What Terminal is Delta at SKY Harbor? Phoenix Airport (PHX)

What Terminal is Delta at SKY Harbor? Phoenix Airport (PHX)

Delta Airlines operates some of its domestic and international flights from or to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Due to its wide structure, flyers can efficiently begin their trips from Sky Harbor Delta Terminal 3. For connecting flights and direct trips, the same terminal is useful. At this terminal, 4 levels are observed. They consist of Levels 1, 2, 4, and 5. At these levels, passengers can complete different operations before and after their journey. Flight check-in, security checks, baggage, and ticketing are some of these operations. The trips will be completed successfully when these operations are executed on time and accurately. 

A Run Down of SKY Harbor Airport

Sky Harbor is a public, civil-military airport in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is situated three miles east of the city of Phoenix. At a height of around 1135 feet, PHX Airport has a total area of 3400 acres. Three parallel concrete runways are present at the airport for smooth flight operations. Further, more than 1200 plane operations occur and 1,20,000 travelers are served daily at PHX Airport. In the future as well, this airport will serve a growing population. Moreover, upcoming upgrades will help this airport maintain its title as America’s Friendliest Airport for passengers. 

Which is the Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor for Domestic and International Flights?

Passengers can travel both domestically and internationally with Delta Airlines out of Sky Harbor Airport. It particularly employs Terminal 3 for its flight departures. T3 is approached for arrivals as well. Before and after these flights, a few operations have to be completed at different levels of T3. 

  • At Level 1, Delta Airlines Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 3, one can complete:
    • Curbside check-in
    • Regular check-in
    • Security screening
    • Baggage procedures 
  • For passenger assistance, Level 4 is useful for travelers. 
  • After or prior to the trip, lounge facilities are present at Level 1.
  • These operations and services are enabled for both national and international flyers. 

What is the Sky Harbor Delta Arrivals Terminal for International/Domestic Flights? 

International flight arrivals are managed at Terminal 3 of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. After arrival, the same terminal is used for customs and immigration procedures. For domestic flight arrivals too, T3 is employed by Delta Airlines at PHX Airport. Travelers can retrieve their bags at Level 1 of T3. Besides, for connecting domestic or international flights, one can head to waiting areas or the lobby. 

What is the PHX Delta Terminal for Domestic and International Flight Departures? 

International and domestic flights leave from Delta Airlines Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The terminal remains the same for both till departure. However, levels of these operations may differ. Currently, operations, such as flight check-in, security, baggage depositing, and curbside check-in are overseen by the First Level. 

  • At this level of T3, curbside check-in can be found at Doors 3 to 11. 
  • Doors 2-10 are used for curbside check in too. 
  • At Level 4 of T3, significant food centres and shopping malls can be used. 

What are the General Details of the Delta Terminal Sky Harbor Airport?

Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor International Airport is allocated to Delta Airlines. It is located in Phoenix. Various operations are based here, including arrivals and departures. To execute these on time, various facilities are provided at T3. 

Below is a summary of further information on Delta Airlines Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport. 

Delta Airlines Terminal PHX AirportTerminal 3
Airport NamePhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 
Airport Website www.skyharbor.com
Airport Address 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
Elevation1135 ft/346 m
Airport typePublic or Military
Delta Sky Harbor Terminal for ArrivalsTerminal 3
Delta PHX Terminal for Departure Terminal 3
ServesPhoenix Metropolitan Area
Sky Harbor Airport Delta Terminal phone number602-273-3300
Year of Opening In 1928

What is the Delta Terminal Phoenix Sky Harbor Map? 

Terminal 3’s structure and layout are described graphically via the PHX International Airport map. It provides particular locations for Delta Airlines’s luggage, check-in, and security areas. Flyers can easily locate the specific gates too. After knowing the structure of T3, they can complete all the procedures and arrive for their flights on time. 

What are the Popular Destinations of Delta Terminal at PHX Airport? 

