The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico (2023-24)

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Situated in the territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. It is considered one of the best vacation spots as travelers can have unlimited fun in the “sun”. Since it is quite an exceptional island, you can expect amazing beaches here. This is one of the biggest reasons why every year thousands of tourists flock to Puerto Rico. If this place is on your bucket list, then you should mark the top and the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

To help you a bit in this quest, we are here with this post. So, do not waste your precious time. Just keep on reading to find out more.

Best Puerto Rico Beaches on the West Coast

Puerto Rico has countless beautiful beaches on the west as well as the east coast. So, while planning your trip, you are advised to know everything beforehand. Below, we have listed some of the most famous beaches on Puerto Rico’s west coast. Take a look:

1. Balneario de Boquerón (Cabo Rojo)

Balneario de Boquerón

Located in the region of Cabo Rojo, Balneário de Boquerón is one of the most popular beaches. When you are here, you will not feel like an outsider. Since it is often visited by the local group of friends and families, you will feel amazing here.

This beach is highly preferred by travelers. Therefore, you are most likely to be hit by a lot of crowds. So, before you plan your visit here, it is good to arrange everything in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

Address: Av. Parque Nacional, Cabo Rojo 00623, Puerto Rico

2. Cayo Aurora is famous Beaches in Puerto Rico

Also known as Gilligan’s Island, Cayo Aurora, can only be accessible by boat. When you are here on this southwestern coast, you will feel that you are having a more secluded trip.

Cayo Aurora is a highly recommended spot for a perfect beach getaway and definitely for some good reasons. For instance, if you are willing to avoid crowded beaches, then it is just an ideal spot to be at. Since it is a little bit far from the main city, travelers avoid visiting this place.

The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the management and maintenance of this island for its significant flora and fauna. This makes it one of the best Puerto Rico beaches but yes, you will need to plan your trip wisely.

3. Playa El Pastillo (Isabela)

Beach lovers searching for a perfect spot to enjoy long walks can plan their trip to Playa El Pastilla which is situated in the region of Isabela. This is one of the beaches that have something to offer for every tourist. For example, if you are visiting with your family, then you can let your kids run around and enjoy themselves.

In case you are someone who loves taking long walks, you can do it here. When you are here, do not forget to visit the Cuevas de Las Golondrinas. It is a cave wherein you can only visit between July (late) and September (early). When it comes to the main location of this beach, it is only 25 minutes from the main city. 

4. Beautiful Beaches in Puerto Rico: Playa Escalera (Rincón)

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico - Playa Escalera

When you are looking for a serene beach option, some people will tell you to visit Tres Palmas, while others will ask you to go to Steps Beach. If you are puzzled, then wait! All these names refer to the Playa Escalera. 

Best recognized for the concrete steps, this place was used as a prominent military training site at the time of World War 2. Therefore, it has some historical touch too.

This beautiful beach provides travelers with a completely different experience based on the time of your visit. For instance, if you are visiting from November to March, then you are more likely to get more waves here. It means this is the most dramatic time when you do not even think about swimming and other water sports.

But do not fret! Calm water can welcome you if you visit between April and October. This is the time when you can snorkel in the shallow parts. In addition to this, Playa Escalera is an important part of the nature reserve. Hence, you will be able to see a lot of local flora and fauna along with amazing wildlife.

5. Playa Jobos (Isabela)

Playa Jobos

If you are looking for a beach that is close to shops, restaurants, and bars, then Playa Jobos is the best option in Isabela. This beach has soft sand, particularly during sunrises and sunsets. Hence, it is a perfect beach to enjoy long walks. 

This beach has developed a lot in the last few years. It is also an ideal option for casual as well as young swimmers. However, before you get into the water to swim, it is suggested to check the warning signs. These are important to avoid any dangerous situation. 

Hot Travel Tip: Even though this beach is quite popular among visitors, you should plan ahead of time so that you can avoid the unwanted crowd and expensive stays.

