Is Malta Safe to Travel for Tourists?

Is Malta Safe

Malta, an island nation, is worth visiting. It is situated in the South of Sicily, Italy. It is such a beautiful place that it is attracting a large number of tourists worldwide. This country has the lowest crime rate which shows how much is Malta safe to travel to. Along with this, most parts of the region are shielded with police and security. This makes it danger-free for travelers to roam at night, travel with family or walk out alone. Some small acts of thievery like pickpocketing and bag snatching are common at tourist places. However, taking precautions and remaining cautious can minimize such risks too. 

Is Malta Safe to Travel to?

Is Malta Safe to Travel to

This European country is generally safe to travel to. Some small thieveries do often happen here but still, police security and government restrictions ensure a risk-free environment. 

To know more about visiting here alongside expecting safety, the following points can be studied:

  • Malta is usually regarded as a safe travel destination.
  • In comparison to other European countries, it has a low crime rate.
  • The country has a robust and effective police force that protects the public.
  • Petty theft like pickpocketing and bag snatching can happen in crowded tourist places.
  • The exciting and risk-free nightlife here indicates why is Malta a safe place to travel.

Is it Safe to Travel to Malta Right Now?

Is it Safe to Travel to Malta Right Now

Malta continues to remain a significant tourist attraction. But when planning a trip to any foreign country, the current situation prevailing there should be known beforehand. Thus the security of the visitors can be ensured.

  • Though Malta is a risk-free place, some crimes are often committed there.
  • These can be small acts of robbery like purse and bag snatching, pickpocketing, etc.
  • Police patrolling and strict military here indicate how much is it safe to go to Malta now.
  • There, tourists can find a calm and violence-free environment all the time.
  • Some areas of this nation are safer than other parts of the island.
  • Rarely any criminal cases against solo or female visitors reported there recently.

Is Water in Malta Safe to Drink?

Is Malta Safe to Live

Drinking tap water in Malta is generally danger-free. Although individual tastes may vary, the water supplied on this island is from the Water Service Corporation (WSC). The same is regulated by the Public Health Authorities. Thus, the drinking water is free from most impurities.

But still, some tourists may doubt is it safe to drink tap water in Malta. The same can be known from the below-mentioned points:

  • The water in Malta is generally regarded as safe to drink.
  • Also, it is supplied by reliable sources across the whole nation.
  • It meets World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.
  • Malta’s water supply is treated, which includes chlorination and filtration.
  • Such a process ensures the purity of tap water.
  • But the tap water here may have a slightly salty or mineral taste.
  • The desalination method is used to meet the water demand, which varies by location.
  • Bottled water is commonly accessible in Malta and is popular among people.

Is Malta Safe to Live?

The island of Malta is a secure place even for living. The low crime rate of this area and many safe amenities make this country a risk-free and suitable place to move to. The local people also have not faced many issues while living here. 

More details regarding how safe is Malta to live in are included further: 

  • When compared to other European countries, Malta has a relatively low crime rate.
  • Violent crimes are uncommon, and the police force is steady and effective.
  • Malta is a well-established democracy with a stable legal system. 
  • It has a strong rule of law and political stability, making it a danger-free place to live.
  • The nation offers a high-quality healthcare system that includes contemporary facilities.
  • It also includes well-trained medical experts that show how safe is Malta to live
  • Healthcare is widely accessible, and the country has a high life expectancy.
  • It has a developed safety infrastructure, which can include the following:
    • Well-maintained roads, 
    • Public transport networks, 
    • Emergency services
  • English is one of Malta’s official languages and the majority of the population speaks it. 
  • This facilitates communication and daily life for English speakers.
  • Malta has a cool Mediterranean climate and lovely sunshine during the day.
  • It is known for its strong feeling of community and social cohesion. 
  • The people are generally kind and hospitable too.
  • Natural Disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis are not common in Malta. 
  • During some seasons, though, it may encounter storms and severe rains.

Is Malta Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Malta Safe for Solo Female Travellers

This country is generally considered safe to visit for solo women. Earlier the female travelers who have visited Malta alone might have not reported any terror. In some areas or even at night, walking around alone can be dangerous for females. 

Some insights given below may clarify how much is Malta safe for a woman:

  • Malta has a very low crime rate.
  • Incidents of targeting female travelers are uncommon.
  • Malta’s public spaces are typically danger-free for females including:
    • Tourist destinations 
    • Shopping districts
    • Public transportation
  • Not staying alert while walking out alone at night may bring hazards to them.
  • Maltese society is respectful and inviting to guests, including solo female tourists. 
  • The residents are well-known for their friendliness and helpfulness.
  • Single female visitors will find it easier to seek assistance if necessary or at any risk.
  • The country has a wide range of activities and attractions appropriate for solo travelers.
  • These include the following:
    • Historical sites
    • Cultural events
    • Outdoor excursions
  • Many female tourists have reported having a good time exploring the nation on their own.