For a long time, Delta Airlines has offered flight services to people in an array of places. Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor International Airport is the departure point for these flights. From here, passengers can plan and book round, multi-city, and one-way journeys. As Delta is a safe airline, it has devoted a good passenger base. 

Some of the most common flights that Delta Airlines Terminal Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport provides are mentioned below: 

  • Detroit
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Minneapolis
  • New York-JFK

What is the Phoenix Sky Harbor Delta Terminal Parking? 

There are several parking lots at Delta Terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. They are West Economy Garage and 24th St Station. Terminal 3 Garage and West Economy Park & Walk are also a part of it. Travelers can book these parking spots beforehand to avoid any inconvenience later. By booking spots earlier, they can gain a number of advantages too. 

  • The official website of PHX Airport is helpful for making parking reservations at T3. 
  • This site can help determine whether or not the spaces are available. 
  • For parking lots, some fees are charged by the airport. 
  • These can be assessed based on the duration of parking at the airport terminal.

Which is the Delta Terminal in PHX Airport for Check-in?

Passengers can check-in for their flights at Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The check-in locations within this airport terminal may vary according to the nature of the procedure. They can be curbside and kiosk check-in. Flyers can know when any modifications to these sites are made prior to the flight departure. 

  • The kiosk check-in is enabled at Level 1 of Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix Airport. 
  • With this, passengers can print their boarding passes.
  • Facilities such as baggage allowance, modifying seats, etc., can be availed. 
  • Speaking of the curbside check-in, it is present at L1 of T3. 
  • Doors 3-11 and Doors 2-10 at L1 are allocated to curbside check-in. 
  • With this service, travelers can check their luggage. 
  • Additionally, it is free of charge for passengers. 

Can Passengers Receive TSA PreCheck Facility at Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport?

Passengers of Delta Airlines can use the TSA PreCheck service when they are running late for their security checkpoint. They can use this option to swiftly get through the security check at T3 of PHX International Airport without having to wait long. Prior to using the TSA PreCheck facility, it is important to enroll in advance. 

  • The enrollment centre is open at Terminal 4 of PHX Airport. 
  • Security checkpoints of Delta Airlines are available at Level 2 of T3. 

What are the Delta Terminal PHX Airport Restaurants? 

Flyers can find a variety of eating options at Terminal 3 while flying to or from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. At T3, all restaurants are located at pre and post-securities. Here, passengers can find different kinds of cuisine. They are Bistro, Vegan, Pizza, Vegetarian, and more.  

Some restaurants at Delta Terminal Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport are listed below: 

Restaurants Locations Operating Hours 
Ajo AL’sL4, T3, post-security, near Gate E405:00 A.M. to 02:00 P.M.
Humble Tortas & TacosL4 of T3, near Gate F910:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M.
Panera BreadL4, T3, near Gate F6Operates 24 hours
Peet’s CoffeeL1 of T3, pre-security, near check-in and baggage facilitiesOpens twenty-four hours 
PHX Beer Company L4, T3, post-security, near Gate E407:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M.

What are the Baggage Allowances at PHX Sky Harbor Delta Terminal?

When traveling with Delta Airlines, flyers can bring checked and carry-on luggage as per different allowances. These bags should be within the weight and size limits. For checked luggage, the standard allowance is 23 kg or 50 lbs for 1 piece. For cabin baggage, 1 bag or 7 kg is usually allowed.

  • The allowance for both checked and cabin bags differs as per classes/fares.
  • Use the baggage calculator tool on the airline’s website to learn the exact allowance.

What are the Facilities Provided at Delta Airlines Sky Harbor Terminal?

When traveling from or to PHX Airport Delta Terminal 3, passengers can receive a number of facilities. For individuals and groups, flight booking procedures are easy to execute here. Further, different cabins are accessible for reservations. Several rewards programs can be used by flyers at T3. Moreover, for relaxation, Delta Sky Club Lounge has been made. 

