Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Travel for Tourists?

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe

Located in the southern end state of Baja California, Mexico, the city of Cabo San Lucas has been growing as an admired tourist spot. With its bubbling blue water, sandy hot beaches, and thrilling landscape, the city looks like a total paradise to visitors. The secure resorts and destinations like Madonna Beach indicate how much is Cabo San Lucas safe. The crime rates here are not so alarming. But safety is observed in other ways too. While walking at night, riding Uber, using tap water, and doing other things, people can feel secure. For women, solo travelers, families, and even groups, a danger-free experience can be expected in most areas of this city.

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas?

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist spot. Cabo San Lucas is safe to travel as well. Its areas remain moderately secure. In some places and while traveling via public transport, some things should be taken note of. 

These are given as follows:

  • Some scams can happen on public transport like pickpocketing on buses.
  • Taking taxis here can be slightly risky for money, as the drivers can charge high.
  • Few drug cases are reported in the city that have created violence in the crowd.
  • Despite all of these, tourists may not be caused any major harm.
  • But they need to be careful while roaming in crowded places, due to fear of thievery.
  • Cabo San Lucas is situated in a region where natural disasters are common.
  • But this city is well-secured against tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.
  • Details regarding climatic conditions and natural disasters can help in traveling without concerns.

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas Now?

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas Now

Traveling to this city can be enjoyable and memorable too, especially on vacations. But recently, certain criminal incidents occurred in Mexico, posing some danger for travelers. These revolved around street violence, kidnapping, etc.

Looking at such incidents in detail can help one find out is Cabo San Lucas safe to travel to right now.

  • Some fights and violent scenes can occur in open streets occasionally. 
  • Resorts are still a protected option for tourists to consider.
  • A few areas are facing issues related to drug crimes and gang dominance.
  • There were hundreds of murder cases reported in 2018, involving petty thievery and robberies too.
  • Kidnapping cases also emerged in some risky areas.

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a popular tourist place with approximately 3 million travelers visiting the city per year. Given the huge number, it is easy to understand how secure this city is. In terms of weather, activities, taxi rides, and other things, this aspect can further be explored.

  • The city has a tropical climate, that is hot in summer and pleasant in winter.
  • Spending your tour on the clear, sandy, and cool beaches here is enjoyable.
  • But be cautious while swimming, due to the danger of crocodiles and other reptiles.
  • Some pickpocketing and purse-snatching acts can occur, especially in the City Centre.
  • Taking Uber can be risky in a few locations.
  • Rather, use privately owned or government taxis for safe travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.
  • Small hotels and resorts located in famous tourist places can trick you with high prices.
  • Avoid traveling and staying in risky areas having increased crime rates like:
    • The Santa Rosa Neighborhoods in San Jose Del Cabo
    • Los Cangrejos and Las Palmas
  • Also, purchasing beverages from street vendors can be risky for your health.
  • The same might consist of tap water contaminants, which can cause you stomach ache.

Is it Safe to Walk Around Cabo San Lucas at Night?

Generally, Cabo is considered a risk-free city even at night. Tourists may enjoy wild as well as beautiful nightlife here. But in the dark time, occasionally, some unfortunate situations can occur. To prevent these from happening, little care should be taken. 

  • The city has a vibrant nightlife and a pleasing market landscape in the evening time.
  • Travelers can enjoy the gloom in groups while exploring things to do in Cabo San Lucas at night.
  • Bar clubs, nightclubs, etc., can be found there, with unlimited overnight parties.
  • But it is not advisable to walk out alone at night, even for solo female tourists.
  • Drug use and cartel cases happen in some parts, especially in parks in the dark.
  • Some people can be drunk too, which can raise concerns for tourists.
  • At such times, Cabo San Lucas is not safe if a tourist remains incautious in the late evening.
  • Dealing with strangers at night is full of danger, as they can rob and harm visitors.
  • Leaving drinks unattended at parties can bring the possible risk of spiking.
  • Assaults and abuse cases with females are not usually reported.
  • By following some personal safety measures, tourists can enjoy the amusing nightlife here.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for American Tourists?

