When is the Best Time to Visit Panama?

Best Time to Visit Panama

Panama is a popular tourist destination because of its uninhabited islands, native settlements, and tropical jungles. Wet and dry are the two seasons in this country. The dry season begins in December and ends in the latter half of April. Speaking of when is the best time to visit Panama, from January to April, you can enjoy your trip the most. While the weather remains good, many festivals and events also happen.

Consequently, the rainy season is from May through December. For those who enjoy rain, this nation in Central America can be best for them. But other seasons, months, and a lot of personal preferences can also determine the right time to go to Panama.

What are the Best Months to Go to Panama?

For tourists, some months can be more relaxing. Others may look for the most exciting times to head to Panama. January, February, March, and other months feature different climate, places, and activities to explore. Take a look at these to find out when you should come to this country.

Visiting Panama in January

Best Time to Visit Panama, Panama Jazz Festival

Travelers from all over the world flock here in January due to the country’s abundant sunshine and rain. The Pacific Ocean’s warmest temperatures and a steady wind are seen along the coast making for ideal kitesurfing.

  •  If you want to dive or take a snorkeling lesson, the ocean has excellent visibility during this month. 
  • Mid-January sees the annual Feria de la Flores y del Café in the western Panamanian community of Boquete. It features local food and folk dancing.
  • Each January, Panama City hosts the Panama Jazz Festival. This is known for inviting internationally acclaimed artists to perform live. 
  • These events and activities are a great way to kickstart a new year.

The Azuero Peninsula Welcomes Tourists in February

Best Time to Visit Panama, Diablos y Congos

Tourists continue to flock to the Pacific Coast because of the warm and dry periods. Due to the arrival of the Carnaval in Panama City, February is the best time to visit here, based on when Ash Wednesday falls

  • In this country, the four days leading up to the Catholic Lent season are known as Carnival. 
  • You get to participate in a number of celebrations, marches, parades, and music in general. 
  • Small communities on the Azuero Peninsula, especially Las Tablas other than Panama City, host the biggest celebrations. 
  • Mojaderos, or water-spraying vehicles, are likely to be present, so dress appropriately.
  • Areas in and around Portobelo celebrate the Diablos y Congos two weeks following Carnival.

Explore the Islands in March

Coiba islands

Another of the driest periods of the year, March is a part of Panama’s dry season. A hot spring vacation would be ideal, given this month’s weather. Semana Santa, a fantastic cultural holiday, may take place or is dependent on the dates of Easter.

  • When you’re willing to venture off the usual path, you can discover solitude and peace on the Peninsula de Azuero. 
  • Travelers who wish to remain at the center of the action can visit here.
  • Santa Catalina is located next to a small village. It is widely known for its surfing.
  • It is also a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding Coiba islands.
  • The annual 10-day International Fair of David takes place in Chiriqui, Panama, in March. 
  • People travel to experience the fun and excitement. 
  • There are carnival attractions, food booths, and many local manufacturers offering handmade goods.

April: The Last Leg of the Dry Season 

Best Time to Visit Panama, Darien National Park

You can take part in the Semana Santa activities if Easter falls in April. Throughout the nation, there are crucifixion montages and parades during Holy Week. Many tourists prefer to remain in the countryside during this period to experience the most genuine regional customs.

  • Try to visit Darien National Park. It is only open during the dry season. 
  • This is the best time for you to travel to Panama when observing biodiversity in the rainforest is a top goal.
  • The most anticipated celebration is the Feria de Orquideas. Commonly known as the Orchid Festival organized in Boquete, it marks the onset of spring. 
  • This festival is famous for different species of blooming flowers in mid-April, even though it is not as large as the Flower Festival.
  • The end of April sees the Feria Internacional de Azuero. It is more often called the Azuero International Fair. 
  • It is regarded as one of the biggest events in the area. This is because it often draws tourists across the nation.

Experience the Onset of the Wet Season in May

Bocas del Toro

In this location, the wet season typically lasts for roughly half the year and begins in May. When it’s raining, you can enjoy casual sightseeing in Panama’s stunning and primitive towns and villages.

  • Wonderful galleries, eateries, and old neighborhoods can be found, making it the perfect destination when it is raining.
  • May is a good time to go white-water rafting. 
  • This is because the rivers will have swelled up from the rain. 
  • Chiriqui boasts some of the greatest rafting in the whole country.
  • The commencement of the sea turtle nesting season makes this time unique. 
  • It’s possible to witness loggerheads and green sea turtles making their way to the shore. 
  • The greatest places to see these marine creatures are Bocas del Toro, Isla Cañas, or south-east of Panama City.

Save Money in June

Best Time to Visit Panama, Multi-Sport Adventure

With recurrent thunderstorms, the humidity climbs, and downpours become increasingly more common. The rainy season is a less popular time to travel. So, prices are lower and there are fewer visitors. When you prefer to travel at your leisure and are looking to save money, June is the best time of the year to visit Panama.

  • There is a religious celebration called Corpus Christi that honors Jesus. 
  • It blends common customs and festivities with the Catholic tradition. 
  • Theaters, concerts, burlesque dances, and brightly colored clothing/masks define the carnival. 
  • Since June is one of the less popular travel months, you can experience these customs in peace.
  • Multi-Sport Adventure in Panama is a very popular activity. 
  • Adventurers will appreciate that the 11-day itinerary won’t be overcrowded. 
  • You will get the opportunity to: 
    • zip line, 
    • camp beneath the stars, 
    • climb a volcano, 
    • and raft along a river.

July has Beautiful Weather for Festivals

Best Time to Visit Panama, Festival de la Pollera

Don’t let the rainy season stop you from traveling to this place in July. The weather is still really beautiful. It rains for the majority of the day. 

