30 Things To Do in Hong Kong (2023-2024)

Things To Do in Hong Kong

There is a wide range of things to do in Hong Kong. This city, formally known as China’s Special Administrative Region, is a busy metropolis. People from various parts of the world come here to vacation all year. It has a distinct culture, history, and ambiance. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with 18 districts. The skyline is dotted with numerous skyscrapers.

In addition, this city is an important port and shopping center. Besides that, it is a land of wonderful cuisine, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous nature reserves. Given all of this, the city enthusiastically accommodates travelers and offers them the best possible experiences.

What is There To Do in Hong Kong?

Things To Do in Hong Kong

This skyscraper city with some of the most magnificent skylines combines Chinese and British architectural styles. With art as an important feature, Hong Kong welcomes visitors to numerous cultural festivals. The variety of attractions and fun activities in Hong Kong will astound you.

It is a cultural melting pot with a distinct identity. The vibrant nightlife is a significant attraction. To properly appreciate the city, walk through its illuminated streets. Explore the city with an overview from the list below.

1. Spend a Day At the Iconic Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Spend a day at Hong Kong Disneyland, enjoying popular Disney attractions and characters. Together with your children, tour the seven themed zones. Aerial tours of Hong Kong’s Stark Tower are a must-do for Marvel adventures.

Visit the Hong Kong-only Mystic Manor and take a journey around its enchanting exhibition. Those looking for excitement can ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

The Flights of Fantasy procession is a great opportunity to see all the popular Disney characters and princesses. The Disney musical theater shows offer families the chance to sit back and enjoy. After all these explorations, refuel with a delightful meal.

2. Victoria Peak Offers the Best View of the City

Interestingly, the highest point in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, which rises to a height of 552 m. The top features include panoramic views of the city, thick greenery, and short treks.

  • A traditional way to go to the Peak is by using the Peak Tram.
  • It has been in use since the 1870s. 
  • Peak Tram is among the world’s oldest cableways still in use.
  • The peak offers something for everyone.
  • You may go on a short hike on the forest trails or browse shops. 
  • The dazzling Victoria Harbour in the evening is mesmerizing. 
  • Furthermore, there are several fine dining locations with breathtaking scenic backdrops.

3. Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Museum

The most fascinating museum in Hong Kong is perhaps the Hong Kong Museum of History. In 1975, the existing City Museum was divided into this museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. With its many displays, it highlights the city’s cultural legacy. Natural history, regional history, archaeology, and ethnography are all represented in the exhibits.

This Hong Kong Story exhibition uses objects dispersed over eight galleries to illustrate the evolution from prehistoric days through the 20th century. So it’s an excellent Hong Kong activity to learn about the region’s history and culture.

4. Art Enthusiasts Must Make Their Way to Hong Kong Museum of Art 

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is located close to several significant sites. One may have a true understanding of the present culture of Hong Kong via the fascinating displays.

  • The Chinese Antiquities Exhibition Hall features more than 4,000 original works. 
  • These include beautiful glassware, clothes, and ceramics, as well as needlework.
  • More than 5000 works of art and calligraphies may be seen in the Chinese Fine Art Exhibition Hall.
  • In the Historical Pictures Exhibition Hall, there are over 1,200 artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries. 
  • These illustrate Hong Kong’s path of advancement and growth.

5. Take a Family Photo at Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour

You will be surprised to know that the Victoria Harbour skyline is the most iconic feature of this city. This well-known tourist icon is one of Hong Kong’s top five attractions. Skyscrapers, green slopes, the waterfront, and ships all combine to create a stunning and lovely scene. You will appreciate the sight, day or night.

Visit the observation deck, which is at the top of Ocean Terminal’s five-story structure. It provides a stunning view of Victoria Harbor and is bordered by water on three sides. From here, you may catch a view of the harbor’s magnificent sunset. Make sure to take some memorable photos against the iconic backdrop.

6. Spend Some Time Meditating at Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery, located in Ngong Ping, was once referred to as a big thatched hut. The monastery’s construction work started in 1906. In 1924, it was given the name Po Lin Monastery.

  • It is an internationally recognized Buddhist institution for its distinctive architectural features.
  • The monastery’s main structure has a distinct structural arrangement. 
  • San Men would ascend to the notable Hall of Skanda Bodhisattva along the principal axis. 
  • After that, you may visit another place – the magnificent Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas and the Main Shrine Hall of Buddha. 
  • You are welcome to spend some time sitting and meditating on the monastery’s serene grounds.

7. A Symphony of Lights: A Mesmerizing Sight

A Symphony of Lights

“A Symphony of Lights ”  is an exquisite daily light and sound show on this island. The  Guinness Book of World Records has recognized it as the world’s biggest permanent light and music show. Watch this show before thinking about what to do in HK.