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for American Tourists

The Mexican city is danger-free for most foreign visitors, including Americans. Small acts of robbery against them may be common. As per the rules of the Mexico Tourism Board, the below-given information reveals is Cabo San Lucas safe for Americans:

  • Mexico allows Americans to stay for a maximum of 6 months on a cost-free visa.
  • After arrival in the country, they can securely get their visa back.
  • Once the duration expires, it may not be legally safe to reside here.
  • Also, Cabo San Lucas is one of the lands that are the most visited by American tourists per year.
  • No major cases of violence and harm to those travelers are reported.
  • Even foreign pilgrims can explore various places in the city without any stress.
  • Police patrolling and security forces here are operating for their well-being. 

Is it Safe to Drive to Cabo San Lucas?

It can be an incredible experience for travelers to drive on the ready roads of this city in Mexico. They can enjoy the scenery outside their car while driving in mountainous and beach areas. Alongside driving, the security of a traveler is a key concern. It depends on factors like the area driven, the possibility of accidents, etc.

  • It can be a smooth experience while driving a vehicle on highways.
  • The roads are well maintained with all the security amenities in place.
  • Slight accidents on roads are divulging in Cabo San Lucas.
  • For piloting a vehicle here, tourists should have full documentation and permission.
  • But navigating the vehicle at night is not advisable because of potential threats.
  • Staying close to the Transpeninsular Highway is more secure, which is situated in Baja.
  • Due to regular police patrolling and security, carjacking risk is very rare on this highway.

What are the Safe Resorts in Cabo San Lucas?

What are the Safe Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of the popular tourist spots consisting of several top-notch resorts. They all are generally secure and come with five-star offerings. They have effective security measures, devices for scrutinizing the environment, and more.

  • Rarely any crime instances happen in hotels and resorts here.
  • Staying at such places on long-term tours can be the most secure option.
  • The operation of all-time security day and night protects the visitors from any threats.
  • Some of the famous and protected resorts located in Cabo are:
    • Nobu Hotel Los Cabos
    • Marina View Villas
    • Hacienda Beach Club & Residences
  • These resorts are situated on popular tourist sites like Marina and Medano Beach.
  • Travelers can capture many iconic moments there in pleasant nature and landscape. 

How Safe is Cabo San Lucas for Tourists?

Located at the southern tip of Baja California, this city is the most popular tourist place in Mexico. It has a full-year tropical moderate climate, which has been attracting a large volume of visitors per year. While weather safety is observed, coming here is free from dangers due to other reasons too.

  • Many places here are guarded because of the security concern of the visitors.
  • The less crime rate of the city points out why is Cabo San Lucas safe for tourists.
  • Petty crimes like pickpocketing and luggage stealing are common occurrences.
  • Occasionally, any murder or kidnapping case may be reported here.
  • One can travel freely anywhere, but staying vigilant is suggested in crowded areas.
  • The period of October-November and May-June are considered the best to visit here.
  • Travelers can choose the best time to visit Mexico and its cities for an overall safe experience.

How Safe is Cabo San Lucas for Women?

How Safe is Cabo San Lucas for Women

Just like any other city, Cabo San Lucas is considered less risky for female tourists. But there can be slight chances of violence occurring against women. When the neighborhoods are not friendly, such possibilities can be seen. 

Additionally, there are some more points to note:

  • The crime rate in Cabo San Lucas against females is relatively less than in other cities.
  • Their safety is given priority for their stress-free journey.
  • But solo female travelers must remain vigilant as it can be risky for them to travel alone.
  • Walking out at night for women can be unsafe because of drunkards.
  • Though cases of assault and abuse are rarely reported here, females must remain careful. 

Is it Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas with Families?

Planning a vacation with family can be an exciting activity. Cabo San Lucas can be an amazing town to visit with kids and family. Areas can be safely explored here. Tourists from distinct locations can find fewer threats in this city.

  • Cabo San Lucas is considered danger-free for families to spend their holidays.
  • Since the weather is pleasant, the health of kids can be managed.
  • Some resorts are guarded by the military and are safe for families.
  • This is a tourist-friendly city, hence, many families come here for secure experiences.
  • The city has fewer pandemic-related conditions.
  • Hence, families can plan longer vacations without worrying about their safety.

Is it Safe to Take Uber in Cabo San Lucas?

Uber is a suitable way to opt to reach the desired destinations in this city. With many safety features, it has been operating here. But there can be some risk attached while taking a ride from Uber in Cabo San Lucas, which can be understood further.

