What Terminal Is Jetblue At SFO

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JetBlue Airlines is an American air operator. It conducts its flights from JetBlue Terminal at SFO Airport. Terminal 1 plays a key role in handling the domestic operations of this carrier. International Terminal is further active for the global flights of the carrier. These terminals offer different services at San Francisco International Airport. These are inclusive of check-in, arrivals as well as departures. The levels for these services vary. In addition to this, the timing depends on the schedule for flights. Passengers should be aware of the overview of the same to reach the dedicated terminal areas for their flights.

Basic Details Regarding JetBlue Airways SFO Airport Terminal

San Francisco International Airport is vital for JetBlue’s services. Passengers can learn about the main services, the associated terminals for these, and other things by looking at some basic details. 

An overview of the JetBlue Terminal SFO Airport is covered as follows:

JetBlue SFO TerminalTerminal 1
Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
Airport Websitewww.flysfo.com
Airport AddressSan Francisco, CA 94128, United States
Elevation 13 ft / 4 m
Airport typePublic
Runway Number4
SFO Jetblue Departure TerminalTerminal 1 North – Door 2
SFO JetBlue Arrival TerminalTerminal 1 North – Door 2
ServesSan Francisco Bay Area
Airport Contact Number+1 650-821-8211
Date of Opening7 May 1927
Coordinates (GCS)37°37′08″N 122°22′30″W

An Overview of San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Located in California, San Francisco International Airport gives facilities to conduct domestic and international operations. It remains crucial for airlines like JetBlue. Massive operations can be ensured due to the structure of the airport which is spread across 150 acres or 61 hectares. This airport has 4 runways for successful landings and take-offs of domestic and international flights. Aside from runways, SFO Airport is notable for several functional terminals. 4 terminals enriched with around 7 concourses are available. More than a hundred gates remain in use to manage the massive flow of people visiting various places to or from California, US.

What terminal is JetBlue at SFO?

The main terminal used by JetBlue is Harvey Milk. Better identified as Terminal 1, it regulates the domestic operations of this carrier. TI or International Terminal is also employed by this carrier. It comes into utilization for global flights to or from San Francisco International Airport.

What is the JetBlue Arrival Terminal at SFO?

At SFO, Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is where JetBlue’s flights arrive. After arriving, passengers can come to Level 3 for the collection of their bags. Also identified as the South Terminal, it is often upgraded with developments. Hence, planes can arrive here even at a high frequency. Passengers can move conveniently, given the 25 gates of this airport. 

The JetBlue arrivals SFO Terminal 1 is mainly used for domestic operations. However, it offers connectivity to the terminal dedicated to international arrivals.

What is the SFO JetBlue Departure Terminal?

Terminal 1 is utilized by JetBlue Airlines for departures. At San Francisco International Airport T1 (North), Door 2 is the precise location to be reached. The arrival time for passengers is ideally 90 minutes before scheduled take-off. T1 is to be used even for the departures of unaccompanied minors.

What is the JetBlue SFO International Terminal for Arrivals/Departures?

What is the JetBlue SFO International Terminal for Arrivals/Departures

For most international operations, SFO has allocated a newly-constructed terminal to airlines like JetBlue. Known as the International Terminal, it has A and G Boarding Areas for these operations.

  • Global departures were formerly executed via Terminal 2. 
  • From 2000 onward, the new establishment has been playing a key role in the same. 
  • It is considered to be the biggest building for such operations in North America.

International arrivals are further managed at this terminal. Flights from most locations arrive here. Only for arrivals from cities requiring customs preclearance, its functioning is limited. Also called INTL and TI, the JetBlue International Terminal at SFO is functional for passengers arriving for connecting flights too. 

JetBlue SFO Terminal Map

The SFO JetBlue terminal map indicates various spots at the airport. It can help travelers navigate smoothly between lounges, levels, restaurants, etc. This map is useful for locating security checkpoints, ticketing counters, and boarding areas too. Additionally, it can assist in ascertaining the distance between varying counters.

Popular Destinations Accessible via JetBlue SFO Airport

San Francisco International Airport gives connectivity to some well-known destinations via JetBlue Airlines. In Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc., good connectivity is observed. These routes are available internationally and offer agreeable flight frequencies. Other domestic routes are offered too. For these, the flight frequency tends to remain higher.

SFO International Routes

Havana, Cuba
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

SFO Domestic Routes

New York–JFK, New York
Los Angeles, California
Boston, Massachusetts

Which Services are Accessible at SFO Terminal for JetBlue Passengers?

Which Services are Accessible at SFO Terminal for JetBlue Passengers

Certain essential facilities can be used by the passengers of JetBlue. The needs of different people are covered through these. The hours of availability of these services can vary. While some are payable, others can be used free of cost. These are inclusive of medical facilities, storage services, restaurants, shops, etc.

Storage Services

Travelers can locate Ed Lee International Main Hall at SFO Airport to access storage services. Featured by Airport Travel Agency, these are useful for storing luggage, sports equipment, bicycles, dog kennels, etc. These services require payments as per the size of an item. From 6.00 A.M. to 11.00 P.M., every day, they can be accessed.


