Things to do in Ooty | 11 Best Places and Activities

Things to do in Ooty

Also known as the “Queen of Hill Stations”, Ooty is a beautiful place with a soothing environment, numerous sightseeing spots, mesmerizing meadows, and cool weather.

it is blessed with various tourist attractions. And each attraction promises a lively and unique experience. But before you plan your visit, it is important to know what to see and what things to do in Ooty for a perfect trip. To ease this, we are here with this post. 

So, keep on reading to find out more about the top tourist spots and activities to enjoy. Let us get started!

What to do in Ooty

1. Avalanche Lake

Situated around 28 kilometers away from the main city of Ooty, it is a must-visit place when you are here. The Avalanche Lake is surrounded by lush green landscapes and beautiful mountains. According to the experts, this lake was created around the 1800s after a massive landslide. This is why it has got this name.

Avalanche Lake

When it comes to the best things that you can enjoy here, it includes trekking, fishing, camping, rafting, etc. You can also explore rare and exotic flora and fauna around this lake. It is also an ideal spot to spend some serene and quality time with family and friends by picnicking.

Suggested Duration at least 2 hours
Good for Adventure and nature lovers


Ooty (Ootacamund) is a town located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, but it is also geographically close to the border of Kerala. Therefore, it has some cultural and historical connections to both Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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2. Ooty Lake

One of the most unique things to do in Ooty is to visit this place. It is a beautiful but artificial lake that is built for various purposes including fishing. In addition to this, it is a popular boating site. Visitors can come here to enjoy refreshing rides.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake also has a boating house that is very close to the lake. If you do not want to enjoy boating, you can opt for cycling for a different experience. You can also go to the shops situated around this Lake to buy local items.

Suggested Duration at least 2 hours
Good for Fishing, boating, and cycling


3. Emerald Lake

Ooty is all about beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing lakes. One such lake is Emerald Lake which is situated very close to the Emerald Village, Nilgiri District. This lake lies in the lap of Silent Valley which is nearly 25 kilometers away from the main city.

Emerald Lake

People/visitors looking for some relaxed and quality time with their loved ones should not miss out on visiting this lake site. It is a popular picnic spot too. The best time to visit this lake is during sunsets and sunrises.

Suggested Duration 2-3 hours
Good for Picnic and enjoy breathtaking views of sunsets and sunrises

Emerald Lake Map

4. Botanical Gardens

This is a beautiful garden that is maintained and managed by the Horticulture Department of Tamil Nadu. Spread over a land of more than 55 acres, it is a site that you should not miss out on at any cost.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

It is one of the top places to visit in Ooty for so many good reasons. The Ooty Botanical Gardens is divided into 5 different sections – Italian Garden, Fern House, Nurseries, Conservatory, and Lower Garden. 

The management of this garden also organizes a flower show every year during the Ooty Summer Festival. This show is one of the biggest attractions of this garden. When you are here, go and see the Fossil Tree Trunk which is more than 20 million years older. If you are interested in plants and trees, then it is worth exploring.

Suggested Duration 1-2 hours
Good for collecting details about different types of flowers, plants, and trees.

Get the Directions Here

5. Doddabetta Peak in Ooty

In the Nilgiri, Doddabetta Peak is the highest with a height of 2623 meters. At the junctions of the eastern and western ghats, this peak is about 10 kilometers away from the main city.

When you visit here, you will realize that it is covered by trees and dense sholas. Currently, trekkers from different corners of the world come here to enjoy the best trekking experience. Along with this, we cannot forget to mention the mesmerizing views, rich fauna, exotic plants, and wildlife.

Suggested Duration 3 hours
Good for enthusiastic trekkers

Doddabetta Peak Directions

6. Kalhatty Waterfalls

When you want to capture the mesmerizing views of waterfalls, no other option is better than the Kalhatty Waterfalls. Situated around 13 kilometers from Ooty, you will get to see eye-pleasing and scenic views.

Kalhatty Waterfalls

With glorious avian fauna, you can enjoy bird watching and enjoy long walks.

Suggested Duration 3 (approx.) hours
Good for Walking, bird-watching, and trekking

7. Kamraj Sagar Dam

If you are perplexed about what to see in Ooty, then just relax and plan your visit to Kamraj Sagar Dam. Currently, it is a popular film shooting and picnic site. Located only 10 kilometers from the city’s main bus stand, you will be provided with a serene environment along with eye-pleasing surroundings.

Kamraj Sagar Dam

You can come here with your friends and family members to enjoy a good time. When it comes to the activities to enjoy, you can come here for fishing, bird watching, picnicking, environmental studies, and so on.