If you think that the western part is loaded with so many beautiful beaches, then you are wrong. We are saying this because the eastern part also has numerous famous beaches. To explore the same, note down the following top beaches in Puerto Rico:

1. Best Puerto Rico Beaches: Cayo Icaco (Fajardo)

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico - Cayo Icaco

La Cordillera is a famous nature reserve that is made up of various small islands – popularly known as ‘cays’. The biggest cay is Cayo Icaco. Accessible by boat only, it is the largest as well as the most scenic cay here. The best thing about this cay is that it is mostly untouched by humans. This is why you will not find busy streets or any restaurant here spoiling the natural beauty.

In case you are thinking that if nobody is there what will you do here? We have provided the best possible solution for this. Well! Yes, it is untouched but it is accessible. You will need to take special permission to visit this place by boat.

Once you are here, you can walk on the soft sand and see beautiful clear blue sea water. If you visit at the right time, you can do snorkeling and even capture so many types of sea creatures. Simply put, Cayo Icaco is just an ideal spot to come and spend some stress-free time away from the city’s chaos. 

2. Luquillo Beach (Luquillo)

Situated on the island’s eastern coast, it is a laid-back city. This is why you will not find the hustle-bustle city life here. But this quality makes it a perfect spot for those who want to stay connected with nature and enjoy a serene time.

This is one of the most popular Puerto Rico beaches that provide you with easy and direct access to the coastal area and the mountains. And yes, how can we forget the amazing beaches of this place? These are the reasons why Luquillo is so popular among beach lovers.

This is the main beach of this town but you should note down that it is not free just like other beaches. You will have to pay some amount as an entry fee. The same fee will also provide you with access to the amenities available at the beach. You should know that the fee collected is used for the preservation and maintenance of this beach only.

3. Playa Colora (Fajardo)

beautiful beaches in puerto rico - Playa Colora

Are you hunting for a perfectly “hidden” spot to enjoy the waves as well as the sun? If yes, then no other beach will provide you with this combo than Playa Colora. With its bright and clear blue water, tan sand, and dotted boulders, walking on this beach is more like walking on a painting.

This beach has large rocks to provide visitors with a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the most scenic and mesmerizing views. In case you and your friends are avid hikers, you will also have some great options around.

You can go to Seven Seas Cove and Beach. It is only one mile away from the main beach. Here, you will get hiking trails to have the best experience of your life. 

4. Playa Escondida (Fajardo)

famous beaches in puerto rico - Playa Escondida

If you have reached Seven Seas Cove and Beach, then you will need to hike only 20-25 minutes to reach Playa Escondida. As soon as you enter this place, you will feel as if you are in a whole new paradise.

Thanks to the big rocky landscapes, this hidden gem is not spoiled by humans. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is still the most picturesque beach in the entire Puerto Rico. But yes, whenever you are visiting this beach, you are advised to check the weather forecast because high tide days can be dangerous to spend here.

Useful Tip: This is one of the beaches in Puerto Rico that is worth visiting. But you should check the weather and other details before visiting. When you do this simple thing, it will save you from additional expenses and other issues.

5. Playa Rocosa (Fajardo)

Playa Rocosa

Located very close to the Playa Colora, you should add this to your checklist while visiting Puerto Rico. The best thing about the eastern part is that most of the famous beaches are very well connected. When it comes to Playa Rocosa, this spot is just a 10-minute walk away from Seven Seas Cove and Beach.

Instead of soft sand, your path will be led by smooth and small pebbles. Some sandy stretches are also there where you can just sit, relax, and enjoy your time. In case you want to swim here, just be ready to cope with the pebbles. You may feel that this beach is smaller than other options around, but you will get some of the most beautiful views here.

Final Takeaways

Puerto Rico is no less than a paradise for those who love beaches. No matter whether you are on the western coast or the eastern coast, you will have so many beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico to enjoy the sand, sun, waves, and bright blue water. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a “water baby”, plan your visit to this beautiful place right away.

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