Tip: While Malta is typically secure, it is vital to take basic safety precautions as you would in any place. 

Is it Safe to Drive in Malta?

Safe to Drive in Malta

It can be critical to measure safety on the roads of this area while driving. Although there is low risk attached to the same, remaining aware of the local condition is a must. Some roads can be found with high traffic while a few are narrow. But generally, Malta is safe for vehicles to some extent.

  • Driving in Malta can be difficult due to the narrow and curving roads.
  • Particularly in places like Valletta, Mdina, and Birgu, operating a vehicle can be risky.
  • Congestion is widespread, especially in metropolitan areas of the nation.
  • Sliema, St. Julian’s, and Bugibba are some places in Malta where the traffic rate is high.
  • Drivers here can be aggressive while piloting cars at a speed that can produce danger. 
  • Motorcyclists and cyclists are pervasive on the roadways, especially in cities such as:
    • Birkirkara
    • Mosta
    • Qormi
  • There are few accidents reported which indicates how safe is Malta for driving. 
  • It’s critical to stick to parking restrictions. 
  • Using designated parking zones or facilities such as the MCP car parks can be safe.
  • It is best and most secure to have full insurance coverage for rental cars.
  • Taking care of narrow streets in places like Zabbar and Cospicua can reduce risk.
  • Local traffic laws and regulations, including speed restrictions, must be followed.
    • 60 km/h on open roads
    • 80 km/h on dual carriageways
    • 50 km/h in built-up areas
  • While driving, it is critical to remain aware, patient, and defensive, to ensure security. 

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Malta?

Malta is well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors try to swim in the seas nearby. There are many spots a tourist can visit to explore the same. 

But to what extent is it safe to swim in the sea in Malta can be figured out from the detailed discussion further:

  • Swimming in the sea in Malta is generally regarded as safe.
  • The crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches are attracting visitors worldwide.
  • This country is popular for its blue-flag beaches, which offer a variety of swimming moments.
  • Such opportunities can include golden sand beaches and rocky shores.
  • Some famous and secure swimming spots in the country include:
    • Golden Bay
    • Mellieha
    • Zebbug
    • Paradise Bay
  • There are no sharks in the waters, indicating why is it safe to swim in Malta.

Is Malta Safe at Night?

Is Malta Safe at Night

Most parts of this European country are considered secure even at night. In some areas, remaining cautious is suggested because of possible danger. Older people and female tourists can be at high risk here when roaming in dark and deserted places alone. 

Here are some aspects considering how much is Malta safe to visit during the night time:

  • Roaming at night in some metropolitan regions can be risky.
  • Areas like Valletta, Sliema, and St. Julian’s can be secure to walk around in the dark.
  • Walking alone in secluded or dimly lit areas, especially late at night may be dangerous.
  • Taking taxi services or public transport at night could be a safer option to get around.
  • Some pickpocketing and robbery acts do happen in the dark with people.
  • Not staying vigilant of the surroundings may produce hazards to female travelers too.
  • When going out at night, it’s best to stick with a group of trustworthy companions.
  • Drinking too much alcohol might endanger your safety.
  • Also, leaving your drink unattended can cause you possible threats.
  • Some people are drunkards here at night who can produce a risk to females. 
  • But police patrolling and security ensure safety in the country in the dark.

Is Malta Safe for American Tourists?

Is Malta Safe for American Tourists

Malta is a risk-free island country based in Europe for all foreign tourists including Americans. People who have traveled here earlier have not reported any violent incidents with them. 

Here are some points mentioned to know why is Malta a safe country for Americans.

  • The crime rates are lower in Malta.
  • Violent criminal incidents rarely occur here.
  • Americans or other foreigners can freely roam in the local areas.
  • The local market and crowded region are also secure, although small theft can happen.
  • Street fighting and drug dealing may not occur frequently which brings risk to a minimum.
  • Tied security and police patrolling ensures relief to their safety concern.

Is Malta Safe to Travel Alone?

The country bears less risk for tourists traveling alone. Following precautions can reduce danger for them to a minimum. Even solo visitors can find many safe places to stay and explore here. 

All aspects should be known before to ensure whether or not is Malta a safe place to visit alone.

