Is Cartagena Colombia Safe to Travel for Solo Tourists

Is Cartagena Safe

Cartagena is the most admired tourist spot and a port city of Colombia, situated at the northern tip of South America. This Latin American city is ranked safest and is known for its impressive beaches and historic architecture. This Caribbean town is attracting millions of tourists worldwide to give them pleasant and safe experiences. Some crimes may happen here. But the tied security and police patrolling ensure the relief and safety of the visitors. Low criminal data in this city points to how much is Cartagena safe to travel to. Tourists can feel secure while walking out on nights, traveling with taxis, and taking rides from Uber. Food and water safety are additionally observed.

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe for Tourists?

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe for Tourists

Cartagena is one of the most popular tourist towns in the Southern American continent. It ranked among the list of the safest cities on this continent. But it has been holding certain criminal records. Tourists may feel worried while planning their trip to this city.

For secure planning, they can go through the following to find out is Cartagena safe for tourists:

  • Cases like kidnapping and robbery occur here.
  • Most of the problems in Colombia are prevailing in Cartagena because of being a big city.
  • Common crimes in this city that happened with travelers include:
    • Pickpocketing
      • Assault 
    • Armed robberies
    • Online scams
  • In some areas, blackmailing cases also emerged with people.
  • But overall, crime and violence here are generally lower than in other countries.
  • Taking care and remaining vigilant while roaming can reduce such instances.
  • Tourists can visit some secure places while walking around like:
    • Streets with Colonial Architecture
    • Old Town
    • Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas
  • These places are shielded with guards.

Why is Cartagena Colombia Safe to Travel Solo?

Why is Cartagena Colombia Safe to Travel Solo

It is to be noted that Cartagena is among the safest places for tourists. But several crimes do happen in the middle of the city that may not cause much harm to visitors. Yet it can be concerning for a solo traveler in some areas when not careful. 

Here are some details about to what extent is Colombia Cartagena safe for solo tourists.

  • Generally, it is risk-free for a single individual to travel here.
  • Cases like robbing a solo tourist at gunpoint are very few.
  • Small theft like pickpocketing and purse snatching are common in crowded areas.
  • Some visitors do get lost in streets in such a big city, when not having a map of the area.
  • Drug cartels frequently operated, But their number has decreased now.
  • Most areas fall under police patrolling where lone tourists can feel safe.
  • In need of any emergency and fear, their help can be accessed.
  • The nature of citizens here is very friendly, talkative, and helpful.
  • Even so, local shops and random people may cheat and scam solo travelers.
  • It is a little dangerous while walking alone at night without being cautious. 

Is Cartagena Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Cartagena Safe for Solo Female Travellers

Pursuing a tour to Cartagena Colombia, can be amazing and adventurous too. But the level of security is a great concern for foreign visitors, especially for women traveling alone. Although the town is safe for them, they should be vigilant when engaging in different activities. 

  • Mostly, the city is secure and less risky for women even when alone.
  • Cartagena is known for its vibrant culture and affectionate locals.
  • Most of the areas are patrolled by police and guarded with security.
  • Thus, the safety of the female is given more priority in the city.
  • Cases like assault and kidnapping against them have emerged less.
  • But at night drug smuggling and drunkards can produce danger for women.
  • In busier areas, wearing costly items and jewelry can make them a target for thieves.
  • Also, carrying a large amount of hard cash while roaming can be risky for them.

How is it Safe to Travel to Cartagena Colombia with Families?

How is it Safe to Travel to Cartagena Colombia with Families

Cartagena is a musical, colorful, and entertaining city located on the Caribbean coast. It is considered the best for family visits. Families can expect visits devoid of dangers, thereby, enjoying fun activities more.

  • It is a fantastic place with a lot of colorful monuments and beautiful beaches.
  • Cartagena is safe for families & kids, along with some secure neighboring areas.
  • They can spend their time and roam these beautiful destinations:
    • Old Town
    • Getsemani
    • Boca Grande
  • Among the neighboring cities, San Diego is the most preferred by visitors. 
  • San Diego is safe to visit and stay with family.
  • These cities consist of beautiful street art that can amaze the kids.
  • Countless luxury hotels & resorts and a few casinos are situated in some of the places.
  • Plaza de la Trinidad, a cultural center in Getsemani, draws major attractions.
  • Due to 24-hour police security at such places, the city is risk-free for family trips.

Is Cartagena Safe for American Tourists?

