What is the Delta Change Seat Facility? Eligibility and Methods

Delta Change Seats

The Delta change seat feature can give passengers a more comfortable experience. It is a part of the flight change policy that permits people to make seat-related alterations. This policy allows different types of changes in the seat option after reserving flights. Passengers can make such changes for reasons like more comfort, the availability of better facilities, etc. This policy assists in making these changes whether it is done online or offline. Also, this enables travelers to make modifications ahead of check-in. While the seat change policy permits this facility, it can also enable the airline to make modifications. Knowing completely about this facility can be of use to flyers, especially during these instances.

Can I Change My Seat on Delta?

Can I Change My Seat on Delta

It is possible to change seats on Delta. This is beneficial for passengers who are not satisfied with their current seating. For this, the carrier allows the flexibility to travelers to make changes in their seats accordingly. Hence, it is able to provide them with a satisfactory in-flight experience.  

  • This airline allows travelers to change or upgrade their seating options.
  • While doing so, the Delta seat change policy has to be followed.
  • Travelers can contact the customer support team to get the details of the same. 
  • The official website can be visited to switch the seating alternatives. 
  • They can change seats from Economic class to Premium/Business, or vice-versa.

What is Delta Seat Change Policy? 

This is a policy that allows passengers a variety of modifications that they can make to their current seating. Delta has made this policy to clear all the rules and guidelines related to seat modifications. 

  • This flexibility plays a key role in offering a good travel experience. 
  • This indicates why is Delta a good Airline to fly with in terms of comfort.
  • The carrier reserves the changing rights with itself for security, safety, and operational reasons. 
  • When passengers change their seats willingly, prices are non-refundable.
  • The final decision on modification resides with the operational crew and ground staff. 
  • An additional fee for changing seats might be applicable and is subject to change. 
  • The seating options will only be modified for Delta-connected airlines. 
  • Fare rules will be applied at the time of alterations, as per the Delta seat change policy.
  • Changing Basic Economy seats within 24 hours of purchase can be free.

Can You Change Seats on Delta After Booking?

Airlines like Delta enable passengers to alter their seating options after booking. It facilitates the flexibility for travelers to choose their favorite spots to sit because it believes to provide them with a satisfying and comfortable in-flight experience. 

  • The carrier allows travelers to change their seats after booking.
  • There are many methods to do so by reaching different platforms:
    • Delta’s official website
    • The official app of the airline
    • Visiting the airport
    • Contacting the airline
  • After paying the required charges, passengers of Delta change seats after booking.
  • If travelers book tickets with a third party, then they must contact it for the same.
  • Before making any alteration after booking, carefully read Fare Rules. 
  • They can visit the official website or can contact the airline for the current rules.

Can Delta Change My Seat?

Can Delta Change My Seat

Delta can change the seats of the passengers in some situations. Some incidents have happened with travelers in which the airline itself changes seats. Under Delta’s contract of carriage, there are certain reasons mentioned that made the carrier alter the seating options of the passengers. 

A brief about these situations can be found further to ascertain when can Delta change your seat:

  • In some situations, the carrier changes the kind of plane that has to be used for flights.
  • Seating of these new aircraft can be different that may not match with current options. 
  • At the time of delays or cancellation, Delta may modify the seating.
  • Alterations in seatings can be done by the airline, especially for disabled or elderly people.
  • There could be other reasons too for which Delta changes the seats by itself.

Can Delta Change My Seat Without Telling Me?

Possibly, Delta Airlines can change the seats of travelers at any time without giving them proper notice or clarification. According to the reviews of some passengers, the carrier only promises the people starting and ending destinations on their tickets. 

  • This may happen to them in case the seat is booked for some special needs. 
  • For the elderly, disabled persons, or high-class people, changes can be made. 
  • Thus, the carrier has to shift the seat of the passenger without telling them beforehand.

On Delta Can You Change Seats After Checking-in?

Delta allows passengers to change their seats after the check-in process. But there might be some limitations that can be faced by travelers. Seat unavailability is a common limitation observed. Even when fewer seating options are left, managing bookings after checking in can be difficult. 

More limitations and details regarding seat changing after check-in are given below: 

  • After check-in, seat availability in the plane may become limited or it can be fully booked. 
  • Hence, there can be only fewer options on Delta to change seats after check-in.
  • Usually, after check-in, it becomes difficult to find a suitable spot or available seating.
  • There is a limitation that passengers can only change their seats within the same cabin:
    • Economy to Economy 
    • First Class to First Class
    • Business to Business class
  • Customers can make changes 24 hours before departure.
  • They can do so by visiting the official website online, or from the airport too.  
  • Seat maps available on Delta’s website or in its app can be used to find unbooked seats.
  • Gate agents can be connected at the airport to know the availability.
  • They have to pay the required fee for this benefit. It can vary as per the time and fare type.