Across different terminals, JetBlue passengers can find restaurants and food outlets. The Chocolate Market and Potrero Grill are some of the best options. For beverages, SFO Airport horses Roasting Plant Coffee at Ed Lee International Main Hall.


SFO JetBlue Terminal 1 has shops catering to different interests of people. DepARTures is one of these. It offers military discounts. The International Terminal has more options such as New Stand, DFS Sunglasses and Watches, as well as DFS Duty Free.

Nursing and Medical Services

For female travelers with infants, SFO Airport offers nursing rooms. These rooms are maintained with the best levels of cleanliness to provide a secure environment while nursing.

Adult Changing Tables

For adults, changing tables are available in the Companion Care Rooms at SFO JetBlue Terminal 1. It is helpful for adult patients who are limited in their range of motion to transfer. The room is also kept clean. To make use of this room, some charges may apply. 

Animal Relief Areas

At SFO Airport Terminal 1, flyers can find animal relief areas. This place offers necessary amenities for animals traveling with JetBlue Airlines. They are related to drinking spaces with bowls. The location for the same is open twenty-four hours a day. For resting peacefully, this place is helpful. 

Information Desk

The SFO JetBlue Terminal 1 gives the facility of an information desk for its customers. When any information is needed about JetBlue Airlines’ flight schedules or amenities, these desks are helpful. Here, the officials are present to effectively address many doubts in a day. Hence, people can rely on them for their unlimited concerns. 

Wi-Fi Facilities

San Francisco International Airport provides WiFi access to all customers present at Terminal 1. With this service, people can check the most recent news or sports scores, depending on the functioning of the internet. Surprisingly, it is free of charge for all customers. 


At JetBlue SFO Terminal 1, people can use the service of workstations. This facility gives passengers of JetBlue Airlines a pleasant workplace. Here, they can charge their laptops or mobiles. The stations can be used for free. For comfortable work, spacious tables, chairs, and a peaceful environment, this place is quite good. 

Nap Rooms

Nap rooms are available at SFO Airport. Passengers of JetBlue Airlines can use this room when they are present at Terminal 1. Here, they can have bathing and toileting facilities. Ironing equipment is given too. For relaxation, beds are provided. With these amazing facilities, one can be completely refreshed before or after a trip. 

Lost and Found at San Francisco International Airport

At JetBlue SFO Terminal 1, the Lost and Found service is available. Passengers can report their missing items in the specified areas of the airport. These include the terminal, AirTrain, garage, and other such areas. At the Arrivals Level, this service is accessible each day.

LocationT1, Arrivals level, Domestic Garage Core C Tunnel
Contact Number650 821 7014
Email Addresssfolostandfound@flysfo.com
Operational Hours8.00 A.M. – 10.00 P.M.

How to Transfer between JetBlue SFO Terminal?

The AirTrain service is available to facilitate transfers between different terminals. Even for the domestic and international terminals of JetBlue, passengers can use this facility. Those who have connecting flights with JetBlue at SFO Terminal 1 can benefit from it. Others having domestic and international flights can also make use of it.

  • This service runs 24 hours on a daily basis.
  • It can be found arriving every 4 minutes.
  • Wheelchair facilities are included in the train, depending on requirements.
  • To move at AirTrain stations, elevators are featured.
  • Level 3 at T1 can be used to access this service.

Things to do at JetBlue Terminal SFO Airport

San Francisco International Airport is one of the structures with excellent amenities. In relation to these, passengers can explore various things to do at San Francisco Airport Terminal 1. One such facility is a waiting area. It is operated by JetBlue Airlines to help people relax after or before flights. 

  • Additionally, people can discover a variety of food outlets at this airport. 
  • Visitors can rest in nap rooms at this terminal in between their flights. 
  • They can have the option of shopping for different stuff. 
  • When people are traveling with pets, they can have a pet relief area for some fun. 
  • At this airport terminal, one can ask for shower services too. 
  • The operating hours of each service can be known in advance. 

Parking Facilities at San Francisco International Airport

Various parking services are found at SFO Airport. Domestic Garage is a service that comes with more than 1000 parking spots. International Garage A is further available and is the best for moderately sized vehicles. The other services are inclusive of International Garage G, Long Term Garage, and ParkFAST.

  • Reservations can be booked via the website of San Francisco International Airport.
  • The availability of spots can be checked online.
  • It is vital to make bookings beforehand.
  • Post-reservations, QR codes are given. These are to be used in contactless parking systems.
  • Bookings can be modified or even canceled.
  • To manage parking reservations, at least 2 hours should be left prior to the entry time.
  • JetBlue passengers can know the parking terminals while making reservations.

What is Baggage Allowance at SFO Airport JetBlue Terminal?

What is Baggage Allowance at SFO Airport JetBlue Terminal

At JetBlue Terminal at SFO Airport, allowance varies for checked bags and carry-on items. Per checked bag, in general, the allowed weight is 50 pounds and the maximum size is 157.48 cm. For carry-ons, size is the main consideration. For items placed under seats, the dimensions are 17″ L (43.2 cm) x 13″ W (33 cm) x 8″ H (20.32 cm). For others, the size limit is 22″ L (55.88 cm) x 14″ W (35.56 cm) x 9″ H (22.86 cm).

