offers a scenic view of the southern end of Sydney Harbor. Several historical sites, the sight of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the local culture make it a popular tourist hotspot. The Rock was one of the early Colonial settlements and has been through several phases of development. Two historic pubs claim to have served the first craft beer in the city. Join a walking tour to explore the cobbled lanes & historic sites, drink the best craft beer, and shop at craft stores.

Where can Tourists Stay in Sydney?

Park Hyatt, Sydney

Sydney is one of the costliest cities around the globe. You need to expand your budget to stay in this city. Given that you reserve early, you may be able to find some affordable places though. At The Village Glebe and Sydney Central Backpackers, you can find accommodation within your budget. People can consider booking their stay at Cambridge Lodge and Nomads Sydney as well. 

Presuming that you plan your journey or have a flexible budget, stay at Sydney Boutique Hotel or Park Hyatt for a premium experience. Other upscaled properties are Shangri-La and The Star Sydney. A comfortable stay can be of much help to enjoy the things to do in Sydney Australia. 

Final Words

From the history of Aboriginals of Australia to encountering Koala Bears, you will have an all-around experience in Sydney. The city has several modern-day architectural marvels and National Parks to offer the best coastal experience. Multiple gardens are perched across every corner of the city to escape the city life and lay back. Whether you are coming here with your friends or loved ones, you can look forward to multiple activities that will make your day.

FAQs 25 Things to do in Sydney Australia Including Parkland, Museum, and More Places

What to see in Sydney Australia?

The Sydney Opera House is the symbol of Sydney. You cannot skip this marvelous site. Go on guide tours for families with kids and enjoy a show at the Opera house. Next, hop on a ferry to Cockatoo Island as this is also among the top things to do in Sydney Australia.

What to do in Sydney Australia?

Squeeze in a guided tour of the Royal Botanical Garden for the best experience of the green wall. The professional guides of this place will walk you through the highlights that offer the best views, flowering gardens, and the history of the First people of Australia. 

What is there to do in Sydney Australia for kids?

Take your kids to Taronga Zoo and book a safari-style overnight stay. They will be thrilled to live amidst the wildlife backdrop in such an intimate situation. You can also pack a box of assorted macarons from Lorraine’s Patisserie for your little ones.

What are the outdoor activities in Sydney?

Outside activities to do in Sydney Australia are walking across the Sydney Harbor Bridge and enjoying the views. Cross the bridge on foot and take a ferry back to tick off two main activities of this city. Next, go for a swim at the Bondi Iceberg and cover the nearby trail.

What are the free things to do in Sydney?

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia welcomes visitors for free. It exhibits several works of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Make sure that you stop by this place to understand the art form of the Aborigines.

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