This region is among the top popular tourist places. The volume of foreigners visiting the city has been increasing per year. The place is friendly for them and is often patrolled. For other reasons too, tourist security is observed here.

  • Relatively it is danger-free to visit Cartagena, at the northern tip of South America.
  • The town itself welcomes all the foreign tourists who want to experience the city.
  • Risks are low for crimes and violence to visitors including Americans.
  • The U.S. Department of State had outlined some parts of the city in the list of high-risk towns.
  • But Cartagena is no more a place where tourists are targeted for criminal acts.

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe to Visit Right Now?

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe to Visit Right Now?

People might be planning a tour during their vacation in popular tourist spots. Cartagena is the city that always ranks top in these. But travelers could be stressed about whether or not to visit the town because of the recent elevated crime records in most parts of Colombia. It can be critical to decide whether or not is it safe to travel to Cartagena at present.

  • A study about the situations prevailing in Colombia beforehand is recommended.
  • In November 2021, the United States Embassy declared an alert in Colombia.
  • Advice is given to tourists to be secure if traveling during violent situations.
  • In 2017, there were 276 cases of homicides reported in Cartagena.
  • Robberies and assault cases had become very common and frequent. 
  • Based on the Cost of Living survey, the crime level in Cartagena increased to 67.86%.
  • Drug cartel and guerrillas (group crimes) instances reached their peak in this nation.
  • But the majority of incidents are outdated at present, and risk is also decreased.
  • The post-COVID crime cases have also been settled, which has reduced the threat 
  • It is advisable to be very attentive while walking out here and ensure all safety defenses.

Is Cartagena Safe at Night?

Walking out at night around the city can be much more entertaining. Also, the nightlife of Cartagena is a major attraction of it. But due to some circumstances, it can be risky for tourists to roam at night, especially for single individuals and solo female tourists. 

The information stated further can help one to know how safe is Cartagena Colombia at night.

  • Usually, the town is more danger-free during the day than in the dark.
  • Staying in crowded areas is suggested rather than in dim streets.
  • Exploring the place at night on a deserted road can be dangerous. 
  • The nightlife is filled up with a lot of parties, which can be risky if not cautious.
  • Even drink-spiking cases are mostly reported.
  • Accepting a drink from a stranger can bring some hazards to visitors.
  • Many people are drunkards which can produce dangers in some areas.
  • Drug trading and consumption instances are high in the dark time.
  • Taking transport and help from the unknown might be menacing too.   

Are Taxis Safe in Cartagena?

Are Taxis Safe in Cartagena

Tourists put a lot of concern for their security when traveling to different locations in this city, from public transport and taxis. It is obvious that scams in cabs often occur. But by remaining careful and knowledgeable about possible risks, the same can be minimized.  

  • Taking taxis here can be a safer option to get around the city.
  • While some taxi scams and crimes are reported like:
    • Overcharging 
    • Robbing at gunpoints 
    • Kidnapping
  • Such instances occur due to the operations of a few unauthorized cabs here.
  • Opt for yellow taxis that are reliable and authorized.
  • Yellow cabs may not have meters inside but they can charge a fixed fare to tourists.
  • Even from Cartagena Airport, taxi is a safe choice to travel to the desired destination.
  • Negotiating the prices before fixing a ride is suggested by people.

Is Uber Safe in Cartagena?

When it comes to means of transport, many travelers doubt whether they are safe to opt for. Many believe Uber is the most secure choice to travel around. It has been offering risk-free and comfortable rides worldwide, including in Cartagena.

  • Using a ridesharing app like Uber can reduce traveling risk to a large extent.
  • Instead of taking public transport, when people are more concerned, It is best to utilize Uber.
  • It is easily accessible as it operates in all areas and is secure even for females.
  • This mode provides passengers with a lot of safety features and amenities.
  • Fare prices vary but are transparent.
  • There is not any risk of overcharging, kidnapping, or other dangers, with Uber.

Is it Safe to Drink the Water in Cartagena Colombia?

Is it Safe to Drink the Water in Cartagena Colombia

In most parts of Cartagena, the water is secure to use. In urban areas, the quality of the water is low to consume. Tourists might mostly use packed water for consumption. Some local people may describe tap water as the best to drink.

  • Usually, the water here is pure and risk-free for consumption.
  • As supplied from reliable sources, it is secure for drinking, bathing, and cooking food. 
  • Even the quality of tap water is different in a variety of places in the city.
  • In the urban region, the water can have a lot of impurities and mixed up with chlorine.
  • Many local people and tourists in the city can prefer to drink bottled mineral water.
  • It is recommended to use bottled water as it is free from bacteria and viruses.

