22 Things to Do in Morocco to Explore its Top Cities & Attractions

Things to Do in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country in North Africa that has every possible source of keeping you engaged. It has pleasing locations set amidst nature that will leave you breathless. The beaches feature several things to do in Morocco. Aside from nature, there are tons of monuments and buildings that should be on your list when you come to this location. Adventurous activities can further be witnessed.

With numerous other attractions included, travelers should focus on doing everything that can make their trip memorable. Interestingly, Morocco comes with things that can make the day of every person, regardless of age. 

What to do in Morocco, Africa?

Things to Do in Morocco, What to do in Morocco

Whether you are a local or a tourist in Morocco, you can experience bustling markets. With friends or kids, visiting beaches is another fun thing to do here. A glimpse of the country’s culture through its food options will enhance your experience. The history of this place can further be learned through things that can develop your knowledge.

1. Gain Insights at Fez with Tanneries

Things to Do in Morocco, Fez with Tanneries

Morocco activities can be considered distinctive. In this country, you can go to tanneries to make your visit different from the rest. Those who are fond of wearing leather or wish to go beyond the possible boundaries of knowledge can enjoy this activity.

At the tanneries based in Fez, how leather is tanned, as well as dyed, can be witnessed. Moreover, how craftsmen produce creative things can be found.

Things to Do in Morocco, Marrakech Markets

This country based in North Africa is famous for its evening bazaars. People from across the world come for unique experiences at Marrakech Markets. In this region, it can be found in Djemaa el Fna Square. You can not only purchase food but also keep yourself entertained in various ways. You will be impressed with the moves presented by snake charmers. Musicians also remain present to give you glimpses of the locally popular and enticing tunes.

3. Flawless Architecture at Meknes

Things to Do in Morocco, Flawless Architecture

One look at Meknes will indicate to you that the architecture of the place is very old. The structure of the place has survived for years, given that it was constructed in the 9th century. People who are located on the northern side of Morocco should definitely plan a trip here to understand the culture through this architecture as one of the things to do in Morocco.

4. Engage in a Variety of Things at Casablanca

Things to Do in Morocco, Casablanca

Casablanca is a popular city in the west of Morocco. The entire city comprises numerous things and activities to do. Here, Hassan II Mosque invites a number of tourists. You can go downtown the city afterward to notice the architecture of the region. In this regard, the city’s main bank and post office are worth seeing. You can even explore the central market if you have time left. Souvenirs at budget-friendly prices can be purchased from here.

5. Chefchaouen: An Interesting Blue Village

Things to Do in Morocco, Chefchaouen

Unlike any village, Chefchaouen is a place that you must see. Dipped in the hues of blue, the entire village looks pleasing. You will require nearly 12 hours to explore it. In one full day, you will notice plenty of iconic things about Chefchaouen. 

Here are the best things to do in Morocco’s fantastic blue village:

  • Standing amidst blue buildings can give you a special experience.
  • You can see cultural motifs in the architecture of these buildings.
  • This village’s Spanish Mosque is often visited by locals. You can also pay a visit to it.

6. Enjoy Spending Time in the Sahara Desert

Things to Do in Morocco, Sahara Desert

In case you have not yet had the chance to see the Sahara Desert, Morocco can settle your wish. Although only a tiny portion of the desert is found in the country, you can find multiple tours to give you excellent views of it. Since this place remains extremely hot and dry, you should look for tours around September, October, and November during the evening. This is the best time to visit Morocco.  You will be able to enjoy the desert more amidst suitable weather conditions.

7. Gorges and Mosques at Tinghir 


Tinghir has several attractions that can be fun to head to. The best thing about these attractions is that guided tours are available to give you a complete experience regardless of where you go.

The top things to do in Morocco’s Tinghir are inclusive of these:

  • You can watch Todgha Gorges which presents flawless mountain scenery.
  • Taking a stroll at Mosquee ikalalne Afanour is another soothing thing to do.
  • Travelers can head to Gargantas del Todra. Here, they can witness a giant rock gorge. It has been formed via a river for more than 1000 years.

8. Explore Museums in Rabat

Things to Do in Morocco, Museums

Coming to Morocco demands a tour of its capital city, Rabat. This city is important for its museums. Hence, you should consider going to a number of these. Based on the recommendations, the National Archaeology Museum can enhance your knowledge about Morocco. It has exhibits dating back to prehistoric days. Since the museum has been in existence from 1986 onward, one cannot imagine the number of exhibits available.

Au Grain de Sesame, Museum Mohamed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art, etc., are other recommendations to consider in Rabat.

9. Plage d’Agadir: A Beautiful Beach in Morocco

Things to Do in Morocco, Plage d’Agadir

A part of this country in Africa is notable for its beaches. Assuming that you get to spend time in Agadir, Plage d’Agadir is suggested for you. It is among the top beaches in Morocco. It is said that this beach presents visitors with golden sand. Here, the water is not only cold but also showcases the beautiful turquoise hue. 