  • 42 prominent structures join the musical beat and dance in synchrony for 14 minutes. 
  • The skyline is transformed into a visual feast thanks to the plethora of lasers, searchlights, and LED screens.
  • This multi-media display has brought significance to the city.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Golden Bauhinia Square, and the Victoria Harbour Cruise add extravaganza and beauty.

8. Visit the World-Renowned Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is a wax museum exhibiting over 100 famous people. The museum has featured famous personas from various fields, including movies, sports, music, and more. Inaugurated in the year 2000, it became the first Madame Tussauds wax museum in Asia.

  • Historical and National Heroes Gallery showcases life-size replicas of famous figures throughout human history.
  • At Hong Kong Glamour, visitors may see their top-tier all-time favorite celebrities from Hollywood.
  • The K-Wave Zone has become a popular corner for famous Korean celebrities.
  • Visitors can enjoy the “Chamber of Horrors,”  “Kung Fu Zone,” and  “Selfie Gallery.”

9. Lantau Island: Experience the Best of Hong Kong

Lantau Island

Hong Kong’s largest island is located in the center of the Pearl River. Stunning features include exquisite Buddhist architecture, a famous amusement park, and extensive sandy beaches.

  • It is the best place for discovering the city.
  •  Hike your way through various trials, enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • Obtaining views of native life by visiting adjacent towns.
  • Enjoying the theme park is a must.
  • Interacting with the pink dolphins is a must and will keep you entertained.
  • Visit between October and December to have the best experience.

Disneyland and Big Buddha have must-do things here in Hong Kong. They can make your day with every activity offered.

10. Escape the City Hustle at Dragon’s Back

Dragon’s Back runs amidst Wam Cham Shan and the significant Shek O Peak on southern Hong Kong Island. This is among Hong Kong’s most famous treks. Be astounded by the picturesque vista of Hong Kong Island. This route leads to the stunning Big Wave Bay.

  • A 7-kilometer section belonging to the Hong Kong Trail takes about 2-3 hours.
  • Soak in the charm of Shek O Beach, the Shek O Golf Course, and Big Wave Bay Beach  from the summit.
  • The hike offers two major routes to explore.

11. Beach Days at Lamma Island

Lamma Island

Located 10 kilometers from Central Hong Kong, Y Island, or Pok Liu Chau encompasses tropical rainforest slopes with winding uphill routes. The mesmerizing coastline landscape, charming beaches, and walking trails will keep you calm. 

  • The island is separated into three sections.
  •  Yung Shue Wan has several restaurants, pubs, and local stores.
  •  Sok Kwu Wan is ideal for experiencing fishing, followed by BBQ.
  • Green sea turtles lay eggs on Sham Wan beaches and are an attraction.
  • Kayaking and swimming also keep this area populated.
  • A family trail that connects two villages, is ideal for families to spend quality time.

12. Kids will Love Ocean Park

Ocean Park is an amazing marine mammal park. It is also recognized as an oceanarium and animal theme. Not only this but it is also called an amusement park. 

This is based in Wong Chuk Hang. The Summit and a notable Waterfront are the two major areas. They are linked by a 1.5-kilometer cable car system as well as the Ocean Express Funicular Railway. This park is very popular for its rides. 

  • Summit and Waterfront are divided into different zones.
  • Marine World, Adventure Land, Thrill Mountain, Rainforest, and Polar Adventure are located at the Summit.
  • Amazing Asian Animals, Aqua City, as well as Whiskers Harbour, are located on the Waterfront.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of rides, activities, and games.
  • It is a fun place in Hong Kong to let your kids have a great time.

13. Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

This shrine honors Wong Tai Sin, the Great Immortal Wong. This place has religious significance as it is home to Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Wong Tai Sin Temple is a marvel in itself, with its serene Taoist garden pond and paths with waterfalls.

  • Paths with waterfalls are a major tourist attraction.
  • People fascinated by fortune-telling must visit this shrine.
  • Face reading and palm reading stalls are put up along the southern compound.

14. Stunning Architecture of Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin is a 20th-century Buddhist shrine with over 13,000 Buddha figurines but no residing monks. The 400 stairs leading to the monastery are lined with magnificent golden sculptures of Buddha in various stances.

  • The Complex is separated into two architectural levels: ‘lower’ and ‘upper’
  • The main temple hall, the pagoda, three pavilions, and two galleries are located on the lower level.
  • The main temple hall houses over 12,800 miniature sculptures of the Buddha, each in a different position and emotion.

15. Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival: Worth all the Hype

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival has grown to be amongst the largest and most spectacular events in the city. The carnival is held on the Central Harbourfront, beneath the beautiful skyline of Victoria Harbour.

Southern China and Hong Kong have a long tradition of dragon boat racing. Teams take the tournament very seriously, putting in months of rehearsal before the main event. You can hear the pounding of the drum and the excitement in the air.