  • Baggage allowance can be purchased at Terminal 1.
  • JetBlue passengers will have to pay for extra allowance.
  • The charges can vary as per the fare type.
  • Also, as per space availability, allowance will be given.

Which Terminal is JetBlue at SFO Airport for Check-in?

Fliers of JetBlue Airlines can initiate the check-in procedures at Terminal 1 North-Door 2. A few hours prior to departure, they have to be present at this concourse. Usually, they have to arrive 90 minutes ahead of departure. The counters for checking in are open 2 hours prior to take-off. The closing time is 30 minutes before the planned departure.

  • T1 is usually preferred for domestic check-in.
  • Skycap or curbside check-in facility is not available at Terminal 1.
  • When flying globally, the SFO International Terminal for JetBlue check-in is to be used.

Is TSA PreCheck Available at JetBlue Terminal 1 SFO Airport?

Security checkpoints have been installed at San Francisco International Airport T1. It also houses TSA PreCheck. At B Gates of Terminal 1, this service is functional. To know the timing for the same, fliers can contact the TSA PreCheck Enrollment Office. Also, to enroll for the service, the same body remains approachable.

  • Depending on the travel destination, TSA PreCheck timing can vary.
  • To use this service, valid identification documents are required.

JetBlue Airways San Francisco International Airport Contact Details

JetBlue Terminal at SFO Airport can be contacted in case of an emergency. Or to obtain any general information, the professionals of the carrier can be spoken to. A dedicated helpline number is available even for queries regarding luggage services. 

For General Information800 538 2583
Baggage Facilities 866 538 5438

Which Facilities are Given at SFO JetBlue Terminal?

Which Facilities are Given at SFO JetBlue Terminal

With JetBlue Airlines, fliers can seamlessly make reservations. They can depart to or from SFO Airport as per their convenience, given the facility to manage bookings. Cancellations are further facilitated. At JetBlue SFO Terminal number 1, in-flight services are provided. More services are available for fliers as they fly from this terminal.

Flight Reservations

People can make reservations for both domestic and international trips. They can approach the counters at Terminal 1 of SFO Airport to do so. Reservations can be customized with different reward programs, lounge services, etc. Different seating choices can be selected to further customize the reservation.

Changing Flights

Passengers can opt for modifying their bookings. They can change the date, time, and other aspects of the schedule. To facilitate any change, they can move to San Francisco Airport. At Terminal 1 or International Terminal, they can make requests for the desired changes.

In-Flight Services

Entertainment services are provided by JetBlue Airlines. It has display systems for watching movies. In-flight food facilities can be accessed. Services to charge devices are further given to passengers. For long-haul flights, these services are extremely useful. Even for short journeys, they can be used.

Group Reservations

This airline offers special discounts to those who are making group bookings of 10 or more passengers. These advantages are separated into several sections. These include incentives, leisure, and meetings. The advantages that are accessible for the same may differ. Further, visitors can buy group flight tickets for travel at JetBlue at SFO Terminal 1. 

Pet Facilities

Reservations for dogs are permitted by this air carrier in specific circumstances. These bookings are possible at SFO Airport Terminal 1. Passengers of JetBlue Airlines may easily book a flight via the official website. Certain papers, such as proof of vaccination, are essential while flying with pets. Depending on the type of pet, the documents may change. 

Cabin Types

Guests can access several cabin options when purchasing tickets at JetBlue SFO Terminal 1. Core and Mint are the options provided by this airline. Passengers can have more room for their accommodations. There is free WiFi, along with an entertainment display system. Further, leather seats are provided on some seats. 

TrueBlue Program

The TrueBlue program is offered by JetBlue Airlines. Some members who are having Co-branded cards can use this program to accrue miles. Moreover, the money earned from these points is used to cover travel costs. Hence, these benefits may vary depending on the number of stops as well as the flight path.

To Conclude

JetBlue functions significantly via SFO Airport. It uses 2 terminals here. T1 is meant for domestic operations. International Terminal is also available for global flight services. These terminals are equipped with a variety of services. Hence, passengers can conveniently fly from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to services offered to or from SFO Airport Terminal 1, travelers may occasionally have some things to question. It can be quicker as well as simple to find answers by reading below:

1. Does JetBlue SFO Terminal 1 have a lounge?

This airline may not be currently providing any lounge at SFO Terminal 1.

2. What terminal does JetBlue use at SFO Airport? 

JetBlue Airlines employs Terminal 1 at this airport for its flight operations. 

3. What terminal is JetBlue in SFO for departures?

For departing flights, Terminal 1 of this airport is involved in the operations. 

4. Which locations are flown to from JetBlue Terminal SFO Domestic?

From Terminal 1, this airline operates flights to Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale. 

5. Are restaurants available at SFO Airport JetBlue Terminal? 

Yes, people can explore different kinds of restaurants at this airport terminal. 

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