Is New York City Safe? Essential Safety Guidelines

Is New York Safe

New York City, located on the east coast of America is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. To spend long vacations or to enjoy short trips, people often visit here. Even for other reasons such as staying or working, coming to NYC is preferred. Prior to doing so, it is important to know how much and why is New York safe. From traveling to living, various safety aspects should be explored in order to know this. Also, depending on who is visiting this state or New York City, whether groups or individuals, other aspects should be checked.

Is New York Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Is New York Tap Water Safe to Drink

The general public often refers to New York City’s tap water as the “champagne of all tap water”. This is because of its purity and quality. NYC doesn’t require filtering its water system as the sources are very clean and hygienic.

  • NY tap water is sourced from 19 reservoirs along with 3 controlled lakes. These are:
    • Catskill or Delaware watershed
    • Croton watershed
    • or both these sources combined
  • It is regularly tested by the Department of Environmental Protection, NYC.
  • Thousands of tests are performed on tap water every year.
  • It is still injected with chlorine in order to kill problem-causing pathogens.
  • Due to the old buildings, pipelines in NYC can sometimes get contaminated.
  • Nevertheless, NYC’s tap water is clean, pure, and safe for human consumption.

Is New York Subway Safe?

Is New York Subway Safe

Every day, millions of people travel via the New York subway. It covers hundreds of stations. Hence, it attracts more people. The area is often patrolled. But despite the heavy patrolling and security, the NYC subway remains vulnerable to different kinds of crime, ranging from theft to burglary.

Go through the points below to further understand is the New York subway safe:

  • Travelers may feel insecure due to homeless/mentally ill people on the subway.
  • At odd hours, there are usually not many people around the subway.
  • Entry or exit points that aren’t populous can have some risks.
  • Accidents may occur when standing close to platforms.
  • One-fourth of felonies happen when a victim is asleep.
  • Always keep your valuable belongings like your wallet tucked as theft can occur.
  • When planning day trips from New York City, this is a reliable option to travel.
  • But some alertness is required to be completely protected.

Is New York Safe to Visit?

Is New York Safe to Visit

New York, comprehensively, is a safe and secure place to live. Although it does experience crime up to some extent, in most places/areas it is limited. Violent crime does take place but mostly in some risky neighborhoods.

  • Compared to the 1990s, the crime rate in New York has reduced by a high margin.
  • It is currently one of the most guarded states in the US. 
  • Also, this state has the 2nd highest number of police officers.
  • New York has a moderate degree of safety.
  • The state police and law enforcement have done a satisfactory job.
  • In order to have a safe visit, travelers must be observant of their surroundings
  • Public transport can be slightly risky as compared to private taxis during the evening.
  • To go to various places here, public transport should be preferred more during the day.

Is New York Safe at Night?

This US state is not like any small or less densely populated town. New York is the 7th most densely populated state in the country which welcomes millions of visitors every year. They can freely roam at night. The populous streets are usually secure. But there are more points to note to find out how safe is New York at night.

  • New York is as huddled at night as it is usually at day time.
  • At night, the main attractions of the city are typically crowded.
  • Some of the safest places in this state to hang out at night are:
  • It is best to avoid lesser-known neighborhoods at night due to possible risks.
  • Various drug-related and other illegal activities may take place.
  • It is advisable to avoid public transport after 11.00 P.M.
  • There are some areas that should be avoided, especially at night. These include:
    • Fordham
    • Tremont
    • Bushwick

Is New York Safe for Tourists?

Is New York Safe for Tourists

Tourists have been flocking to New York in huge numbers. After the terrorist attack of 2001, security measures have been enhanced. Hence, they can feel highly secure when coming here in groups, individually, and even with families. 

How safe is New York for tourists is indicated by these points as well:

  • Ever since the 9/11 attacks, alertness has increased in New York by many folds. 
  • Most tourist attractions in NYC are heavily packed with people even till midnight.
  • Some chances for theft are there at such attractions.
  • Serious crimes can mostly take place in neighborhoods.
  • When booking accommodations, look for hotels/motels/guest houses in secure areas.

How Safe is New York by Area?

How Safe is New York by Area

This state in the US has various areas that are secure. These include Queens, Manhattan, and others. For exploring and even staying, tourists can prefer these areas. Provided that they are aware of some minor risks, they can be vigilant throughout their stay.


Located on the eastern side, Queens is often considered a safe county in New York City. This borough mostly consists of residential areas rather than commercial/corporate spots. When planning a long-term stay in NYC, this area can be given preference.

  • Most neighborhoods in Queens are safe and well-protected. 
  • This is a borough with a low violent crime rate.
  • Since Queens is a residential area, there are moderate chances of house theft.
  • Several small-scale scams like the following can occur:
    • Overpriced tickets
    • Selling counterfeit clothes
  • It is important to be cautious of such scams.
  • Queens has some neighborhoods which are relatively less than others that can be avoided:
    • Jamaica
    • Rockaway
    • Willets point


Although small, Manhattan is one of the most popular destinations from all over the world. It has been the victim of the 9/11 attack. A great effort has been put in by the US government to make this borough a safer place for both tourists and local residents.

How safe is New York City’s Manhattan can be understood better after going through the following:

  • This area is heavily policed and regulated.
  • Tourists are infrequently the victims of major crimes.
  • Pickpocketing and thefts can be a concern in hotspots like Rockefeller Centre.


Another secure borough in NY is Brooklyn. It is among the most populated areas of this state. Since its streets are usually crowded, those who enjoy venturing can do so risk-free.

  • With respect to other boroughs, Brooklyn has a lower crime rate.
  • The safest neighborhoods in this area are:
    • Bay Ridge
    • Park Slope
    • Brooklyn Heights

Why is New York a Safe Place to Live?

Why is New York a Safe Place to Live

This popular attraction in the US is associated with various factors that make it the best for living here. Additionally, it is a secure place in terms of living, working, eating, exploring, and a lot more. Friendly neighborhoods further suggest why is New York safe to live in.

  • For locals, this state is a good option to settle in.
  • It offers a wide scope for securing employment.
  • People from different places can explore safe accommodations.
  • But NYC’s air is slightly questionable because of the high PM2.5 fine particles.
  • For those with respiratory conditions, some concerns can arise when living here.
  • Low crime rates exist here because of the populated areas.
  • The state is a safe place to raise kids.
  • In some areas, drug abuse and gun violence are prevalent. 
  • For living here, some of the recommendations are:
    • Battery Park City
    • Brooklyn Heights
    • Kips Bay
    • Tribeca
    • Greenwich Village

Is New York Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Is New York Safe for Solo Female Travelers

New York is a safe place for female travelers with the condition that they remain cautious. This is a state where most areas are busy. Hence, women can freely venture and go to a range of places.

To learn more about why is it safe to travel to New York for solo females, here is additional information:

  • This state or NYC is a safe place for females in the day. 
  • But it can be relatively riskier after dark.
  • Solo women can carry self-defense tools like pepper spray with them.
  • Late nights, they can take an Uber/taxi to go somewhere.


Looking at all the factors, It can be concluded that New York is a safe place for traveling. New York Police and law enforcers have been maintaining law and order well. Even though some areas can be risky, the state is mostly secure for locals, women, families, and others.

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