There is plenty of entertainment, including live performances by prominent musicians. You can enjoy entertaining games and fun activities in Hong Kong City during this event.

16. Tian Tan Buddha: Abode of Spirituality

Tian Tan Buddha

The enormous bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, located in Ngong Ping, is known as Tian Tan Buddha. The Tian Tan Buddha statue rests on a three-tiered altar, encircled by six smaller bronze sculptures known as “The Offerings of the Six Devas.”

  • The relic of Gautam Buddha, composed of his cremated ashes, is the principal attraction at Tian Tan Buddha.
  •  The  Hall of Remembrance, Hall of Universe, and Hall of Benevolent Merit are situated underneath the monument.
  • “The bell” which is rung 108 times a day representing human tempers fascinates visitors. 
  • You can take a ferry, cable or taxi to reach here.

17. A Unique Eatery: Cafe 8

Cafe 8

Cafe 8 is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Nesbitt Centre and Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The cafe is located on the rooftop of Pier 8. It has established a progressive atmosphere for those with learning disabilities. 

It has allowed them to get more involved in their community, engage with individuals from different walks of life, and broaden their job and life perspectives. Enjoy complimentary WiFi, courteous service, lunch, and coffee or tea. You may spend some precious time in this unique spot in the city.

18. Marvel at the Layout of Nan Lian Garden

The 35,000-square-meter garden is a visual feast of lush decorative trees, massive boulders, wooden constructions, and hills. It was designed using traditional gardening techniques that follow the Tang Dynasty’s one-way approach. 

  • Lion Rock Mountain provides a beautiful background to the garden. 
  • The noise barrier shield makes the environment considerably more peaceful. 
  • This Chinese garden has an interesting one-way layout.
  • Chi Lin Nunnery is located near the garden.
  • The garden and nunnery can be visited free of cost.
  • The Pond garden and Pine Path view are major attractions.

Note: Nan Lian Garden is among the free places to visit in Hong Kong.

19. Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple

Sheung Wan’s Man Mo Temple has been constructed in honor of the God of Literature or Man Cheong. It also celebrates the presence of the God of Martial Arts, that is, Mo Tai. The Sheung Wan Man Mo temple is the most renowned and well-known of the several Man Mo temples in the city of harbor. 

Tourists must go to this location if they want to devote some quiet time to the home of the gods. This temple is an excellent location for architecture enthusiasts as they can see some amazing architectural ideas and techniques that were used to build the temple.

20. Get Refreshment from Halfway Coffee

Halfway Coffee is a cute cafe, primarily known for offering coffee in classic Hong Kong ceramic mugs. It’s a modest coffee shop nestled away near all of the vintage stores on Upper Lascar Row. 

  • They feature all of the traditional coffee selections as well as a large range of tea.
  • For something a little unusual, visitors recommend tasting the Okinawa black sugar milk. 
  • You will undoubtedly enjoy the overall atmosphere of the establishment. 
  • After a long day of exploring the top places to visit in Hong Kong, nothing beats a nice cup of tea or coffee.

21. Che Kung Temple: Ideal for Families

Che Kung Temple

This temple, also known as “Che Kung Miu,” was constructed in memory of Che Kung, a military leader of the Southern Song Dynasty. He is praised for his efforts to put down the southern Chinese uprisings and prevent the dynasty from suffering several tragedies. 

A gigantic statue of Che Kung, a massive drum, and bells are all present inside the Che Kung temple. A wheel of fortune with three blades in the shape of a fan is said to bring luck when spun three times. A small payment is requested as it is the temple’s only source of income.

Add this to the places where families can go in Hong Kong. They can bless themselves and feel the joy of this place.

22. Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The government funds the non-profit educational and interactive Hong Kong Maritime Museum. It depicts the dynamic history of trade and groundbreaking expeditions in China’s maritime heritage. It is situated at Pier 8 along the Pearl River Delta shore to tell a story about China’s nautical history and trading practices.

  • The museum has a  collection of over 100  models of ships depicting history.
  • An exhibit of 300 ceramics from the 18th century garners a lot of attention.
  • The Harbour Viewing Gallery offers visitors a live view of the Central Harbor Waterfront.
  • It also houses the famous Alexander Hume Painting.

23. Holiday Shopping at Stanley Market

Stanley Market

Everything from apparel to minor electronics may be found in this market. Stanley Market honors the conventional structure of an outdoor street market. This market is a representation of Hong Kong’s spirit. The Boat Festival is celebrated on the seashore of this market.

  • Exploring and bargaining help a lot while shopping here.
  • This place is a magnet for tourists.
  • Souvenirs and gifts are a must.
  • This market provides a variety of options to foodies. 
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is a sight for sore eyes.
  • Handcrafted bamboo items and Chinese embroidered pieces are exclusive in this market.