Sunbathing is the main stuff to do in Morocco at this beach. Apart from this, sitting comfortably under the shaded regions of the place can help you relax. You may find small shops nearby open on certain days. Thus, shopping is another thing to do here.

10. Going to Fez for Spiritual Vibes

Fez for Spiritual Vibes

You will find it interesting to note that Morocco, Africa, has another capital, Fez. This is the spiritual capital of the said country. The people of the place regard Medersa Bou Inania as central to Fez. It is a madrassa or a school that was constructed around 1350. 

Other things to explore in this city are inclusive of a market in Fes el Bali. Here, you can invest in ceramics made by local craftsmen. Carpets and additional gift items too can be found.

11. Celebrate the Vibrant Asilah Festival

Things to Do in Morocco, Vibrant Asilah Festival

Held in the summers, the Asilah festival can give you a lifetime experience, should you plan to be a part of it. This is an art festival that is celebrated from 1978 onward. Music is also a part of it. When both music and art interest you, think of immersing yourself in a cultural episode. 

Take a look at what is there to do in Morocco’s Asilah festival:

  • People can present their culture and tradition through artwork. You can rejoice or contribute to the same.
  • Poetry is exchanged and it is a delightful experience to witness this.
  • Multiple interactive activities occur that can engage you.

12. The Highest Mountain Peak in Jebel Toubkal

Things to Do in Morocco, Mountain Peak in Jebel Toubkal

High Atlas is an exotic location in this African country. What gives it this recognition is Jebel Toubkal. Astonishingly, it lets you discover a mountain peak that remains 4167 m beyond sea level.  This makes it the highest one in Morocco’s High Atlas. 

Trekkers can rejoice the most as they decide to be here. Speaking of trekking, Todra Gorge is one more place to check out with such things to do in Morocco. At this popular location, you can find countless routes. It is always fun to explore them all as you climb the beautiful rocks.

13. Visiting Essaouira, a Village of Entertainment

Things to Do in Morocco, Visiting Essaouira

Essaouira has been recognized as a village for fishing. Gradually, this spot has become well-known among visitors. The admirers of the TV show, Game of Thrones can develop a fondness for coming to this village in Morocco. Certain episodes of the show have been shot here. Those moments can be lived again as you head to this place.

What to see in Morocco in Africa, specifically in Essaouira, extends beyond this. The Gnaoua World Music Festival is held yearly. You can await a musical treat here in June.

14. Learn About Movie-Shooting at Atlas Film Studios

Atlas Film Studios

It is pleasing to know that the prominent Atlas Film Studios is based in Morocco. Particularly in Ouarzazate, you will find this place. The most entertaining files like Cleopatra and Gladiator have been shot in this studio. There is a lot to learn about this place in the country. Hence, tours with thorough guidance are available. In a duration of less than 30 minutes, you can complete 1 tour.

Tip: Atlas Film Studios, Ouarzazate, opens around 8.00 A.M. Also, it may not remain open on a Friday. Travelers can come here accordingly. 

15. Oudaias Kasbah to Feel Peace

Things to Do in Morocco, Oudaias Kasbah

For a likely family experience, Oudaias Kasbah is where you should be. This entire location features a calm atmosphere. The vibes here will help in making your soul feel the beauty of peace. Your family and kids will enjoy coming to this recommended location in Morocco when they are fond of ancient structures. 

Based on the insights generated from the past, refugees with Spanish Muslim origins made houses here. Hence, the views are distinctive. Along with this, expansive gardens too can be preferred for strolling. With such things to see in Morocco, families can make the best of the trip.

16. Sightseeing at Caves of Hercules

The more interesting the name of this place is, the more exciting it is to come here with friends. Caves of Hercules is located in Tangier in Morocco. What makes this cave different from many others is that it is set between 2 beaches. Owing to this, this cave has been provided with 2 openings, although not both of them have ends towards the beaches. A solo trip to this cave can be soothing. But with a group as well, its beauty can be enjoyed.

17. Kenitra for Beaches, Parks, and More

Kenitra for Beaches

Locals present in North Morocco would be familiar with Kenitra. This city is an important one in this region. It is home to certain national parks. While you can opt for going to these parks, the city has several other things as well. Speaking of what to do in Morocco, you should include Mehdia Beach on your bucket list. It may be small but can assure quality time under the sun. The Kasbah of Mehdia, Thamusida, Khabazat, etc., are the additional places you can move to.

18. Spend Your Weekends in Temara

Weekends in Temara

For weekend getaways, Temara invites numerous people. It comprises many things that you can do in just 2 or fewer days. Food tours are central to this city in Morocco. Ben’s Team Fast Food Temara is one of the suggested places best for tacos. 

Culinary being important to this country, you can find many workshops for the same. You can quickly learn to bake pastries and bread. Interestingly, family cooking classes can be enrolled in. The nightlife of Temara in Morocco is another thing to witness.