Suggested Duration 2-4 hours
Good for Fishing, bird-watching, picnic, and environmental studies.

Kamraj Sagar Dam Directions

8. Mudumalai National Park

Connecting the Western and the Eastern ghats, the Mudumalai National Park is the best spot to head to for nature lovers. In this park, you will get a chance to capture numerous wild animals along with rich flora and fauna.

Ooty Mudumalai National Park

This national park also has a tiger reserve that has 50+ tigers. In case you want to spend some time here, you can find suitable accommodation because of the presence of several guest houses by the Forest Department.

Suggested Duration 2-4 hours
Good for wildlife exploration and visiting the tiger reserve

Mudumalai National Park Map

9. Mukurthi National Park

As a prominent part of the Nilgiri Bio Reserve, the Mukurthi National Park will provide you with rich nature, enthralling scenic views, and memorable moments.

 Mukurthi National Park

It is spread over an area of 80 square feet and numerous rivers and streams are flowing through. Due to this, you can spot many birds and animals around this park. For trekking lovers, it is a hot destination throughout the year.

Suggested Duration 1-3 hours
Good for Trekking and exploring wildlife and nature.

Mukurthi National Park Directions

10. Needle Rock View Point or Needle View Hill Point

If you are in or around Gudalur, then you are advised to visit Needle Rock View Point or Needle View Hill Point. By visiting this spot, you will be provided with a 360-degree view of the area and valley. 

eedle View Hill Point

But yes, you will need to travel a bit from Ooty as it is 51 kilometers from the city. This place is also called Soochimalai. Among avid trekkers, it is a popular site. This is why people from different corners of the world visit this place to enjoy picturesque views and enjoy trekking.

Suggested Duration as per your preferences
Good for Trekking and enjoying scenic views

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11. Ooty Rose Garden

Going to the this Rose Garden is one of the best things to do in Ooty. It is maintained and managed by the Government of Tamil Nadu at present. Spread over an area of 4 hectares, you will find over 20000 varieties of roses in the Rose Garden.

Ooty Rose Garden

This beautifully managed rose garden has won so many awards including the Garden of Excellence Award (South Asia) from the World Federation of Rose Societies. The unmatched beauty of this garden promises ideal backdrops for clicking beautiful pictures along with visual treats.

Suggested Duration 1-2 hours
Good for exploring different rose varieties

Rose Garden Directions

In addition to the popular sites mentioned above, you can also add the following to your list and make your trip more amazing:

  • Tribal Research Center
  • Ooty Toy Train
  • Parsons Valley Reservoir Ooty
  • St. Stephens Church
  • Pykara Waterfalls
  • Wax World Ooty or Wax Museum Ooty
  • Ooty Stone House
  • Toda Huts Ooty
  • Wenlock Downs Ooty

Final takeaways

It is a popular destination among locals as well as visitors alike. This is a highly loved destination because of its natural attractions. Here, you can find various lakes, parks, and several other spots. But yes, you should always collect details in advance about the things to do in Ooty, accommodations, flight bookings, and so on. These are needed to enjoy your trip in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we should not miss in Ooty?

• Ooty Rose Garden 
• Ooty Stone House
• Wax Museum Ooty 
• Ooty Toy Train 

Which thing is famous in Ooty?

• Ooty Lake 
• Kamaraj Sagar Dam 
• Needle View Hill Point
• Doddabetta Peak 

What is famous food in Ooty? 

• Bakery Items
• Ooty Biscuit (Varkey) 
• Chocolates Homemade 
• Fudge 

What are the most popular things to do in Ooty with kids?

• Mukurthi National Park 
• Mudumalai National Park 
• Deer Park

What are the top attractions to visit in Ooty

• Lakes 
• Doddabetta Peak 
• Kalhatty Waterfall 

How much is the ticket to the wax museum in Ooty?

• Rs. 30 / Adult
• Rs. 20 / Kid
• Rs. 30 / Foreigner

How many days for Ooty is enough?

Only 3 Days are enough for the Ooty to explore 

What is the special place in Ooty?

Everything in Ooty is a special place like Wax Museum, Lakes, National Park, Mountain Peak etc. 

Do we have pubs in Ooty?

Yes, there are many bars and pubs in Ooty to have the great night in the Ooty with friends 
• Four Quarter Lounge Bar
• Canterbury Bar 
• Valley Bar
• Fern Hill Bar 

Which place is called poor man’s Ooty?

Yercaud, a less expensive and beautiful hill station, is called Poor Man’s Ooty, found in the district Salem or Tamil Nadu State.

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