24. Kowloon Walled City Park

When you are looking for what to do in Hong Kong for free, this is a place to go to. As a major historical location of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City, the Kowloon Walled City Park is quite famous. 

The park is noteworthy for its remnants from its past as a Chinese military tower. The architecture of this historic building will amaze you.

It was designed in the early Qing Dynasty’s Jiangnan garden style. Kowloon Walled City Park, which has eight flower trails, also provides free guided tours to guests. You may take your family on a garden excursion paired with other attractions.

25. Zoological and Botanical Gardens GreenHouse

Zoological and Botanical Gardens GreenHouse

The Zoological and Botanical Gardens, covering approximately 5.6 hectares, is Hong Kong’s first park. Approximately 40 caged enclosures are sheltering 500 birds, 70 mammals, and 50 reptiles. It even includes several uncommon species. 

Apart from a diverse range of flora and fauna, it is one of the most beautiful free outdoor spaces in the city. It also has a beautiful fountain terrace, a memorial arch, and two bronze statues of Arthur Edward Kennedy and King George VI. 

After sightseeing, families may let their children play at the children’s park. Hike down the heritage path to discover seven historical features.

26. Get your Hands on Some Vintage Books at Tung Choi Market

Tung Choi is one of the city’s busiest streets. It is a center for finding inexpensive goods and a diversity of aquatic life, particularly goldfish. Tung Choi Street is separated into two main zones. Ladies Street has a variety of reasonably priced items for women. Similarly, Bute Street is well known for specializing in wholesale items

  • Be ready to splurge because this place is a hub for stylish apparel.
  • Furnishings for homes, books, antiques and other decorative items are reasonably priced.
  • This street credits its existence to visitors and tourists.
  • Hence, this is the best market to explore unique things in Hong Kong.

27. Hong Kong Space Museum: Ideal for Young Minds

Hong Kong Space Museum

The dome-shaped Hong Kong Space Museum is a distinctive structure on the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. Spread over 8000 square meters, the museum is divided into East and West wings. Besides the Stanley Ho Space Theatre, the Hall of Space Science, an OMNIMAX projector, a resource center, and the Lecture and Astronomy Hall, there are various pieces of modern equipment.

Visitors can create “Aurora” and icy bodies using dry ice. The museum also has an Astro-Park that can amuse students. A Solar Telescope has been recently installed and it aids the observation of celestial bodies

28. Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is the epicenter of drinking, clubbing, and partying in Hong Kong. The grid of streets is known for its nightlife, street food, and restaurants. This street has seen excellent artists rise from nothing

  • Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s are celebrated with great pomp and show.
  • It has its very own unique festivals.
  • Visit Lan Kwai Fong with your loved one to explore new cuisines and drinks.
  • Enjoy singing and dancing in the streets.

29. Attend the Grand Celebration of Chinese New Year 

Chinese New Year is the most important yearly festival in Hong Kong. During this time, there is a huge wave of celebrations. There’s plenty for everyone, from fireworks and horse racing to traditional dragon dances and parades.

The parade usually includes floats, costumed lions, acrobats, dragon dancers, and other festive elements. The Chinese New Year firework display is the city’s biggest of the year. The 23-minute fireworks display may be seen from both sides of the harbor.

Chinese New Year lanterns are large, colorful Chinese New Year lanterns. During the celebration, you will be absolutely fascinated by the overall charm of the city.

30. Tai Long Wan: Beautiful Contrast of Hill and Beach

Tai Long Wan

Try the Tai Long Wan hiking trail for difficult climbs with magnificent scenery and gorgeous beaches. It has beautiful landscapes with mountains and beaches. 

  • It is frequently referred to as one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful natural sites.
  • This trek begins with several steep climbs before dropping to a chain of beaches. 
  • You may take in the sights from the high hills and then cool yourself in the water by the coast.
  • Plan a whole day for this adventure, based on where you want to go in Hong Kong.

Best Hotels to Stay in Hong Kong

Alva By Royal 

Tourists are attracted to this busy metropolis on a regular basis. Visitors to the city have a wide range of preferences. There are several hotel options available to meet everyone’s needs. Budget travelers can lodge at:

  • Alva By Royal 
  • Harbour Plaza Metropolis 
  • Eaton Hong Kong

When your budget is flexible, choose 

  • Hari Hong Kong
  • Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour
  • Novotel Hong Kong Century 

These mid-priced options provide excellent service. For those who wish to spend a lavish holiday, there are several luxurious alternatives available. The Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula put the best of Hong Kong’s amenities at your service.

All in All,

Everything is better in Hong Kong. From temples to monasteries, and from fireworks to picturesque treks and Michelin-starred restaurants, Hong Kong has it all. You may have a peaceful holiday by visiting monasteries or temples, or you might immerse yourself in the craziness of city entertainment. A trip to this city will definitely be unforgettable.

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