How Safe is Cartagena Colombia to Drive?

The safety level while driving in this city can vary from area to area. The conditions of the roads are good which can stimulate people to pilot their vehicle on such smooth highways. 

There are more things that visitors should be known about: 

  • The roads here are normally smooth to drive.
  • Driving in some regions can give a pleasurable experience to travelers.
  • Accidents may happen on the well-planned and structured roads here.
  • Certain rules should be followed by tourists while driving their vehicles.
  • They should have proper licenses and valid identities to pilot a car or motorbike

What are the Safe Places to Stay in Cartagena Colombia?

What are the Safe Places to Stay in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is a secure city to travel to and even for staying. Some areas here are safer and are preferred by a large number of tourists on long-term tours to stay in. When traveling to this city for the first time, one should know about these places beforehand.

  • Old Town is one of the safest places in the whole district.
  • The maximum number of tourists who visit Colombia prefer to stay here.
  • This region consists of many secure hotels and resorts like:
  • These resorts are guarded with 24-hour security.
  • Getsemani is also among the safe places to stay in Cartagena.
  • It is risk-free and a party town with a lot of wonderful street art, street food, etc.
  • The place includes many popular resorts and hotels to stay that are free from all crimes:
    • Hotel Capellan
    • Casa Del Pozo
    • Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique

Is Cartagena Safe to Live?

Is Cartagena Safe to Live

The safer environment of this city can attract visitors to move and start living here. Local people are also very secure and shielded from all the major criminal activities. Apart from the small thefts, the risk is very low here for major crimes.

  • The weather is pleasant and calm, which attracts people to move here.
  • Police patrolling and strict rules point out how safe is Cartagena in Colombia.
  • Citizens here are very helpful and also care for the safety of the visitors.
  • This city is also entertaining and has many family spots to roam around.
  • The market in this town is very huge and charming, considered the best to visit.
  • Roads and the environment are delightful and maintained neat and clean.
  • Healthcare services in Colombia are rated as high quality.
  • Most locations here consist of street food vendors that offer healthy dishes.
  • Some neighboring places are preferred most by people to live in. These are:
    • Bocagrande
    • Castillogrande
    • Manga


Cartagena is the safest city in Colombia and a huge tourist spot. It attracts a large volume of visitors worldwide. From drinking water and street food to driving and living, this city is free from risks. When remaining attentive to the surroundings while traveling, it is worth visiting this place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common queries that are asked by travelers who come to visit this city every year. Knowing about such aspects can be important before planning a journey to Cartagena.

1. Is Cartagena safe to travel alone?

Yes, the city is generally secure while traveling alone.

2. Is Bocagrande Cartagena safe?

Bocagrande is considered among the most secure neighborhoods in Cartagena.

3. Is La Boquilla Cartagena safe?

La Boquilla is usually a risk-free place in this city and the local people here are friendly.

4. Is Cartagena Spain safe?

Spain is a moderately safe area to travel to. Criminal activities may occur.

5. Is it safe to drive from Cartagena to Santa Marta?

It is danger-free to drive from Cartagena to Santa Marta and the route is also secured.

6. Is it safe to drive from Medellin to Cartagena?

Driving from Medellin to this city is safe on condition that the traffic is low.

7. Is Getsemani Cartagena safe?

Getsemani is the most secure place among the neighborhoods in Cartagena.

8. Is Manga Cartagena safe?

Manga is considered a safe area to stay in the city for tourists and is affordable too.

9. Is the food in Cartagena Colombia safe to eat?

Most of the food offered in the city is healthy, fresh, and safe to eat.

10. Is it safe to go to Cartagena for U.S. citizens?

As per the latest advisory of the U.S. State Department, the city is guarded for U.S. citizens.

11. How safe is Cartagena Colombia to drink alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is moderately safe in this town.

12. Is tap water safe in Cartagena?

Usually, tap water is not considered safe to drink in some areas of the city.

13. What are the safe areas in Cartagena?

Here, Castillogrande and the Historic City Center are among the safest areas to stay in.

14. How safe is Cartagena Colombia for kids?

Cartagena is the most secure and best for kids with so many amazing things to do.

15. Is Cartagena Colombia safe and clean?

Yes, the city is the best in terms of cleanliness.

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