How to Change Seats on Delta Airlines Online?

How to Change Seats on Delta Airlines Online

The changes in the seating can be made online from the website of Delta. For making modifications, some details are required like the passenger’s first and last name, ticket number, etc. The changes can be done in a few minutes and can be implemented after making the required payment in case applicable. 

These are the steps to make desirable changes in the seating options online:

  • Visit the official website of “Delta”.
  • Click on the “Log-in” button.
  • After signing in, select the “My Trip” option by clicking on it.
  • Find the option to manage seats. 
  • Then look for the seat that is not marked as “Occupied” on the seat map.
  • Follow more directions appearing ahead.
  • Confirm all the changes that are made.
  • Make the payment at last to implement the changes.

How to Change Seat on Delta Flight at Airport?

Passengers can change their seats offline by physically visiting the airport from where the departure is scheduled. Travelers have to take necessary documents like passports, personal paperwork, ticket flight numbers, etc. Afterward, the representative of the airline at the Delta counter inside the airport can help. 

Here is more to know about how to change seat on Delta offline via the airport. 

  • Visit early at the departure airport.
  • Find the counter of Delta Airlines.
  • At this counter, ask the representative about the availability of the seats for changes.
  • Also, inquire about the flight status and process of making seating modifications.
  • Pay the required amount for switching seats. 
  • At last, confirm your seat assignment.
  • Travelers can also seek assistance from the airport counter or gate agent too.

What is the Delta Seat Change Fee?

Usually, the charges for flight changes cost between $0-$400 in Delta Airlines. But the fees for seat-related changes can be low, depending on the routes, time, cabin, and seating status. To confirm the exact charges, contact the helpline of the carrier. 

Type of Booking Phone Number
General or Domestic800-221-1212
SkyMiles 800-323-2323
International Bookings800-241-4141

Why Can’t You Change Seat on Delta Flight?

Why Can't You Change Seat on Delta Flight?

There are several reasons why travelers may occasionally face difficulty in making modifications to their seats. These can comprise limited seat options, fully booked flights, some safety reasons, etc. Alterations can also be restricted in some situations or in Economy Class. 

To gain additional knowledge about when the changes in the seating option are restricted or limited, consider reading below-given insights:

  • After the check-in process, seat availability may become limited.
  • Some types of specific fares restrict people from changing their cabin seats.
  • On some flights, alteration is not allowed due to:
    • Operational reasons 
    • Safety consideration 
  • It may be hard to change seat on Delta if travelers have booked flights from a third party.
  • These parties might not assist them to modify the seating options directly.
  • Also, there are many restrictions to do so with a basic economy ticket.


Delta is the airline that offers travelers flexibility in choosing their favorite seats. For this, it has made a clear Delta seat change policy that can help them to do so. It also facilitates online and offline methods to make modifications at a nominal fee, after booking and check-in too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are certain queries from travelers related to seat changing on Delta flights. Some of these doubts are answered below in the list of questions and answers:

1. Who is eligible for Delta seat change?

People who are traveling from any class except for Basic Economy can make seat changes.

2. Who can’t do Delta Airlines change seats?

Travelers of Basic Economy seats are restricted to change their seats to other cabins.

3. Can a Premium Class passenger change seats on Delta flights?

Yes, travelers with Premium Class tickets can make alterations to their seats.

4. Can you change your seat on Delta in First-Class?

First-Class passengers can make modifications to their seats.

5. Can you change Delta seat assignment before departure?

Yes, the changes can be done in seating before departure, subject to availability.

6. Can I change my seat on Delta flight from Business to First Class?

You can upgrade seats from Business to First-Class after paying extra charges.

7. Can Delta Airlines change my seat during flights?

It may not be possible to switch seats during the commencement of flights.

8. How can I change my seat on Delta flight?

The modification of the seats can be done by logging into the Delta account online.

9. How much does Delta seat change fee cost?

The cost of changing seats might be low. Usually, it is under $400.

10. Is Delta seat change after check-in allowed?

Yes, Delta Airlines enables passengers to make modifications to seats after check-in.

11. How can I change my seat on Delta for free?

In case you have any special requirements, then the seat can be changed for free.

12. How to change seat assignments at Delta Airlines?

This assignment can be changed offline at the airport.

13. How to change seat on Delta with the help of a seat map?

Seat maps assist travelers to know which spot is occupied and available.

14. Can I use the Delta app to change to seats?

Yes, the official app of this airline, Fly Delta, can be used to manage seats on a flight.

15. Why has Delta changed my seat without telling me?

In some instances, Delta can change your seat from front to back due to security or special reasons.

16. How to change seats on Delta website?

After logging into the account, use “My Trip” to manage your seat.

17. Why did Delta change my seat assignment?

There are several reasons for this including plane changes, delays in flights, etc.

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