But the rains come and go, usually starting in the middle of the afternoon. Therefore, it’s simple to schedule your day to accommodate the anticipated drizzle when you review the weather forecast.

  • El Festival Patronales de La Virgen de Santa Librada is celebrated in July.
  • The ceremony of the Festival de la Pollera marks the event’s conclusion. 
  • Polleras are produced by hand and delicately decorated with fine needlework, braiding, and laces. 
  • They are regarded as Panama’s national costume. 
  • These garments are family heirlooms and rightfully so. 
  • This is the festival where the most well-known polleras from the area are on display. 
  • It is the most popular carnival of the celebration.

Learn about Old Panama in August

Typically, a brief period of afternoon rainfall is common in August. If you don’t mind the rain, then you can explore the country to avoid the busy season. The sun will remain shining for the remainder of the day. Hence, it is the best wet month to visit Panama.

  • When you wish to watch humpback whales, August is the perfect month to take in this incredible sight off the Pacific coast.
  • Every year on August 15, the Foundation of Old Panama City is celebrated.
  • Panamanians enjoy the day off. 
  • So, you may take advantage of the numerous parades or celebrations. 
  • They promise a fun time and a plethora of food.
  • One of the most important traditional occasions here is the Manito Festival. 
  • At Ocu, in the province of Herrera, it is organized in the middle of August. 
  • The Campesino Wedding, local agricultural customs, and amusing dancing and entertaining competitions are all covered during this four-day event.

Surfers Must not Miss the September Window of Big Waves

There’s quite a lot to appreciate about Panama in September, even though most tourists attempt to avoid the rainy season when visiting tropical regions. It seldom rains all day. So, you will have ample time to relax on the beach. You can also go surfing on big waves.

  • The sea turtle hatchlings often emerge in September. 
  • This allows you to witness this miraculous process unfold at their nesting locations, like the coast of Isla Canas.
  • Those who decide to travel to the San Blas Islands in September gain from the intimate and genuine adventure. 
  • There are fewer tourists around. 
  • Most tourism and hospitality establishments provide discounts to guests. 
  • This makes San Blas Islands affordable.
  • Taking advantage of a nearly ideal climate, the International Sea Fair of Bocas del Toro is hosted every year in September.
  • Vendors showcasing culinary traditions are among its highlights
  • These traditions are typically focused on shellfish and fish.
  • Several folk performers from across the nation showcase dances and native rhythms at night.

Indoor Activities in Panama are Ideal for October

Even though it rains very frequently in this place in October, there is still a lot to enjoy. You won’t mind taking numerous showers when you enjoy indoor pursuits. Additionally, some individuals stop by the country’s coast for rainy-day adventures.

  • Portobelo’s Festival del Cristo Negro is also known as the Black Christ Festival.
  • It is celebrated in October every year. 
  • Numerous pilgrims visit the Iglesia de San Felipe. 
  • Here, a timber black Christ effigy is displayed. 
  • To engage in penance, other devotional activities, and celebratory activities take place. 
  • Once you participate in this revered custom, you will make lifelong memories.
  • In this pleasant weather, take a two-hour trip from Panama City to Bayano Lake and Bayano Caves.
  • You will proceed to the nearby town of Akua Yala from Panama City before crossing this lake. 
  • Locals are in charge of organizing this unique tour, which will be fantastic in October.

Frequent Rainy Days and National Celebrations in November

Panama Canal's Miraflores Locks

November is the best month to visit or stay in Panama City. Just keep the upcoming public holidays in mind when scheduling museum trips. Then you won’t miss out on anything.

  • In the capital, there is plenty to explore and do. 
  • This includes indoor activities for heavy rain. 
  • Visit the tourist center near the Panama Canal’s Miraflores Locks
  • Or, take refuge from the downpour at the Biomuseo. 
  • You can stroll through the streets of Casco Viejo when the skies clear out. 
  • There are two national holidays which fall on the third and fourth of November, respectively. 
  • They are the most important ones to remember Panama’s freedom. 
  • In David, Panama City, and other locations, engage in parades, festivities, as well as other events.
  • Colonial Day occurs on November 5th. 
  • It commemorates the date in 1903. 
  • This was when residents of Colon stopped the Colombian Army from advancing toward Panama City.
  • Volcán’s Feria de las Tierras Altas is a five-day highland celebration. 
  • It honors agricultural production, crafts, arts, and tradition in the last days of November.

December Marks the Onset of the Dry Season

Christmas holidays

Due to the onset of the Panamanian dry period in December and the popularity of Christmas, it is a preferred time to travel there. Combining ideal beach holiday temperatures will result in the greatest expenditures for lodging and transportation. Both of these should be reserved far in advance.

  • Panama’s roads will be fixed and dry by the end of December. 
  • To celebrate the Christmas holidays in other locales, you might take a pre-planned road trip.
  • The Sobresaltos dance festival is a lively musical event that takes place in Casco Viejo, Panama City, every December. 
  • There are theatrical companies, bird-watching organizations, and a variety of other attractions at the contemporary fest.
  • When you explore the village regions, you will find horse parades and neighborhood bullfights.

Guide for Panama’s Weather/Climate by Months


The dry and wet seasons divide Panama’s climate into two halves. A lot of people travel to the country during the dry season. However, the wet season offers offbeat community celebrations and distinctive experiences.

In Conclusion, 
The decision on which is the best time to go to Panama is greatly influenced by the varied climate. However, the main factors will be your interests and the overall purpose of the trip. Therefore, you can plan for the vacation while keeping your preferences, budget, and weather in mind.

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