19. Walking Through Parc Perdicaris

Nature lovers will enjoy coming to Parc Perdicaris, Tangier. It will take you through a coastal forest. This place is seventy hectares long. Thus, it is good enough to take long walks. The joy of such things to do in Morocco can increase manifolds when you are coming here with your partner. It will be pleasing to notice the finely planted walnut, palm, laurel, and pine trees. The glimpses of an ocean nearby can also be seen.

20. Safi for the Best Architecture and Water Activities

Best Architecture

Safi is the most attractive place in this African country that is apt for tourism. In terms of history, this city is worth visiting. You can also explore the medina here. The old structure of the place comes with next-level charm.

This city has been equipped with a port too. Be it fishing or boating, the joy of both can be delved into. Even if you are spending a long duration at this port, the prices involved will be pocket-friendly.

21. Summer Vacations at El Jadida

Summer Vacations at El Jadida

When you want to plan a great vacation, El Jadida will be an ideal choice. This Moroccan city can be best enjoyed during the summers. It has beaches, ports, historical places, museums, and golf clubs all in one city. Therefore, there are a lot of things to see in Morocco, mainly in El Jadida, with your family or friends.

The following are some of the iconic places you should be familiar with:

  • Haouzia Beach
  • Sidi Bouzid Beach
  • Cistern Museum
  • Mazagan Golf Club
  • Portuguese City Mosque

22. Hanging out at Nador with Friends

Hanging out at Nador with Friends

Your experience in Morocco may remain incomplete without making Nador a part of your itinerary. This is a nineteenth-century city. For numerous years, it has been under Spanish dominance. 

Travelers will find it surprising that the city is so small that most places in it can be visited on foot. Having said that, you may not be required to spend a lot in Nador. Should you be coming here just to hang out, then Mar Chica is a resort you can check out. It is being developed to accommodate as many activities as possible.

Where can You Stay in Morocco?

Wazo Hotel

It is likely that when you are coming here for a significant period, you will require a place to stay. The accommodation will depend on the city where you plan to do most things. Based on various Moroccan cities, here are certain suggestions that you can consider:

  • Marrakech is an exciting city in this country. Here, Wazo Hotel is a cost-effective place for accommodation. Having the same attribute, Imperial Holiday Hôtel & Spa is another suggestion. It is located in the center of the city.
  • Coming to Fez in this African nation, Ibis Budget Fès is among the most affordable places for travelers. Given the low prices of this hotel, they can spend more on the best things to do in Morocco. The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with every basic facility that can make your stay comfortable. Hotel Splendid and Royal Mirage Fes Hotel are the other places that you can prefer.
  • Tourists often come to Casablanca in Morocco. To explore this city to the fullest, you can reside at Hotel Majestic for plenty of days within your budget. When you are coming here for a weekend getaway or a small duration, you can make the best of your time at ONOMO Airport Casablanca, MID TOWN Hotel Casablanca, or Mogador Marina.

There are additional cities in this country. With respect to where you will be exploring the most things to do, you can look for hotels or inns for your stay. See to it that you make early reservations to find a definite spot.

Words in Conclusion

Morocco is an exciting place for vacations, weekend getaways as well as short trips. It has a big number of cities that comprise the best things to do in Morocco. Most of these things have their roots in the culture, tradition, and architecture of the African country. When you have a fondness for all of these, a journey worth remembering can be assured.

Things to Do in Morocco – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Where can I eat in Morocco in Africa?

Dar Zellij is a top-rated restaurant in this country. It is found in Marrakech. This restaurant is famous for Moroccan dishes like pastilla and harira. You can also choose La Sqala, Rick’s Cafe, Azar, etc., for delicious meals. 

2. What is Morocco famous for?

The Sahara Desert makes this country iconic. Though only a tiny part of the desert is based in Morocco, Africa, an enormous number of tourists come to see it. Aside from this, the culture, as well as food, of the country are also famous.

3. Are there fun activities to do in Morocco?

Assuming that you are fond of evening bazaars, it will be fun to visit Marrakech. The city has amazing markets for unique shopping experiences. Casablanca can offer you numerous Morocco activities like heading to Hassan II Mosque. The Asilah festival can be engaged with, given that you are an admirer of music, art, and culture.

4. What to see in Morocco, Africa?

Monuments, as well as statues, form the highlights of this nation. They are a must-see when you come to Morocco. Kasbah of Agadir is an ancient site. You can find it situated in Agadir. Casablanca Cathedral is another historic place to see. 

5. Which is the best thing to do in Morocco for a family?

One of the best things to do in Morocco is to check out Temara. It has numerous tours going on. When you are looking forward to a family trip, these tour ideas will help you have a great time. Cultural and food tours are the most notable here.

6. What are the best cities to visit in Morocco?

When you are looking for exciting things to do in this country, you should be aware of the cities in regard to the same. Tinghir, Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Agadir are tourist-centric places. Visitors can find them excellent for witnessing the culture and tradition of the African country.

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