  • Operating Ubers in many areas of Cabo can be illegal.
  • In these areas, preferring Uber services is not suggested.
  • The government may not have authorized Uber to operate in the city.
  • It has also prohibited/banned pilot taxis at Los Cabos Airport.
  • There can be other alternative options available to take for traveling in the city.
  • Private car services and the Cabo Government taxis driven here are much more secure.
  • These are easily available to any tourist and at fair prices to get around the town.

Is Drinking Water Safe in Cabo San Lucas?

The water supply is quite clean in the cities of Baja California like Cabo San Lucas. The same is used for bathing, washing, and other activities. When it comes to tap water, many tourists can be confused regarding whether or not they should prefer it for drinking. 

In this case and others, whether is it safe to drink water in Cabo San Lucas should be clearly known.

  • The water is clean, pure, and free from pollutants because of filtration before supplying.
  • It is sourced from outside the main city area in Cabo San Lucas.
  • Water is first filtered from the aquifer, situated in Sierra de La Laguna Mountain Range.
  • Afterward, it is made secure and purified for bathing, brushing, washing, etc.
  • But the water coming from the tap is mostly supplied through the pipes.
  • These pipes are fitted from the desalination plants to every home in the state.
  • In some cases, it can be unhealthy to drink tap water in this city.
  • Tourists can opt for bottled mineral water that is better secured for consumption.
  • Water offered by hotels where travelers stay is healthy and clean.

What are the Safe Places to Stay in Cabo San Lucas?

What are the Safe Places to Stay in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of the iconic tourist destinations on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. When planning a trip here, people can infer the best places to stay. They can essentially look for security aspects and accordingly choose the ideal area.

  • The best-suited and safe areas in Cabo San Lucas to stay in are:
    • Downtown
    • Medano Beach
    • Marina
  • Downtown is known as the heart and soul of the city, with beautiful shopping markets.
  • Medano Beach is the favorite location of travelers and a hub for many luxury resorts.
  • One of the best beaches in Mexico, Medano has safe waters to enjoy alongside staying here.
  • Marina is a wonderful place with a lot of staggering shops, hotels, and restaurants.


Streamlined protection in aspects like traveling, driving, staying, etc, indicates why is Cabo San Lucas safe for tourists and locals. With so many outstanding locations, it can be worth traveling to this city, given that it is moderately secure. By staying attentive to the slight risks, visiting here becomes more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Listed below are some frequently asked questions related to the safety aspects of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

1. Is Cabo San Lucas safe from drug cartels?

Drug cartels mostly operate at night in some areas which sometimes can produce danger.

2. Is it safe to go to Cabo San Lucas without a passport?

A passport is required here which must be valid for 6 months to be legally safe.

3. Is Cabo San Lucas safer than Cancun?

Both Cabo and Cancun are safe and risk-free destinations in Mexico.

4. Are taxis safe in Cabo San Lucas?

Yes, Taxi cabs are secure to opt for to get around the town at negotiable prices.

5. Is Downtown Cabo San Lucas safe?

Downtown is among the safest and most popular tourist destinations in Cabo San Lucas.

6. Is ice safe in Cabo San Lucas to use?

Using ice cubes in your drink is safe in Cabo, considering the quality of the water.

7. Is it safe to drink alcohol in Cabo San Lucas?

Being a party town, drinking alcohol is permitted in Cabo, however, it is illegally unsafe in public.

8. Is it safe to snorkel in Cabo San Lucas?

Snorkeling in Cabo is danger-free in this city.

9. Is it safe to swim in Cabo San Lucas beaches?

All the beaches are not secure enough to swim on and don’t have any warning signs.

10. Is it safe to wear jewelry in Cabo San Lucas?

Wearing jewelry in this city is devoid of dangers in some areas where snatching is not common.

11. Is Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas safe?

Riu Palace Cabo is a stunning resort but can lack some safety aspects.

12. Is food safe to eat in Cabo San Lucas?

Eating food at hotels in this city is safe. But street food can cause a threat to health.

13. Is Cabo San Lucas safe from Hurricane Patricia?

Cabo San Lucas is currently safe from the terrible cyclone Hurricane Patrica to some extent.

14. Is renting a car in Cabo San Lucas safe?

Overall it is risk-free to rent a car and drive too in the city, due to less danger of carjacking.

15. What are some safe beaches in Cabo San Lucas?

Medano, Chillo, Cabo Pulmo, Chileno, etc., beaches are very famous and shielded.

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