Reserving Cabins 

Passengers can have multiple kinds of cabins for bookings. Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+ are some types. These can be reserved at Terminal 3, Sky Harbor Airport. Or, online booking via the official website is possible for these cabins. After making reservations, flyers can receive the advantages of free beverages and more. 

Name Changes

It is important to have correct personal details on tickets and boarding passes of this airline. When the same is not observed, flyers can use the service to change name on Delta tickets. At Terminal 3 of SKY Airport, offline modifications are executed. Here, one can also learn about the online procedure.

Security Types

There are different security checks at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Delta Terminal 3. Some of these are Clear Ambassador, Clear Plus, Sky Priority, and TSA PreCheck. Travelers may not have to stand in queues to get their IDs verified with these security types. While arriving at T3, they can swiftly pass the immigration and customs procedures as well. 

SkyMiles Reward Program

With Delta Airlines, travelers can receive a reward program named SkyMiles. This allows flyers to gain miles or make the most of various fare options. These miles can be redeemed for several benefits. Purchasing plane tickets for free or at discounts is one of them. Other things like class upgrades are included too. 

Delta Club

This air operator has a number of lounges. Delta Sky Club is included among these and is present at Phoenix Sky Harbor Delta Airlines Terminal 3. It can be used prior to or after the journey. Flyers may need to purchase an annual membership in order to use this lounge. With some restrictions, those who achieve the greatest degree of Delta Status are eligible for membership. 

On Board Services

Delta is a good airline that tries to provide every facility on board, regardless of the seat chosen. TV networks, movies, and shows are available options for free enjoyment. Numerous programs can be seen by kids while flying. Some food and beverages are given too. 

Sky Bonus

Travelers flying with this airline can access another program as well, known as SkyBonus. This reward program was developed for small to medium-sized business owners. People can utilize this program to collect points for their workers’ travel expenses. 

Group Reservations

Delta Airlines has enabled reservations for groups of 10 or more persons traveling on the same route. They can obtain the benefit of low prices. Along with this, one can receive help in planning group trips. For the same, various options of tickets are provided. The counters at T3 of PHX Airport are used for making bookings or acquiring any details regarding the same. 

What is the Lost and Found Facility at Sky Harbor Delta Terminal 3?

The Lost & Found is a service to locate items left behind. It is accessible at PHX International Airport. On Level 7 of T3 at PHX Airport, flyers can find this department. Passengers can take the lifts that are close to the pre-security arrivals lobby to reach here. To obtain the missing items, it is essential to file a claim online or at Sky Harbor Airport Delta Airlines Terminal 3. 

  • At T3, claiming a report for lost items is free of charge. 
  • For claiming, certain details are needed. 
  • They include name, address, contact details, and description of missed items. 
  • After claiming, the TSA department normally responds within 5 working days. 


PHX International Airport Terminal 3 is one of the busiest and best-kept structures. Passengers of Delta Airlines can complete their journeys without any difficulties. PHX Airport Terminal 3 is beneficial for both domestic and international flights. Further, the best amenities are offered for travelers’ comfort. 

FAQs – What Terminal is Delta at SKY Harbor?

Sometimes, regarding the services provided by Delta Airlines at PHX International Airport, travelers can have queries. The following are the questions provided along with the answers for these: 

What terminal is Delta at PHX Airport?

At Terminal 3 of Sky Harbor Airport, this airline can be found operating.

What terminal is Delta Airlines at Sky Harbor Airport for arrivals?

For flight arrivals of this airline, Terminal 3, PHX Airport, is used.

How many gates are at Delta Airlines Terminal Sky Harbor Airport?

T3 at this airport contains around 25 gates

What is the baggage level at Sky Harbor Delta Airlines Terminal?

At T3, Level 1, baggage facilities are observed.

Are transportation facilities given at Delta Airline Terminal Sky Harbor Airport?

Yes, transportation services like rental cars are available at this airport.

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