  • Malta is recognized for its friendly locals, making it an ideal location for solitary travelers.
  • It has a low crime rate against tourists.
  • The country has a stable political environment and a judicial system that works well.
  • Solo travelers can confidently visit renowned tourist destinations such as:
    • Valletta
    • Mdina
    • Blue Grotto
  • Malta has a variety of safe accommodation alternatives, including hostels and hotels.
  • All of these provide a risk-free environment for lone visitors.
  • The public transit is reliable and efficient, allowing solo people to tour the island easily.
  • Malta is safe and has a wide range of activities and attractions for single tourists like:
    • Historical monuments
    • Stunning beaches
    • Thriving nightlife
  • Solo tourists can connect with other travelers through online forums or local meetups if needed.

Is it Safe in Malta to Eat Food?

Is it Safe in Malta to Eat Food

While Malta is danger-free for traveling and living, it is also suitable and safe for work. People can pursue a great career there and get high perks while working as an employee. There is more information in brief about why is Malta a safe place for work.

  • The healthcare services are free of charge for EU citizens there.
  • Companies also offer private healthcare insurance to their employees.
  • Dental care is very cheap and affordable in this nation.
  • Various iGaming companies provide discounts on such services.
  • Also, here, employees can get high remuneration while working in the company.
  • There are always a lot of job openings in the country.
  • Organizations give relocation packages, private healthcare, a ticket for events, etc.
  • Even the chances of any fraud with the employees are very low.
  • With a good mindset and skills, it can be easy and secure to pursue a career here.

Is it Safe to Go to Malta with Family?

Malta provides a safe and family-friendly environment with a low crime rate. There are numerous activities for families to do, ranging from historical landmarks to water parks and beautiful beaches. All such things are usually free from all dangers. 

Some more aspects must be known about whether or not is Malta a safe country to visit and what activities can be done.

  • Malta is noted for its hospitable culture as well as its family-friendly ambiance.
  • It has a low crime rate and violent crimes against tourists are uncommon.
  • The country has a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions, including:
    • Historical monuments
    • Water parks
    • Boat trips
    • Stunning and cool beaches
  • Families can take tours to any destination with relief and without stress.
  • There are several accommodations available, including the following:
    • Family rooms in hotels
    • Vacation flats
    • Resorts with kid-friendly features
  • Parks, playgrounds, and recreational places are well-maintained, child-friendly, and safe.
  • Malta’s medical facilities are of high quality and emergency services are easily available.
  • Children can face danger in busy locations, near water, or during outdoor activities.
  • Tourists should keep emergency contact information on hand when traveling with family.
  • They can get the best and the most secure medical facility when needed.

Note: Always remain up to date on the latest safety information. Obey any travel cautions or guidelines issued by the government.

In the End

Looking at all the aspects, Malta is a safe place. Whether it comes to the safety of solo travelers, females, family, etc., all of them can visit the region stress-free. There is no risk in things like driving, drinking tap water, or walking out at night. Thus, it is worth visiting there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some common queries can arise in the mind of visitors while traveling to Malta. Such doubts need to be resolved for the safe journey of the tourist.

1. Is St Julians Malta safe?

St Julians is a popular tourist hotspot, generally considered safe till you remain vigilant.

2. Is it safe to fly to Malta without a passport?

A passport or valid ID card is required to travel to Malta if a tourist is not an EU citizen.

3. Is it safe to fly to Malta without a visa?

Short term visa is needed which is valid for up to 90 days for a non-EU resident.

4. Is Malta a safe holiday destination?

It is worth spending a vacation in a secure country like Malta.

5. Is Malta safe to work in?

Yes, Malta is a safe and great place to work with a lot of career opportunities to capture.

6. Is Sliema Malta safe?

Sliema Malta is usually a less risky place to visit with a low crime rate and record.

7. Is Valletta Malta safe?

The area of Valletta is secure against all major crimes.

8. Is Wizz Air Malta safe?

Wizz Air has been considered one of the safest carriers in the world.

9. Is Malta safe for students?

Yes, Malta is secure for students. They can reside in well-guarded hostels.

10. Is Malta safe to eat food?

Maltese food is one of the best and safest in Europe.

11. Is Malta’s tap water safe to drink?

Well, tap water in Malta is considered less risky to drink, although the quality may vary.

12. Why Malta is safe for Indians?

The island country is ranked the safest in the world and is risk-free for Indians too.

13. Is Malta a safe place to visit in December?

December can be the best time to visit Malta but some precautions should be taken.

14. Is it safe to swim in Malta in winter?

Swimming in the seas of Malta in winter is secure as the temperature is warm enough.

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