Why is Sun Country So Cheap? Low-Cost Flights and Service Affordability 

Why is Sun Country So Cheap

When it comes to low-cost air travel options, Sun Country Airlines always stands at the top of the list. Why is Sun Country so cheap is possibly because of its business model. Due to its cost-effective business model, limited customer services, and carefully designed strategies can be observed. In addition to this, the air operator offers its air travel facilities to small airports where landing fees and other taxes are not so high. Furthermore, there are no free complimentary services. As a result, the overall cost of travel with Sun Country is reduced significantly.

Why is Sun Country Airlines So Cheap for Travel?

Even though Sun Country Airlines is just like any other air operator, there are so many things that make it different yet a cost-effective solution. Importantly, the airline has limited services available. This helps in limiting ticket costs only to travel.

Fliers who are price-sensitive can consider the following to understand why this carrier is a cheap option to travel with:

  • A unique model of business is implemented to operate its flights.
  • Seasonal cheap flights on Sun Country are offered to popular destinations. 
  • Chartered flights are available for selected routes.
  • No Wi-Fi or other in-flight services are provided.

Does Sun Country have Cheap Airfares?

Does Sun Country have Cheap Airfares

Cheap flights of Sun Country Airlines are available because of no additional services. Anything that a customer needs during his or her travel can be further added by paying a fee. Although the charges are additional, they are observed to be low.

  • The base costs of this airline are affordable. This price does not include any tax.
  • Depending on the travel destination, the cost of checked baggage will vary.
  • Meals and beverages can be brought to save some extra bucks.
  • Limited destinations (particularly short-haul) are covered.

Are Sun Country Cheap Flights Safe?

In addition to being affordable, Sun Country Airlines is safe option as well. With a fleet of well-maintained and highly advanced planes, it ensures that its passengers are safe and comfortable at the same time. Each aircraft has all the necessary safety tools such as fire extinguishers, medical/first-aid kits, and oxygen masks. 

Here are some more points that make Sun Country a safer option alongside being cheap:

  • With an appreciable record, the planes of this airline have met only a few accidents.
  • All safety measures are followed that are set by the Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA).
  • Certified and skilled people are hired for different positions.

Do Cheap Flights of Sun Country have Wi-Fi?

Sun Country is an affordable option due to many reasons and not having Wi-Fi services is one of them. However, a solid and cheap alternative to Sun Country Wi-Fi services is available. Known as “Air Fi”, it allows fliers to enjoy different pre-installed sources of entertainment on their personal devices at no cost.

Before opting for this service, it is mandatory to know the following:

  • Bring a personal device to enjoy favorite movies, songs, series, etc.
  • Magazines and novels can be brought on board.
  • Air-Fi can help travelers enjoy plenty of pre-installed entertainment sources.

Do Sun Country Airlines Cheap Flights have Entertainment On-Board?

Keeping different budgets in mind, the airline offers reasonably-priced travel options and no on-board entertainment is available for passengers. Hence, Sun Country’s cheap airfare is ensured. But it does not mean that one will lack engagement while traveling.

One can opt for Air-Fi to enjoy lots of entertainment options such as:

  • e-books
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • TV shows
  • Series  

What are Sun Country Cost Control Measures?

As a reputed and highly preferred airline option, this airline takes every possible measure to keep the airfares under control. For example, only one cabin class option is provided for both domestic and international flights. Since luxurious options aren’t available, high airfares are avoided.

Highlighted below are a few areas that ensure cheap Sun Country Airline tickets for the destinations it covers:

  • The network of routes is restricted to a few destinations only.
  • No Wi-Fi is provided onboard.
  • Free in-flight services i.e. food and entertainment are not offered.
  • Checked baggage fee differs from one destination to another but remains minimal.

Why is Sun Country So Cheap Internationally?

To keep its fares affordable even for international routes, Sun Country Airlines has a smart business model. With the help of this unique model of operating its flight, it has become a prestigious name in the aviation industry. Why is Sun Country Airlines so cheap to fly internationally can be understood in relation to other factors too, associated with its services onboard.

  • Only Economy class is provided.
  • Seat selection and upgrade services come with an extra fee.
  • In-flight services such as food/beverages, Wi-Fi, and entertainment are not offered.
  • Air travel is available only for limited international routes.
  • Fuel-efficient planes are used by the airline for long journeys.
  • Airports with low taxes and additional fees are utilized by the flights of this airline.

What are Sun Country Airlines Reviews on Affordability?

Passengers who have traveled with Sun Country Airlines have tagged it as an affordable option. They have mainly pinpointed areas relating to in-flight services, baggage, etc., for its affordability.

  • Pocket-friendly seat selection for both domestic and international flights is observed.
  • Checked baggage comes with a minimal fee.
  • Free Air-Fi is provided for in-flight entertainment instead of paid Wi-Fi services.
  • One cabin class option makes it easier to enjoy comfortable travel at affordable rates.

Final takeaways

Sun Country cheap flights are provided to ensure leisure travel. This is one of the reasons why it grabs the attention of budget-conscious passengers. However, low-priced fares do not reduce comfort or safety on rides. The airline focuses equally on such essential aspects as well. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Read the given frequently asked questions and answers to know why is Sun Country so cheap: 

Does Sun Country offer cheap flights for domestic routes?

Yes, economical flights are provided for domestic routes covered by Sun Country Airlines.

How economical is seat selection with Sun Country Airlines?

A passenger may need to pay somewhere between USD9 and USD100 for a seat selection.

Is it affordable to transport pets on Sun Country Airlines?

Pets can be transported safely with Sun Country Airlines by paying a minimal fee.

Does Sun Country offer free Wi-Fi on cheap flights?

To keep its airfares low, the airline does not provide free Wi-Fi.

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